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Updated: November 27, 2020

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Review of Les Cases De Plum Hotel in New Caledonia.

Les Cases de Plum – Charming bungalows in a rural neighborhood along the coast.

A popular alternative to the resorts of Noumea are the low-key lodges and campsites along the inner southern coasts. Most, however, are not accessible without private transport, but Les Cases de Plum is on the bus route from the capital. The four bungalows are delightful: chock-a-block with tasteful old-style furnishings and modern extras like TV and air-conditioning. Two are detached and with kitchens; the others, semi-detached, without a kitchen, but with more space for extra beds. There isn’t a lot to do here, but that’s half the attraction. The beach over the road is grey and rocky – nice for walking but not swimming. With a car, guests can day-trip to numerous national parks and beaches – ask the effusive hostess (although she doesn’t speak much English). There’s also a small pool. Meals can be pre-ordered or guests can cook in their own kitchens or use the communal facilities.

Les Cases de Plum – The Basics

  • Location: On the Route de Sud, about 6 km from Plum village and 34 km from Noumea. Also about 66 km from the international airport and 30 km from the domestic airport.
  • Guests: All catered for, but appeals more to older guests who want to relax, especially those with their own transport.
  • Beach: The beach across the road from the gate is dirty and grey, and no use for swimming, but views across the bay are pretty. Far nicer is the public beach only about 2.5 km away and accessible by bus.
  • Views: All bungalows face the gardens.
  • WiFi: Included for all guests, although a little hit-and-miss in this fairly remote area.
  • Parking: Can park in the front of each bungalow.
  • How to Book: Booking.com will have the best rates.
  • Phone: (687) 438 307
  • Email: contact@lescasesdeplum.com
  • Website: lescasesdeplum.com

Les Cases de Plum – Amenities

  • Pool: Surprisingly, there is a small, pleasant pool in the garden.
  • Spa & Fitness Center: Not expected or provided at this sort of low-key collection of bungalows.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided.

Les Cases de Plum – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: Guests can use their own kitchens or the communal facilities, or pre-order meals when booking, which are cooked by the hostess. Soft drinks, beer, and wine is available for purchase.
  • Breakfast: Can be included in the special rate with 3 meals, or paid for separately. But breakfast is costly if bought separately and not part of the package that includes 3 meals.
  • Room Service: None. Guests can eat on the patio of their bungalow or at the main table alongside the communal kitchen.

Les Cases de Plum – Rooms

  • Room Types: 2 detached bungalows with a kitchen. 2 semi-detached bungalows without a kitchen, but with double bunk beds as well as a double bed.
  • Smoking Rooms: Frowned upon inside the rooms, but OK on the patios and in public areas.
  • Best Room: Quietest is the single detached bungalow near the pool, rather than the 1 up the path and next to the other 2.

Les Cases de Plum – What’s Nearby?

Best Nearby Restaurants & Bars

  • There is nothing within walking distance, so pre-arrange meals when booking or order the day before. Otherwise, self-cater, or spend a lot of time waiting for buses to the village where a few restaurants are strung along the main road about 4-6 km away.

Nearby Market or Grocery

  • Nothing within walking distance and the bus doesn’t seem to stop at any village shops, so come prepared.

Local Transport

  • Catch Bus D marked ‘Plum’ from the terminal opposite the Bingo Hall, along Rue Jules Ferry in central Noumea. Get off at the final stop with the sign ‘Béatitudes’. The lodge is about 200m further back up the road.

Les Cases de Plum – The Hotel

The lodge is located to the south of the capital.

The lodge is easy to miss along a seaside road, about 34 km south of the capital.

Tranquil road outside the lodge is ideal for walking.

The road outside the lodge is very tranquil, shady, and ideal for walking.

The lodge can be reached by bus from Noumea.

Unlike most of its type, the lodge is easily accessible by bus from Noumea.

The beach nearby is rocky and unappealing.

The beach opposite the front gate to the lodge is rocky, grey, and unappealing for swimming, but scenic enough.

A grassy path leads to the bungalows.

From the gate, a grassy path leads to the bungalows which are set back from the road.

The pool among the gardens is pleasant.

In the middle of the garden, the pool is a pleasant surprise.

The gardens are nice but need maintenance.

The general garden area needs some upkeep, but rooms are spotless inside.

The lodge has a communal kitchen for guest meals.

A separate building contains the communal kitchen, with a table alongside where guests can eat.

There are multiple dining options in the lodge.

Guests can cook in their own bungalow (if it has a kitchen), use the communal facilities, or pre-order delicious meals cooked by the hostess.

There is an option of pre-ordering a French-style breakfast.

A hearty French-style breakfast can be included if pre-ordered.

The tastefully-designed bungalows feature polished wood.

Bungalows are tastefully designed with lots of of polished wood.

2 self-contained bungalows feature a kitchen annexe.

Two of the bungalows are fully self-contained, with a charming kitchen annexe.

Bungalows feature large wooden porches.

Each of the four bungalows contains an extensive porch facing the lush gardens.

The bungalow furniture is delightful with feminine touches.

The furniture inside each bungalow is delightful, with real feminine touches in the décor.

The appealing bathrooms featire Melanesian design.

The bathroom is instantly likable with a genuine Melanesian flavor.

The spacious bathrooms feature stone-wall showers and wooden sinks.

Each bathroom is spacious and features a stone-wall shower and wooden sink.

The traditional room furniture is made of dark wood.

The furniture is unusual but likable, with dark wood and traditional designs.

The wooden bungalows are rustic outside and modern inside.

Crafted from local wood, the bungalows appear rustic but are very comfortable and modern inside.

The detached bungalow has good views.

The detached bungalow up the path offers delightful views but is reasonably close to the other two bungalows.

The semi-detached family bungalows offer bunk beds.

The two semi-detached bungalows don’t feature kitchens, but can accommodate families as they come with bunk beds.

Bungalows feature appealing furniture.

Furniture in each bungalow is lovely, and features mosquito nets that add to the appeal but aren’t really necessary.

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