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Updated: September 30, 2019

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1. Villa Maïa

The best hotel in downtown Lyon.
Wonderful mix of luxury amenities and boutique trendiness. Great location on Fourvière Hill with incredible views of Lyon, yet a short walk to Vieux Lyon, shops, restaurants, and the center of Lyon. Hotel phone: +33 4 7816 0101

2. Cour des Loges

The best luxury hotel in Lyon.
Magical luxury hotel in central Lyon. If you want a romantic honeymoon stay then this it. Lyon’s best hotel spa and a Michelin starred restaurant are part of the whole wonderful package.

3. Hotel Carlton Lyon

The best 5 star hotel in Lyon.
Vintage palace hotel in the Presqu’île (the heart of Lyon) surrounded by bars, restaurants, and shopping. There’s a spa, sauna, and excellent breakfast buffet (included in most hotel rates).

More Great Lyon Hotels

If the above are fully booked (as often happens) these hotels are all wonderful places to stay with good central locations.

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