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Who is Santorini Dave?

  • I’m Dave. I love to travel. I’ve dubbed myself the hotel expert although even I don’t know exactly what that means. I guess this: I love hotels that thrill, surprise, amaze, and delight. I also enjoy writing about them – and helping other travelers find great places to stay.
  • I’m pretty sure Santorini Dave is the most popular travel blog on the internet. It now gets over 1.1 million pageviews per month and is one of the top websites for many hotel-related searches.
  • The site is now so popular that I can’t do it all by myself. I get help from Anne O’Neill and Lindsey Walker in Seattle. Beth Reiber in Tokyo. Rushabh Mehta in Mumbai. Paul Greenway in Australia. Anna Kaminski in London. And Eleanor Berman in NYC. They’re local experts and help me review hotels and update travel information.
  • I have a monthly newsletter. It sends free travel guides and new hotel reviews to over 15,000 subscribers. Sign up here.
  • I started blogging in January, 2010 on the website My Little Nomads – a site about traveling with kids (I’ve since moved that content to Santorini Dave). I started Santorini Dave in September, 2012.
  • I don’t accept advertising. I do have a privacy policy and affiliate disclaimer.
  • I put almost all of my time and effort into hotel reviews and travel guides – and very little into social media. But I do have accounts on Facebook and Instagram where I post the occasional hotel or travel photo.
  • I answer all travel questions on my site (leave a comment on any page) but if you need to contact me my email is [email protected] Also: I truly appreciate emails about mistakes, errors, or anything outdated. If it helps other readers then I’d love to hear about it.
  • If you’d like to recommend Santorini Dave the best way is to share with friends and family on Facebook or through email. If you want to write a review then go here: Reviews of Santorini Dave Website (I read all of them).

Making The World A Better Place

Charitable donations to GiveDirectly from the Santorini Dave Hotel Site.

For every 100 pageviews on Santorini Dave I donate $1 to GiveDirectly – a wonderful charity that gives cash transfers directly to people living in extreme poverty (usually in Kenya and Uganda).

January 1, 2018 was my first donation: $10,756.
(based on 1,075,575 pageviews on

Here’s a screenshot of my January donation.

I’m hoping Santorini Dave will continue to grow and my contribution to a great cause will be able to increase.

You can do your part by donating to GiveDirectly.