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Updated: September 30, 2023
By Santorini Dave

Our Favorite Hotels in Ibiza

• 5-Star: Hacienda Na Xamena
• 4-Star: Sir Joan
• 3-Star: Apartamentos Mar y Playa
• For Families: Hard Rock
• For Couples: Aguas de Ibiza

Best beach hotel near Ibiza Town.

Apartamentos Mar y Playa at Platja de ses Figueretes in Ibiza Town.

The Best Areas to Stay in Ibiza

Everything is close by in Ibiza. The most northerly point, Portinatx, is only a 45-minute drive from the southern-most point at Platja de Ses Salines. Even if you were to take the back roads, you’d be hard-pushed to drive for much more than an hour. This should reassure anyone struggling to find accommodations in their desired area in high season; wherever you end up, whether it’s an idyllic rural agriturismo (farm stay) or a hotel that throws daytime pool parties, you can find a completely opposite experience within minutes. Whether you stay in one of the suburbs, the less-well-known north, the rural center, or the secretive south, you’ll find beautiful beaches, quaint pueblos, and open-minded locals who are generally happy to share their island.

Most people opt to get around with a rental car, but the island is well connected by buses – especially in high season when there’s even the all-night Discobus. There’s no Uber or Lyft, but the local taxi services are well equipped to deal with foreigners with trilingual operators (Catalan, Spanish, and English) and they’ve even recently brought out their own Uber-style app.

Thanks to the island’s variety and beauty, there is accommodation to fit any budget everywhere, whether you want an all-inclusive package deal that caters to kids, a hedonistic club-hotel, or an utterly luxurious rural bolt hole.

To get the best sense of the island’s sheer variety, stay in or around Ibiza Town (Vila d’Eivissa or simply Vila/Eivissa in Catalan), which really has a bit of everything: an exquisitely preserved medieval old town, Dalt Vila; a bustling port area full of stylish and interesting shops, restaurants, and bars; a marina with a picturesque harbor arm leading out to the turquoise Mediterranean Sea; world-famous clubs (Pacha and Heart); gorgeous beaches – namely, Talamanca, Figueretes, and d’en Bossa (where you’ll find superclubs Ushuaia and Hi); and the Ses Salines national park with its otherworldly salt flats and divine beaches. And all this within just a 10-minute drive of the airport.

Ibiza Port.

Ibiza Town is the best area for first-time visitors and families. Just back from the port, Plaça de la Constitució is full of cafes, bars, shops, and the Mercat Vell (Old Market). In this photo the Montesol Experimental is to the right and around a corner.

The area around (and including) Ibiza’s second city, Sant Antoni de Portmany (aka San Antonio Abad, or just ‘San An’ to the Brits who take over in summer months), is another island highlight. Basing your holiday in this area will give you almost as much variety as Ibiza Town (although you can easily do them both; they’re only 20 minutes apart): legendary nightlife and superclubs, worship-worthy chill-out sunsets, a surprisingly great food scene, and easy access to nearby beaches and pueblos.

Northern Ibiza includes the pleasant town of Santa Eulària des Riu (Santa Eulalia del Río), with its unmissable Puig de Missa church and Portinatx, whose family-friendly beaches and iconic lighthouse draw people up to the otherwise remote north-east. In between the two, there are so many delectable coves to explore that even those coming in high season should be able to find a spot to themselves. The north has traditionally drawn the island’s hippy community: the famous Las Dalias is just outside Sant Carles de Peralta (San Carlos) and there’s a smaller hippy market in Sant Joan de Latbrija (San Juan) on Saturdays.

A primary draw for Central Ibiza has got to be its epic superclubs Amnesia and Privilege, which lie about halfway between Sant Antoni and Ibiza Town in the otherwise sleepy town of Sant Rafel de sa Creu (San Rafael). However, while the clubs might be the area’s most famous attractions, there’s more to discover, including a buzzing food and drinks scene with some of the islands best restaurants and world-class shopping in and around Santa Gertrudis – a must for anyone wanting to leave with something authentic, chic, or unique.

Southern Ibiza is arguably where the Island is at its most romantic and languid. It is largely rural, with the only town of note being Sant Josep de sa Talaia (San José), and its main attraction is the stunning beaches and coves, many of which offer splendid views of the rock formation Es Vedrà or Formentera. Meanwhile, Sa Talaia is the island’s highest peak and offers good hiking possibilities, and there are the cerebral joys of the ‘Stonehenge’ art installation and the hippy pilgrimage ‘Atlantis.’

The Best Places to Stay in Ibiza

Best honeymoon hotel in Ibiza.

The marvelous and romantic Ca Na Xica Hotel in Ibiza.

Best Areas in Ibiza for…

  • Best Area in Ibiza for Sightseeing: Ibiza Town
    Dalt Vila is undoubtedly the gem of the island for sights-per-square inch. The 16th-century walled city within Ibiza Town’s old quarter with a warren of steep, pedestrianized, cobbled streets leading to a cathedral, castle, UNESCO-protected ruins and attached archeological museum, churches, chapels, a monastery, a museum about Moorish Ibiza, a contemporary art museum, lookout points, and medieval bulwarks. Leave Dalt Vila via Portal de ses Taules and you’ll come to the Plaça de sa Constitució and the Mercat Vell (Old Market). From here, stroll through the many excellent shopping streets down to the Port and walk around the harbor (past superclubs Heart and Pacha) to Talamanca bay with its pretty beach. Then you can take the little ferry back to the old part of town from Marina Botafoch. There’s great people-watching around the graceful Passeig de Vara de Rey and the nearby Plaça des Parc.
  • Best Areas in Ibiza for Nightlife: Sant Antoni de Portmany & Ibiza Town
    In Ibiza Town, Marina Botafoch has the Heart, Pacha, and Lío clubs, as well as fancy bars catering to the yachting crowd. On the other side of the harbor, the area between Dalt Vila and the Port known as Sa Penya is always buzzing. For LGBT+ nightlife, head to Carrer de la Mare Déu. Meanwhile, in Sant Antoni there are three main hubs of activity: start at the Sunset Strip (Passeig de Ponent) at Café del Mar or Café Mambo to watch the sun dip below the waves with chill-out tunes and live DJs; load up on cheap drinks in the Carrer de Santa Agnes aka Little UK, packed with English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish bars; then head over to Avinguda del Doctor Fleming, home to Ibiza Rocks Bar and superclubs Es Paradis and Eden. Between the two towns are the superclubs Amnesia and Privilege (the largest club in the world); many people make a night out starting on one side of the island and ending up at the other. The best way to start the night is, in fact, at one of Ibiza’s daytime clubs, which get going in the late afternoon. Near Ibiza Town, there’s nowhere better than Ushuaïa Beach Hotel (adults only, 2 km south of town). In San An, head to O Beach or Ibiza Rocks Hotel.
  • Best Area in Ibiza for Food and Restaurants: Ibiza Town
    In food-obsessed Ibiza, there is serious competition for the area with the best eating. There’s great food to be found all over the island, but Ibiza Town has the most varied selection of cuisines from all over the world to suit all budgets. It has the largest concentration of Michelin-Plate spots, including the fashionable Sa Brisa and the modern fusion tapas at Re.Art. And many of the hotels boast fantastic eating, like Izakaya at Sir Joan, MiKasa’s Levantine mezzes served on a marina-side terrace, and Mirador de Dalt Vila, where a romantic stroll around the old city afterward is mandatory. For a dining experience you’ll never forget, try Heart, run by the Adrià brothers of elBulli fame, along with Cirque du Soleil.
  • Best Area in Ibiza for Families: Ibiza Town
    Ibiza Town will offer the most varied fun. Platja de Talamanca is a perfect beach for kids with its wide shallow bay, and is well-supplied with little shops and restaurants. From there, you can take the little ferry over to the old port area, scale Dalt Vila, and explore the necropolis. There are boat trips and plenty of rental places to get bikes. Sant Antoni has lots of events for kids and small beaches that are family-friendly. Port d’es Torrent along the south of the bay has a resort-feel, with a main street full of amusements. Portinatx’s three beaches provide variety within a small space, and there are excellent child-friendly hotels at Es Figueral, Cala Gració, Es Canar, Cala Llonga, and Cala Tarida.
  • Best Area in Ibiza to Stay for First Timers: Ibiza Town
    Bust any preconceptions that the island is one big foam party by staying in the heart of Ibiza Town. The historic Dalt Vila and the breathtaking views out to sea will instantly show you that nightlife is just one of Ibiza’s many facets. The port area provides great shopping, food, and drinking options. Meanwhile, Figueretes and d’en Bossa beaches to the south and Platja de Talamanca just north of the city are all beautiful, well-served and, yes, have excellent options to party. Most importantly, the city is well-connected by buses to the other main towns, and it’s a cinch to rent a car, bike, or kayak if you want to get off the beaten track.
  • Most Romantic Area in Ibiza: Hacienda Na Xamena
    Ibiza offers great scenery and settings for honeymooners and couples. In Ibiza Town, it’s got to be somewhere with a great view of Dalt Vila. In Sant Antoni, you can’t miss a cocktail at sunset at either Sunset Ashram, Café del Mar, or Hostal La Torre. Another great spot for romantic drinks is Experimental Beach in Ses Salines. If it’s a meal you’re after, try the wonderfully situated Es Boldadó (with views of Es Vedrà), or if you want to be surrounded by twinkling lights while dining outdoors, choose Finca La Plaza in Santa Gertrudis, Can Bof in Ibiza Town (Marina Botafoch), or La Luna Nell’Orto in Sant Miquel de Balansat. For vantage points, a hike at dawn up Sa Talaia is difficult but Puig de Missa’s setting and glorious 360 degree views more than make up for it. However, for unforgettable singularly Ibizan luxury, head to Hacienda Na Xamena. Either use the day spa facilities and treat yourself to a tasting menu at Edén, run by two-Michelin-starred chef Fran López, or book yourself into one of the hotel’s incredible suites that each feature their own al fresco jacuzzi perched high on a cliff with breathtaking views of the ocean.
  • Best Area in Ibiza for a Local Vibe: Off-season Anywhere
    By far the easiest way to experience the ‘real’ Ibiza is to go off-season. The island receives over 3 million tourists every summer, which dramatically changes once they leave – the permanent population is less than 150,000. While this means that much of the island’s facilities shut down for half the year, there is still plenty to do, with some of the best and most established shopping, eating, and drinking spots open year-round. If you do come in the summer and want to see local life, try the interior towns, such as Sant Rafel, where you can potter around ceramics studios; Sant Carles de Peralta, where you can still find locals picking up their mail from Bar Anita; the verdant north-eastern corner for its lesser-known coves; the ‘Stonehenge’ installation in the south; or Sant Josep for lovely local hikes.
  • Best Area in Ibiza for Walking: Sa Talaia
    The tourist board has produced a good guide to some of the best hikes on the island, but for view-hunters, head for Sa Talaia, Ibiza’s highest peak at 1,550ft above sea level. The walk starts in the delightful town of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, which somehow manages to fuse the best of sleepy inland Ibiza with stylish stores and eateries.
  • Safety in Ibiza
    Ibiza is generally very safe for tourists. The biggest threats come during clubbing season, where drug and alcohol abuse makes people’s judgments less than sober. Watch out for unlicensed taxis and petty crime in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni.

The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Ibiza for Tourists

Hotel in Ibiza near ferry terminal.

The view of the harbor and ferries from Sir Joan Hotel in Ibiza Town.

1. Ibiza Town & around Dalt Vila

16th-century walled city within Ibiza Town’s old quarter with a warren of steep, pedestrianized, cobbled streets (wear flat shoes with grip). There’s a cathedral, castle, the ancient Unesco-protected Puig des Molins necropolis and attached archeological museum, churches and little chapels, a monastery, a contemporary art museum, lookout points, and medieval bulwarks. There are a few ways into Dalt Vila, but the magnificent Portal de ses Taules on the Plaça de la Constitució is by far the most dramatic. Every Friday night you can enjoy traditional Ibizan dancing and costumes at the Baluarde de Sant Pere.

2. Ses Salines

South of Ibiza Town are spectacular salt flats and protected woodlands. Excellent birding opportunities: you can sometimes spot flamingoes. There’s an interpretation center if you want to learn more about the area. The beach of the same name is one of the island’s best. For one of the most fabulous bar-restaurants on the whole island, take the dirt road to Experimental Beach on Cap des Falcó, where you can eat and drink from the comfort of your sun lounger.

3. Sant Antoni de Portmany & around

‘San An’ gets a bad rap for being flooded with young, drunk Brits, but, if you can navigate your way around them (avoid the blocks around Carrer Santa Agnes), you’ll find a delightful, diverse town with excellent restaurants set in a glorious bay full of little villages and coves to explore. It has some of the island’s most famous and enduring superclubs like Es Paradis, as well as bars, including the ever-popular Sunset Strip favorites Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar.

4. North Puig de Missa & Santa Eulària des Riu

Best beach town in Ibiza.

The beach in Santa Eulària.

Santa Eulària is a delightful city to wander, with a pleasant beach and great indoor food market, but if you only have time for one thing in this area, do not miss the majestic 16th-century Puig de Missa (pweesh deh meesa). It is possible to drive up, but make sure to wander around the characterful cluster of streets up there and marvel at the views.

5. North Las Dalias

Ibiza has long attracted people seeking an alternative lifestyle, and nowhere is a more enduring symbol of their legacy than Las Dalias hippy market just outside Sant Carles de Peralta. As the market grew in popularity (it draws up to 20,000 people on Saturdays), it inevitably became more corporate: many stallholders accept credit cards and there’s an online store. Nevertheless, it’s well worth exploring the market’s heady mix of clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, handicrafts, artwork, and more, and it’s a fun place to hang out, with lots of food stalls, clubs, and live music nights.

6. Central Shopping in Santa Gertrudis

Best boutique hotel in Ibiza.

The idyllic Cas Gasi Hotel near Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera.

Yes, Ibiza Town has the most shops, but for those who want to capture Ibiza’s boho chic aesthetic, head straight to the town of Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera. While you’re there, don’t miss Aurobelle, where you can stock up on whimsical, ethically-sourced women’s clothes; Es Cuçons La Tienda to find homeware for your new freewheeling lifestyle; get your tipple from Somm, whose owners specialize in small-batch Ibizan wines. There’s more boutiques to peruse in town, but do not leave the area without experiencing bohemian concept megastores Sluiz and La Galería Elefante just outside of town (a 2-minute drive away). The latter is more of a sensory experience than a shop, with rooms arranged throughout an old house with clothes, jewelry, kids’ toys, gifts, and homeware in a riot of textures, fabrics, and colors that manages to remain chic despite a hippy-crafty edge. For contemporary tounge-in-cheek kitsch, head across the road to Sluiz. You won’t miss it, thanks to the fluorescent cows hanging in the trees and outrageous parking lot signs. An enormous warehouse full of fantastical, fun, and fabulous clothing, gifts, and homeware, you could get lost because it’s so huge, and there’s a cafe to keep you nourished if you do.

  • Best Hotels: Cas GasiHacienda Na XamenaCa Na Xica
  • Best Cheap/Midrange Hotels: None in the immediate area. 15-20 minutes’ drive from Ibiza Town/Sant Antoni/Santa Eulària.

7. South Es Vedrà & southern beaches

The south-westerly section of the island is most famous for the stunning Es Vedrà rock formation in the sea, but it is also home to some fantastic beaches. Standouts include: Cala d’Hort for the best views of Es Vedrà – you can go out on boat trips to see it up close; Es Cubells, for its magnificently situated cliffside church and off-the-beaten-track cove, and Cala Vadella, one of the most perfect little beach villages, with a crescent of sand and a pretty plaza right on the beach with all the amenities you’d need for a day out.

8. South Hiking in Ibiza: Sant Josep & Sa Talaia

The tourist board has produced a good guide to some of the best hikes on the island, but for view-hunters, head for Sa Talaia, Ibiza’s highest peak at 1,550ft above sea level. The walk starts in the delightful town of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, which somehow manages to fuse the best of sleepy inland Ibiza with stylish stores and eateries.

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