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Updated: December 14, 2023
By Santorini Dave

Our Favorite Aegina Hotels

• Luxury: LaLiBay
• Boutique: Rastoni
• Budget: Aegina
• Families: Danae
• Pool for couples: LaLiBay
• Pool for families: Angelina
• Honeymoon: LaLiBay
• Port: Aphrodite Art
• Beach: Vrachokipos

A street lined with rustic neoclassical and venetian buildings, glowing in the sunset light

Aegina Town harborfront shops and cafes at sunset.

Aegina is a hidden treasure in the Saronic Gulf, just an hour’s ferry ride from Athens. Visitors can explore the picturesque port town and its harborside market, visit one of Greece’s best-preserved temples, and hike through medieval hillside ruins and pistachio and olive groves. It’s a great place to get the Greek Island Experience without venturing too far from the mainland, complete with quaint seaside villages, beautiful beaches, delightful tavernas, and a relaxed and local atmosphere that’s distinct from the commercialized vibes of popular destinations like Santorini or Mykonos.

Map showing the locations of the best attractions and hotels on the Greek island of Aegina
1. Danae • 2. Rastoni • 3. Aegina • 4. Aphrodite Art Hotel • 5. Vrachokipos • 6. LaLiBay • 7. Angelina

Staying on Aegina

Aegina’s bustling port town (also called Aegina) is the hub of commercial and cultural life on the island, and is the best place to stay for visiting tourists. The picturesque harbor houses fishing boats, private yachts, and floating vegetable markets, while narrow alleyways leading back from the waterfront are lined with shops, restaurants, and small hotels. There’s a small, sandy swimming beach at the town’s edge, adjacent to a Bronze-age archaeological site. Situated on the island’s west coast, Aegina Town glows at sunset and comes alive in the evenings, when its main thoroughfare is closed to traffic and acts as a waterfront pedestrian plaza.

A woman chooses produce from an array of vegetables on the back of a boat at sunset

A floating produce stand on the Aegina waterfront.

Around 5 miles south of Aegina Town is the small fishing village of Perdika. Tourists mostly visit Perdika for its handful of great seafood restaurants and for its tidy port offering day-trip ferries to the nearby island of Moni. There is a small sandy beach here and a few good hotels, but not much else in the way of shops and other attractions.

Umbrella-shaded sunbeds lining a sandy beach with clear blue water

Agia Marina Beach

On Aegina’s east coast, the town of Agia Marina features the island’s longest sandy beach and another, lesser-used ferry port. Agia Marina used to be a major player in the international tourism sphere, but the financial crisis and closure of tour companies both hit the town hard, exhausting much of its previously robust infrastructure. That said, there are still a few good hotels and waterfront tavernas to be found here, as well as the best traditional beach on Aegina, and Agia Marina continues to bring in its share of local tourists.

Aside from these three main towns, there are a handful of smaller coastal villages that feature good waterfront (or water view) hotels, most notably Vagia and Souvala on Aegina’s north coast. Among these smaller areas, the best place to stay is Vrachokipos in Souvala: an excellent choice for a quiet and relaxing beach vacation.

Teak garden benches shaded by sun umbrellas and surrounded by lush vegetation

The lush and tranquil garden courtyard of Rastoni Hotel in Aegina Town.

Shaded sun loungers on a rocky outcrop over a blue sea

A rocky stone outcrop at Apollo Resort in Agia Marina, perched over the Saronic Sea.

Tables set for breakfast in front of large windows overlooking the sea

Breakfast room with a view at Danae Hotel outside – but within walking distance – of Aegina Town.

Aegina History & Attractions

Ancient Aegina was a powerful Mediterranean state from the Neolithic to the Classical era, rising to peak prominence in the 5th century BCE. The island’s top archaeological attraction is the impressive and well-preserved Temple of Aphaia (circa 500 BCE), which pre-dates the Parthenon in Athens and is one of the most complete temples in Greece.

Large marble columns from an ancient temple sit on a hilltop next to a pine tree

Temple of Aphaia

Adjacent to Aegina Town and an easy walk from the port, excavations at the ancient town of Kolonna have revealed layers of settlements dating back to the Bronze Age. A striking single column remains from Kolonna’s hilltop Temple to Apollo, and its adjacent ancient harbor is now the site of a lovely town swimming beach. The Temple of Aphaia and Kolonna archaeological sites both have small museums that feature artifacts from site excavations.

Worn stone pathways leading up a hill past ruined buildings

Ruins at ancient Kolonna

Paleochora, a 9th-century medieval village, once served as the island’s capital and a refuge from pirates. Today, it’s a captivating spot for hiking and sightseeing. Well-worn paths lead past deserted Byzantine churches (around 40 now remain of the original 365) to the ruins of its hilltop Venetian fortification – offering panoramic views over the island to the sea.

Roughly a kilometer from the ancient village of Paleochora is the impressive Monastery and Church of Agios Nektarios, among the largest Orthodox monasteries in the Balkans. Although still under construction, this modern church honors the island’s patron saint, Agios Nektarios, who passed away in 1920 after performing two miracles. The monastery is a significant Orthodox pilgrimage destination, while the church is notable for its remarkable architecture and ongoing artistry by local craftsmen.

Large, domed, Byzantine-style church on a sunny day

Church of Agios Nektarios

Many visitors to Aegina like to catch a boat to nearby Moni Island. This uninhabited, pine-forested island has a beautiful crystal-clear rocky cove that’s great for swimming, and a lone beach bar serving cocktails, drinks, and snacks. Moni is most famous, though, as a wild animal sanctuary. Herds of kri-kri (wild deer), goats, and peacocks roam free, well-accustomed to human contact and willing to eat out of your hand. Boats depart hourly to Moni from Aegina Town (€12 round-trip) and Perdika (€6).

Aegina is also known for pistachios (fistiki in Greek). The island cultivates a rare variety (koilarati) which is considered by many to be the best in the world. Recently added to UNESCO National Intangible Cultural Heritage list, you can find the tasty nuts for sale all over the island at dedicated shops and roadside stands – especially on Aegina’s west side, where the bulk of the pistachio groves are located. Aegina pistachios also feature prominently in local taverna and bakery menus, and are celebrated annually in early September at the arts-focused Fistiki Festival.

Bags of pistachio nuts are arranged in front of a large bin of the same

Aegina pistachios

Getting To and Around Aegina

Aegina is easily reachable from Athens via ferry from Piraeus to Aegina Town. The trip takes about an hour, and there are multiple sailings each day. During high season, there are cheap daily ferries between Piraeus and the small north coast port of Souvala. The port at Agia Marina, on the island’s eastern coast, serves daily ferries to the other Saronic islands of Hydra, Spetses, and Poros. There is no airport on Aegina.

Taxi cabs wait at a dedicated stand on the main road just off Aegina port, to the left as you exit the ferry. There’s a kiosk there with signs and maps posted, showing standard fares to all of the island’s attractions, beaches, and towns. Prices range from €8 to €20, depending on distance traveled.

Just past the taxi stand and across the street is the small Aegina bus terminal, a small ticket office with a canopy for shade. Aegina Town is the main bus hub for the island, with all routes beginning and ending here. Buses from Aegina Town regularly run to and from Agia Marina, Souvala/Vagia, Perdika, and Agios Nektarios monastery. Buses run a handful of times a day, with the last route around 5pm; departure times are displayed on the kiosk. Bus drivers and staff are friendly, and tickets are affordable.

Travelers staying outside of Aegina Town or expecting to do a lot of exploration of the island will want a rental car. There are a few independent agencies in Aegina Town, but you can also rent at the airport, in Athens, or near Piraeus port and ferry one over.

Two people sit on a bench in front of a small white greek chapel on the sea

The tiny Aegina port chapel of Saint Nicholas at dusk.

Best Aegina Tours

  • Kiki Rebel Tours
    Fun and informative tours, led by passionate and well-studied local guides. The 4-hour Aegina Discovery Tour is your best bet, and will take you to all of the island’s best places. Aegina Town walking tours, pistachio orchard tours, pottery classes, and vegan mezze tours are also offered. Entrance fees and transportation in a comfortable, air-conditioned van are provided.

Best Places To Stay On Aegina

Rows of shaded sun beds on a pebbly beach

The exceptional, adults-only LaLiBay Resort & Spa, outside of Perdika

Hotel bed with lavender-colored coverlet

Our suite at (Double Room) Aphrodite Art Hotel in Aegina town

White hotel bed next to an open balcony door

Our suite (Superior Double Room) at Erato in Agia Marina

3 Best Areas on Aegina for Tourists

1. Aegina Town

People congregate and shop in a narrow street leading to the sea at dusk

Aegina Town, often just referred to as Aegina, is the island’s main village and port. Its waterfront is lined with pistachio stands, floating produce markets, boutique shops, and lively cafes and tavernas which despite their popularity retain a relaxed, laid-back vibe. It’s a great place to enjoy local seafood and watch the comings and goings of ferries, fishing boats, and yachts. Neoclassical buildings, narrow alleyways, and small traditional houses spread inland from the harbor, giving the town a colorful, authentic Greek island atmosphere.

The town’s handful of attractions include the small but interesting Folklore and Heritage Museum, and one dedicated to the works of local sculptor Christos Capralos. At the edge of town, ruins of the ancient bronze-age settlement of Kolonna and the Apollo Temple offer a glimpse into Aegina’s prominent past; a small archaeological museum here displays regional artifacts. Adjacent to the archaeological site is a tidy swimming beach that is, if not exactly magazine-cover-worthy, a nice spot for a dip in the sea.

A woman wades in the sea on a sandy beach lined with shaded beach chairs

Avra Beach at the edge of Aegina Town

You could visit Aegina Town on a day trip from Athens, but a stay of at least one night is recommended to see it at its best. The west-facing harborfront buildings positively glow at sunset, and on summer evenings a celebratory atmosphere takes hold as its main street transforms into a wide pedestrian promenade. Strolling families and hand-holding couples share the road with horse-drawn carriages and kids zooming by on rented pedal-cars. And there’s enough pistachio ice cream for everyone.

Aegina Town is compact and fairly flat, so it’s easily walkable from end to end. It’s also the transportation hub of the island, making it easy to access other towns, beaches, and attractions. There is a good variety of small, traditional hotels here, with a couple of luxury spots thrown in for good measure. Except for those seeking a secluded beach vacation, Aegina Town is the best place on Aegina for visitors to stay.

Abstract painting on an easel in a rustic art studio

Former atelier of the artist Nikos Nikolaou, at Nikolaou Residence Studios.

2. Perdika

Diners at tables topped with sun umbrellas and bougainvillea, on a stone terrace overlooking the sea

About 5 miles south of Aegina Town is the cozy fishing and port village of Perdika. There is a small sandy beach here, next to a nice little seaside cafe. Most visitors to Perdika come to eat at the string of great seafood restaurants and bars that overlook the port, or to take the water taxi over to the nearby island of Moni. Only a few minutes from Perdika, Moni is a beautiful little island with a crystal clear beach (with snack bar and rentable sun beds) and loads of wild deer and peacocks roaming freely. Boats to and from Moni run hourly from around 10am until 7pm, costing €6.

There are a few good hotels in Perdika (especially the swanky, adults-only LaLiBay Resort), which can be a nice area for those seeking a quaint, quiet place to relax. Many visitors, however, may be put off by Perdika’s lack of shops and attractions, and distance to the Aegina Town action.

3. Agia Marina

Bathers at sandy coves on the blue sea

Aegina’s east coast resort town of Agia Marina was once the island’s glittering tourist gem, but has felt the ripple effects of economic challenges and a changing travel landscape. At first glance, shuttered businesses and buildings can give the area a bit of a depressed feel, but those who venture to this corner of Aegina are rewarded with pockets of untouched charm: inviting waterfront tavernas, welcoming accommodations, and arguably the island’s finest traditional beach. While the international crowds may have thinned, Agia Marina still holds a special place in the hearts of domestic travelers, ensuring its streets and shores remain pleasantly lively.

The popular, Blue-Flag-certified Agia Marina Beach sits just south of the port and features shallow, crystal clear water – excellent for kids and families. Its rows of shaded sun beds (rentable from May to September) are served by friendly beach bars and water sports rental agencies. The coastline north of the port is dotted with sandy coves, with flat rocks extending into the sea that are perfect for sunbathing. Climbing uphill from the waterfront, streets are lined with tourist shops and restaurants. The beach is the main attraction here, and staying in Agia Marina is only recommended for visitors who don’t plan to stray far from it.

Blue swimming pool next to a boxy white hotel

Swimming terrace at Apollo Resort in Agia Marina

  • Best Luxury & Boutique Hotel in Agia Marina
    Apollo Resort • Hotel phone: +30 2297 032271
  • Best Budget/Midrange Hotels
    Erato • Hotel phone: +30 2297 032468
    Angela • Hotel phone: +30 2297 032556

12 Best Hotels on Aegina

1. LaLiBay Resort & Spa – Perdika

Boxy hotel with balconies, set amid gardens and pine trees
Hotel phone: +30 2297 061146
5-star, adults-only enclave just outside of Perdika. Rooms and suites are plush and modern, with private balconies or terraces; many featuring sea views. A wellness spa, outdoor fitness center, gorgeous swimming pool, and basketball and tennis courts are on site, and guests are served top-notch fare at their fine-dining restaurant and beach bar. Beautifully-landscaped grounds lead to a secluded sandy beach, lined with sunbeds.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for LaLiBay Resort

2. Rastoni Hotel – Aegina Town

Exterior view of a hotel with lush gardens
Hotel phone: +30 2297 027039
This lovely Aegina Town hotel features a rustic elegant vibe and is set amid lush gardens. A variety of rooms, suites, bungalows, and maisonettes suit a wide variety of travelers from solo travelers to families of 4. Pockets of outdoor seating within lavish landscaping and pistachio trees give a tranquil oasis-in-the-city feel, though the hotel is only a 10-minute walk from the bustling port. Excellent breakfasts, too.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Rastoni Hotel

3. Nikolaou Residence – Aegina Town

Covered outdoor terrace to a rustic stone villa
Hotel phone: +30 6981 870416
In the 1960s, the home of painter Nikos Nikolaou was frequented by intellectuals and art lovers. Today, 5 luxurious guesthouses are located on the grounds adjacent to the artist’s atalier, offering a peaceful and rarified stay. The newly-designed studios are warm and lovely, featuring bespoke artwork and furnishings and well-equipped kitchenettes. Some offer private terraces with sea views. Located across from the sea, close to beaches, and an easy 15-20 minute walk to the shops and restaurants in town.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Nikolaou Residence

4. Hotel Danae – Aegina Town

People lounge on shaded sun beds around a hotel swimming pool
Hotel phone: +30 2297 022424
Great 3-star Aegina Town hotel with outdoor pool. Guest rooms are comfortable and modern, offered in single, double, and triple configurations. All have contemporary furnishing and good bathrooms. The lovely pool terrace is served by a pool bar offering snacks and drinks, and a great breakfast buffet is served daily. Located on the coastal road, close to beaches and a 15-minute walk to town.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Hotel Danae

5. Apollo Resort – Agia Marina

Elegant dining tables, shaded by sun umbrellas, overlooking the sea
Hotel phone: +30 2297 032271
The best hotel in Agia Marina, 4-star Apollo Resort has a great pool and dining area overlooking the sea, and private rocky platforms with stair access to the water. Rooms sleep 2-3 and are done in a crisp, coastal fashion. An on-site restaurant serves Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Beautifully-situated with unobstructed views over the sea, a 10 to 15-minute walk into town.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Apollo Resort

6. Hotel Aegina – Aegina Town

Boxy yellow stone hotel with ornate iron balconies
Hotel phone: +30 2297 028501
Great little family-run hotel in a quiet neighborhood that’s walkable to the port, shops, and restaurants of Aegina Town. 19 clean, well-maintained, and cozy guest rooms are offered in single, double, and triple configurations. Some have balconies. Great breakfast and good value for the price.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Hotel Aegina

7. Aeginitikon Arhontikon – Aegina Town

Rustic red hotel next to a Byzantine Greek church
Hotel phone: +30 2297 024968
Sweet boutique hotel with a vintage vibe in the center of Aegina Town. Rooms are on the small side, but feature period elements and balconies, and open to lovely outdoor seating areas full of plants and flowers. Great location between beautiful St. Nicholas Church and the landmark Tower of Markellos, an easy 5-minute walk to the port.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Aeginitikon Arhontikon

8. Aphrodite Art Hotel – Aegina Town

View from a hotel balcony over stone houses to the sea
Hotel phone: +30 2297 029000
A great-value and well-maintained hotel, and the best option close to the port. Rooms are are cozy and clean, and decorated in simple, charming style. Unlimited fresh, cold water is supplied to all guests, and daily breakfast buffet is served on the shaded front patio. Located near everything in a quiet pocket of town, an easy, flat, 3-minute walk to the ferry.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Aphrodite Art Hotel

9. Erato Hotel – Agia Marina

Blue hotel swimming pool with mountain view at dusk
Hotel phone: +30 2297 032468
Friendly hotel with outdoor pool, walkable to Agia Marina Beach. Spacious, clean rooms are well-appointed and feature balconies overlooking the pool or surrounding mountains. A small fitness center is on site, and a good breakfast is served daily to the welcoming lobby or shaded tertace. Great location at the edge of town, an easy walk to restaurants and the beach.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Erato Hotel

10. Hotel Angela – Agia Marina

Yellow exterior of a hotel with balconies and gardens
Hotel phone: +30 2297 032556
Great family-run budget hotel with pool access. Clean and bright rooms sleep 2-3; one 2-bedroom apartment sleeps 4. All have balconies, plus access to the hotel’s quaint garden, great breakfasts, and an excellent pool and snack bar a couple of minutes’ walk away. Centrally-located on Agia Marina’s main road, near the beach, restaurants, shops, and transport.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Hotel Angela

11. Angelina Boutique Escape – Perdika

An inflatable raft and colorful beach ball float in a hotel swimming pool
Hotel phone: +30 2297 061446
Great family hotel on the edge of Perdika village. Guest rooms and one villa sleep 2-4, all are clean and modern and have balconies or terraces. The sunny pool deck is surrounded by sun loungers and served by a small bar. There’s no restaurant, but a great Greek breakfast is served on site and it’s an easy walk to Perdika’s bakeries, cafés, and seafood restaurants.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Angelina Boutique Escape

12. Perdika Mare Guesthouse – Perdika

Sun loungers shaded by beach umbrellas sit in front of a boxy white hotel on a sunny day
Hotel phone: +30 2297 061449
This clean and quiet budget waterfront hotel in Perdika offers twin, double, and triple rooms, plus one family room that sleeps 4. On-site sunloungers are available free of charge, and there’s a rocky swim platform just in front of the hotel. Perdika’s beach, restaurants, and the boar to Moni are an easy 5-minute walk away.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Perdika Mare

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