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Updated: May 31, 2022

• Location: Gerlóczy u., close to the Ferenciek Tere metro station.
• Hotel website:
• Hotel phone: +36 1 501 4000
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Gerlóczy Rooms de Lux Hotel Review

Modern European-style rooms with a Parisian-style brasserie in a cozy square make Gerlóczy Rooms a great boutique hotel.

Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms – A feeling of old Paris with the charm of modern Budapest.

Blink and you’ll think you’re in a Paris of yesteryear; blink again and you’ll feel the best of a century of Budapest history swirling around you. Gerlóczy greets you in a calm square shaded by a century-old elm tree, and then again through a lost-in-time brasserie with sidewalk tables and friendly servers. Each of the nineteen rooms on the upper floors is unique and decorated in an early twentieth-century European style, but with all the modern comforts you’d hope for. Rounding the sumptuous experience is the helpful and unobtrusive service.

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Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms – Location

  • Address: Gerlóczy u. 1.
  • Nearest Metro/Subway: Ferenciek Tere (0.1 mile). Astoria (0.3 mile).
  • Area: On a quiet, Parisian square that’s an easy walk to a handful of Metro stations, around 5 minutes to some of the best ruin bars, and under 10 minutes to many major city sights.
  • How to Get There: Affordable door-to-door airport shuttles run about every 20 minutes and take around 35 minutes (14 miles). Alternately, taxis are widely available, and the hotel can arrange pick-up and drop-off.
  • Private Transfer: We use and recommend Welcome Pickups car service. Booking through a private car service will cost only a bit more than a taxi – about €30 from the airport – but can be worth it to avoid the long taxi queue and for the convenience of paying ahead.
  • Handy to: Váci Street (shopping), Great Synagogue, Károlyi Garden.

Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms – The Basics

  • Ages: The hotel attracts mostly couples and solo travelers over 30. Families are welcome although there are no special services for them.
  • View: Many rooms look over the corner square and its beautiful, 100-year-old elm tree.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: There are no private pools or jacuzzis.
  • Extras: The excellent ground floor brasserie. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, there’s a piano concert on the balcony. All rooms have a free minibar.
  • When to Book: Reserve at least 3 months in advance for May, June, and September, and during the Christmas holidays. A month or 2 in advance is usually good for other months from April through October, and you’ll have no trouble finding a last-minute room from January through March.
  • How to Book: will have the best rates.
  • Phone: +36 1 501 4000
  • Email:
  • Website:

Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms – Amenities

  • Pool: No pool.
  • Spa: No spa.
  • Fitness Center: No fitness center.
  • For Disabled Guests: There is a lift, and hotel room doors and some showers are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs, but otherwise there are no special facilities for disabled guests.
  • For Families: Families are welcome – there are 2 rooms that can connect and baby cots are available – but the hotel isn’t specifically family-oriented.

Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant: The casual café and brasserie here is considered one of the best in the city and is perennially full of locals, expats, and visitors enjoying conversation over delicious pastries, a 2 to 3-course “worker’s meal,” tea in the afternoon, or wine with dinner at night. Spielberg chose this as a filming location for the 2005 movie Munich, and not much has changed. There’s a timeless feeling here that is simply delightful. Open 8 am-11 pm. $$-$$$.
  • Lounge/Bar: You can grab a drink and settle in as long as you like at the brasserie.
  • Breakfast: Optional, but a highlight, so you probably don’t want to miss it. Served in the ground floor brasserie from 8 am to 10 am.
  • Room Service: Available from the brasserie.

Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms – Rooms

  • Room Types: Standard • Standard Attic • DeLux • DeLux Room with Square View • DeLux Room with Square View and Balcony • List of all Rooms
  • Smoking Rooms: Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms is 100% smoke-free.
  • Best Room: Room 2/3 has the best balcony, while the corner room 3/2 is the most spacious and features a clawfoot bathtub.
  • For Families: Two attic rooms connect (one is a twin), making them the best choice for families.

Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms – Local Transport

  • Walking: It’s easy to walk to many sights from here since the location is central, albeit quiet. Restaurants, ruin bars, and shops are steps away, and the Great Synagogue is an 8-minute walk (0.4 mile). Public transport from a handful of nearby Metro and bus stations make it easy to get to the Castle District in around 20 minutes.
  • Subway and Bus: The 2 nearby Metro stations serve lines 1, 2, and 3. It’s also a short walk to a few tram and bus stations.
  • Taxis, Uber, Lyft: Uber and Lyft do not operate in Budapest, but taxis are plentiful and generally reliable.

Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms – What’s Nearby?

Recommended Nearby Tours

  • Jewish Heritage Tours – Tour the main synagogues and the Jewish Quarter with a knowledgeable guide. Hotel pick-up.
  • Tuk Tuk Taxi – Tour the city’s sights uniquely, in a tuk tuk. Start Location: 6-minute walk (0.3 mile).
  • Silverline Cruises – Luxury 3-hour dinner cruises on the Danube with music and Hungarian dancers. Start location: 10-minute walk (0.5 mile).
  • Tasting Table – Friendly space to learn about taste and revel in Hungarian wines. Start location: 13-minute walk (0.6 mile).

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • Kárpátia – Be serenaded by gypsy music while dining on fine Hungarian cuisine in an authentic circa 1877 setting. (0.2 mile).
  • Monk’s Bistro – Fine dining bistro style with an open kitchen and beautifully presented, seasonally-driven international fare. (0.2 mile).
  • Kuglof – One of the best breakfast spots in the city with wonderful baked goods and sidewalk seating. (0.3 mile).
  • Karolyi Etterem – An elegant Budapest coffee house that’s gone with the times by going completely gluten-free. (0.3 mile).
  • Belvarosi Disznotoros – Stand up at the counter with locals to partake in a Hungarian meat feast. (0.4 mile).
  • Múzeum – Beautiful restaurant, well over a century old, with live piano music and fine Hungarian fare, and perfect for a special occasion. (0.4 mile).
  • À Table – French bakery café with excellent cakes and pastries. (0.5 mile).
  • Gettó Gulyas – Hearty, modern, and delicious Hungarian fare with good prices and wine list in a modern-meets-retro-grandma setting. (0.6 mile).
  • Baraka – Arguably the best fine dining in the city, treat yourself to a multi-course meal at this French-Asian spot. (0.6 mile).
  • Káravan – Food court that remains open late for ruin bar revelers with lots of choices from burgers to vegan food. (0.6 mile).

Best Nearby Bars and Breweries

  • Vicky Barcelona – Grab some tapas then dance the night away at this Spanish bar, restaurant, and dance club. (0.5 mile).
  • Doblo – For something more refined, head to this candle-lit wine bar to enjoy Hungarian wine alongside meat and cheese plates. (0.6 mile).
  • Hops Beer Bar – Great craft pub with lots of imported varieties and a sociable owner. (0.6 mile).
  • Szimpla Kert – Lively, large, and beautifully dilapidated graffiti-covered pub that is the pinnacle of ruin bar style. (0.6 mile).
  • Füge Udvar – Grab a seat next to some new friends at this sprawling, social ruin bar. (0.8 mile).

Best Nearby Cafes

  • Central Café – Another old world gem, once frequented by the city’s literature set, the surrounds are a dreamy spot for coffee, cake, or even a meal. (0.3 mile).
  • Kontakt – Locally roasted coffee and light meals in a modern décor on a lovely pedestrian lane. (0.4 mile).
  • Gerbeaud – Beautiful and classic circa 1860 coffee house worth a visit, but expect high prices. (0.4 mile).

Nearby Shopping & Cool Shops

  • Vass Shoes – Hand-made, covetable men’s footwear made ready to wear or by custom order. (0.2 mile).
  • Bomo Art – Beautiful paper goods, notebooks, and more. (0.2 mile).
  • Nanushka – Hungarian women’s fashion designer selling chic, streamlined staples. (0.2 mile).
  • WonderLAB Concept Store – A collection of local designers selling everything from jewelry and furniture to clothing. (0.3 mile).
  • Központi Antikvárium – The biggest and oldest bookshop in Eastern Europe sells used books, fascinating old maps, and more. (0.4 mile).
  • Rózsavölgyi Chocolates – Handmade chocolates in a tiny shop with lots of unusual flavors such as Balsamic vinegar. (0.4 mile).
  • Herend – Renowned, fine Hungarian ceramics. (0.4 mile).
  • Szimpla Farmers’ Market – A Sunday-only farmers’ market within a ruin pub is a wonderful thing to behold. An excellent buffet breakfast is also served and worth crawling out of bed for. (0.6 mile).

Nearby Attractions

  • Váci Street – Budapest’s busy and chic pedestrian-only shopping street. (0.3 mile).
  • Petofi Literary Museum – There’s a permanent exhibit here about the Hungarian poet after whom the museum was named as well as films and more permanent and rotating exhibits, many very interesting if you love literature. (0.3 mile).
  • Great Synagogue – The largest Jewish place of worship outside of New York. Take a tour, and don’t miss the gardens with its moving memorials and sculptures. (0.4 mile).
  • Trapéz Gallery – Contemporary art gallery featuring changing exhibits of works by up and coming artists in a variety of genres. (0.4 mile).
  • Károlyi Garden – This French style park is the oldest garden in Budapest and has lots of flora, winding pathways, a playground for kids, and a resident bunny rabbit. (0.4 mile).
  • Hungarian National Museum – Follow Hungarian history from geologic formation through the common era. Some of the country’s most important relics are housed here, including a beautiful Roman mosaic and a piano used by both Beethoven and Liszt. (0.6 mile).
  • Ervin Szabó Library – Several simply breathtaking reading rooms are open to the public in this massive library (it holds around 2.4 million titles) in a converted neo-baroque palace. (0.7 mile).

Nearby Markets or Grocery Stores

  • City SPAR – Small but well-stocked grocery store. (0.1 mile).

Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms – The Hotel

The hotel entrance is through the brasserie.

The entrance to the Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms hotel is through the brasserie – be warned, you may be tempted by the cake display on the way in.

The brasserie offers very comfortable seating.

While the patio tables are great during warmer months, the interior is comfy at any time.

The reception area is very simple.

The reception is very low-key.

The entrance is very low key.

Hotel entrance view from inside the building.

The large rooms are very comfortable.

Rooms are large and uncluttered, and have a historic feel to them.

Rooms feature historic fixtures.

Details from beautiful moldings to light fixtures transport you to another era.

Rooms feature classic decor.

Every detail is classic and timeless.

Rooms come with free minibars.

Perk: free minibar.

Rooms feature small terraces overlooking the square.

This terrace looks out over the square, and you can almost touch the 100-year-old Elm tree.

The entrances are more like apartments.

Room entrances make them look more like apartments from the hallway.

Bathrooms feature clawfoot tubs.

The historic setting is perfect for enjoying a bath in a clawfoot tub.

Antique pieces can be found in all the rooms.

Rooms are furnished with some lovely antique pieces.

Top floor rooms are new and more modern.

Rooms on the top floor are recently built and are thus more modern – here’s an attic-style window.

Rooms feature wooden floors and subtle colors.

Wood floors and low-key colors make the rooms very relaxing.

The wrought iron staircase and stained glass ceiling are magnificent.

The architectural highlight is the spiral wrought iron-railed staircase topped by beautiful stained glass.

Bathrooms feature a historic design with modern amenities.

Bathrooms bring you right back to another place in time (but with great plumbing and hot water).

Bathrooms are very spacious.

Bathrooms are also roomy but uncluttered.

Rooms are spacious and minimalist.

Rooms are spacious and feel even more so with the minimal design.

The historic furnishings are at odds with the TVs.

Flat screen TVs are the one thing that veers from the historic look.

Szimpla Kertz is a famous ruin bar nearby.

Szimpla Kertz, one of the most famous and striking ruin bars, is a very easy walk and is surrounded by many other ruins bars.

Karavan offers great street food options.

Also near the ruin pubs is this great little food cart pod with lots of choices, especially for late night grub.

Szimpla Kertz Farmer’s Market on Sundays is very popular.

If you’re here on a Sunday, don’t miss the breakfast buffet at the Szimpla Kertz Farmer’s Market.

Karolyi Etterem serves gluten-free dishes.

If you have dietary restrictions or prefer to go gluten-free, the classic and beautiful Karolyi Etterem is well worth the short walk.

Gettó Gulyas is a modern Hungarian café.

Walk into the Jewish Quarter to eat at Gettó Gulyas, a modern Hungarian café.

Petofi Literary Museum nearby has plenty of bike parking.

There’s plenty of city bike parking outside the Petofi Literary Museum near the hotel.

Füge Udvar is an excellent ruin bar nearby.

Chances are, if you go to the ruin pub area, you’ll end up here at Füge Udvar for a drink or more.

À Table serves excellent French breads.

Need a croissant? It’s worth the short walk to get the buttery, delicious ones at this French bakery.

Kuglof is very popular for breakfast and lunch.

If you’re not taking breakfast at the hotel, or want a second breakfast or lunch, you can’t beat this indoor and outdoor café close by.

The historic Karpatia features live gypsy music.

If you’re not going to be able to visit the Hungarian countryside, dine in the historic, elaborately painted Kárpátia restaurant, and be serenaded by gypsies.

Bélvarosi Disznotorus is a great eat and greet place.

Walking into the busier part of town to Bélvarosi Disznotorus, a stand-up-and-pig-out place for meeting folks over heaping portions of Hungarian meat dishes.

Central Café is a Budapest coffee house institution.

Central Café is a Budapest coffee house institution.

The Great Synagogue features moving monuments outside.

Visiting the Great Synagogue is a must, and don’t miss the moving monuments in the outdoor areas.

Gerbeaud Café nearby is a famous coffee house.

Gerbeaud Café is one of the city’s most famous coffee houses.

Herend sells fine Hungarian ceramics.

Herend is a great place for fine and suitably priced Hungarian ceramics.

Hops is a popular hangout for beer.

Have a beer with the lads in the ruin pub area.

St Stephen’s Basilica is close by.

Staying here puts you close to St Stephen’s Basilica, one of the finest buildings in the city. Check rates and availability: Gerlóczy Boutique Rooms.

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