Bora Bora Oa Oa Lodge

Updated: September 8, 2018

Oa Oa Lodge – Modest, oceanfront, next to a yacht club, and convenient to town facilities.

This bundle of bungalows squeezed between the road and beach is only about 1km from Viatape, the island’s only town. Each bungalow is lovingly furnished, with a decent-sized veranda. Those nearest the road could suffer from traffic noise (which is fairly minimal), while some are perched above the water for perfect views and endless breezes. All are packed tightly together, however, and there are no gardens, but the pool facing the sea is attractive, and the lodge is conveniently alongside a yacht club with a classy waterside restaurant/bar. There is no beach in front, but swimming is possible from a few spots nearby.

Oa Oa Lodge – The Basics

  • Location: Along the road on the northern outskirts of Vaitape, the only town on the main island. About 1.3km from the terminal for boats to the airport; 8.5km from Matira, the main beach region; and 20 minutes by boat and taxi from the airport.
  • Guests: Caters mainly for couples, and probably more suitable for younger people.
  • Beach: Faces the sea, but no beach in front. There are a few unexciting places to swim along the main road nearby. Otherwise, head to Matira, about 8.5km away.
  • Views: A few bungalows directly face the sea, with perfect views, but most face the back of these lucky few.
  • Wi-Fi Internet: Available for guests at a reasonable charge.
  • Parking: A few places along the road facing the entrance to the yacht club, but security cannot be guaranteed.
  • Phone: (689) 87 72 45 49
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: No website, but a Facebook page.
  • How to Book: will have the best rates. Use the website specific to your language, currency, and home-country for easiest use: UKUSAFrançaisDeutschNederlands.

Oa Oa Lodge – Amenities

  • Pool: The attractive pool is shared by guests of the yacht club and restaurant/bar, so always busy and noisy.
  • Spa & Fitness Center: Not expected or provided at a lodge of this size and standard.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided.

Oa Oa Lodge – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: The finest place to eat outside the Matira beach region is the MaiKai Restaurant ( This classy, waterside bistro/bar offering French and Polynesian cuisine is part of the yacht club that adjoins the lodge. It offers live music and decent happy hours and is, unusually, open Sundays.
  • Breakfast: Not provided, or available from the restaurant at the yacht club next door.
  • Room Service: Not expected or provided.

Oa Oa Lodge – Rooms

  • Room Types: Bungalows with sea views or ‘garden views’ (which mostly means those facing the back of bungalows with sea views).
  • Smoking Rooms: No smoking allowed anywhere in or near the rooms, so head out onto the footpath for a puff.
  • Best Room: Ask for a bungalow facing the sea, and as far as possible from the bistro, bar and pool, which are all noisy.

Oa Oa Lodge – What’s Nearby?

Restaurants & Bars

  • Le Panda d’Or (40 67 62 81) – affordable and popular Chinese cuisine, with huge serves. Some wines and beers also available. Almost opposite Saint James. 6-minute walk.
  • Restaurant Saint James (40 67 64 62) – cocktails, sunsets, seafood, and waterside tables. Also, extensive list of wines and desserts. About 500m along the road towards the village center. 7-minute walk.
  • Snack Lolo – a little further past Le Panda for affordable stir-fries, burgers and crêpes. Conveniently open early for breakfast.
  • Aloe Cafe (40 67 78 88) – popular expat hangout for salads, pasta and pastries, as well as beer and breakfast. (Not at the same time.) Opposite the church in the middle of Vaitape. 14-minute walk.
  • Chez Pam – 1 of several very casual street-side options; basically a caravan selling pizzas and burgers. About 200m further away from Vaitape.
  • Market or Grocery: 2 supermarkets with a surprisingly good selection are in Vaitape about 500m away. Chin Lee’s is open on Sundays.

Local Transport

    There is no public transport anywhere on Bora Bora. Taxis (unmetered) can be organized through the lodge but rates are extortionate. Otherwise, rent a bicycle, car or scooter to reach Matira (8.5km and flat), but it’s walkable to the centre of Vaitape and terminal for boat transfers to the airport.

Oa Oa Lodge – The Hotel

The lodge is located in north Vaitape.

The lodge is located on the northern edge of Vaitape, the only town on the main island.

The location with the lagoon and mountains is stunning.

The location facing the lagoon and backing on to the mountains is stunning.

There are a few traditionally-designed bungalows at the lodge.

The lodge offers a handful of traditionally-designed bungalows.

The lovely pool is always busy.

The pool is lovely, but shared with the yacht club and bistro/bar next door, so is always busy.

The lodge offers exquisite views.

Views from the lodge are exquisite and extensive.

There are several swimming spots around the lodge.

The lodge doesn’t face a beach, but there are several places nearby where swimmers can enter the sea, but with little or no sand.

Bungalows are designed using dark wood.

Bungalows feature a likeable dark-wooden design.

Some sea-facing bungalows have a small sandy lounge area.

Some bungalows face the sea, and feature a sliver of sand with lounge chairs.

Some bungalows feature wooden decks surrounded by shrubs.

Most bungalows don’t offer ocean frontage, so the wooden decking faces the shrubs.

The sea-facing bungalow verandas offer great sea views.

Bungalows facing the sea provide a veranda directly overlooking the water.

Garden Bungalows vary in size and seclusion.

Some garden bungalows are larger and more secluded than others.

The fabulous yacht club is next door.

One definite advantage of staying at the lodge is the yacht club next door.

MaiKai restaurant next door offers classy food and a delightful setting.

The MaiKai Restaurant at the neighboring yacht club provides a delightful setting for classy French and Polynesian food.

Sunsets at the MaiKai are stunning.

The MaiKai is particularly enchanting at dusk.

Le Panda d’Or Chinese restaurant is popular.

About halfway to the town center, this Chinese restaurant is popular.

Chez Pam roulotte is pretty popular.

Chez Pam is one of several roulottes (food carts) set up along the main road.

Elegant Saint James restaurant is nearby.

Saint James is an elegant restaurant at the back of the Helen’s Bay shopping center, about 500m from the lodge.

There are 2 good supermarkets close by.

The lodge is within a short walk of 2 well-stocked supermarkets.

Renting a buggy car is a great way to explore Vaitape.

A great way to get around the island is in a buggy car, available for rent at Vaitape.

Vaitape has several shopping options.

About 1km south of the lodge, Viatape offers several stalls and boutiques.

Vaitape has quaint churches and other facilities.

Vaitape provides some modest facilities for tourists and amenities for locals, such as this quaint church.

The main Matira beach region is about 9km away.

About 8.5km from the lodge is the main beach region of Matira.

Vaitape has free boat transfers to/from the airport.

One advantage of staying in or near the main town of Vaitape is proximity to the boat for free transfers to/from the airport.

Flights to Pape'ete take 45 minutes.

Bora Bora Island is about 45 minutes by air from the Tahitian capital, Pape’ete.

The airport is located on an atoll and is accessible through free boat transfers from Vaitape.

Those staying in Vaitape can still visit the atoll on which the airport is located using the free boat to the airport.

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