What is the Best Hotel in Bali?

What is the best resort in Bali, Indonesia?

What is the best Bali hotel? Leave your suggestions, opinions, and reviews below.

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• What is the best hotel in Bali?
• What is the best luxury hotel in Bali?
• What is the best boutique hotel in Bali?
• What is the best hotel for families in Bali?
• What is the best area to stay in Bali?

Reader Reviews: What is the best hotel in Bali?


The Padma is a lovely hotel but quite pricey. Great place to stay. I am in Bali frequently and stay at 3 star hotels which are still lovely. One is Ayulili in Kuta, beautiful gardens and under $30 with breakfast. Also Aquarius Star. Many hotels in Bali at a great price. I noticed you recommended the Fat Bowl restaurant. Great food and atmosphere.

Gail H.

The best hotel in Bali is the Viceroy.


I stayed at Como Shimbala Estate in Ubud. I travel extensively and this is the most fabulous hotel I have ever stayed in.

What is your favorite hotel in Bali? I’d love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, opinions, and best picks to [email protected]

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