Santorini on a Budget

Q. How do I see Santorini on a budget?

4 tips for saving money while visiting Santorini.

  • Search for hotel deals on – This is the best way to find discounts, rather than looking at specific hotels.
  • Get a room without a view – If you’re staying at any of the towns along the caldera having a view will cost a premium. Many cares, bars, and restaurants have views of the volcano and there are great walks along the caldera edge – so it’s not as if you’re foregoing the enjoyment of the Santorini cliffside. Cheap rooms are available in every town but the ones in Fira are good value, centrally located, and close to the bus station. The town of Finikia, near Oia, also has some nice hotels and cheap prices.
  • Eat where the locals eat – Santorini is mainly geared around the tourist trade but there is still a vibrant local community that has its favorite restaurants. If a restaurant has a touristy feel (which will of course include the restaurants along the caldera) then you’ll be paying more for food. Look away from the touristy areas for less-trendy local eateries that will be less than half the price of the touristy restaurants. For an affordable splurge Naoussa restaurant in Fira has great views, wonderful food, and reasonable prices.
  • Get a hotel with kitchenette – Eating in for one or two meals a day is a great way to save a lot of money. (Breakfast is an especially easy meal to prepare in a hotel.) Grocery stores and fresh produce markets are easy to find. Here are a few hotels with kitchens.
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