What is the Best Hotel in Santorini?

What is the best resort in Santorini?

What is the best Santorini hotel? Leave your recommendations, reviews, and opinions below.

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• What is the best hotel in Santorini?
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• What is the best hotel for families in Santorini?
• What is the best area to stay in Santorini?

Reader Reviews: What is the best hotel in Santorini?

Harriet B.

Our family of six loved the Katikies. The service was impeccable. The views from our room and the pool and the restaurant were absolutely amazing. The staff was super friendly and very helpful recommending other restaurants and activities. 5 stars!


We recently stayed at Anteliz Suites in Firostefani, a short walk to Fira. It’s close to the main center but far enough to be peaceful with the occasional foot traffic on the street in front of the hotel. There is a Veranda with a pool overlooking the caldera so there’s is no need to trek anywhere else to watch the sunset. The room was well done: comfortable bed with a cave bathroom. It’s a family owned hotel, which I found lovely as the staff was very attentive. Breakfast is included, and eating in the morning on our balcony was my favorite part of the stay. They have different levels of suites including some with a private pool.


LOVED Aria Suites! Amazing service, location near everything and the most beautiful views!

Jamie Webb

We agree with the other reviewer that Canaves in Oia is the best. We stayed at Canaves Sunday Suites which is their smaller boutique hotel (you have to walk over to Canaves for the spa/fitness center) but felt with the small number of suites we were in our own private villa. We would often be the only people at the small pool but you only had to ring for service if you needed a drink and there was no one at the bar. Breakfast was very good and you could take it outside overlooking the ocean or in your villa at your outside table. Our room was gorgeous and worth the hefty price tag. The ONLY caveat I have is that the rooms are built in former caves that were used for wine storage and I’m 5’10 and going into the bathroom with the arched low ceiling I could barely make it and would have hit my head if any taller or even wearing sandals. *This might be a problem for people who get up at night.

Rickie From Pasadena

We have been to Santorini 3 times, stayed at 5 hotels and seen several more as one of the visits we were part of a wedding party (group of 30 or 40). My favorite hotel on Santorini is Canaves. It’s the best mix of luxury and service, and of course incredible views. Katikies, Grace, and both Oia Andronis properties would be just next. (The one nock against Grace is the footpath to Skaros Rock which leads right by the main pool. You get lots of people peeking in.) For a first time visitor to Santorini I would recommend staying in Oia. For a second visit (or a 2nd hotel on the same trip) I would suggest Imerovigli.

What is your favorite hotel in Santorini? I’d love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, opinions, and best picks to [email protected]

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