Vanuatu Blue Marlin Lodge

Updated: July 19, 2018

Blue Marlin Lodge – Seaside, self-catering and convenient – a boat haven and yachtie heaven.

This quaint lodge exudes an authentic nautical vibe – from the name to the private jetty lined with bobbing boats. The self-catering rooms are in separate buildings: one above the office and maintenance shed; another raised but a little further back from the water; and the third (and best) directly facing the water across a patch of grass. All feature an elongated balcony packed with outdoor furniture, although they are sparsely furnished inside. But it’s all about the location: overlooking the picturesque harbour and Iririki Island; set back from the busy road (with restaurants and public transport); and only 10 minutes on foot from Port Vila. And what’s more, guests have access to the neighbouring Blue Marlin Club, with a world-class restaurant offering jaw-dropping views and a swimming pool.

Blue Marlin Lodge – The Basics

  • Location: Just down a steep path, 150m from Kumul (aka Lini) Highway, the main road into Port Vila on the main island, Efate. About 1km from downtown and 6km from the airport.
  • Guests: Focuses more on older guests, especially those involved in boats.
  • Beach: There is no beach in this area, although guests can swim in the harbour from steps along the jetty at the lodge. The nearest beaches are along Pango Road, around the Breakas Beach Resort, about 4km south along the peninsula.
  • Views: All bungalows face the sea, from 10m to 40m away.
  • Wi-Fi Internet: Possibly included, but check when booking.
  • Parking: Free and secure parking at the lodge.
  • Nice Perks: Guests have access to The Blue Marlin Club, a wonderful place to relax, with breathtaking views, a swimming pool and stylish restaurant.
  • Phone: (678) 23737
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Blue Marlin Lodge – Amenities

  • Pool: Guests can use the lovely pool with stunning views at The Blue Marlin Club, about 150m up the path.
  • Spa & Fitness Center: Not expected or provided at this sort of lodge.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided.

Blue Marlin Lodge – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: Nothing onsite, but only 150m up the path is The Blue Marlin Club (530 6299) offering spectacular views, sunset cocktails, silver service and tapas all day. Bookings advisable for dinner.
  • Breakfast: Not included because all bungalows are fitted with a kitchen.
  • Room Service: Not expected or provided at this sort of lodge.

Blue Marlin Lodge – Rooms

  • Room Types: The rooms have different layouts, décors and furniture.
  • Smoking Rooms: Smoking not allowed in the rooms, but OK elsewhere.
  • Best Room: The Main Lodge offers the finest views, with only a patch of grass separating the sea from the veranda packed with outdoor furniture and a barbeque. Complete with a renovated kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.

Blue Marlin Lodge – What’s Nearby?

Restaurants & Bars

  • Golden Port Restaurant (22375) – in the hotel of the same name, only 150m down the road. Cavernous and charmless, but dazzling views and astonishing variety, including live crabs. 2-minute walk.
  • Or walk about 1km (and take a minibus back up at night) to downtown for:

  • Brewery Bar & Restaurant (28328) – daunting street-side setting, serving tapas, burgers, wraps and local beers. 8-minute walk.
  • Jill’s Cafe (25125) – popular casual café, specialising in Mexican food, but also wraps, salads and coffee. Great Wi-Fi. 13-minute walk.
  • Nambawan Café – pleasingly cheap considering the perfect waterfront location. For juices, baguettes, pizzas, homemade pies and moonlight movies. 4-minute drive.
  • The Rossi Restaurant (29661) – stylish bistro, with a garden setting, Italian food, sea views and tiny playground. 4-minute drive.
  • Market or Grocery: The massive Au Bon Marché supermarket is only 200m up the main road. In town (1km) there are several minimarts and the produce market.

Local Transport

    From the main road, at the start of the path, minibuses head to Port Vila and beyond every few seconds.

Blue Marlin Lodge – The Hotel

The lodge is located on the Port Vila harbour.

The lodge is delightfully located along the Port Vila Harbour.

The lodge features a private jetty for yachts.

The lodge caters very well for yachties, who would appreciate the private jetty.

The jetty also allows a fantastic swimming experience in the harbour.

Swimming is excellent in the harbour, with steps down from the jetty straight into the water.

The lodge lacks a beach but still features fantastic views.

There is no beach in front of the lodge, but the views are still scenic.

Gardens are pleasant with lots of palms.

The pleasant gardens feature tidy lawns and sloping palms.

Fantastic views of the bay and jetty are available from high points in the lodge.

From the top of the path to the lodge are terrific views of the bay and private jetty.

Views of Iririki Island and harbour are fantastic.

The lodge offers enchanting vistas of Iririki Island and the harbour.

Rooms are located in 3 different blocks.

Rooms are in three separate buildings – this one is raised for maximum views.

The best facilities and views are from the Main Lodge.

Only a few metres from the ocean, the Main Lodge offers the best facilities and views.

The Main Lodge's wooden deck veranda extends to the sea.

The veranda at the Main Lodge is extensive, with wooden decking leading to grass alongside the sea.

Roome verandas are furnished well.

Verandas of all rooms are packed with outdoor furniture.

Spacious rooms are sparsely furnished.

Surprisingly, the rooms are sparsely furnished.

Rooms feature lots of colour and light.

The décor in the rooms is modern, with colourful walls and plenty of light.

The Blue Marlin Club is located onsite.

At the top of the access path is The Blue Marlin Club.

The Club is popular for classy food and views.

The Club offers world-class food and unparalleled views.

Lodge guests can use the Club's pool.

The pool at the Club is also available to guests of the lodge.

The Blue Marlin Club is famous for its cocktails during sunsets.

There is nowhere better to enjoy a cocktail during sunset than The Blue Marlin Club.

The Brewery Bar & Restaurant is popular for beer and pub meals.

The Brewery Bar & Restaurant along the main street of Port Vila serves locally-brewed beer and pub meals.

Jill’s Café is popular for Mexican fare.

In downtown, Jill’s Café specialises in Mexican food.

Golden Port restaurant nearby is popular for Chinese food and harbour views.

The restaurant in the Golden Port Hotel, only a few minutes on foot down the road from the lodge, offers a wide range of Chinese food, as well as more harbour views.

Pleasant Nambawan Café offers value-for-money meals.

Alongside the harbour, the Nambawan Café is friendly and good-value.

Rossi Restaurant is located harbourside in downtown.

The Rossi Restaurant is at the end of the harbour-side pathway through downtown Port Vila.

Pango Peninsula beach is 4km from the lodge.

The closest beach to the hotel is along Pango Peninsula, about 4km away.

Port Vila is a small and laidback capital.

The Vanuatu capital, Port Vila, is small and laidback.

Port Vila is along a scenic harbour.

Port Vila is based along a scenic harbour.

The parks in the town centre are very appealing.

The parks in the town centre offer shade and views.

Central Port Vila features a long pathway.

A pathway stretches along most of central Port Vila.

The town centre's fresh produce market is worth visiting.

The produce market in the town centre is always worth a look.

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