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Updated: December 30, 2019

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When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

  • Best Time for Bargains: One of the best times to find a bargain in Las Vegas is during the peak of summer, mainly mid-July through August as it will be sizzling hot, keeping many visitors away. There are also fewer conventions and special events during this time, meaning even fewer people will be visiting the city. If you come during the summer, while temperatures often soar into the 40s, you can enjoy outdoor activities fairly comfortably during the early morning hours, and at night. Take advantage of the numerous indoor attractions during the afternoon, or head to the nearby mountains where it’s cooler. Christmastime can also bring bargains, particularly the week before Christmas and just before New Year’s Eve, as many people plan to spend time with their families at home, rather than in destinations like Vegas.
  • Best Time to Book a Hotel Room: While you may think booking early is a good idea when it comes to reserving a Vegas hotel room, it generally isn’t, as many hotels don’t start offering discounted rates until about three months out. One trick is to book a room at one or more hotels that can be cancelled without penalty, and then see if you can find a reduced rate when it gets closer to your scheduled trip. You’ll usually find the best rates during mid-week no matter what time of year you go, with summer and Christmastime (before New Year’s Eve), generally offering the biggest discounts.
  • Best Time for Buffets: Buffets are very popular in Las Vegas, which means if you’re planning to indulge, you’ll want to go when the time is right to avoid waiting in line for potentially two hours or even more. At the same time, if you go when it’s too quiet, some of that food may have been sitting under the heat lamps for a bit too long. Generally, going just before lunch is switched over to dinner will bring the freshest food and the shortest lines. By doing this, you’ll usually pay the cheaper lunch price while being able to enjoy the more extensive array of dinner foods.
  • Best Time to Ride the High Roller: The Las Vegas High Roller is the highest observation wheel in the world. If you can get there near sunset, about 15 minutes before the Bellagio Fountains go off, during the 30-minute ride you can enjoy the daytime views, the spectacular water show, sunset and the dazzling city lights after dark.

Las Vegas Travel Seasons

  • High Season (January through April, October, major holidays): Las Vegas doesn’t have well-defined high and low seasons as this popular destination attracts crowds year-round, however, there are slight differences that can help you decide when to go. Things really shift into high gear around New Year’s Eve and the first week of January, with tourists packing the city through April. High season generally means the highest rates of the year and the biggest crowds, though not necessarily the best weather. It can get quite chilly in January and February, though March and April are usually quite pleasant.
  • Shoulder Season (May through June, September and November): The shoulder season is generally late spring/early summer and late summer through early autumn. By going during these times, you’ll avoid the biggest crowds and the worst of the summer weather, but you may not enjoy the biggest discounts. A mid-week stay in the shoulder season is your best bet for cheaper hotel rates.
  • Low Season (July and August): The sizzling temperatures of summer tend to keep some tourists away, though not all. This is the time of year you’re most likely to find the shortest lines and greater discounts, particularly for midweek dates at hotels. Be prepared to spend most of your time indoors due to the heat, and be sure to bring a light jacket or sweater for overly air-conditioned casinos, restaurants and other indoor locations.

Las Vegas Weather by Month

  • Las Vegas Weather in January: January is the coldest month in Las Vegas, although it will probably feel more like a beautiful autumn day then what you’re used to during the winter, unless you’re coming from a particularly warm southern climate. On average, high temperatures reach 14°C, but it’s not uncommon for the mercury to rise into the upper teens, and temperatures have even been known to get as high as 24°C. After dark, it does get rather cool, with overnight lows just above freezing at 1°C, and occasionally it can fall below 0°C, though snow is unlikely. Its dry desert location means that there is only an average of 13mm of precipitation, with just an 11% chance of rain early in the month, and 15% around January’s end. The most common form of precipitation is light rain, though light snow, moderate or heavy rain can occur. When it comes to packing, bring a warm jacket if you plan to walk around in the evening, along with clothes that can be layered so that you can remove items easily as needed when spending time indoors. As the days are fairly short in January, with sunset at 4:37am on the 1st, and just after 5pm by month’s end, you’ll also want to plan your itinerary accordingly. (Average Max Temperature: 14°C. Average Precipitation: 13mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in February: By February things are already beginning to warm, though it is the second coldest month of the year after January. Afternoon highs now reach 17°C, and as the month progresses, the chance for an especially warm and pleasant day increases, with the temperature sometimes rising above 22°C. Precipitation increases slightly to 19mm over six days, but most of the time the skies will be sunny and clear, and the odds of snow are virtually nil, with overnight lows averaging well above freezing now at 4°C. As the weather can be rather erratic in February, you may want to be a range of clothing, planning for some sunny, warm days as well as cooler, and possibly rainy days as well. (Average Max Temperature: 17°C. Average Precipitation: 19mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in March: With temperatures averaging as much as 20 degrees warmer than the U.S. average, March is typically an ideal time to be outdoors in Las Vegas. While the average high now rises to 21°C, temperatures have been known to reach 28°C, and occasionally even hotter. But keep in mind that some years, it can be rather cool in March, staying in the low to mid-teens. It will still be chilly at night, with temperatures dropping to an average of 7°C. That said, once again, bringing clothing that can be layered, including long- and short-sleeved shirts, a sweater and a light jacket, as well as a pair of shorts if especially warm weather hits, will ensure that you’re prepared for just about anything. With just 11mm of precipitation over five days on average this month, rain is unlikely to interrupt your plans. There is more good news for trips to Las Vegas in March – thanks in part to Daylight Savings Time, by month’s end, the sun stays up until about 7pm. (Average Max Temperature: 21°C. Average Precipitation: 11mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in April: With spring in full swing, you can expect near-perfect weather in April, with this month bringing an average of 12 hours of sunshine and few if any cloudy days. There’s even less chance for rain in April, with 5mm of precipitation on average over three days. Temperatures are definitely warming up too, with average highs at 26°C, and evenings that are cool but not cold, with overnight lows averaging 11°C. The mild temperatures make it pleasant to be outside just about any time of the day, but to stay comfortable you’ll still need of mix of clothing, including shorts and short-sleeved shirts or dresses for warm days and a light sweater or jacket for evenings and inside air-conditioned casinos. (Average Max Temperature: 21°C. Average Precipitation: 5mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in May: May is another great month to be in Las Vegas. Temperatures continue to warm, but it doesn’t get miserably hot just yet. Afternoon highs rise to 31°C, but keep in mind that the later in the month you arrive, the warmer is likely to be. It’s even pleasant after dark, and some may not even need a jacket or sweater to keep warm, with the average lows now at 16°C. If you visit in May, you’ll want to bring lots of summer wear, including lightweight clothing, shorts or dresses, sunglasses and sunscreen, although you may still need a light sweater for overly air-conditioned indoor spaces. You can expect a full 13 hours of sunshine each day and little to no rain, with just 3mm of precipitation on average. (Average Max Temperature: 31°C. Average Precipitation: 3mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in June: With summer officially here, you can expect Vegas to be very hot. Afternoons are scorching, with the mercury rising on average to a sizzling 38°C, and by month’s end, you can expect it to get even hotter than that. The good news is that the night will bring relief, with temperatures dropping back down to a much more pleasant 21°C; however nightfall doesn’t come until around 8pm throughout the month. Like May, there is very little if any rain to cool things off, with just 2mm of precipitation on average over three days in June. Plan to pack plenty of loose, lightweight clothing, lots of sunscreen and perhaps a sweater in case you get chilly indoors. (Average Max Temperature: 38°C. Average Precipitation: 2mm)
  • Las Vegas Weather in July: July is the hottest month in Las Vegas, with temperatures soaring all the way to 41°C in the afternoon now. Although it only happens an average of once every 10 days, temperatures can reach above 43°C. For those who are especially heat-sensitive, this isn’t the best time to be in Las Vegas; however, if you plan your days right by staying indoors in the afternoon and venturing out in the evening when there are more pleasant temperatures in the mid-20s, you can make it work while also enjoying discounted accommodation rates, especially for midweek stays. Although there won’t be much in the way of rain to cool you off, precipitation does increase a bit to 11mm over five days. If you go in July, pack plenty of light, airy clothing and a boatload of sunscreen along with a sun hat for added protection. You’re likely to need a light sweater or jacket for overly air-conditioned indoor areas as well. (Average Max Temperature: 41°C. Average Precipitation: 11mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in August: August is the second hottest month in Las Vegas, with the average high temperature now at 39°C, though the mercury can occasionally rise higher than 42°C. Like July, this isn’t the best time for heat-sensitive people to visit, but you can potentially save money on your hotel room and you’ll still find plenty to do indoors with the endless casinos, shows and other attractions, so that you don’t have to endure the intense heat of the afternoon sun. The evening hours are still ideal for being outside, with overnight lows averaging 23°C. Precipitation increases slightly to 13mm over six days, and the further the month progresses, the greater likelihood for some rain to help cool things off a bit. No matter which part of August you’re here, you’ll have lots of bright, hot sunny days, so you’ll want to pack as you would for July, with all of your summer gear, including plenty of sunscreen. (Average Max Temperature: 39°C. Average Precipitation: 13mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in September: The weather gradually starts to cool in September, though it will still be quite hot early in the month. The average temperature is a little over 30°C during the first week, gradually dropping to 28.5°C by mid-September, and by the month’s end, it’s all the way down to 25°C. Afternoon highs average 35°C overall, so it won’t feel chilly by any means. The days are becoming shorter, with sunset at 6:25pm by September 30th, so you’ll have a little more time to take advantage of cooler evenings too. Don’t expect much in the way of moisture, this month is very dry with just 7mm of precipitation on average. As far as what to pack, summer wear is still the focus this month, with plenty of light and airy clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses, along with a sweater for cooler indoor conditions. (Average Max Temperature: 35°C. Average precipitation: 7mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in October: Now that autumn is officially here, you can expect much more pleasant weather conditions in Las Vegas. Early in the month temperatures may rise to 31°C, but on average the high temperature is now at a much more comfortable 28°C. It is getting slightly chilly at night, with overnight lows averaging 12°C, though it’s still usually quite enjoyable to walk around the city after dark with a light sweater or jacket all that’s needed to stay warm. Now is the time to think about packing clothes that can be layered – you’ll likely still need lightweight, summery clothing during the day, especially earlier in the month, along with long-sleeved shirts and pants for the cooler evenings. October is another very dry month, with only around 7mm of precipitation, so rain is unlikely to interrupt your plans. (Average Max Temperature: 28°C. Average Precipitation: 60mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in November: When it comes to the weather in November, it can be all over the place, with a mix of pleasant warm days as well as cool ones. The earlier in the month you arrive, the higher the temperatures generally will be, though the average high overall is a comfortable 19°C. Evenings will be cool, if not downright cold, with overnight lows dipping to 6°C. It is still quite dry in November, with just 11mm of precipitation, so you can expect lots of sunshine and clear, blue skies, but it might be a bit too chilly for lounging outside by the pool. When it comes to packing, to be prepared your best bet is to bring clothes that can be worn in layers, covering a range of temperatures. Though it only happens on an average of three days this month, the mercury can reach or even exceed 27°C, and occasionally drop to freezing or just below. (Average Max Temperature: 19°C. Average Precipitation: 11mm.)
  • Las Vegas Weather in December: With winter arriving in December, temperatures drop significantly, with afternoon highs only at 14°C, and lows dipping to just above freezing at 1°C. Although it’s unlikely to snow, with just 8mm of precipitation this month, a light dusting is not unheard of. With the shortest days of the year in December, you’ll have less daylight too, as the sun goes down just before 4:30pm throughout much of the month. While you’ll probably be spending much of your time indoors, be sure to bring a warm coat for cold days as well as a sweater or light jacket for warmer ones. Clothing that can be layered is helpful too, in case you begin to feel too warm in overheated indoor spaces. (Average Max Temperature: 14°C. Average precipitation: 8mm.)

Las Vegas Special Events by Month

Las Vegas in January

  • New Year’s Day – New Year’s Day is unofficially known as Hangover Day in Las Vegas, and while it is a national holiday, it’s business as usual here, with all of the restaurants, bars, casinos, shops and attractions open. Many people watch the New Year’s Day bowl games that will be playing in just about every bar, and most casinos host sports pubs that provide options for watching on the big screen while sipping a beer, or three, to help that hangover disappear.
  • International Consumer Electronics Show – The CES is the biggest consumer electronics show on the planet, held in Vegas every year for the past half-century, serving as the launching pad for new technology and innovation that has changed the world. It showcases over 3,800 exhibiting companies, including developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, technology delivery systems, manufacturers and more. It also features a conference program with more than 300 conference sessions that draw over 160,000 attendees from 150 countries.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade – This annual parade held on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (observed the third Monday of January each year) honors the leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement with floats, marching bands and an award ceremony recognizing those that have contributed to his Dream.
  • Adult Entertainment Expo – This annual event held over four days in mid-January, is just what it sounds like. Known as the largest porn expo in the U.S., it attracts several hundred exhibiting companies and over 30,000 attendees. The highlight of the event is the huge awards show that honors adult film stars, and guests also enjoy autograph sessions with some of their favorite stars as well as the chance to attend a host of wild parties.

Las Vegas in February

  • Chinese New Year – Chinese New Year usually falls in February, but some years, it can also fall in January-end. Las Vegas hosts the week-long Chinese New Year in the Desert festival to celebrate, which features the traditional dragon dance, a dancing lion display, noodle pulling drum circles, acrobats, martial arts and kung fu demonstrations, and plenty of mouthwatering, authentic Chinese cuisine.
  • Vegas Shoot – The Vegas Shoot is considered to be the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the world, attracting novice to Olympic archers from all corners of the globe. Over 3,000 archers and thousands of spectators typically attend this three-day event.
  • Valentine’s Day – There are Valentine’s Day events galore in Las Vegas, including the mass wedding ceremony at LINQ Promenade where every year multiple couples are married at the same time, officiated by an Elvis impersonator. Restaurants, bars, clubs and resorts host all types of special events for the romantic day as well, such as the Skyfall Lounge at Delano which has traditionally offered “For the Love of Cocktails,” a gala event with over two dozen specialty cocktails, along with gourmet tastings and entertainment.
  • Black History Month Festival – Black History Month is celebrated with this festival, typically held on the third Saturday in February, featuring lots of food, music, dancing, carnival games, face painting and more at the Springs Amphitheater.

Las Vegas in March

  • Universal Whiskey Experience – Over four days in early March, this lavish affair that’s considered the premiere whiskey event of the year is hosted at the Encore. It includes a High Roller Whiskey speed dating event, opportunities to meet with some of the world’s best whiskey distillers, private tastings for rare drams, master classes and more.
  • NASCAR Cup Series – The Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts this annual four-day event in early March, featuring free nightly entertainment, concerts and a weekend of racing.
  • St. Patrick’s Day – The Mayor of Las Vegas presides over a series of parades, and plenty of partying, throughout the downtown area for the Irish holiday. The Nine Fine Irishmen also hosts its annual Celtic Feis festival, and the O’Sheas BLOQ party on LINQ Promenade offers the chance to toast a Guinness to stilt walkers, kilted bagpipers and leprechauns.
  • Vegas Toy Con – Vegas Toy Con is the largest diecast, toy, comic and pop culture convention in Las Vegas. Held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino over three days in March, the extravaganza features over 10,000 collectors, an artist’s alleyway, a downhill diecast racing track, celebrity appearances, autograph sessions, Q and A sessions, and more.
  • Monster Jam World Finals – During the third week of March, monster trucks gather every year at Sam Boyd Stadium. More than 100 trucks and drivers participate in racing, freestyle competitions, meet and greets, interviews and more.
  • Extreme Thing Festival – Every year in late March, and sometimes in early April, this event held at Desert Breeze Skate Park features extreme sports like BMX and skateboarding as well as wrestling championships and extreme body modification, along with “extreme” punk music.

Las Vegas in April

  • Academy of Country Music Awards – This awards show is held at the MGM Grand every year in early April. It’s a great time for country music fans to get a chance to shake the hands of their favorite stars as they walk the red carpet or even attend the show.
  • City of Lights Jazz Festival – Jazz musicians from across the country gather at Hills Park in Summerlin, just 10 miles west of downtown Las Vegas, for this fun outdoor picnic festival held over a weekend in mid-April. In addition to great jazz music, there are a variety of concessions and crafts booths.
  • Great Festival of Beer – Typically held on a Saturday in early April, this beer festival features Nevada and national breweries displaying their products. It includes the chance to sample local and national favorites from breweries along with gastropub fare while enjoying music from local and regional musicians.
  • Indian Food & Cultural Festival – Held annually in late April, this Indian festival offers the chance to try some of the best street food presentations, including Tandoori Chicken, Fish Pakoras, Kabobs and Chicken Curry. It also features Indian arts and crafts, henna, live music, a variety of vendors and more.
  • UNLVino – This one-day fundraising event in mid-April hosted by the Southern Wine & Spirits and UNLV Harrah College of Hotel Administration offers the chance to sip wine for scholarships.

Las Vegas in May

  • Cinco de Mayo – Cinco de Mayo celebrates the day in 1862 when Mexican troops beat the French during the famous Battle of Puebla, declaring their independence. Freedom Park is generally the center of the festivities for this annual celebration held on the weekend closest to May 5th. It includes parades, clowns and food booths, and there are also a variety of celebrations in local bars and other parks throughout the city.
  • Helldorado Days – This long-running event was created in 1935 in order to attract tourists to the area and has been revived to celebrate the city’s western roots and early beginnings. Held over four days in mid-May, it includes rodeos, a downtown parade, golf and poker tournaments, trap-shooting contests, art auctions and trail rides.
  • San Gennaro Feast – Held semi-annually in honor of the Saint Gennaro, the Patron Saint of Naples, Italy, this massive Italian food and music festival features a wide array of arts and crafts, ethnic food vendors, live international acts, amusement rides and games, home exhibits, a petting zoo, pony rides and more.
  • Exodus Festival – This annual music festival held over five days in mid-May, features a number of epic parties that take place at various venues throughout the city. It merges the classic pool parties with exciting night clubs and includes DJs that play an eclectic mix of musical genres ranging from R&B and hip to EDM.
  • Puerto Rican Festival – Typically held on the last Sunday in May, this vibrant celebration of Boricua heritage and culture offers the chance to taste amazing Caribbean cuisine as well as to enjoy live entertainment and an arts and crafts marketplace.

Las Vegas in June

  • Reggae in the Desert – Reggae fans from across the globe visit Las Vegas in mid-June to enjoy music from some of the biggest names in reggae along with showcases of cultural arts and crafts focused on Jamaican and Caribbean culture.
  • Las Vegas Lift Off Film Festival – The only internationally recognized Las Vegas-based film festival where all attendees are admitted free, this event offers both first-time student and professional filmmakers a chance to showcase their work in an unbiased environment with awards given to categories that include drama, acting, artistic merit and story structure. It takes places for four days in late June.
  • Vegas Fringe Festival – A celebration of theater, the Fringe Festival is held over 10 days in mid-June, and features a multitude of plays that showcase the talents of actors, directors, designers and companies, with everything from family-friendly musicals to improv shows and edgy debuts.
  • Electric Daisy Carnival – This popular Las Vegas event held over three days in mid-June, is the largest celebration for electronic dance music lovers on the planet. Over 300,000 attendees come to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to the festival that showcases the top EDM DJs, circus-style performances, carnival rides, art and more.

Las Vegas in July

  • Fourth of July Fireworks – Las Vegas celebrates Fourth of July, Independence Day, every year with magnificent fireworks displays and other celebrations throughout the city. There is a big fireworks show over Caesar’s Palace as well as a number of other venues, like the Stratosphere Lounge, Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Cashman Field.
  • Elvis Festival – This long weekend of entertainment over four days in mid-July, celebrates the life, music and legacy of Elvis Presley. It includes three headline shows, and a contest with some of the world’s top Elvis tribute artists who perform and compete.
  • Big Dog’s Summer Beer Fest – Generally held on the last Saturday of July, this beer and music festival is free to all and features over 40 brews from around the region and the world, along with live reggae music, raffles and great BBQ.
  • Dance in the Desert Festival – The annual Las Vegas Dance in the Desert Festival held at the Summerlin Library Performing Arts Center in late July, features dance performances by local, regional, national and international companies. In addition to performances, master classes are offered to festival performers as well as to the public.

Las Vegas in August

  • Tejano Music National Convention – Held over two days in early August, this expo features over 60 booths and an entertainment stage hosting Tejano artists from across the country. This event is best known for its Vegas “Gran Bailes,” or Giant Dances, which feature the industry’s “best of the best” recording artists, including special one-of-a-kind performances. The convention also offers a variety of programs, including dance instruction for those who want to learn the basics of Tejano dancing.
  • DEF CON – The world’s largest annual hacker conventions is held annually over four days in early August. Running for nearly 25 years now, it brings together hackers, government agencies and corporate IT professionals to absorb cutting edge hacking research as well as to test their skills with hacking contests.
  • MAGIC Marketplace – MAGIC is the world’s largest fashion marketplace, made up of 11 unique communities which showcase the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing. Held over three days in mid-August, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Over 60,000 industry insiders from more than 120 countries attend each year.

Las Vegas in September

  • Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive – Over the first weekend after Labor Day, this four-day festival features shows, workshops, contests and all sorts of other entertainment in a variety of venues throughout the city.
  • El Grito de Vegas – Honoring Mexican Independence day over four days in mid-September, this event showcases authentic mariachi bands, musical performances by some of the country’s best performing artists and lots of traditional Mexican cuisine. Several venues throughout the city host live music as well as food and craft booths, with one of the most notable festivities at Freedom Park.
  • Life is Beautiful Festival – This one-of-a-kind annual music, culinary, art and learning festival takes place over three days in late September. It’s spread out over 15 city blocks, including the Fremont East bar district. In addition to the music, which has included the likes of Stevie Wonder, Weezer and Imagine Dragons, some of the food from the nation’s top chefs, along with an extensive section of wines and beers, is offered.

Las Vegas in October

  • Oktoberfest – The German-American Social Club of Nevada and the City of Las Vegas hosts an annual Oktoberfest at Centennial Plaza, located at the Historic Fifth Street School around the 1st of October. It features German music, dance, food and beer as well as children’s games and other activities. Watch for Oktoberfest specials offered at many of the city’s resorts, bars and restaurants as well. Golden Biersch frequently offers a special October menu inspired by the traditional German Oktoberfest as well.
  • Greek Food Festival – For four days in early October, Greek cuisine and culture is celebrated on the grounds of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church. It includes live music, folk dancing and a bazaar.
  • Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival – This festival held over three days in early October, features a wide assortment of food and drink like roast turkey legs and steins of mead, as well as costumed maidens, chivalrous battles, live music, theater, merchandise and more.
  • Professional Bull Riders Championships – In late October every year, the best riders and the most challenging bulls come face to face in this four-day competition at South Point Arena.
  • Halloween – On October 31st, nearly every bar and nightclub in Vegas hosts a fancy-dress party for Halloween, with the Fetish & Fantasy Ball one of the most popular. Hosted by the purveyors of adult products, exhibitionists and others gather in costume to enjoy live music and a variety of contests on the weekend closest to Halloween.

Las Vegas in November

  • Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival – This festival held on the first Saturday in November each year celebrates the world of comic books, pop culture and illustrated fiction. A free event, it features film screenings, live music, a costume contest, guest speakers, publishers and other industry figures.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – This popular marathon held in mid-November offers the chance to run The Strip at night. In addition to the marathon, it includes a half-marathon, 10K and 5K, with races beginning in the late afternoon/early evening hours.
  • Motor Trend International Auto Show – Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center in late November, this event offers the chance to see the latest new models and prototypes from automobile manufacturers around the world.
  • DSOSN Festival of Trees and Lights – In mid-November, the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada hosts this premier holiday gala. It includes the chance for kids to visit Santa, tree decorating contests, gift shops, craft displays and more. In the evening, silent and live auctions are held alongside a reception and dinner – all proceeds benefit DSOSN.

Las Vegas in December

  • Light the Night Spectacular – Throughout the month of December, this event hosted at Ethel M Chocolate showcases hundreds of cacti and desert plants that are lit up for the holidays. The chocolate factory itself offers tours during this time as well.
  • Nevada International Film Festival – The state’s annual celebration of the best in American and international cinema takes place over two days in early December. It recognizes excellence in filmmaking through a number of categories like short films, feature films, documentaries, foreign films, music videos, animation, experimental works and a screenplay competition.
  • National Finals Rodeo – The National Finals Rodeo brings cowboys throughout the U.S. and Canada to participate in the rodeo’s equivalent of the Superbowl. Participants compete over 10 days in an attempt to place in any one of seven events.
  • New Year’s Eve – Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard are packed with parties on December 31st, with all sorts of wild rivalry, live music, air displays, fireworks and the occasional celebrity. “America’s Party,” includes fireworks that are set to music and fired from the roofs of seven casino hotels, including Aria, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood, The Venetian, the Stratosphere and Treasure Island.

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