Vanuatu Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary

Updated: July 23, 2018

Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary – Stunning island retreat of beaches and coral, but not that remote.

This private islet, with a spectacular reef just offshore, is barely 15 minutes from Port Vila. Rocky paths meander around palm, banyan and acacia trees to the recently-renovated bungalows. All face the ocean, some with direct access to the water’s edge (although not all have a private beach). Others are on 2 levels, with a swimming pool and spa bath. Most are more basic, however (e.g. with a fan only), but still wonderful for families: easily sleeping 5, with a spacious lounge/dining area and extended wooden decking. Home to the world’s only underwater post office, the reef and marine life are within eyesight of the white-sand beach, and the dive shop can organise all sorts of activities. Even if not staying, day passes are available for a reasonable cost.

Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary – The Basics

  • Location: On its own island, about 5 minutes by boat from the mainland terminal at Mele Bay, and another 9km from Port Vila. A total of 15 minutes from the airport.
  • Guests: Caters very well for all ages and budgets. Families especially welcome, while many older guests return year after year.
  • Beach: The best beach is near the jetty and bar, but there’s more tiny coral rocks than sand. The calm waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling, with a world-class reef just offshore.
  • Views: All bungalows boast ocean views, while even the very basic beach lodges face the sea with distant vistas.
  • Wi-Fi Internet: Free for all guests in the lobby/bar/restaurant areas. Also, available free for guests in the more expensive bungalows; not so, in the other rooms.
  • Parking: Arrange with management about parking at the boat terminal at Mele Bay.
  • Phone: (678) 22963
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Not currently working
  • How to Book: will have the best rates. Use the website specific to your language, currency, and home-country for easiest use: UKUSAFrançaisDeutschNederlands.

Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary – Amenities

  • Pool: The pool is smallish and could become overcrowded, but most guests are on the beach.
  • Spa & Fitness Center: Not expected or provided at this sort of small-scale resort.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: A couple of bungalows have a private pool (large enough for swimming, not just plunging) and a spa bath.
  • Activities: Scuba diving from the dive centre onsite. Free use of snorkelling, kayaking and paddleboard equipment. Also, at no charge: glass-bottom boat trips, village walks on the mainland, and beach movie nights.
  • For families: Baby-sitting available.

Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: On The Beach Bar & Restaurant is casual but stylish, with stunning views. For pizzas, super-fresh seafood, children’s meals and themed nights. Popular for coconut curries and happy hours. A lovely bar with a wooden counter.
  • Breakfast: A great buffet continental breakfast is included in all rates.
  • Room Service: Available during restaurants hours of 7am to 9pm.

Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary – Rooms

  • Room Types: 1 Bedroom Villas (some with a private pool) • 1 Bedroom Oceanside Bungalows • Twin Share Rooms (with fan and shared bathroom) • Quad Share Rooms (dormitories)
  • Smoking Rooms: Smoking only allowed in the garden and beach areas.
  • Best Room: The 1 Bedroom Villas with a large pool are exceptional. With private access to the sea, they also feature a daybed, corner spa bath and separate upstairs balcony adjoining the bedroom.
  • For families: Some bungalows have connecting doors, and can cater for up to 5.

Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary – What’s Nearby?

Restaurants & Bars

  • At the boat terminal on the mainland at Mele Bay is The Beach Bar. Spacious and tropical, it features a lovely stretch of sand, gorgeous views back to the island, and activities for the kids. Also popular for affordable pub meals and pizzas, and live music, traditional entertainment and movie nights. 1-minute walk.
  • Otherwise, charter a minibus from the terminal, or catch a public one along the main road nearby, to Tanna Coffee Central, 2km further up the road away from Port Vila. Turn up for a free tour of the coffee factory, and enjoy a light meal (and cuppa) at the attached café. 3-minute drive.
  • Market or Grocery: The shop on the island only sells basic supplies, so come prepared.

Local Transport

    There are no vehicles on the island. The departure point at Mele Bay for boats to the island is 9km from Port Villa, and easily accessible by public minibus or taxi. A free boat travels (5 minutes) between the mainland terminal and island as required, 24 hours a day.

Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary – The Hotel

The resort is located on a private island.

The Hideaway is on a private island, less than 20 minutes from the capital and airport.

The resort has free access from a boat terminal on Mele Bay.

The resort provides free access from a boat terminal on Mele Bay, which is easy to reach from Port Vila by public minibus.

The rustic jetty give a tropical getaway vibe.

The rustic jetty on the island epitomises the tropical getaway vibe.

Access to the island is a little rudimentary temporarily.

With the jetty at the mainland destroyed during a cyclone, access to/from the boat is a little rudimentary.

The lush green gardens and meandering paths are very endearing.

The gardens are pristine, with meandering paths leading to the bungalows.

The beach near the reception is the best.

The finest beach is near the bar and reception, but is covered more with tiny coral rocks than sand.

Some bungalows offer direct access to the almost private beach.

Some of the nicer bungalows have direct access to a beach, which is virtually private.

The onsite restaurant and bar is called On The Beach.

The resort restaurant and bar are aptly named On The Beach.

The restaurant features tables on the sand.

Tables in the restaurant are on the sand or up a few steps with more cover inside.

The resort's bar serves affordable drinks.

The bar offers cold drinks, coffee, juices and cocktails at pleasing prices.

The dive centre helps arrange various activities.

The dive centre on the island also offers other activities, such as boat trips and tours of a local village on the mainland.

Families can enjoy activities like beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball is one of many fun activities for the whole family.

The pool is smallish but usually empty.

The pool is reasonably small, but some guests are in bungalows with a private pool, while others laze about the beach.

Some bungalows are still rustic and have not been renovated yet.

Some of the bungalows are more rustic, but still lovely and face the ocean.

The bungalows are spacious and family-friendly.

Some of the bungalows can easily accommodate a family of five.

Bungalows are appealing with lots of space, light and traditional decor.

Bungalows are spacious, with plenty of light and traditional arts and crafts.

Some villas have been recently renovated and are beautifully furnished.

The nicer villas have been recently renovated, offering a lovely décor and stylish furniture.

Spa baths is villas have terrific views.

Even the spa bath in some of the villas have delightful views.

2-level bungalows feature pretty but cramped main bedrooms.

The main bedroom upstairs in the two-level bungalows is pretty, although a little cramped.

Second floor bungalow balconies provide great views.

The balcony attached to the main bedroom in the two-level bungalows provides superb views.

Balconies and verandas offer great views.

Views from the balconies/verandas in the villas are always splendid.

Private pools in bungalows are quite big.

Some of the bungalows feature a private pool, which is large enough for swimming, not just plunging.

Tropical ambience at The Beach Bar on the mainland.

The only place to eat or drink nearby is The Beach Bar at the boat terminal on the mainland, which continues the agreeable tropical ambience.

The mainland boat terminal features a few souvenir stalls.

At the terminal on the mainland, and just across the sand from The Beach Bar, a few stalls sell souvenirs.

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