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Updated: August 1, 2018

Hôtel du Centre – Modern, spacious and comfortable, but not central.

In the midst of the light industrial area of Ducos, the hotel isn’t that central at all, but serves 3 purposes. It’s good for anyone doing business in the immediate area; for those with private transport wanting to avoid the hassle and cost of driving/parking in the city centre or beachside suburbs; and for travellers seeking somewhere a little closer to either airport. Otherwise, the location is unexciting – full of factories and showrooms – although just outside the hotel is a surprising collection of cafés and bars as inviting as anything in downtown. All rooms are reasonably large and feature a kitchenette and very effective double-glazing.

Hôtel du Centre – The Basics

  • Location: 30 Route de la Baie des Dames, in Ducos, a suburb of Noumea on the main island. About 12 minutes by car/taxi from downtown, and another 5 minutes from the beaches. Also, about 43km from the international airport and only 5km from the domestic airport.
  • Guests: Caters overwhelmingly for business people.
  • Beach: The nearest is at Baie des Citrons, 15-20 minutes by taxi.
  • Views: Of nearby buildings and streets.
  • Wi-Fi Internet: Free and unlimited for all guests. Befitting a business hotel, the Wi-Fi is excellent and an attraction in itself.
  • Parking: A bonus is the ample supply of free and secure off-street parking.
  • Phone: (687) 23 07 00
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • How to Book: will have the best rates. Use the website specific to your language, currency, and home-country for easiest use: UKUSAFrançaisDeutschNederlands.

Hôtel du Centre – Amenities

  • Pool: Not really expected or provided in this sort of mid-range business hotel.
  • Spa & Fitness Center: None.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided.

Hôtel du Centre – Food and Drink

  • Restaurants & Bars: Restaurant Les Jardins (23 07 08) – casual, bright-green and cheery, on the ground floor. Grills, salads, homemade desserts and takeaways. Lunch only. • Restaurant La Pergola (23 07 07) – on the rooftop. Stylish, with awesome views, all-day dining and tapas, but high prices. Apparently, the only ‘roof-terrace bar’ in the country.
  • Breakfast: Not included in the rates, as all rooms have kitchens.
  • Room Service: Not available.

Hôtel du Centre – Rooms

  • Room Types: Classic Deluxe Rooms • Deluxe Premium Rooms • Business Suites • Family Suites • Red Room (1 only)
  • Smoking Rooms: Not permitted in the rooms or public areas.
  • Best Room: The Red Room is, well, red and certainly unique. Clearly designed for romantic getaways, with a king-sized bed, ceiling mirrors and padded walls, as well as full-length windows leading to a terrace.

Hôtel du Centre – What’s Nearby?

Restaurants & Bars

    Plenty of choice among the cluster of cafés and bars within 100m of the hotel entrance:

  • La Pause – casual but stylish Viet-French, with outside seating, English menu and friendly staff.
  • Blooms (47 57 47) – popular for burgers, bagels and salads, but lunch only. Takeaways available. 4-minute walk.
  • Délice Buffet (24 77 77) – open evenings (unlike most others nearby). Corner setting for Asian food. Specials and buffets available.
  • Otherwise, there’s a Burger King at the main intersection, 300m away. And Snack O’Sesame, along Route de la Baie des Dames, is affordable for baguettes and omelettes. Open early for workers, but closed for dinner.
  • Market or Grocery: A couple of minimarts are in the area of cafés about 100m from the hotel entrance.

Local Transport

    Complex bus routes link the main road outside the hotel with the city centre. Ask reception for details, or organise a metered taxi.

Hôtel du Centre – The Hotel

The business-oriented hotel is modern and stylish.

The hotel features a modern and stylish design, as expected of a business-oriented city hotel.

The colourful hotel lobby is welcoming.

The lobby is colourful and welcoming.

The hotel has plenty of free and secure parking.

There are enough free and secure parking spaces outside the hotel entrance.

The hotel is located in the industrial area of Ducos.

The hotel is in Ducos, a light industrial area of little interest to most tourists.

The rooms are spacious but lack colour.

Rooms are spacious, if a little bland and lacking in colour.

Rooms are bland and under-furnished.

Rooms are functional and, perhaps, under-furnished.

Rooms feature well-equipped kitchens.

Each room contains a fully-equipped kitchen.

Room views are unappealing compared to beachside suburban hotels.

Views are fairly unattractive, especially compared to the beachside suburbs, but not uninteresting.

Restaurant Les Jardins in on the ground floor of the hotel.

On the ground floor of the hotel, Restaurant Les Jardins is cheery and colourful.

Lunch at Les Jardins includes grills, salads and desserts.

Les Jardins offers a range of grills, salads and desserts, but only open for lunch.

La Pergola is a stylish restaurant on the top floor of the hotel.

Restaurant La Pergola on the top floor of the hotel is particularly stylish.

There are several cafes and bars near the hotel.

One attraction of the hotel is the cluster of likeable cafés and bars within 100m.

Only a few eateries around the hotel are open for dinner.

Most of the places near the hotel cater for workers and are closed for dinner, although a few remain open after dark.

La Pause is a pleasant Viet-French café.

La Pause is a pleasant café serving Vietnamese and French cuisine, with some meals a mixture of both. It’s among the bunch of eateries very close by.

Délice Buffet nearby serves good Asian food.

Also within a one-minute stroll of the hotel, Délice Buffet is popular for affordable Asian food.

Blooms cafe is popular for bagels, salads and burgers.

Yet another inviting café near the hotel, Blooms specialises in bagels, salads and burgers.

The city centre hosts a flea market every second Sunday.

The hotel is not that far from the centre of Noumea, where a market is held on Sundays twice a month at the Place des Cocotiers park.

The City Museum is based in a stylish colonial-era building.

The centre of the capital is dotted with stylish colonial-era buildings, such as the City Museum.

The harbourside pathway in downtown offers great bay views.

The dockyards area in downtown Noumea is fairly scruffy, but a pathway provides great views across the harbour.

The Noumea coastline is dotted with several marinas.

Much of the coastline around Noumea is lined with marinas.

Moselle Markets in the mornings 6 days a week is worth a visit.

Worth a visit is the Moselle Markets on Rue Georges Clemenceau, which is open from 5am to midday every day but Monday.

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