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Updated: November 30, 2023
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Our Favorite Andros Hotels
Luxury: Casa Di Fiore
Budget: Egli
Couples: Aegean Castle
Families: Blue Bay
Beach (Families): Chryssi Akti
Beach (Couples): Aneroussa
Andros Town: Micra Anglia
Batsi: Krinos
Near Gavrio Port: Perrakis

Thatched umbrellas and sunbeds line a golden sandy beach with a hillside village in the background

Chryssi Akti Hotel is just steps from Batsi Beach, one of the best beaches on Andros.

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Best Beaches on Andros

Andros is the northernmost island in the Cyclades chain and is situated relatively close to Athens. The island’s charming capital, Chora (or Andros Town), has a seafaring history and was home to famous shipowners and sea captains. Today, travelers from all around enjoy its tavernas, coffee shops, art galleries, and handful of great museums.

A mountainous island, Andros has many waterfalls, green fertile valleys, and groves of olive and cypress trees. There are plenty of sandy beaches with clear blue water – great for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports, including snorkeling and scuba diving. If you are looking for beaches in remote and unpopulated areas there are numerous options, though you will need a rental car to get to them.

Two small waterfalls cascade down tree-covered rocks

Pythara Waterfalls along the the Andros Route hiking trail.

Andros is perhaps best known for its walking and hiking trails; its ancient stone pathways and picturesque walking trails have made the island one of Europe’s top hiking destinations. Most famous is The Andros Route, an award-winning 100 km-long continuous path that starts in the village of Gavrio (where the ferry port is located) and ends on the other side of the island in the village of Korthi. The Andros Route is considered to be an easy hike. Most of the island’s many trails are signposted with a route number and waymarked.

Accommodations on the island range from five-star luxury hotels in the main town of Chora to basic and small no-frills guesthouses.

White buildings with red tiled roofs on a peninsula jutting into the sea

The traditional settlement of Andros Town (Chora) is on a picturesque peninsula in the Aegean Sea.

Getting To and Around Andros

As there is no airport on the island, Andros is accessible only by ferry; a two-hour ferry ride from Athens on a traditional ferry, or 80 minutes via fast ferry. Ferries to Andros depart from Rafina port on the mainland (not Piraeus port); Rafina port is very close to Athens International Airport, and about 16 miles (25 km) east of Athens. The two nearest international airports are in Athens, or south of Andros on the island of Mykonos. Andros’ nearest island neighbors are Tinos, Mykonos and Syros.

A rental car is recommended to explore the island of Andros. Driving around the island and over its mountainous terrain, sometimes along steep hillsides, provides incredible views of the Aegean Sea. Bus service is available from the port city of Gavrio to the main villages on the island: the capital Chora, the beach resort of Batsi, and the tiny village of Korthi in the south. During the summer, these buses run more frequently and include stops at some of the best beaches –Kypri Beach, Golden Beach (also known as Chryssi Ammos Beach), and Agios Petros Beach.

Best Places to Stay on Andros

White hotel on a hillside above a sandy beach lined with thatched umbrellas

Aneroussa Beach Hotel, near the village of Batsi.

Best Places on Andros for…

  • Where to Stay on Andros for First-Timers: Chora
    Chora is a historic maritime town with impressive architecture and cultural attractions, offering a variety of accommodations to suit any first-time traveler. The island’s only five-star hotel Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel & Spa is in Chora, and makes for a great base to explore the pedestrian-friendly town. Chora is compact and easily walkable, however there are some steps to navigate as the traditional settlement (built on the peninsula) is elevated from the sea below. Chora’s maze-like streets and lanes have beautiful archways and fountains and are a pleasure to explore, brimming with restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, and souvenir shops.

    There are numerous museums to check out as well, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Archaeological Museum of Andros — both were built and funded by a wealthy ship owner who was from Chora. The Museum of Contemporary Art contains his own private collection of paintings and sculptures that were bequeathed by him and his wife. In the summer, the museum’s new wing is home to temporary exhibitions.

  • Where to Stay on Andros for a Couple or Honeymooners: Chora
    Traveling couples will love the romantic ambiance of Chora’s cobblestone lanes, restored mansions, and picturesque chapels, and its two long sandy beaches – one on each end of town. Chora also boasts the highest concentration of cultural attractions on the island — art museum, maritime museum, Andros Open Theater (a 900-seat hillside amphitheater), and Cine Avli (a summer cinema featuring classic movies). For especially peaceful and dreamy boutique accommodations in Chora, check out Camara Suites.
  • Where to Stay on Andros for Water Activities: Kypri Beach
    On Andros west coast, just 3 km south of Gavrio port, Kypri Beach offers water sports rentals and lessons from professional instructors at Wesurfin’ Surf Club. Activities include windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, and SUP – Wesirfin’ also offers a beach bar and a restaurant. The best hotel near here is Hotel Perrakis, just 5 minutes away on foot.

    People on a golden sandy beach carry kayaks, paddleboards, and caramarans

    Water sports rentals at Kypri Beach.

  • Where to Stay on Andros for Families: Batsi
    Batsi, with its wide and sandy beach nestled beside a pretty harbor, is Andros’ main beach resort. The southern half of the beach is filled with all types of sun loungers, while the portion to the north is non-organized, and swimmers and sunbathers are free to roll out their towels on the sand. The sea slopes gently, perfect for the little ones to splash and play in the water. There are numerous accommodation options in the village, although you won’t find any five-star hotels here. Chryssi Akti Hotel offers the best access to the beach (it almost touches the sand), and also boasts an outdoor pool.
  • Where to Stay on Andros without a Car: Chora
    Chora is easy to navigate by foot and has frequent bus connections from the ferry port in Gavrio. In Chora, there are many tavernas, boutique shops, museums, cinemas, and two long sandy beaches; all within a fifteen-minute walk of the center.

The 4 Best Towns on Andros for Tourists

1. Chora (Andros Town)

View through a stone archway of a pedestrian path lined with white shops

The capital of Andros is Chora or Andros Town, a wonderful seaside town that sits on a narrow rocky peninsula set in a large bay, a 45-minute drive from the island’s ferry port in Gavrio. Chora has a stately appearance and is proud of its maritime history, featuring an abundance of neoclassical mansions that wealthy shipowners once owned, as well as its predominance of white colonial buildings that are topped with red-tiled roofs.

At the center of town lies a charming pedestrian-only zone. This maze of picturesque alleys full of shops, restaurants, art galleries, and coffeehouses is the town’s focal point. Kairi Square is in the center of the pedestrian area and is a marble-paved square with leafy shade trees; locals and visitors gather here to enjoy the charming tavernas, sip lemonade or ouzo, and browse the boutique shops.

The island’s top museums are in Chora and are open every summer: the Andros Archaeological Museum, Maritime Museum, and the Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art which includes a library, rooftop bar, and gift shop. Andros Open Theater (a 900-seat hillside amphitheater) and Cine Avli (an outdoor cinema featuring classic movies) are excellent open-air venues to catch a performance or see a film.

Other attractions in Chora town center, found at the tip of the peninsula, are the Statute of the Unknown Sailor and perched on an islet next to it, the ruins of an ancient Venetian sea castle. This picturesque islet is joined to the peninsula by an arched medieval stone bridge. A short 15-minute drive from Chora is the Cyclades Olive Museum, offering excellent guided tours through a historic olive mill.

Stone bridge to a small island with castle ruins

Venetian sea castle ruins in Chora (Andros Town).

There are two beaches that are easily accessible from Chora, one on each side of the town. The beach to the north is Neimboro Beach; closer to town center is Paraporti Beach, a short five-minute walk south from the traditional settlement of Chora and its town center.

Chora has a good selection of hotels ranging from budget hotels to upscale boutiques.

Bright and sunny hotel lobby with a glass ceiling showing blue sky above

The sunny and beautiful lobby of Casa Di Fiori Andros in Chora.

2. Batsi

View from a sidewalk cafe of a town with pastel Cycladic-style buildings climbing up a small hill

Batsi (or Mpatsi) sits seven km south of the island’s ferry port at Gavrio, a charming and popular seaside town built around a pretty bay with a golden-sanded shallow beach — Batsi Beach. The village boasts a picturesque harbor directly beside its beloved beach, with a stretch of delightful tavernas along the waterfront. Batsi is the main beach resort on the island and has a beautiful promenade featuring bars, coffee shops, several markets, souvenir shops, an ice cream/yogurt shop, and a local bakery.

Kolona Beach is a much smaller beach directly across the bay from Batsi Beach, about 10 to 15 minutes away by foot. It’s a scenic walk with views of the village and the entire bay. Kolona Beach has a traditional and rustic Beach Bar and is not organized – there are no sun loungers or umbrellas.

Additionally, there are several beaches just south of Batsi, including the picturesque Aneroussa Beach with its hotel-owned beach bar. Continuing a little further south is Agia Marina Beach, which offers some snorkeling. Both these beaches are a 15-20 minute walk from the village of Batsi.

A hotel bed near an open balcony door with view of the beach and mountainous hillside

The Junior Suite with Sea View at Aegean Castle Andros, 10 minutes outside Batsi, has a fireplace, equipped kitchenette, rainfall shower, and private veranda with ocean views.

3. Korthi

View from behind of a woman walking a narrow padestrian alley past shops

Korthi (also known as Ormos Korthiou) is a sleepy fishing village on the southeastern side of the island, that is an excellent spot for windsurfing. There’s a smattering of tavernas along the promenade, but the town seems a little faded and is noticeably less touristy than other villages, and perhaps a little too quiet for some. There are no standard hotels in Korthi, though there are some vacation rentals – but those are limited. Korthi is a 30-minute drive from Chora.

The big draw to the area is arguably the island’s most photo-worthy beach, Tis Grias to Pidima Beach. This truly one-of-a-kind beach is nestled below soaring cliffs and sits beside an impressive towering rock formation. It is a non-organized beach with no amenities, accessed only via a short, somewhat steep walk down a narrow path. The beach is about a ten-minute walk from a small parking area at the end of a dirt road on the adjacent hillside.

Overhead view of a sandy cove with a towering black rock formation

Tis Grias to Pidima Beach near Korthi village.

4. Gavrio

Hillside village with white buildings

Gavrio, on Andros’ west coast, is where the ferry port is located. The village of Gavrio is generally not very appealing as it is primarily commercial, with car rental offices and ticket services that dot the waterfront next to the port. There are a few decent restaurants here, though without a doubt, all the best hotels are found elsewhere on the island — the vast majority of the best hotels are either south in Batsi, or across the island in Chora, the capital and most historic town on the island.

The best beaches that are closest to Gavrio are also south; namely Agios Petros Beach, known for its party-style beach bars, and Chryssi Ammos Beach, popular with families — both beaches are a five-minute drive from Gavrio. A few minutes further down the coast, Kypri Beach offers offers a good variety of water sports rentals and lessons.

  • Best Hotel near Gavrio
    Hotel Perrakis • Hotel phone: +30 2282 071456
White wooden deck with tables and chairs above the blue sea

View over the Aegean Sea from the restaurant patio at Hotel Perrakis, just 5 minutes down the coast from Gavrio port.

Andros Travel Tips

  • When is the Best Time to Visit Andros?
    Generally, the best time for swimming and sightseeing is from June until mid-September. Andros is busiest in the month of August when Grecians travel to the island to vacation at their summer homes that are sprinkled throughout the island.
  • How do you get around Andros?
    Driving is the easiest way to get around the island. The highway from the west coast ferry port in Gavrio to the capital city of Chora on the east coast is in good shape and is a scenic drive especially where it follows the coastline. Getting around the island by bus is also an option using the Ktel bus system, however public transport requires more planning and flexibility in your schedule. You can find the bus timetable here.
  • How Big is Andros?
    Andros is 40 km long and at its widest point 16 km wide. The drive from the ferry port in Gavrio to the capital city of Chora takes around 50 minutes. The route is very scenic as it follows the coastline for the first 20 km or so before turning inland as it crosses the island. An alternate route from Gavrio to Chora is available, though it’s a longer and less-traveled route over the mountains and through sparsely populated areas.

12 Best Hotels in Andros

Sun beds with thatched umbrellas on a sandy beach

Votsalo Seaside Estate, in the quiet village of Steinies, sits directly across from secluded Gialia Beach, perfect for those seeking a serene island getaway.

1. Aegean Castle Andros

Hotel phone: +30 2282 042100
Free-form pool with waterfall overlooking the blue sea
This gated and adults-only property has terrific views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding hillsides and provides lots of privacy. All suites have their own terrace with a double-sized day bed and ocean views; Honeymoon Suites feature a romantic circular bed. A rainfall shower, coffee machine, satellite TV, and mini fridge are standard in all guest rooms. Their rooftop saltwater pool is inviting, with gorgeous views, a cabana area, and plenty of sun loungers on the sunny pool deck. Complimentary homemade breakfast provided. Aegean Castle is in Agia Eleousa, a rural area on the island’s west coast. The closest town is Batsi, ten minutes away, offering a good choice of restaurants. Car rental is recommended.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Aegean Castle Andros

2. Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel & Spa

Hotel phone: +30 2282 022207
Terrace with glass-sided pools next to sun beds
This boutique hotel is the only five-star hotel in Chora, housing sixteen guest rooms and four suites within a complex of 19th-century mansions. Their largest suite accommodates a family of five and boasts a private swimming pool, two bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. Guest Rooms are decorated in grey shades, with oak flooring and high ceilings. Their wellness spa menu includes hammam treatments and nail care, and a glass-sided cocktail pool sits next to the on-site restaurant and bar. Reception is open 24/7, and hotel parking and room service are available. Turn-down service is provided. Wheelchair-friendly rooms are available together with a full-sized elevator in the main building. Great central location, though on a busy corner, with easy access to numerous eateries, and boutique shops in Chora town center.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Micra Anglia

3. Aneroussa Beach Hotel

Hotel phone: +30 2282 041044
Pastel-colored Cycladic-style hotel buildings with arched doorways
The real draw at this hotel is its impressive location, perched above the ocean with a gorgeous private beach and gin-clear emerald waters, plus an on-site beachside café/bar. The beach is nestled beside a rocky cliff, with golden sand and complimentary sun loungers. The hotel gardens and grounds are colorful with flowers and shrubs, and every guest room features ocean views and a balcony. Complimentary breakfast can be enjoyed on their outdoor terrace. The standard guest room interiors are a little dated but do provide the basics. Fifteen-minute walk to Batsi, the closest town to access numerous tavernas and cafes. Car rental is suggested.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Aneroussa Beach Hotel

4. Casa Di Fiori Andros

Hotel phone: +30 694 262 7550
White and stone Cycladic-style exterior of a hotel
This contemporary all-suite hotel is elegant, luxurious, and in immaculate condition. The hotel overlooks a lush green valley and tree-blanketed hillside near Chora. Suites are airy and spacious, dressed in shades of ivory, with a private terrace and a fully stocked kitchenette. Two new suites (the bungalows) boast their own private outdoor pool. Their gourmet breakfast and attention to detail, are truly impressive. Five-minute drive to the pedestrianized area of Chora, where many of the town’s tavernas and shops are located. A supermarket is 140 meters from the hotel. Two km to Paraporti Beach.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Casa Di Fiore

5. Blue Bay Resort Village

Hotel phone: +30 2282 041150
Blue swimming pool lined with sin beds overlooking the blue Aegean Sea
On a hillside near the ocean, this beautifully renovated hotel sits in a quiet and peaceful location outside of town, a short three-minute drive to the village of Batsi. Guest rooms are modern with natural wood accents, light colors, and ocean views. Deluxe Suites have two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a private entrance, and can accommodate a family of five. All suites include air conditioning, a mini fridge, coffee maker, kettle, and a balcony. The hotel has an outdoor pool with a pool bar, as well as a children’s pool. A complimentary breakfast is included. Several smaller beaches are within walking distance of the hotel. Pets are allowed, and car rental is suggested.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Blue Bay Resort Village

6. Camara Suites

Hotel phone: +30 697 202 8853
White marble mansion with a colonnaded porch
This beautifully restored centuries-old mansion is steeped in history and decorated with hand-made furniture, family artifacts, and nautical-themed accents. There are four suites, each with a king-sized bed and windows that open to the ocean below, letting in the sound of the waves. At the back of the hotel is a spot to swim in the sea, and the hotel offers complimentary access to a pair of sea kayaks. Camara Suites is located in the pedestrian-only area of Chora, steps to cafés and shops, and close to the Andros-Venetian castle and the Monument of the Unknown Sailor, 150 meters away. Five-minute walk to Paraporti Beach and its summertime Beach Bar.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Camara Suites

7. Chryssi Akti Hotel

Hotel phone: +30 2282 041236
White hotel with a swimming pool terrace lined with thatched umbrellas
Splendid beachfront location only ten paces to popular Batsi Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on Andros. Modern and recently renovated guest rooms are done in neutral colors with cherry wood-toned furniture. Family Suites can sleep four – five if you add a child’s cot. The hotel’s street-level veranda offers lots of seating and is a great spot to enjoy their complimentary breakfast. Many tavernas and cafés surround the hotel and continue past Batsi’s pretty harbor. Perks include a variety of complimentary beachside sun loungers with umbrellas, and an outdoor pool offering beverage service.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Chryssi Akti

8. Hotel Perrakis

Hotel phone: +30 2282 071456
Hotel bar with a sliding glass door that opens to a sea-view terrace
Located on the highway between the ferry port at Gavrio and the town of Batsi, Hotel Perrakis offers affordable and basic guest rooms with simple furnishings. Amenities include a sea-view restaurant that is open for breakfast and dinner, a bar/lounge, and an outdoor pool with a pool bar. All guest rooms have a balcony facing the sea. Five-minute walk to two organized beaches with beach bars – Golden Sands Beach to the north (350 m), and Kypri Beach to the south (400 m), where there are water sports rentals and lessons. A rental car is recommended.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Hotel Perrakis

9. Krinos Suites

Hotel phone: +30 2282 042038
Yellow tri-level hotel with stone steps leading down to a terrace
This upscale hotel offers well-appointed Guest Rooms with dark wood furniture, sleek tile floors, and spacious bathrooms. All rooms feature natural Coco-mat beds and deluxe cotton linens. Full bathtubs are in every suite category except Standard. An excellent complimentary buffet breakfast is provided on their covered outdoor patio. The hotel is near Batsi Beach, just up a hill in a quiet area. (Note that there are several flights of stairs to reach the hotel.) Two-minute walk to the beach, shops, and eateries; parking is available at the hotel, but limited.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Krinos Suites

10. Paradise Design Apartments

Hotel phone: +30 2282 041328
White hotel with turquoise shutters and balconies against a blue sky
This hotel sits at the southwest tip of the Batsi Beach promenade. Recently renovated, it’s got a beachy vibe with turquoise-colored accents and blue tiled bathrooms. Most of the guest rooms have views of the ocean, and all rooms have a balcony. The Deluxe Suite has a king-sized bed and living room, both rooms offering sea views. Their Family Suite includes a separate bedroom and a kitchenette. The hotel features an onsite mini-mart with snacks, beverages, and sundries. Located steps to harborside cafes, bars, and shops, and a five-minute walk (200 m) to Batsi Beach. Fifteen-minute drive to the island’s ferry port in Gavrio.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Paradise Design Apartments

11. Votsalo Seaside Estate

Hotel phone: +30 694 451 0198
White Aegean-style houses with verandas overlooking a garden
Three family-friendly beach houses set in a shady organic garden, directly across the road from Gialia Beach in the quiet village of Steinies, a 7-minute drive from Chora. Each beach house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a small jacuzzi hot tub on the terrace, a full kitchen with oven, a clothes washer, and air conditioning. Behind the complex is a large fruit and vegetable garden, a barbeque grill, and a picnic area. A rustic outdoor café provides drinks and snacks. There is a 2nd beach nearby, Piso Gialia Beach, accessed by a ten-minute nature walk (note there are some steep steps) for swimming, plus a Beach Bar. A rental car is recommended.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Votsalo Seaside Estate

12. Anemomiloi Andros Boutique Hotel

Hotel phone: +30 2282 029067
White hotel with blue shutters and balconies against a deep blue sky
The hotel is located in a residential area outside of the pedestrianized zone of Chora. All Guest Rooms and Suites have a kitchenette with a stovetop, minifridge, and coffee maker. Family Suites can accommodate four and have a small upstairs bedroom with a balcony. Rooms at the front of the hotel have a beautiful view of the tree-blanketed valley below. Their outdoor pool and pool deck are modest and perhaps due for a refresh, but are nonetheless appealing. Buffet breakfast is included in the room rate, and parking is available on site. Pets are allowed. Ten-minute walk to the shops and tavernas in Chora town center; the closest beaches, Paraporti Beach and Neiboro Beach, are a twenty-minute walk away.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Anemomiloi Andros

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