The Palm Grove Villas Hotel on Nusa Lembongan, Bali

by Santorini Dave • Updated: April 9, 2019

Review of Palm Grove Villas in Bali.

The Palm Grove Villas – Convenient and mid-priced, without beachfront rates.

The 2 clusters of villas (oddly called rooms and suites) are barely 300m from the beach at Mushroom Bay, the premier swimming and snorkeling area on the island. Villas are unpretentious but elegant, with an appealing wood-stained design and porches wide enough to feature 2 sofas. The inviting pools are among charming tropical gardens with lawns and fountains of trickling water. There are no sea views or ‘sea view rates’, and villas are not huddled together like other places. Enough cafés and shops are lined along the main street in both directions.

The Palm Grove Villas – The Location

  • Address: At the start of the main street in Mushroom Bay. On the western edge of Nusa Lembongan island, about 40 minutes by speedboat from Bali (or longer from the Gili Islands).
  • Area: On 2 parcels of land connected by a back lane within the grounds, or about 100m apart via the main street. The reception is closer to the entrance to Mushroom Bay, and not the hotel café. Enough places to eat, drink, and shop in both directions, and 300m from the beach.
  • How to Get There: The only way to reach Nusa Lembongan island is by speedboat from Sanur or Padangbai on Bali, often with connections to the Gili Islands. Compare schedules and book online. Most boats land at Jungutbatu, the main village and 3km away, but a few do come and go from Mushroom Bay. Check when booking. And note: getting on/off these speedboats often involves wading through the water (many times at least knee-deep).
  • Handy to: Mushroom Bay.

The Palm Grove Villas – The Basics

  • Guests: Caters mostly to couples, and many seem to be younger than 50.
  • Beach: The beach is about 200m further along (2-minute walk), at the end of the main street. A perfect bay of white sand, calm water, and lovely views.
  • Views: Too far from the beach for sea views. All rooms face the gardens, lawns, and/or pool.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided at this sort of midrange resort on Nusa Lembongan.
  • Wi-Fi: Free throughout for all guests.
  • How to Book: will have the best rates.
  • Phone: (0)812 4668 422
  • Email: [email protected]

The Palm Grove Villas – Amenities

  • Pool: The 2 pools cater to the 2 separate clusters of villas. Both are large, shady, and very inviting, and feature poolside bars.
  • Spa: A spa near the reception provides some of the finest treatments in the area.
  • Fitness Center: Not expected or provided.
  • Activities: Bicycles for rent.

The Palm Grove Villas – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: In the cluster of villas separate to the reception area is The Palm. Specializes in Italian cuisine, with plenty of wine and desserts to liven up the evening.
  • Breakfast: Substantial a la carte breakfast included in all rates.
  • Room Service: Not available.

The Palm Grove Villas – Rooms

  • Room Types: Deluxe Double Rooms • Deluxe Suites (not called ‘villas’, despite the name)
  • Smoking Rooms: Smoking is not permitted in the rooms, but OK anywhere else on the grounds.
  • Best Room: Most rooms and suites are the same. The quietest ones will be at the back, distant from the street, café, and pool.
  • For Families: A few semi-detached rooms have connecting doors.

The Palm Grove Villas – Local Transport

  • Walking & Cycling: Expect to do plenty of walking. Bicycles are a great option in and around Jungutbatu village but nowhere else because of the hills and potholes. However, bicycles are available for rent at the hotel.
  • Other Transport: No cars are allowed on the island. However, motorbikes are easy to rent and a terrific way to explore the island – and with no police, licenses are not required. New ‘taxis’ (pickup trucks) ply the narrow roads, but most are commandeered by speedboat companies and hotels, so arrange a lift through the hotel, if required. Boats can be chartered at the beach for a more scenic way to reach remote parts of the island.
  • Buggies: At the end of the main street, an agency rents out buggies. These seem a fun way to explore the island but are cumbersome, struggle when going up-hill, and take up far too much of the very narrow (and potholed) roads.

The Palm Grove Villas – What’s Nearby?

Restaurants & Bars

  • L. Good Bar and Grill – Directly opposite the hotel reception. Large garden setting, live music, and focus on healthy food. Popular for drink specials all night. 1-minute walk.
  • The BAR Next Door – Affable, trendy, and convenient, with loud music and snooker table. Inexpensive menu offering Dutch and Mexican food. About 100m down the street from the reception. 1-minute walk.

Several places overlook the picturesque Mushroom Bay about 300m further along the street:


  • Along the main street in Mushroom Bay are a few minimarts and several decent boutiques selling surprisingly elegant clothes and souvenirs.


  • For snorkeling, Mushroom Bay is the nicest, safest, and most accessible place on the island (2-minute walk, 200m). Equipment can be rented (or bought) from shops along the main street. More serious exploration of the underwater delights can be arranged through a couple of scuba-diving agencies at Mushroom Bay.

The Palm Grove Villas – The Hotel

Most guests arrive at Nusa Lembongan by speedboat from Sanur.

Most guests visit Nusa Lembongan island from the fairly chaotic terminal at Sanur on the south coast of Bali.

Most arrivals and departures are from Jungutbatu, and some are from Mushroom Bay.

Most boats arrive and depart from Jungutbatu, but a few do travel to/from Mushroom Bay. Check with the hotel when booking.

The hotel is located at the start of the street in Mushroom Bay.

The hotel is at the start of the only street through Mushroom Bay at the western end of the island.

The villas are located about 300m from a magnificent beach.

The Palm Grove Villas are about 300m from a perfect bay of white sand and blue water.

The villas are located in 2 areas, 1 with the reception near Mushroom Bay, and the other where the cafe is.

Villas are spread across 2 separate parcels of land. The reception area is in the area closer to the entrance to Mushroom Bay (i.e. not where the hotel café is located).

Both pools are excellent and offer plenty of lounge chairs on their decks.

There are always plenty of lounge chairs around both the large, shady, and stylish pools.

The hotel is one of the best in the region.

The hotel spa is one of the finest in the region.

The Palm restaurant is known for its Italian menu.

At the front of the area away from the reception, The Palm restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine.

Some of the villas offer more privacy than others.

Some villas (called rooms and suites) are detached, offering more seclusion and privacy.

The villas sport an appealing wood-stain design.

The wood-stain design of the villas is particularly appealing.

The spacious villas feature alcoves and lots of traditional arts and crafts.

Villas are spacious and feature alcoves and plenty of traditional arts and crafts.

The villa patios are very spacious.

The patio in each villa is very spacious.

All villas comes with gorgeous outdoor bathrooms.

A feature of every villa is the gorgeous outdoor bathroom.

Mushroom Bay has lots of shops and facilities.

There are enough shops and other facilities along the shady main street in Mushroom Bay.

Buggies are impractical as the streets are narrow and there's no parking anywhere.

These buggies may seem an appealing way to explore the island, but they’re far too wide for the narrow roads, and there’s virtually nowhere to park them anywhere on the island.

The chich Le Nusa Beach Club is very popular.

Facing the bay, Le Nusa Beach Club is chic and popular, especially at sunset.

Sanghyang Bay Bar & Restaurant has a prime sea-facing location.

Sanghyang Bay Bar & Restaurant boasts a prime position facing the scenic cove at Mushroom Bay.

The Bar nearby is very friendly and stylish.

Just down the street from the hotel, The Bar Next Door is friendly and stylish.

The lively L. Good Bar and Grill is located opposite the reception.

The spacious and lively L. Good Bar and Grill is opposite the hotel reception.

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