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Updated: January 18, 2021
By Santorini Dave

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Review of Hôtel Fenua Mata’i’oa in Tahiti

Sun loungers on a wooden deck by the lovely inlet at Hôtel Fenua Mata’i’oa.

Hôtel Fenua Mata’i’oa – Dazzling décor, exquisite bayside setting, and out-of-the-way suburban feel.

These bungalows face an inlet and are located along a quiet residential street about two kilometers from Hauru village. From the narrow entrance, wooden walkways weave through jungle-like foliage to a home seemingly from a 1920’s film noir set. With dangling lights, plush sofas and ornate tables, it exudes a unique charm – not remotely Polynesian, but inviting nonetheless. From other seats along the communal sundeck, guests can spot (harmless) sharks and stingrays, all particularly prolific at sunset. One bungalow faces the sea, while the others are secluded behind lush ferns. Up to three meals a day can be included in the rates, and are worthwhile because the food is delicious and alternatives distant.

Hôtel Fenua Mata’i’oa – The Basics

  • Location: Poorly signed in the suburban streets of an area called Tiahura, about 2 km from the center of Hauru village on the northwest coast of Moorea Island. About 25 km from the airport and 30 km from the ferry terminal for services to Tahiti.
  • Guests: The setting, isolation, and décor would appeal more to older guests.
  • Beach: There is no beach in front, but it faces a lovely inlet. Steps lead to the water which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Views: 1 bungalow faces the water for unobstructed sea views, but the others are hidden among the gardens.
  • Wi-Fi: Free use through the hotel.
  • Parking: A few spots down the access lane. Otherwise, it should be safe to park along the street outside.
  • How to Book: Booking.com will have the best rates.
  • Phone: (689) 40 55 00 25
  • Email: contact@fenua-mataioa.com
  • Website: fenua-mataioa.com

Fenua Mata’i’oa Hôtel – Amenities

  • Pool, Spa, & Fitness Center: Not expected or provided in this sort of small lodge.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided in the rooms, but there’s a tiny jacuzzi surrounded by a wooden deck in the garden.

Fenua Mata’i’oa Hôtel – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: No restaurant is open to the public, but guests can pre-order breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. The food is typically French and exquisite, much to the chagrin of locals who wish the chef would open a bistro. Drinks can be bought at the wooden counter and enjoyed in the extraordinarily garish lounge or on the sundeck facing the water.
  • Breakfast: Not included in the rates, but half/full board offering breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner can be arranged when booking.
  • Room Service: Not available because there is no restaurant.

Fenua Mata’i’oa Hôtel – Rooms

  • Room Types: All individually named: Junior Reva Suite • Junior Hereiti Suite • Junior Supérieure Princesse Aimeho Suite • Presidentielle Princess Maimiti Suite • Prestige Princesse Lokelani Suite
  • Smoking Rooms: No smoking is allowed anywhere in the hotel or around the gardens.
  • Best Room: The Prestige Princesse Lokelani Suite oozes charm, with a traditional design of bamboo and pandanus. Also featuring an atrium garden, huge bathroom, private terrace packed with furniture overlooking the inlet, and mod-cons like air-conditioning and cable TV.

Fenua Mata’i’oa Hôtel – What’s Nearby?

Best Nearby Restaurants & Bars

    The hotel is isolated, so there’s very limited choice within walking distance. Some places in Hauru Village (2-3 km away) offer free transfers.

  • Taoahere Beach House – ext to the lodge, with a similar waterside setting. For seafood, grills, salads and burgers. Lots of desserts. Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch; also Friday and Saturday for dinner.
  • Holy Steak House – 1 km away and opposite the entrance to the InterContinental. Up a slight hill for views, and open all day. Also for seafood and pizzas. Hearty serves, happy hours and takeaways. Free transfers.
  • Beach Bar & Restaurant – At Hôtel Les Tipaniers about 1 km down the road towards Hauru. Seaside and garden settings for seafood, pizza, homemade pasta, and ice cream. Live music on weekends and free transfers.
  • QG Brasserie – In Le Petit Village at Hauru, 2 km down the road. Open-air, friendly, and affordable for pizza, grills, and paninis. Expat hangout and congenial bar.
  • Le Motu – Laidback and eclectic menu: pizzas, tacos, crêpes, sandwiches, burgers, and Chinese food. More affordable than rivals, with daily specials. Just before Le Petit Village.

Nearby Market or Grocery

  • The counter at the lobby sells basic supplies. Otherwise, there are a couple of convenience stores in Hauru village, about 1.5 km away.

Local Transport

    No public transport around Moorea Island, but 4 or 5 buses run daily between Hauru village and the ferry terminal (but not the airport) to tie in with arrivals/departures. Ask the reception for details. To the village, walk, hitch a ride, or organize an unmetered taxi. For elsewhere, rent a car or motorbike.

Fenua Mata’i’oa Hôtel – The Hotel

The lodge entrance is modest and lush green.

The entrance to the lodge is modest, but the dense foliage is indicative of the gardens throughout.

The lodge is located in Tiahura suburb.

The lodge is along a suburban street in Tiahura, about 2 km from the center of Hauru.

The hotel entrance has a few parking spots.

The access lane to the hotel has a few spaces for parking.

The lodge is located by an inlet with superb views.

The lodge faces an inlet with a sundeck offering superb views.

The wooden deck features a small Jacuzzi.

There’s a tiny jacuzzi among wooden decking.

The guests' lounge decor is very unique.

The décor in the guest lounge is quite unique.

The guests' lounge decor is eccentric and fascinating.

The décor may not be to everyone’s taste, but is still fascinating.

Bungalows are accissible using appealing stone paths.

Stone paths lead to the bungalows hidden among the gardens.

The garden has inviting tables and chairs.

Among the gardens are some surprises, such as intimate tables and chairs.

The sundeck offers space for sunbathing.

There is no beach, but that’s no excuse for not sunbathing.

The communal sundeck offers great sunset views.

The communal sundeck is the perfect place to watch the sunset.

The onsite bar is a friendly place to meet and greet.

The bar is a congenial place to meet other guests.

The guests' lounge has several seating options.

There’s no shortage of sofas and chairs in the guest lounge.

The lobby shop sells basic supplies.

A shop in the lobby area sells basic supplies.

The InterContinental nearby has several eateries.

Within walking distance of the lodge, the InterContinental offers several places to eat and drink.

Motu Iti Bar at the InterContinental is popular for drinks.

The Motu Iti Bar at the InterContinental is ideal for cocktails and wine.

Fare Hana Restaurant at the InterContinental is a friendly bistro.

The Fare Hana Restaurant is a casual family-friendly bistro at the InterContinental for seafood, grills, and light meals.

Taohere Beach House nearby offers good meals.

Next to the lodge, the restaurant at Taohere Beach House offers grills, seafood and burgers.

Le Petit Village has lovely cafes and shops.

Le Petit Village is a cluster of lovely cafés and shops about 2 km from the lodge.

Le Petit Village has plenty of shops.

There are enough shops in Le Petit Village to satisfy most.

Le Motu cafe serves an excellent eclectic menu.

On the northern edge of the village, Le Motu offers an extraordinary eclectic menu.

QG Brasserie is popular with expats for its pizzas and drinks.

In Le Petit Village, QG Brasserie is a pizza joint and convivial bar popular with expats.

Hauru village road is pleasantly underdeveloped.

The road through Hauru village is delightfully underdeveloped.

The ferry terminal is 30km away.

The ferry terminal for services to Tahiti is about 30 km away – in fact, almost exactly the same distance in either direction around the island.

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