The Open House Hotel in Jimbaran, Bali

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• Location: Jalan Pemelisan Agung, across the road from Queen Beach.
• Hotel website:
• Hotel phone: +62 (0)361 709 160
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Review of The Open House in Bali.

The rustic, midrange, and boutique Open House features a long and inviting pool by the café.

The Open House – Funky, midrange, and handy to shops and beachside cafés.

This low-key but modern and convenient boutique hotel offers a genuinely affable vibe, which is unusual in this region filled with resorts. All rooms are compact and face the long and inviting pool. Some guests might find the lack of a wall between the bathroom and bedroom a little disconcerting, but the décor is appealing with colorful tiles and a generous patio/balcony. The charming open-air bale pavilion offers yoga classes, massages, and a library with hangout cushions. And it’s along a quiet street from the intersection with the village temple and market, and just meters from a cluster of beachside cafés specializing in seafood.

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The Open House – The Location

  • Area: Excellent position, within walking distance of facilities along the main road (400m) and beach (100m).
  • Address: Nearly at the end of a dead-end street (Jalan Pemelisan Agung, no. 25) to the beach. About midway along Jimbaran, a surprisingly quiet region just south of the airport.
  • How to Get There: The only way to/from the airport is by metered taxi or chartered car with a driver. This takes about 12 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Handy to: Village with temple and market. Cafés on the sand for seafood dinners at sunset.

The Open House – The Basics

  • Guests: Focuses almost entirely on couples. And the chic design and funky décor is probably more appealing to guests under 40.
  • Beach: The public beach is only 100m down the road. Particularly crowded from 5 pm but very scenic, with calm water and white sand.
  • Views: All rooms face the pool and gardens.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided in a boutique guesthouse like this in Jimbaran.
  • Parking: Nowhere to park, and think long and hard before driving anywhere in Bali anyway.
  • How to Book: will have the best rates.
  • Phone: +62 (0)361 709 160
  • Email:
  • Website:

The Open House – Amenities

  • Pool: In front of the block of rooms and sizable considering the limited number of guests.
  • Spa: No spa but massages can be arranged in the bale pavilion that serves as the library.
  • Fitness Center: Not expected or provided.
  • Other Facilities: Yoga classes in the traditionally-designed bale pavilion, which doubles as a hangout and library.

The Open House – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: Charming street-side café with welcoming décor and friendly staff. More interesting selection and affordable prices than most places nearby. Ideal for coffee, salads, sandwiches, and unique concoctions of juices.
  • Breakfast: Included in all rates.
  • Room Service: Limited service available during restaurant hours of 7 am to 9 pm.

The Open House – Rooms

  • Room Types: Suites • List of all Rooms
  • Smoking Rooms: Not allowed in or near the rooms. Best to go out to the street for a puff.
  • Best Room: All suites are the same; the only difference is the location. Those on the second floor and further from the pool will be quieter.

The Open House – Local Transport

  • Walking & Cycling: With flat roads and less traffic than other regions, walking is pleasant and often quicker via the beach than the road. Cycling is also easy, but few places offer rentals.
  • Public Transport & Shuttle Buses: In lieu of any public transport, the Kura-Kura Bus company links Jimbaran with Ubud and the rest of southern Bali, but schedules are convoluted and routes confusing. Shuttle bus companies (e.g. Perama) that service Kuta and Sanur don’t bother coming to Jimbaran.
  • Cars, Motorbikes, & Taxis: Taxis ply the main road and are a cheap and comfortable way to reach anywhere in southern Bali. For longer distances, charter a car with a driver. Driving is not recommended anywhere in Bali, nor is hiring a motorbike for traveling around this part of the south. A few agencies in Jimbaran can arrange rental of either, while the resort offers motorbikes on hire.

The Open House – What’s Nearby?

Best Nearby Restaurants & Bars

    More than a dozen seafood cafés are clustered at the end of the street only 100m away. (See Attractions below.)

  • Akua de Bilboa Tapas Bar, Restaurant, & Sunset Lounge – Also at the end of the street 100m away, this delightful, modern, and airy bistro offers tapas and fine-dining all day.
  • Joglo Restaurant – Inviting café/bar along the sand and under shady trees. In the Keraton resort, a 250m stroll south via the beachside path or through the lanes.
  • Jimbaran Puri Resort – Only 100m further south via the beach from the Joglo, with 2 terrific choices: Nelayan Restaurant (spectacular setting for seafood and European cuisine) and Tunkung Restaurant (intimate setting and Indonesian food, but dinner only).

Nearby Shops & Markets

  • Enough minimarts along the main road 400m away, but few other shops of interest in the immediate area. At the top of the side street to the hotel, the Jimbaran market is fascinating. Opposite the market is the village temple.

Nearby Attractions

  • A highlight of any trip to Bali is dinner at sunset on the sand in Jimbaran. With wandering musicians, fireworks, and traditional dances, this should not be missed. Cafés set up from 4 pm at several places along the beach (including at the end of the street 100m away), but most are also open all day. Menus overwhelmingly focus on seafood, though other meals are also available.

The Open House – The Hotel

The Open House is 300m along a quiet street leading to the beach in Jimbaran, a more relaxed region south of the airport.

The street to the beach and hotel starts alongside the village temple on the main road.

The hotel is in an isolated spot by the beach.

Surprisingly, The Open House is the only hotel along the street between the beach and main road.

The overall vibe of the well-designed hotel is very welcoming.

The hotel is welcoming, shady, and nicely designed.

The modern design of the hotel is apparent in the single 2-level room block.

The overall design is modern, with rooms in a single 2-level block.

The on-site cafe offers healthy and interesting fare.

The café at the front of the hotel offers a more interesting and healthier menu than most.

The pool has several lounge chairs with umbrellas.

One side of the pool is lined with lounge chairs and umbrellas.

A pavilion at the back of the hotel features a library and a yoga and hangout place.

A traditional-style bale (pavilion) at the back of the hotel is used as a library and hangout, and for yoga classes.

Ground floor rooms have decent-sized patios.

Full-length windows lead to patios in the ground-floor rooms.

The patios feature a sofa, table, and chairs.

The patios are large enough for a sofa, table, and chairs.

The spacious rooms sport a simple decor.

Rooms are spacious, while the décor is agreeably understated.

An unusual table with a sink separates the bedroom and bathroom.

Unusually, a long table with the sink is all that separates the bedroom and bathroom.

Jimbaran public beach is close by, and not that crowded.

The hotel is only 100m from a magnificent beach, which is often uncrowded during the day.

The hotel is close to several beachside seafood cafes.

The Open House is only 100m from a cluster of seafood cafés facing the beach.

The beachside cafes offer meals through the day.

Most of the beachside cafés at the end of the street offer food all day.

The seafood cafes set up tables on the Jimbaran beach for sunset dinners.

From about 4 pm, seafood cafes along Jimbaran set up tables on the sand in preparation for the legendary sunset dinners.

Steps away by the beach is Akua tapas bar.

Only 100m away, where the street reaches the beach, Akua is a tapas bar that offers all sorts of meals.

The beachside path near the hotel is dotted with seafood cafes.

From the end of the street to the hotel, a beachside path passes the cluster of seafood cafés and continues south for about 200m.

Nearby is the classy Joglo Restaurant at The Keraton resort.

The Keraton resort, about 250m south of the hotel via the beach, offers a shady bar and the elegant Joglo Restaurant.

About half a kilometer away is the village intersection with a temple and a market.

At the top of the street from the hotel (400m away) is an intersection with the village temple on one side and market on the other. Check rates and availability: The Open House

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