What is the Best Hotel in Las Vegas?

What is the best resort in Las Vegas, Nevada?

What is the best Las Vegas hotel? Leave your suggestions, opinions, and recommendations below.

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• What is the best hotel in Las Vegas?
• What is the best luxury hotel in Las Vegas?
• What is the best boutique hotel in Las Vegas?
• What is the best hotel on the Las Vegas Strip?
• What is the best hotel for families in Las Vegas?
• What is the best area to stay in Las Vegas?

Reader Reviews: What is the best hotel in Las Vegas?


I have stayed at several different Las Vegas hotels. Aria is by far the chic-est and where I felt the most safe. New York New York was the most fun. Flamingo has good history and a calm garden-nature escape, but had the most annoying time with share scavengers. I will not stay at Flamingo again, although the room was large and decor was modern and the hotel is centrally located.

Favourite things to do in Las Vegas include Neon Museum Boneyard, Mob Museum, Paris Buffet, and Cirque de Soleil shows!


My husband and I enjoy staying at the Venetian in Vegas. Great service and the hotel is very stylish and beautiful. Suites are well appointed and laid out. Easy walk to the strip and other fun activities and shopping.

What is your favorite hotel in Las Vegas? I’d love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, opinions, and best picks to [email protected]

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