Rick Steves in Santorini

by Santorini Dave • November 19, 2018

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Rick Steves’ Santorini Episode

I recently had the misfortune of stumbling upon an episode of Rick Steves’ travel show in which he goes to Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes and says that a cruise ship is a great way of seeing the Greek islands. I used to have at least some little amount of respect for the guide books that his company produced. They’re helpful and detailed and could be a lot worse. But this show was a joke. What a fucking dork. A cruise ship is a fucking awful way of seeing any place – and it’s particularly awful for the Greek islands.

And what takes it from bad advice to something truly terrible is that cruise ships are ruining the Greek islands. Yes, all tourism does change a destination in ways that are usually some combination of good and bad. But cruise ships are the worst of all as most of the money goes to the big cruise companies and the huge numbers of day trip travelers contribute little to the local economy besides buying stupid trinkets and t-shirts. All the while pouring huge numbers of tourists into the islands and overwhelming the local infrastructure.

Please, do not go on a Santorini cruise. Stay on the island for several days, take your time, explore and enjoy what makes the Greek islands one of the best destinations in the world.

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