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Santorini Dave is the most popular travel blog on the internet.

  • Loves: Travel, capitalism, vaccines, pad thai, The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Lost in Translation, Shakespeare in Love, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, Shoe Dog.
  • Santorini Dave is the most popular travel blog on the internet. (My irrefutable evidence for this claim: I’ve never heard of another travel blog that gets more traffic.) Our site attracts almost 3 million readers every month and is one of the top websites for hotel reviews and hotel-related searches.
  • We specialize in Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, and Greece and recommend the best hotels, best neighborhoods, and best family hotels in top destinations around the world. We also make some pretty awesome hotel maps and travel videos.
  • The Santorini Dave website has a five-star rating with readers.
  • I started travel blogging in January 2010 on the website My Little Nomads – a site about traveling with kids. I started Santorini Dave in September of 2012 and shortly after moved the MLN content to SD.
  • I also publish BaliDave and MexicoDave.
  • I don’t accept advertising. I do have a privacy policy and affiliate disclosure.
  • “Love truth, but pardon error.” -Voltaire

The SD Team

Anne O’Neill

Santorini & Greece Expert.

Anne researching the local music scene in Santorini.

Lindsey Walker

Santorini, Mykonos, & Greece Expert.

Lindsey doing some aerial research of Crete.

Dawn Shepard

Santorini expert researcher.

Dawn mapping hotel locations in Santorini.

Len Davis

Greek Island and Athens Expert.

Len exploring the caldera paths of Oia.

Demetra Poulios

Greek resident and Athens, Greece expert.

Demetra at the Acropolis in Athens.

Making The World A Better Place

Santorini Dave is an official partner of Give Directly.
Santorini Dave is an official partner of GiveDirectly. For every stayed hotel booking made through my site, I donate $5 to that wonderful charity. GiveDirectly makes cash transfers directly to people living in extreme poverty (usually in Kenya and Uganda).

Total I’ve donated to GiveDirectly: $531,625 (since 2019)

Here’s more info about my donations.

I’m hoping Santorini Dave will continue to grow and my contribution to a great cause will be able to increase.

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