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Updated: January 20, 2021
By Santorini Dave

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Review of Taoahere Beach House Hotel in Tahiti

The twin-level Painapo Bungalows at Taoahere Beach House hotel feature an extended sundeck on the second floor.

Taoahere Beach House – Cozy, quaint, and friendly, with a seaside setting and suburban feel.

Hard to find along a residential street near Hauru, this adorable cluster of bungalows is often understandably full. Dotted among lovely gardens, a couple of bungalows are on two levels and face the water, while the rest are angled for possible sea glimpses. And the traditional design throughout is charming: stone-walled bathrooms, bamboo walls, polished floorboards, and colorful art. No beach, but plenty of sand is spread around the grounds, and access to the blue-green waters for swimming and snorkeling is easy via steps. Other advantages include the laidback restaurant, free rental of bicycles and kayaks, and access to other water sports, including jet-skis. But it is about two kilometers from Hauru village, with a modest selection of shops and cafés.

Taoahere Beach House – The Basics

  • Location: Poorly-signed in the suburban area of Tiahura on the northwest tip of Moorea Island. About 2 km from the center of Hauru village, 25 km from the airport, and 30 km from the ferry terminal for services to Tahiti.
  • Guests: Most seem to be older couples, although it caters to everyone, including families.
  • Beach: The lodge faces the sea, but there is no beach in front. Access to the calm waters for swimming and snorkeling is easy from the steps.
  • Views: A couple of bungalows face the sea, but most overlook the lush gardens with possible glimpses of the water.
  • Wi-Fi: Some limited data may be provided for free, but check when booking.
  • Parking: There are a few places around the front gate, but probably not enough. Parking on the street outside, however, should be safe.
  • How to Book: Booking.com will have the best rates.
  • Phone: (689) 40 56 13 30
  • Email: tbhmoorea@gmail.com
  • Website: taoaheremoorea.com

Taoahere Beach House – Amenities

  • Pool: No pool.
  • Spa & Fitness Center: Not expected or provided at this sort of low-key lodge.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided.
  • Activities: Free rental of bicycles and kayaks. Also available: paddleboards, jet-skis, and snorkeling gear.

Taoahere Beach House – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: The Snack Bar has odd opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday for lunch, and Friday and Saturday for dinner. The inviting menu includes fresh salads, tasty burgers, plenty of desserts, and traditional food such as raw fish with coconut milk.
  • Breakfast: Not included, but available for a reasonable cost.
  • Room Service: Not expected in this sort of low-key lodge.

Taoahere Beach House – Rooms

  • Room Types: Painapo Bungalow • Tiare Bungalow • Tipanier Bungalow
  • Smoking Rooms: No smoking allowed in the rooms, but permitted elsewhere.
  • Best Room: The twin-level Painapo Bungalows offer wonderful sea views from extensive sundecks attached to the upstairs bedrooms.
  • For families: 2 types of bungalows can comfortably accommodate families of 4 and feature kitchenettes.

Taoahere Beach House – What’s Nearby?

Best Nearby Restaurants & Bars

    Almost hidden in a suburb, there is little choice within walking distance. Some places in Hauru village (2-3 km away) do offer free transfers.

  • Holy Steak House – Directly opposite the entrance to the InterContinental, 1 km away. Up a slight hill for views and open all day. Also great for seafood and pizzas. Hearty serves, happy hours, takeaways, and free transfers.
  • InterContinental Moorea – At the massive resort 1 km towards the village. Shell Restaurant offers dinner only, and a menu with Polynesian flavors. • Fare Hana Restaurant is casual and family-friendly for lunch and dinner. • Motu Iti Bar serves cocktails and wine in an al fresco setting.
  • Beach Bar & Restaurant – At Hôtel Les Tipaniers about 1 km towards Hauru. Seaside and garden settings for seafood, pizza, homemade pasta, and ice cream. Live music on weekends and free transfers.
  • Restaurant Tiahura – Claims to be the ‘best seafood restaurant in Moorea’. Vast menu includes regional specialties such as parrot fish and octopus. About 1.5 km towards the village.

Nearby Market or Grocery

  • Decent minimart across from the entrance to the InterContinental, about 1 km towards the village.

Local Transport

    There is no public transport around Moorea Island. 4 or 5 buses run daily between Hauru village and the ferry terminal (but not the airport) to tie in with arrivals/departures. Ask the reception for details. To the village, walk, hitch a ride, or organize an unmetered taxi. For elsewhere, rent a car or motorbike.

Taoahere Beach House – The Hotel

The lodge is located in a quiet suburb.

The lodge is almost hidden along a serene suburban street about 2 km from the village center.

The lodge is very cosy.

The lodge provides a cozy home-like feel.

Colourful plants add to the appeal.

Little touches like colorful potted plants add to the overall appeal.

The reception area is cute and welcoming.

The welcoming reception area is as cute as the rest of the lodge.

There are multiple sandy lounge areas.

There is no beach, but there’s plenty of sand with lounge chairs among the grounds.

Garden seating is popular for breakfast and drinks.

Breakfast can be served, or drinks bought and enjoyed, at seats around the garden.

The lodge is cosy with lots of shade.

The lodge is cozy and provides plenty of shade.

Hammocks around the grounds give a tropical vibe.

A few hammocks around the grounds add to the tropical ambience.

The onsite Snack Bar serves great meals and desserts.

The Snack Bar at the lodge is renowned as a great place for salads, burgers, desserts, and traditional food.

The wooden decking offers great sea views.

There is no beach, but a wooden deck extends over the water.

The waters are ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Steps lead to the calm water which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Painapo Bungalow balconies provide excellent sea views.

The Painapo Bungalows are on 2 levels and offer terrific sea views from the balconies.

The traditional bungalow design is pleasing.

All bungalows feature a likable traditional design.

Bungalows are located amongst the gardens.

Most bungalows are in the gardens, with some angled to catch possible glimpses of the sea.

Fare Hana Restaurant nearby is casual and family-friendly.

At the InterContinental Resort, about 1 km away, the Fare Hana Restaurant is casual and family-friendly.

Motu Iti Bar is popular for wine and cocktails.

The Motu Iti Bar at the InterContinental serves wine and cocktails among other drinks.

Beach Bar & Restaurant serves good pizza, pasta and seafood.

The Beach Bar & Restaurant in the Hôtel Les Tipaniers, about 1 km towards the village, is ideal for pizza, pasta, and seafood.

Restaurant Tiahura specializes in excellent seafood.

About 1.5 km towards the village, Restaurant Tiahura claims to be the ‘best seafood restaurant in Moorea.’

The coastal road leads to Hauru village.

The coastal road near the lodge leads to the village of Hauru, 2-3 km away.

Hauru offers better sunset views.

The lodge faces north, so the sunsets are better at Hauru along the west coast.

Hauru village is pleasantly underdeveloped.

The area around Hauru village is pleasingly underdeveloped.

Le Petit Village has lovely shops and cafes.

Hauru is centered around Le Petit Village, a cluster of delightful shops and cafés.

Le Petit Village has decent shopping options.

Le Petit Village offers a few shops.

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