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Updated: January 17, 2022

• Location: On the main road in Candolim, behind O2 Spa.
• Hotel website:
• Hotel phone: +91 (0) 832 716 1234
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Review of Hyatt Centric Candolim Goa Hotel in India.

The family-friendly Hyatt Centric offers modern rooms in a very convenient location.

Hyatt Centric Candolim – Convenient, quiet, contemporary, and compact; not beachside, but amongst the action.

One of the newest and funkiest hotels along the main road, the Hyatt is hidden behind the O2 Spa and is distant from traffic. Maximizing the limited available space, most rooms face inwards overlooking the pool and courtyard. The standard rooms are a little undersized but still functional, modern, and comfortable, while the more expensive ones feature balconies. The pool is small but serviceable, although it’s also utilized by an on-site diving agency. The gym and outdoor café, however, are as spacious as any larger resort. With a kids’ pool and games area, it caters well for families. Forsaking gardens and space for convenience, the Hyatt is located near numerous places to eat, drink, and shop, and a short walk from the attractive and uncrowded beach.

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Hyatt Centric Candolim – The Location

  • Address: Along the northern end of Candolim, a major tourist region in a southern part of North Goa, near the invisible border with Calangute. The entrance – about 150m from the main road – is easy to miss behind the ochre-colored O2 Spa. (Most places in Goa don’t have an address.)
  • Area: Plenty of tourist facilities in both directions along the road, and about 600m from the beach.
  • How to Get There: From the airport (40 km, 70-minute drive), there is little choice except overpriced pre-paid taxis. The nearest major train station is at Vasco da Gama, 40 km away (90-minute drive).
  • Handy to: Facilities and beaches at Candolim and Calangute.

Hyatt Centric Candolim – The Basics

  • Guests: Holidaymakers from all over, including families.
  • Views: Within a confined space in a built-up area, so views are not that great. Rooms face the courtyard, pool, and/or other balconies 30m away, or the sides of other buildings.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: With limited space throughout, these are not expected (or provided).
  • Parking: Handful of spots near the lobby, so arrange when booking.
  • How to Book: will have the best rates.
  • Phone: +91 (0) 832 716 1234
  • Email:
  • Website:

Hyatt Centric Candolim – Amenities

  • Pool: Small, so it could get crowded easily. Shared with a scuba-diving agency instructing students, which can be disruptive. In a built-up courtyard, so there’s little direct sun.
  • Spa: The separately-run Ode Spa is in front of the hotel, facing the road. Part of a country-wide chain offering a long list of treatments.
  • Fitness Center: Decent size and well-equipped. Accessible 24/7.
  • For Families: Games area with a pool table. Playground.
  • Other Facilities: Scuba-diving agency. Laundry. Business services. Money-exchange.

Hyatt Centric Candolim – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: The GROK bistro is in a chic but casual setting indoors and outdoors. Communal tables for meeting other guests, buffet breakfast, tasty Goan specialties all day, and salad bar at dinner. Laid-back bar/lounge attached for signature cocktails. Open 24/7.
  • Breakfast: Not included, but available for an extra charge.
  • Room Service: Available 24/7.

Hyatt Centric Candolim – Rooms

  • Room Types: 1 King Bed Rooms • 1 King Pool View Rooms • 1 King Bed Pool View Deluxe Rooms • 2 Twin Bed Rooms • 2 Twin Pool View Rooms • 1 King Balcony Rooms • 2 Twin Balcony Rooms • 1 Bedroom King Suite (1 only) • List of all Rooms
  • Smoking Rooms: Smoking is allowed in a few rooms. Check when booking.
  • Best Room: Twice the size of the standard rooms, the 1 Bedroom King Suite (1 only) is on a higher floor for superior views, distant from the pool, and with a separate living area.
  • For Families: Some rooms feature sofas that can convert into single beds.

Hyatt Centric Candolim – Local Transport

  • Walking: Some sidewalks and plenty to see along the main road, but strolling is nicer along the side streets to the beach.
  • Public Transport: Local buses are convenient and frequent. They travel up and down – and stop anywhere along – the main road through Candolim and Calangute. Some detour to Panaji (Panjim), the state capital and regional transport hub, via a stop opposite the Acacia hotel (2 km south). No metro or any local trains of use to tourists.
  • Taxis & Auto-rickshaws: A few auto-rickshaws (which won’t use meters), but no metered taxis. Uber/Ola don’t operate anywhere in Goa, but app-based rides can be arranged through Goa Miles. The only options for longer trips are unmetered private ‘taxis’ which can be arranged at the hotel or with drivers hanging about the streets.
  • Cars & Motorbikes: Goa is the only place in India where renting a car or motorbike is feasible. There are no internationally-recognized agencies, so renting at a local shop presents obvious risks. Best to organize through the hotel. Rides on the back of a motorbike (called a ‘pilot’) are possible; ask around.

Hyatt Centric Candolim – What’s Nearby?

Best Nearby Restaurants & Bars

  • Kailash Parbat – Part of a country-wide chain and a trendy meeting spot for contemporary Indian cuisine. 25m north.
  • Coffee House Candolim – Adorably quaint spot for a coffee or light meal in a garden setting. Opposite Kailash Parbat.
  • Southi Resto Bar – Bright and cheerful, with tables also facing the road. Upmarket versions of Indian street food. About 250m south.
  • Barrica Bistro +91 79774 62353 – Cute place for a coffee and sandwiches. Just south of, um, Southi. (300m).
  • Many would probably prefer a cheap meal and cold drink, especially at sunset, at one of the cafés on the beach (see below). All are fairly similar, but particularly inviting is Lopes’s Beach Shack.

Nearby Shops

  • No shortage of places to spend Rupees, especially at the numerous tailors and jewelers. Closest decent supermarket is Newton’s, less than 1 km north.

Nearby Beach

  • The beach is wide, clean, and not too crowded. Spread across the sand, a few casual cafés sell food and drinks and also rent out sunbeds and umbrellas. Always swim between the flags. Lifeguards are on duty between about 10 am and sunset. From the main road in front of the Hyatt, head left (south) and take the next right at the turn-off signposted ‘Sonesta Inns’. (600m).

Hyatt Centric Candolim – The Hotel

The hotel is located in north Candolim.

The Hyatt Centric hotel is easy to miss, hidden behind the O2 Spa building along the main road in the northern part of Candolim.

The hotel is located away from the main road.

The entrance to the Hyatt is about 150m from the road, so it’s quiet.

The guest lounges have a funky decor.

The guest lounges are a little bit funky like the rest of the hotel.

The pool is not large and can get crowded quickly.

With limited outdoor areas, the pool isn’t huge and could become crowded easily.

Scuba-diving lessons are held in the pool.

People learning how to scuba-dive can be disruptive to guests trying to relax by the pool.

The games area is large and open-air.

A sizable open-air games area is alongside the pool.

The hotel has a decent playground.

The hotel caters well for families, and even features a playground.

The large gym is well-equipped.

The gym is a reasonable size and well-equipped.

Rooms face inwards, and higher floor rooms have balconies.

Most rooms face inwards towards the pool and gardens, but only a few on the higher floors offer balconies.

Rooms are pretty spacious.

Despite the limited space throughout the hotel, all rooms are spacious.

Suites feature living areas with single sofa-cum-beds.

The more expensive rooms feature large sitting areas with sofas that can convert into single beds.

The bathrooms are large.

The bathrooms in all the rooms are large.

Balcony views are limited.

The balcony rooms provide views, but these are fairly limited.

Rooms have a chic decor.

The décor in all types of rooms is likably chic.

The hotel is located in north Candolim.

The hotel is about 150m from the main road through the northern part of Candolim, one of the main tourist areas in North Goa.

This restaurant nearby serves all kinds of Indian cuisines.

The main road is lined with casual eateries serving cheap Indian food, including this one alongside the lane to the Hyatt.

Southi Resto Bar nearby serves upmarket versions of Indian street food.

About 200m south down the road from the hotel, Southi Resto Bar offers upmarket versions of street food.

Barrica Bistro nearby is a great place for a coffee and light meal.

Just past Southi is the casual and inviting Barrica Bistro.

Kailash Parbat nearby is a popular place for great vegetarian Indian meals.

Another tempting place for a vegetarian Indian meal is Kailash Parbat, only 50m north of the hotel.

Coffee House Candolim close by is absolutely adorable.

Also within a few minutes’ walk of the hotel, Coffee House Candolim is an adorable spot for a coffee in a garden setting.

There are several shops in the neighborhood.

The main road is packed with interesting places to spend money.

The side street leads to the beach.

This side street is the best way to reach the beach from the hotel.

The beach has several casual cafés.

The beach about 600m from the hotel is lined with casual cafés.

The beach cafés are perfect for sunset drinks.

The cafés on the sand near the hotel are perfect for a drink at sunset.

The beach is wide, clean, and quiet.

The beach near the hotel is wide and quieter than most in this part of Goa.

The beach cafés rent out sunbeds and umbrellas.

There are always plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to rent.

The sunsets in Goa are magical.

The sunsets all along the beaches in Goa are magnificent.

Buses connect to facilities in Candolim, Calangute, and Panjim.

Buses career along the main road, linking all the beaches and facilities in Candolim and Calangute, as well as the state capital and regional transport hub, Panaji (Panjim). Check rates and availability: Hyatt Centric Candolim

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