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Updated: August 29, 2019

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Hôtel Les Tipaniers – Long-term favourite with tropical feel and gorgeous beach, but no pool.

These particularly spacious bungalows are scattered among immaculate lawns and surrounded by angled palms. Bungalows are in rows, with only a handful boasting direct sea views, but glimpses of the water may be possible from the second row. Some feature a traditional design, but the woods don’t always match, while others resemble a demountable school canteen. No bungalows have air-conditioning (ceiling fans only), but a few are equipped with a kitchen. Surprisingly no pool, but the beach is far larger and more photogenic than at many pricier resorts across Tahiti: snow-white sand, sapphire water and views of 3 islets. 2 other attractions are the abundant water sports, and convenience to the village.

Hôtel Les Tipaniers – The Basics

  • Location: In the area of Tiahura, along the tip of the northwest coast of Moorea Island. About 1km from the shops and cafés at Le Petit Village in Hauru; 26km from the airport; and 30km from the ferry terminal (equidistant in either direction).
  • Guests: Particularly popular with older couples, who return year after year, but also well setup for families.
  • Beach: The beach is idyllic: broad, sandy and shady, with calm water and views of islets.
  • Views: A few bungalows face the sea with unobstructed views, but most overlook the gardens.
  • Wi-Fi Internet: Free throughout the hotel.
  • Parking: Enough places at the main entrance.
  • How to Book: Booking.com will have the best rates.
  • Phone: (689) 40 56 12 67
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: lestipaniers.com

Hôtel Les Tipaniers – Amenities

  • Pool: Surprisingly there is no pool. Smaller and cheaper resorts often have 1, so perhaps this should too.
  • Spa & Fitness Center: Probably not expected (nor provided).
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: No pool or Jacuzzi onsite.
  • Activities: The water sports centre on the beach provides paddleboards and paddleboats, as well as free rental of kayaks and bicycles.

Hôtel Les Tipaniers – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: With tables that seem to hover above the sand, the setting of the Beach Restaurant & Bar is exquisite. It specializes in seafood, including regional specialties and sashimi, and also offers salads, pizza, homemade pasta, ice cream, and live music at sunset most weekends. Hotel guests can book rooms with half/full board including meals.
  • Breakfast: Not included, but guests have the option of rates with half/full board including breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.
  • Room Service: Limited service available.

Hôtel Les Tipaniers – Rooms

  • Room Types: Garden Rooms • Standard Bungalows • Vanilla Api Bungalows • Local Bungalows with Kitchen (and beach or garden views)
  • Smoking Rooms: Strictly no smoking in the rooms or public areas, but tolerated elsewhere.
  • Best Room: The Local Bungalows feature a kitchen, plenty of space and an adorable traditional design. Those facing the sea boast perfect, unobstructed views.
  • For families: Standard Bungalows easily fit 4. With 2 bedrooms, the Vanilla Api Bungalows can accommodate a family of up to 6, and feature a kitchen.

Hôtel Les Tipaniers – What’s Nearby?

Restaurants & Bars

    The hotel is a little isolated, so the choice within walking distance is limited. Some places in Hauru village (1-2km away) offer free transfers.

  • Restaurant Tiahura (40 56 58 44) – Claims to be the ‘best seafood restaurant in Moorea’. Try regional specialities, such as parrotfish or octopus. About 600m towards the village. 7-minute walk.
  • Taoahere Beach House – Quaint with seaside setting in suburban area, 1km to the east. (Look for signs from the main road.) Seafood, grills, salads, burgers and lots of desserts. 14-minute walk.
  • QG Brasserie (87 36 19 34) – In Le Petit Village 1km down the road. Open-air, friendly and affordable for pizza, grills and paninis. Expat hangout and convivial bar. 2-minute drive.
  • Le Motu (40 56 16 70) – Laidback and eclectic menu: pizzas, tacos, crêpes, sandwiches, burgers and Chinese food. More affordable than rivals, with daily specials. Just before Le Petit Village.
  • Le Sunset – Large, open-air colorful setting facing the sea. A chef from France, but also local specialties and Italian cuisine. At Hôtel Hibiscus, in the village about 1.5km away. 3-minute drive.
  • Market or Grocery: Nearest place to stock up on supplies is at Le Petit Village, about 1km away.

Local Transport

    There’s no public transport around Moorea Island, but 4 or 5 buses run daily between Hauru village and the ferry terminal (but not the airport) to tie in with arrivals/departures. Ask the reception for details. The village is close enough to walk. Further afield, hitch a ride, organise an unmetered taxi, or rent a car/motorbike.

Hôtel Les Tipaniers – What’s Nearby?

The hotel is located about 1km from Hauru village.

The hotel is nicely located, about 1km from the centre of Hauru village.

The superb beach offers 5-star facilities.

The beach is superb: just the sort expected of a five-star resort costing far more.

The plentiful palms and sand give a tropical vibe.

The plentiful palms across the lawns and sand add enormously to the tropical ambience.

The water in front of the hotel is tranquil and inviting.

The water in front of the hotel is shallow and calm, with different shades of blue and green.

The pleasant beach is clean with plenty of shade.

The beach is pleasingly wide and clean, and there’s plenty of shade – natural or otherwise.

The dive centre offers several water sports activities.

The onsite dive centre can arrange all sorts of water sports.

The resort offers free rental of bicycles and kayaks.

One bonus is the free rental of bicycles and kayaks to explore the lagoon.

Paddleboating on the lagoon is a popular activity.

The lagoon in front of the hotel can also be explored by paddleboat.

The hotel restobar is popular for seafood.

The hotel restaurant/bar specialises in all sorts of seafood.

The beach has an appealing tropical vibe.

The beach is blissfully tropical, with plenty of sand and palm trees.

Rooms at the back of the resort are not that appealing.

Some rooms to the back are less appealing than the bungalows.

The traditional bungalows feature a decent patio.

Most bungalows feature a traditional design and sizeable patio.

The garden bungalows are secluded.

Bungalows in the gardens may not offer sea views, but are often quite secluded.

Standard Bungalows are less attractive than traditional ones.

The Standard Bungalows are considerably less attractive than those with a traditional design.

Taohere Beach House nearby offers good meals.

One of the few places to eat within walking distance, the Taohere Beach House is great for salads, grills and burgers.

Restaurant Tiahura specializes in seafood, especially parrotfish.

About 600m towards the village, Restaurant Tiahura is the ideal place to try regional specialties, such as parrotfish.

Le Sunset at Hotel Hibiscus offers French and Italian meals.

Certainly worth the 1.5km walk from the hotel is Le Sunset restaurant for French and Italian food. In the Hôtel Hibiscus.

QG Brasserie in Le Petit Village is popular with expats.

The QG Brasserie is a popular expat hangout in Le Petit Village only 1km down the road.

Le Motu offers an extraordinary eclectic menu.

Just before Le Petit Village, Le Motu offers an extraordinary range of meals.

The Hauru park is a lovely place to relax.

A short walk away, Hauru is a pleasant village with an extensive park.

Hauru village is pleasantly underdeveloped.

The main road through Hauru is delightfully underdeveloped.

Le Petit Village has a good selection of cafes and shops.

Hauru is based around a cluster of shops and cafés at Le Petit Village.

Le Petit Village has a good range of shops.

There are enough shops to satisfy most at Le Petit Village.

Exploring Moorea Island by motorbike is fun.

One way to explore the island is by rented motorbike.

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