What is the Best Hotel in NYC?

What is the best 5-star hotel in New York City?

What is the best NYC hotel? Leave your recommendations, opinions, and reviews below.

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• What is the best hotel in New York City?
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• What is the best boutique hotel in New York City?
• What is the best hotel for families in New York City?
• What is the best area to stay in New York City?

Reader Reviews: What is the best hotel in New York City?


We are New Yorkers and love the Omni Berkshire on 52nd. We were married at St. Patrick’s so this is where we asked guests to stay. It’s great for families because there are lots of attractions within walking distance and the restaurants are quieter in the evenings near the hotel. The staff of the Omni went above and beyond for us for the entire stay!


Hampton Inn Manhattan Times Square Central

PROS: Fabulous location, incredibly kind, helpful staff, (for Manhattan) good-size family rooms, well-designed Accessible bathrooms. The location is insanely good for getting anywhere in Manhattan — talk about centrally located! It is also near heaps of restaurants, both chain (if that’s your thing) and unique (which is our thing). Times Square is literally a hop, skip, and jump away, so seeing the lights and characters is fun; it is also smack dab (and right next to) in theater row — walking distance to all Broadway theaters (and some off-Broadway, too). The top floor of the (very tall) hotel has an observation deck which provides terrific views (seriously). We were on the 22nd floor and found the room to be very quiet.

CONS: There is a complimentary breakfast buffet but a) the food is so-so, b) not always vegetarian-friendly (and definitely not vegan-friendly), c) there are nowhere near enough tables and chairs to accommodate the hotel’s guests. The hotel does not have enough elevators, and the three they do have are teeny-tiny. If you’re on a lower floor it’s not an issue to use the stairs, but if you’re up high and / or if you have limited mobility (say, in a wheelchair like our youngest child), then it is horrible. More than once I had to call the front desk to ask them to send up an elevator because we had waited through >four packed elevators and no one would either get off or scoot over to let our child and one parent on. Insane. There is zero storage in the bathroom, so if four of you are sharing a room (as we did, and as the room is definitely large enough to do) it will be slim pickings with your toiletries AND hanging up your towel (as there was only one hook in our room and one grab bar next to the toilet).

What is your favorite hotel in NYC? I’d love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, opinions, and best picks to [email protected]

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