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Updated: January 23, 2024
By Santorini Dave

Our Favorite Spetses Hotels

• Luxury: Mare Monte
• Boutique: Economou Mansion
• Budget: Niriides
• Families: Kastro
• Pool: Nissia
• Honeymoon: Yayaki
• Port: Poseidonion Grand
• Beach: Spetses
• Old Harbor Porto Vecchio

Blue-green bay with fishing boats and a white Greek church in the background

The Old Harbor in Spetses

An idyllic Greek island only 3 hours from Athens by ferry in the Argo-Saronic Gulf, Spetses offers a charming blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Outside of its main town (also called Spetses), the island is largely uninhabited and blanketed with pine trees. Its remote coastline is dotted with beautiful sand and pebble beaches with crystal-clear water.

Spetses is known for its significant role in the 1821 War of Independence, commemorated every September with a week-long festival that culminates in a thrilling naval battle reenactment. It is also the childhood home of the legendary Greek naval heroine Laskarina Bouboulina, a statue of whom proudly stands guard over the harbor. Visitors can explore the historic old harbor and the stately Venetian mansions, which harken back to the island’s affluent past. Walking paths and courtyards in Spetses are commonly tiled with black and white pebble mosaics, often indicating the historic build-year of the adjacent structure.

Bronze statue of a woman in traditional Greek garb, on a rocky pediment with Greek flags flying behind

Statue of Bouboulina on the harborfront Poseidonio Square.

Cars are prohibited on Spetses for both visitors and locals, making it perfect for horse-drawn carriage rides or biking along pine-covered paths. This ban also ensures a mostly tranquil atmosphere that is only broken by the infrequent whine of motorbikes as they whizz by. (Motorbike, e-bike, and ATV rental business are plentiful all along the harbor.)

Map showing the location of the best hotels on the island of Spetses in Greece
1. Spetses Hotel • 2. Economou Mansion • 3. Nissia • 4. Kastro • 5. Poseidonion Grand • 6. Niriides • 7. Mare Monte • 8. Yayaki • 9. Porto Vecchio

Staying on Spetses

The bulk of the island’s hotels and acccomodations are located in Spetses’ main settlement (also called Spetses), which is easily walkable from end to end. Spetses Town can be divided into two general areas that are about 20 minutes apart on foot: Dapia Port and the Old Harbor.

Ferries arrive and depart from Dapia, the main port and commercial hub of the island. A trio of open air cafés overlook the port, crowded from early morning to late night with lounging patrons enjoying coffee, drinks, and snacks with their waterfront view; the coastal main road, narrow backstreets, and small squares are lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops. If you want to be close to the ferry or in the heart of the island’s activity, staying near Dapia is ideal.

People eat outside at tables and while children perch on a ledge eating ice cream at dusk

Dapia restaurants at dusk

Dapia’s attractions include the small but interesting Museum of Spetses, housed in the saffron-hued 1798 Chatzigiannis-Mexis mansion, and the lovely Bouboulina Museum, located in the Greek heroine’s former home. Small and pebbly Agios Mamas beach near the port makes a convenient spot for a quick dip (if not a secluded one) in the Myrtoan Sea; a 20-minute walk west up the coast, Kaiki Beach Club offers a swankier swim with beach loungers and bar service.

East of the main port and somewhat more serene and picturesque, the Old Harbor (Palia Limani) area is known for its charm and for being a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of Dapia. It’s great for those looking for a quieter stay, with easy access to some lovely dining options and views. Small and sandy St. Nicholas Beach hugs the waterfront path right below the church of the same name, while just south of the Old Harbor on Spetses’ east coast sits lovely Agia Marina Beach, with shaded sun beds and bar/restaurant service.

Shaded café tables overlooking a small seaport

Dapia cafés overlooking the port

A woman looks up at a statue in a stone courtyard of a saffron yellow building

The Museum of Spetses

Entrance to a beach club with bar and shaded sun beds

Kaiki Beach Club

Getting To and Around Spetses

Spetses is easily reached by ferry from Athens, with multiple daily sailings from Piraeus. It takes about 3 hours to get from Athens to Spetses, with stops along the same route including the Argo-Saronic islands of Poros and Hydra.

A waterfront restaurant with bikes parked in front.

Cielo Mar café on the Dapia waterfront. Private cars are outlawed, so bikes, scooters, and ATVs are popular ways to get around Spetses.

Except for taxis, delivery vehicles, and municipal services, cars are not allowed on Spetses. To get around the island, there are several convenient options due to its small size. The most popular means of transport is bicycle, which you can rent easily from various locations in Spetses Town. (We like Life Cycle Spetses for their good selection of well-maintained e-bikes.) For a more traditional or romantic experience, horse-drawn carriages offer scenic tours around the island, and can be secured at Poseidonio Square on the harbor. For longer distances or to explore remote beaches, taxis and water taxis are readily available at the port.

View of the water taxi stand on Spetses island

Water taxis at Dapia port on Spetses. Passengers disembark on the port pier, while a line of water taxis waits opposite to pick up new passengers.

Walking is an especially pleasant option on Spetses, especially along the island’s beautiful seafront promenades. And for those who enjoy a bit of adventure, renting a scooter or ATV is a popular and fun way to discover the hidden gems of Spetses – with rental agencies easily found in and around Dapia.

Best Spetses Tours

  • Life Cycle Tours: Guided hikes and e-bike tours that range from 2-4 hours and can accommodate many skill levels. Themed tours are offered with a focus on Spetses’ nature, vistas, mythology, stargazing, and history.
  • Greg’s Spetses Horses: Horseback treks along the scenic coast or through the mountain to inland churches. Tours range from 45 minutes to 4 hours, with options appropriate for all levels of experience. Riding and grooming lessons are also offered.

Best Places To Stay On Spetses

Large ornate hotel flying a Greek flag, on a pedestrian plaza wet with rain

Spetses’ landmark Poseidonion Grand Hotel at Dapia Port.

View overlooking a sea port, with a man on a motorcycle driving below

View from the balcony of our suite (Double Room with Sea View) at Alexandris Hotel.

15 Best Hotels on Spetses

1. Poseidonion Grand

Grand, yellow hotwl with turrets set on a pedestrian plaza
Hotel phone: +30 2298 074553
This landmark historic 5-star commands an imposing position right on the harbor plaza. (You may recognize it from the 2022 film, The Glass Onion.) Built in 1914 and fully restored in 2009, it offers superior and deluxe rooms and suites that are chic and contemporary, with several offering sea view balconies or private gardens – even a private pool. 2- and 3-bedroom suites are ideal for families. There’s an outdoor pool, wellness spa, art gallery, and fitness center on site, and their fantastic culinary program includes a fine-dining restaurant, brasserie, bar/lounge, and great daily breakfasts.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Poseidonion Grand

2. Mare Monte Luxury Suites

Rustic and elegant stone building with a motorcycle parked in front
Hotel phone: +30 2298 077122
Historic stone residence dating back to 1762, housing 6 spacious luxury suites and studio apartments. All are impeccably finished with marble bathrooms and tastefully furnished in a simple, yet luxurious, natural style. A small, lovely garden pool and open-air bar are on site, and a homemade Greek breakfast is offered daily. Great quiet location between Dapia and the Old Harbor, within easy walking distance to all restaurants and shops.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Mare Monte

3. Yayaki

White stone wall with a wooden green door and cascading bouganvillia
Hotel phone: +30 6970 506667
Secluded and quiet luxury guesthouse with a natural, contemporary vibe. Spacious guest rooms sleep 2-4, with excellent and modern en-suite bathrooms. E-bike rental and island tours can be arranged through the hotel, and on-site facilities include a pool deck and yoga studio. Located in a quiet neighborhood away from the water, about a 10-minute walk from both ports.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Yayaki

4. Economou Mansion

Small blue pool on a stone terrace surrounded by palm trees and sun loungers
Hotel phone: +30 2298 073400
An 1851 sea captain’s mansion, now converted into a series of 6 charming rooms, each accommodating 2 guests. Rooms are spacious, with traditional architecture and decor that lend a sense of stepping back in time. There’s a lovely outdoor pool and bar on site, and the cozy shared living area is located in the mansion’s former kitchen, with a large fireplace that’s perfect for off-season travelers. Located along the waterfront road, about a 10-minute walk from Dapia Port.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Economou Mansion

5. Orloff

Blue swimming pool next to a boxy white building with terra cotta tile roof
Hotel phone: +30 2298 075444
Historic stone residence turned boutique hotel near the Old Harbor. Orloff offers modern rooms, suites, and maisonettes that sleep 2-6 guests, plus an elegant 5-bedroom mansion that sleeps 10. The lovely landscaped grounds include a pool and outdoor snack bar. Great breakfasts, too. A short 5-10 minute walk to the Old Harbor; 10-20 minutes to the shops, restaurants, and ferry port at Dapia.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Orloff

6. Alexandris

Light yellow boxy hotel with iron balconies and motorbikes parked in front
Hotel phone: +30 2298 073073
Great family-run hotel right at the ferry port. Its 11 guest rooms are simple but super comfortable, each sleeping two and featuring a balcony that faces Dapia port or overlooks a cobbled pedestrian alley of shops and cafés; modern, double-glazed windows effectively block the noise from below. The location couldn’t be more convenient, and the hosts are exceptionally friendly and helpful. No elevator.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Alexandris

7. Nissia Traditional Residences

Swimming pool surrounded by boxy bungalows
Hotel phone: +30 2103 462879
Lovely seafront hotel with beautiful pool deck, ideal for families. Nissia offers studios, suites, maisonettes, and villas that sleep 2-6 guests, all with full kitchens or kitchenettes. Breakfast is served on their seafront terrace café, which becomes an Italian fine-dining restaurant in the evenings. Excellent waterfront location close to everything, and a 5-minute walk to the port.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Nissia Traditional Residences

A man rides a motorbike along a waterfront road past venetian-style buildings

Lovely Venetian buildings line the waterfront road leading to the Dapia port and harbor.

8. Spetses Hotel

Green lawn abutting a row of sunbeds next to a rocky sea outcrop
Hotel phone: +30 2298 072602
One of Spetses’ few truly waterfront hotels (not across the beachfront road), complete with shaded sun loungers, beach bar, and sea access. Rooms here are comfortable, if on the small side; most offering unbeatable Saronic Gulf views. Stunning vistas are also the main attraction at the on-site bar/lounge and all-day restaurant serving Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Located along the main waterfront road, a pleasant (but comparatively distant) 20-minute walk from the port and village center. (Shuttle service is available.)
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Spetses Hotel

9. Zoe’s Club

Hotel pool terrace with a stone mosaic floor
Hotel phone: +30 2298 074447
Fresh and modern suites, apartments, and maisonettes close to to everything. Decor is airy and elegant, and units are centered around a beautiful pool deck served by an open-air bar; many have private balconies with great sea views. Great village location perched above and away from the port bustle, but a quick walk to Agios Mamas Beach and Dapia shops and restaurants.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Zoe’s Club

10. Hotel Klimis

White hotel with balconies overlooking the sea
Hotel phone: +30 2298 073725
Fantastic boutique hotel at Dapia port. Double and triple rooms, suites, and 2-bedroom apartments are perched right on the sea, all newly-renovated and furnished in a tasteful, modern Greek style. Elevator access is available to upper floors. On the hotel’s ground floor is an amazing bakery and café/bar, which also provides room service to hotel guests. Easy, level 3-minute walk to ferry.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Hotel Klimis

11. Hotel Kastro

Yellow hotel with stone courtyard in front
Hotel phone: +30 2298 075319
Wonderful traditional hotel in the village near Dapia port. A variety of 17 well-kept rooms, suites, and apartments graciously accommodate singles up to families of five. A charming central pool courtyard and open-air bar is shared by all. Excellent Dapia Port location, close to everything and just one street up from the waterfront.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Hotel Kastro

12. Mimoza

Yellow Venetian-style building with a blue metal gate, and a bike parked in front
Hotel phone: +30 2298 074087
Charming, family-run lodging in a quiet village location above the Old Harbor. Comfortable, modern, and sweetly-styled rooms and apartments feature modern marble bathrooms; many have balconies, terraces, or kitchenettes. A delicious homemade breakfast is served daily in the rustic shared courtyard. Walk 5 minutes to the Old Harbor, or 10 minutes to Agia Marina Beach.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Mimoza

13. Porto Vecchio

White hotel building with blue shutters
Hotel phone: +30 6938 690910
Lovingly renovated mansion sitting right on the picturesque Old Harbor. Three comfortable suites and one 3-bedroom apartment (with full kitchen) are dressed in airy, contemporary Greek style, with great views over the harbor and higher-end finishes throughout. A small pool is on site, and breakfast is served daily to guests. Great Old Harbor location; Dapia port is a 20-minute walk away along the beautiful seafront.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Porto Vecchio

14. Arolithos

Small hotel with balconies overlooking a narrow side street, wet from rain
Hotel phone: +30 2298 073154
Clean, comfortable, and charming budget hotel near the Dapia Port waterfront. Nine guest rooms sleep 2-3, all with small private balconies. A rooftop garden terrace is shared by all. Great breakfast, too. Excellent central location, a block up from the sea and a 10-minute walk to the port.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Arolithos

15. Niriides Guesthouse

Tall stucco guesthouse with tile roof on a narrow alley
Hotel phone: +30 6907 039456
Great value, fully-renovated rooms on a quiet street in Dapia. Seven lovely studios and apartments sleep 2-3, all featuring balconies or garden access. Breakfast is served daily in the guesthouse’s charming garden courtyard by exceptionally warm and friendly hosts. Perfect location near the center of town, a 5-minute walk to the ferry.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Niriides Guesthouse

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