by Santorini Dave • Updated: January 7, 2018 or – Which is Better has a much larger inventory of hotels than It features better larger images, usually has cheaper prices for luxury and boutique hotels, and has a better mobile app (though still not as good as their full website). is also more user friendly and easier to use. – Pros and Cons website for reserving and finding hotel rooms.
• Great photos.
• Verified guest reviews are helpful and insightful.
• Stores bookings in a calendar that is very convenient for trip planning.
• Large collection of hotels. Almost every resort or hotel is available on
• Neighborhood listings of hotels can be useful, but not always 100% accurate.
• Also has large stock of villas, apartments, homes, and b&bs.
• Cons: Maps can be inaccurate for hotels outside of major cities. – Pros and Cons website for booking hotels.
• Good for last minute bookings.
• Worth checking if you’re booking a budget hotel. Not so great for 4 or 5 star hotels.
• Cons: Small images, lousy website layout.

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