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Updated: August 9, 2018

Les Tipaniers Fare Vai Moana – Inexpensive, beachfront, convenient and tranquil.

This seems to cater for possible overspill from the more upmarket sister resort, Hôtel Les Tipaniers, about 1.5km to the north, so it’s rarely occupied. All bungalows are twin-level, with a bedroom on both floors, so there’s space for a family of 4, although the bedroom upstairs would be hot (with a ceiling fan only). All verandas are a decent size, but few bungalows offer sea views; in fact, most face the back of the main building, which is surprisingly closer to the sea than the bungalows. The main selling points are the decent beach; affordability; limited number of guests; location, within walking distance of Hauru village; and access to facilities at the sister resort.

Les Tipaniers Fare Vai Moana – The Basics

  • Location: Along the northwest coast of Moorea Island. About 500m south of the centre of Hauru village; 28km from the airport; and 29km from the ferry terminal for services to Tahiti.
  • Guests: Most guests are older couples, often those who tried but failed to book into the sister hotel, Les Tipaniers.
  • Beach: A passable stretch of sand in front, and a good size considering the limited number of guests.
  • Views: A few bungalows face the sea, but most overlook the back of the main building.
  • Wi-Fi Internet: Free throughout the hotel.
  • Parking: Enough free and secure spots around the lobby area, not far from the bungalows.
  • Phone: (689) 40 56 17 14
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.tipaniersfarevaimoana.com/

Les Tipaniers Fare Vai Moana – Amenities

  • Pool: Not provided (nor really expected) at this standard of lodge. No pool either at the sister resort, Hôtel Les Tipaniers, which probably should have 1.
  • Spa & Fitness Center: Not expected (or provided) at this lodge. Also not at Hôtel Les Tipaniers.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided.

Les Tipaniers Fare Vai Moana – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: The modest café facing the sea only serves breakfast to guests who have pre-booked it. Guests are offered free transfers for lunch and dinner to the pleasant Beach Restaurant & Bar at the sister resort, Hôtel Les Tipaniers. Their menu includes salads, pizza, homemade pasta, and ice cream, with live music on weekends.
  • Breakfast: Can be included in some rates, depending on the booking.
  • Room Service: Not available, because there is no real restaurant onsite.

Les Tipaniers Fare Vai Moana – Rooms

  • Room Types: Beach Bungalows • Ocean View Bungalows • Garden Bungalows
  • Smoking Rooms: No smoking allowed in the rooms and public areas, but permitted elsewhere.
  • Best Room: The bungalows are fairly similar inside, but the Beach Bungalows do offer lovely sea views.

Les Tipaniers Fare Vai Moana – What’s Nearby?

Restaurants & Bars

    A decent selection in Hauru village, with some providing free transfers.

  • Le Coco D’isle (40 56 59 07) – hugely popular despite (or because of) the sandy floor. Tahitian, French and Chinese food, as well as pizza. Evenings only, and takeaways available. 250m south. 3-minute walk.
  • The places below are within 600m north up the road.

  • Le Mayflower – next to the Hibiscus. Evenings only for French food, fish and vegetarian meals. Pricey with daily specials and kids’ meals. 3-minute walk.
  • Le Sunset – open-air and colourful setting facing the sea. Chef from France, but also Italian fare and local specialties. At Hôtel Hibiscus. 4-minute walk.
  • La Plantation (40 56 45 10) – all-day French and Tahitian cuisine, as well as pasta, vegetarian meals and long list of desserts. Also, children’s menu, happy hours and free transfers. 6-minute walk.
  • QG Brasserie (87 36 19 34) – in Le Petit Village. Open-air, friendly and affordable for pizza, grills and paninis. Expat hangout and congenial bar. 7-minute walk.
  • Market or Grocery: There are a few convenience stores in the village, all within 600m north of the lodge.

Local Transport

    There’s no public transport around Moorea Island, but 4 or 5 buses run daily between Hauru village and the ferry terminal (but not the airport) to tie in with arrivals/departures. Ask the reception for details. The village is close enough to walk. For further afield, organise a taxi (unmetered) or rent a car/motorbike.

Les Tipaniers Fare Vai Moana – The Hotel

The lodge is located by a beach in Hauru.

The lodge is situated on a beach, about 100m down a laneway from the main road in Hauru.

The sister resort of Hôtel Les Tipaniers is more popular.

The lodge is quiet, with few guests, and mainly somewhere for the overspill from the sister resort, Hôtel Les Tipaniers.

The spacious and colourful lobby is convivial.

The spacious and brightly-coloured lobby/lounge area is ideal for meeting other guests.

The sea-facing main building blocks views from bungalows.

The main building faces the sea, denying many bungalows the opportunity for sea views.

The lodge beach has a tropical vibe.

The beach in front of the lodge is typically tropical.

The lodge beach offers good shade and views.

In front of the lodge, the beach provides plenty of shade and views.

The beach is accessible through shady lawns.

Shady lawns at the lodge lead to the beach.

The onsite cafe only serves breakfast.

The café at the lodge is for breakfast only. Guests are provided free transfers if they wish to eat lunch or dinner at the sister resort, Hôtel Les Tipaniers.

The garden bungalows are semi-detached.

All bungalows are on two levels, with those in the garden often semi-detached.

Bungalows have simple traditional furniture.

Furniture in the bungalows is simple, with a traditional-style décor.

The top-floor bedroom in bungalows is often hot.

Bungalows contain two bedrooms, but without air-conditioning the one at the top would often be hot.

The ground floor bedroom in bungalows is spacious.

The bedroom on the ground floor is more spacious than the one upstairs.

Bungalow patios offer garden or sea views.

All bungalows feature a sizeable patio with views of the gardens and/or sea.

Beach Restaurant & Bar at sister resort

Guests are provided free transfers to the Beach Restaurant & Bar at the sister resort, Hôtel Les Tipaniers.

Hôtel Les Tipaniers is 1.5km to the north.

The Hôtel Les Tipaniers is easy to find about 1.5km to the north.

Hôtel Les Tipaniers' beach and facilities are excellent.

The beach and facilities at the Hôtel Les Tipaniers are excellent.

QG Brasserie in Le Petit Village is popular with expats.

One of several cafés in Le Petit Village, about 600m north of the lodge, is the QG Brasserie, a popular expat hangout.

La Plantation nearby serves delicious French and Tahitian food.

Also within a short walk north of the lodge is La Plantation, which offers delicious French and Tahitian food.

Le Coco D’Isle is popular for French and Chinese cuisine.

Le Coco D’Isle is a simple but very popular place for French and Chinese food.

Le Mayflower is popular for French, seafood and vegetarian cuisine.

Le Mayflower, in Hauru village a short walk from the lodge, is ideal for French cuisine, as well as seafood and vegetarian meals.

Le Sunset Bistro in Hôtel Hibiscus is popular for its French and Italian food.

Also within an easy stroll of the lodge, Le Sunset is a colourful bistro offering French and Italian food in the Hôtel Hibiscus.

Le Petit Village nearby has good cafes and shops.

Only 600m north of the lodge is Le Petit Village, a cluster of likeable cafés and shops.

Exploring the west coast of Moorea Island by bicycle is fun.

The best way to explore Hauru and the pleasingly undeveloped west coast of Moorea Island is by bicycle.

Ferry terminal is 30km away.

The ferry terminal for services to the main island of Tahiti is nearly 30km away.

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