Gluten Free on Santorini

Q. Is gluten free food available at restaurants and grocery stores on Santorini?

Finding gluten free food is relatively easy in Santorini. Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and seafood are readily available and form the basis of traditional Greek cooking. Grocery store sell some gluten free items but not as many as you’ll find in Athens or Western Europe. Most restaurants cook from scratch which makes it easier to derive the ingredients of different dishes. Most servers and cooks on Santorini will have heard of gluten free diets (this might not apply if you’re traveling to other smaller Greek Islands). If you’re ordering a meal without bread you might also want to say no pita as your server might not equate the two.

Print or bookmark this card which explains gluten free dietary requirements in Greek (here’s the english version).

Here’s an excellent post on eating gluten free in Greece.