What is the Best Hotel in London?

What is the best luxury hotel in London, England?

What is the best London hotel? Leave your recommendations, opinions, and reviews below.

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• What is the best hotel in London?
• What is the best luxury hotel in London?
• What is the best boutique hotel in London?
• What is the best hotel for families in London?
• What is the best area to stay in London?

Reader Reviews: What is the best hotel in London?


The Nadler Hotel in Soho – This is a fantastic boutique hotel in the trendy Soho section of London. It’s close to West End theaters, shopping, awesome restaurants and great nightlife. The Tube is also a short walk away for easy transportation to all things London. We also liked this area because it’s in an LGBTQ area. Also noteworthy is the great email correspondence I had with the front desk regarding our stay at the hotel. Highly recommended!

France B.

The Haymarket Hotel is fantastic.


In London we love The Churchill for its classic styling, great service and amazing outdoor dining area. In Paris, Hotel du Louvre cannot be beat for location and luxury service.

Pat Strade

My favorite hotel is Hyatt Churchill in Marylebone. It is a great location near Oxford Street and Hyde Park. It has gotten a lot more expensive to stay there though.


Radisson Blue Edwardian is my favorite boutique hotel in London. Quirky decor. Friendly staff. Close to fun stuff to do. Close to small yummy eateries and fun shopping. And a bit of theater close by. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Maybe just an arm.

Jamie Webb

We LOVED Covent Garden Hotel which is one of several hotels in London owned by the Firmdale Hotel Group. Depending on which area you prefer to stay in London I would definitely suggest staying at one of their hotels. The service was top notch and very friendly, the breakfast was phenomenal and our room was absolutely gorgeous.

What is your favorite hotel in London? I’d love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, opinions, and best picks to [email protected]

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