Peneeda View Beach Hotel in Sanur, Bali

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• Location: Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur.
• Hotel website:
• Hotel phone: +62 (0)361 288 425
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Review of Peneeda View Beach Hotel in Sanur, Bali.

The pool by the lobby at Peneeda View Beach Hotel is nice and shady and features a separate shallow pool for kids.

Peneeda View Beach Hotel – Newer and older-style villas in a central but tranquil location.

This hotel is on a narrow property stretching from the beach to the lobby which is away from the main street and thus, quieter than others. It only offers villas/bungalows, with older ones secluded behind high walls and accessible along a village-style path. The lavish private gardens, old-fashioned furnishings, abundance of windows, and decent-sized patios give guests plenty of privacy without feeling isolated. Other villas are in two-level buildings shaped like traditional rice-barns which are less secluded but more modern inside. And the four pools are reasonably large. Although named after Nusa Penida, no villas offer views of the sea, let alone that of the distant island.

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Peneeda View Beach Hotel – The Location

  • Area: Facing the beach and about 100m back from the street. Pleasant area midway along Sanur, with plenty of facilities in both directions.
  • Address: Jalan Danau Tamblingan No 89, the main street through Sanur, a more relaxed region in southern Bali.
  • How to Get There: The only way to/from the airport is by metered taxi or chartered car with a driver. This takes about 25 minutes (14 km), depending on traffic.

Peneeda View Beach Hotel – The Basics

  • Guests: Caters well for all but perhaps, less so for families with younger children.
  • Beach: Wide and decent enough, but no shade.
  • Views: No rooms provide views of the sea (or the island after which the hotel is named), except the Seaside Bungalows. Older villas are secluded behind stone walls and newer ones face the gardens.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided at a midrange hotel like this in Sanur.
  • Parking: Enough free and secure parking, but think long and hard before driving anywhere in Bali.
  • How to Book: will have the best rates.
  • Phone: +62 (0)361 288 425
  • Email:
  • Website:

Peneeda View Beach Hotel – Amenities

  • Pools: One at the lobby, with an attached pool for children. Another closer to the beach, but not facing the sea. And a fourth which is more popular with adults.
  • Spa: In a separate building facing the gardens, the lovely Peneeda View Spa offers the usual array of treatments – all at more affordable prices than at major resorts.
  • Fitness Center: Not expected or provided at a midrange hotel like this in Sanur.
  • Activities: A few activities offered, such as yoga classes and beach volleyball.
  • Other Facilities: Library. Gift shop.

Peneeda View Beach Hotel – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: Providing views of Nusa Penida island, the beachside bistro offers grilled seafood, several Indonesian delights, and buffets on some nights. The café at the lobby is more casual and often features live music.
  • Breakfast: Not normally included, but depends on the type of booking.
  • Room Service: Limited service available during restaurant hours from about 7 am to 8 pm.

Peneeda View Beach Hotel – Rooms

  • Room Types: Two Bedroom Family Suite • The Villa • Seaside Bungalow • The Club Lumbung (villa) • List of all Rooms
  • Smoking Rooms: Smoking is not allowed in the rooms, but is permitted elsewhere.
  • Best Room: Seaside Bungalows are delightful and very romantic, with 4-poster beds and extended terraces offering broad sea views.
  • For Families: Some villas have 2 bedrooms, and those with 1 bedroom can squeeze in an extra single bed. Best are the Family Suites with 2 separate bedrooms and 3-way bathrooms.

Peneeda View Beach Hotel – Local Transport

  • Walking & Cycling: Walking around Sanur is more pleasant than most places in southern Bali. With flat roads and minimal traffic, cycling is also popular, and bikes can be rented from agencies on the main street. Walking and cycling are ideal along the beachside path that stretches over 6 km, almost the entire length of Sanur.
  • Public Transport: Sanur is unique within southern Bali as local bemos (decrepit minivans with bench seats) ply the main street, but won’t go further north than the golf course. Fares are set but invariably inflated for tourists.
  • Cars, Motorbikes, & Taxis: Driving anywhere in Bali is not recommended, but renting a car is possible at agencies all over Sanur. Motorbikes are also easy to rent and useful for getting around Sanur – less so for elsewhere in southern Bali. Taxis are plentiful, cheap, and comfortable, and the best way to go anywhere in southern Bali. For longer trips, charter a car with a driver. This can be arranged at any travel agency or better, through the hotel.
  • Shuttle Bus: To reach any town outside of southern Bali and one that is popular with tourists (e.g. Ubud), buy a ticket at a travel agency for a shuttle bus. Some companies pick up guests from their hotels, but services for Perama, the only island-wide operator, leave from its inconvenient office on Jalan Hang Tuah on the other side of the golf course in northern Sanur. The Kura-Kura Bus company links Sanur with Ubud and the rest of southern Bali, but schedules are convoluted and routes confusing.

Peneeda View Beach Hotel – What’s Nearby?

Best Nearby Restaurants & Bars

    All the places listed below are along the main street:

  • Graze – Classy street-side setting in the remarkable Maya resort alongside the Peneeda. More interesting menu than most, with a focus on fresh ingredients. Also, coffee, sandwiches, and home-baked pastries.
  • Warung Becak – Recognizable by the namesake becak (old-style rickshaw) in front. Popular for live music, salads, and steaks. Also claims to be a ‘mango bar’. South of the entrance to the Peneeda.
  • Ulu Thai Food Sanur – Funky décor (with several dangling lights). Specializing in Thai food. 100m north.
  • White Orchid – Just past Ulu. Healthy Asian cuisine, good-value specials, shady deck, and smart service.
  • Café Batu Jimbar – Long-time favorite for gelato, salads, and outdoor Sunday buffet/market. About 250m north.

Nearby Shops

Minimarts are present in all directions, and lots of shops everywhere.

  • Hardy’s – Supermarket with a few other shops attached, but very modest compared to Kuta. About 350m north along the main street.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jet-skiing and parasailing, among other fun activities, can be arranged at counters along the beach nearby, but the choice is better at Tanjung Benoa.

Peneeda View Beach Hotel – The Hotel

The hotel is located in a pleasant area of the relaxed region of Sanur.

Peneeda View Beach Hotel is along a pleasant mid-section of Sanur, a quieter region in southern Bali.

The hotel is set away from the street and the noise.

The lobby is about 100m from the main street, ensuring no rooms suffer from traffic noise.

The hotel takes its name from Nusa Penida island which is usually visible from the beach.

The Peneeda is named after Nusa Penida island, which can often be seen from the beach but not from the rooms.

The gift shop by the reception sells souvenirs and some daily items.

Just past the reception area, a gift shop sells souvenirs and a few daily items.

The Peneeda View Spa offers affordable treatments.

The Peneeda View Spa offers the usual array of treatments at rates more affordable than at major resorts.

The on-site restaurant is casual and colorful.

The hotel restaurant at the beach is casual, colorful, and breezy.

Buffets are often offered at the beachside restaurant.

The beachside restaurant offers buffets several nights a week.

The restaurant also offers comfortable beachside seating.

The hotel restaurant also provides some very comfortable lounge chairs on the beach.

The mid-range hotel offers resort-style facilities such as a library.

Although a mid-range hotel, the Peneeda provides facilities often expected at resorts, e.g. a library.

Out of the 4 pools, 1 is for children only.

There are 4 pools, including 1 for children, thus always offering enough space for guests.

The small hotel gardens have plenty of shade.

Gardens are limited but shady and pleasant enough.

Stone paths stretch from the lobby and the beach to the accommodations.

All accommodations are accessible along stone paths that stretch from the lobby to the beach.

The older villas feature stone walls.

Older villas are secluded behind stone walls.

The older villas come with verandas and private gardens.

Older villas feature sizable patios overlooking private gardens.

Large windows make the villas light and airy.

Windows on both sides ensure that the older villas are light and airy.

The newer villas offer less privacy.

Newer villas are less secluded but still quiet and private.

Some villas feature traditional rice-barn designs.

Some villas are shaped like traditional lumbung rice-barns.

Graze offers fine dining in a street-side setting next door.

Graze offers fine dining in a shady street-side setting at the front of the Maya resort, adjacent to the Peneeda.

White House Sanur nearby serves contemporary Indonesian cuisine.

White House Sanur is an appealing Mediterranean-style café focusing on contemporary Indonesian cuisine. Just a few steps north from the resort entrance.

Warung Becak serves healthy meals with live music.

On the corner of the lane to the hotel, the eye-catching Warung Becak offers healthy meals and energetic live music.

Ulu close-by serves excellent Thai food.

Only 100m north of the hotel entrance, the funky Ulu specializes in Thai food.

White Orchid nearby is popular for its affordable daily specials.

Another cafe within a few minutes’ walk, White Orchid is popular and shady, with good-value daily specials.

A beachside path stretches across almost the entire length of Sanur.

A beachside path stretches several kilometers in both directions along almost the entire length of Sanur.

Hardy's nearby is the sole supermarket in Sanur.

About 350m north of the hotel, Hardy’s is well-stocked and the only supermarket in Sanur. Check rates and availability: Peneeda View Beach Hotel

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