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Updated: January 6, 2022
By Santorini Dave

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When is the best time to visit Perth?

    The best time of the year to visit Perth is between the months of November and March, when the weather is excellent – warm and dry, and ideal for the beach, sightseeing, and outdoor activities.

    Elizabeth Quay in Perth

    The best time to visit Perth is November to March

  • Best Time to visit Perth: November to March. Fabulous weather and plenty of festivals and outdoor events. Because of its isolation from the more populated east coast of Australia, Perth is not that affected by school holidays, but hotel prices and occupancies are generally higher from mid-December to late January. And note: heatwaves and thunderstorms are not uncommon in January and February.
  • Best Time for Good Weather: November to March. Expect endless days of warm to hot weather when rain is very unlikely to affect travel plans, except for occasional short thunderstorms. At other times of the year, the weather is cold and, often, wet.
  • Best Time for Honeymoons: November to March. Obviously, the optimal time is when rain is infrequent, but during January and February it can get very hot, and heatwaves and thunderstorms are not uncommon. The summer heat, however, is usually tempered by embracing sea breezes most afternoons.
  • Best Time for Nightlife: October to April. Perth proudly boasts the most hours of average sunshine per day among Australian capitals. The excellent weather and laidback lifestyle are conducive to a flourishing nightlife that includes outdoor festivals and open-air bars.
  • Best Time for Saving Money: May to October. While not generally as affected by school holidays as the east coast of Australia, hotels in Perth are generally more expensive during summer and also during long weekends and school holiday periods in nearby regional areas. At other times, hotels and airfares are more likely to be cheaper in June, July, and August, although the weather will be cold and, often, wet.
  • Best Time for Sightseeing: November to mid-December, February, and March. The finest time to enjoy all that Perth and the region have to offer is summer, but avoid the major Australian school holidays from mid-December to late January. (Perth is not, however, as busy as the east coast while schools are closed.) November and March are usually much milder than the summer months.
  • Best Time for Families: November to mid-December, February, and March. Ironically, the prime time for travelling with children is NOT the Australian school holidays (see above), when airfares and hotel rates rise – but most families have no choice, of course. The shorter school holidays for two weeks around Easter, early July, and late September/early October would be quieter, but good weather cannot be guaranteed at these times.
  • Best Time for Outdoor Activities: October to April. With warm to hot weather and minimal rainfall, these months are the best time for anything outdoors, but heatwaves and thunderstorms are not uncommon in January and February.

Travel Seasons in Perth

  • High Season (November to end of March): The weather will always be warm to hot during the day and rain is unlikely to affect travel plans except for occasional short thunderstorms (particularly in January and February). During the major school holidays (mid-December to late January) rates peak for airfares and hotels (especially in nearby regional areas).
  • Shoulder Season (September, October, April, and May): The 2 months before and after the warmer months can often still be ideal for travel, enhanced by lower rates for airfares and hotels. During the shorter school holidays – i.e. 2 weeks around Easter and late September/early October – Perth and, especially, the nearby regions will be busier than normal.
  • Low Season (June to August): During the height of winter, most days will be cool and the evenings even colder – and often wet and windy. As the tourist season hibernates, great deals for airfares and hotels are usually possible.

Perth Weather by Month

    The Western Australian capital has a Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Locals proudly boast that Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day across the year.

  • Perth Weather in January: The long, hot, and dry summer continues with the year’s second-highest average daytime temperature (after February) of 31°C, and a mild 18°C overnight. While temperatures sometimes soar to 35°C and beyond, the heat is dry and not humid, and usually tempered by an afternoon sea breeze lovingly called the Fremantle Doctor. Cyclones are not uncommon in the tropical far north from November to April, and may result in short bursts of stormy weather in distant Perth.
  • Perth Weather in February: The hottest month of the year for average daytime/overnight temperatures of 32/19°C, but sometimes much higher as a heatwave may grip the city. Double the rain of January as thunderstorms from cyclonic activity to the far north are not that uncommon, but nothing like the rainfall of the winter in a few months – in fact, rain only falls one day per month on average in February.
  • Perth Weather in March: Noticeable change as summer gradually merges into autumn/fall. Drop of 2 degrees on average during the day to 30°C and 17°C overnight, and expect 2-3 days with rain.
  • Perth Weather in April: As abundant leaves fall across the numerous city parks, temperatures significantly drop to a mild 26°C on average, and it’s already cool overnight at 14°C. April is also marked by an almost doubling of average monthly rain from March (and falling on about 5 days), but nothing like the peak of winter not that far away.
  • Perth Weather in May: Start of the colder months as autumn/fall quickly blends into winter. Daytime averages drop by 4 degrees to 22°C and it’s downright chilly at 11°C overnight. Most of Perth’s rain falls between May and September, and during May there is almost as much rain as the previous 4 months combined. Not as cold and wet as June and July, but certainly pack a jumper and umbrella because it rains on 9 days this month on average.
  • Perth Weather in June: Official start of winter when average daytime temperatures drop to a nippy 19°C and plummet to 9°C overnight. Even a few degrees lower sometimes after dark, but almost never below freezing (i.e. 0°C) and snow has never been recorded in the city. Wettest month of the year after July and, not surprisingly, the least amount of daylight and sunshine for the year.
  • Perth Weather in July: Coldest month of the year, with an average of 18°C during the day and a shuddering 8°C overnight. With more rain than September to December combined, July is easily the year’s wettest month. Expect rain to fall on about 14 days.
  • Perth Weather in August: As cold as July overnight (a bone-chilling 8°C), but start of a slight increase in average daytime temperatures later in the month as spring may arrive early. Still wintry in every other respect, e.g. rain falls on average for 13 days.
  • Perth Weather in September: Official start of spring which most locals hope had actually started in late August. Only a 1 degree increase in average daytime/overnight temperatures to 20/9°C from August, but continued decrease in rainfall to about half of July – and over about 11 days.
  • Perth Weather in October: With winter a distant memory and summer not far away, there’s a considerable increase of 3 degrees Celsius during the day to 23°C on average, but still coolish overnight at 12°C. Half the rainfall of September and less than one-third of July’s. Most markedly, rain usually only falls on about 6 days for the month.
  • Perth Weather in November: Summer is definitely on its way. Increased daytime averages to a very pleasant 27°C and 15°C overnight. Perfect time to visit as thunderstorms and heatwaves are not nearly as likely to affect travel plans as the next 3 months. About half the rainfall of October.
  • Perth Weather in December: Official start of summer when the average daytime temperatures are 29°C and a mild 16°C overnight. Not as hot as the next 3 months, and the summer heat is often tempered by an afternoon sea breeze known as the Fremantle Doctor. Significant drop in rainfall to the lowest for the year. Cyclones are not uncommon in the tropical far north from November to April and may result in short bursts of storms in distant Perth. Generally, however, the heat in the city is dry and not humid like Sydney and Brisbane.

Holidays, Events & Festivals in Perth

Perth Events in January

  • School Holidays (mid-December to late January) – these differ slightly in each state, but hotel rates and occupancies will increase, though not as markedly as the east coast of Australia. Also, expect busier local transport and increases in airfares.
  • ‘Silly Season’ – extends from around 20 December to the first week of January. Many businesses (but not those for tourists) close and very little gets done anywhere – except post-Christmas shopping and watching cricket on TV.
  • New Year’s Day (1st) – major public holiday when many shops, almost all offices, and some tourist attractions will close. Locals like to relax (and, perhaps, recover from hangovers) with visits to the beach and barbecues in the parks.
  • Falls Festival Fremantle (1st weekend) – arts and music festival featuring a diverse range of modern bands and DJs – overwhelmingly for the younger crowds. At the historic port of Fremantle.
  • Fringe World Festival (one month from mid-January) – over 700 events of music, dance, film, cabaret, comedy, and theater – even a circus. At 130 venues across the city (including Fremantle) and Western Australia.
  • Australia Day (26th) – public holiday celebrated with events (such as citizenship ceremonies) for a few, while the majority flock to the beach, go shopping, or watch cricket on TV. Plenty of free, family-focused activities ending with fireworks along the Swan River in downtown Perth.
  • Chinese New Year (changeable late January/early February) – displays, stalls, and parades (e.g. lion dances) during the community’s largest annual event. Also, music, martial arts, sports, games, rides, and, of course, food for about 2 weeks in downtown Perth and nearby Northbridge.

Perth Events in February

  • Perth Festival (one month from early February) – over 250 events of music, dance, film, street art, literature, and visual arts. Attracts quality Australian and international performers and is very popular, especially among families. Many events free. At various venues across the city center and suburbs.
  • Cott Film Fest (from early February) – for lovers of film, music, and food. Laze on the seaside lawns and watch old and new releases. For about 2 weeks at the lovely inner-city beach at Cottesloe, less than an hour by train from downtown.
  • Perth Makers Market (2nd Sunday) – locally-made clothes, jewelry, and fashion items for sale at abundant stalls. Also, loud music, tasty food, and fun for the young ones. Every 2 months at Yagan Square in the city center.
  • St Jerome’s Laneway Festival (2nd Sunday) – one of a nationwide chain of festivals featuring alternative music in hip venues across the historic port of Fremantle.
  • Kalamunda Chilli Festival (2nd weekend) – celebration of the much-loved vegetable/spice. Featuring food, drink, and eating competitions for the brave (or stupid), as well as fancy costumes and live music. Great fun for families. At suburban Kalamunda, 30km east of downtown.
  • Sculpture at Bathers (about 2 weeks from mid-February) – admire works by sculptors, attend workshops, and join guided walks. Bathers Beach at historic Fremantle. Free.
  • Rottnest Channel Swim (3rd Saturday) – from the inner-city Cottesloe Beach to the very popular Rottnest Island, home to adorable quokkas. One of the world’s most popular open-water swims – 20km in teams or solo.
  • AstroFest (last Saturday) – space-lovers and star-gazers unite for a family-friendly (and free) event of workshops, displays, and demonstrations. Curtin Stadium, 12km south of the city center.

Perth Events in March

  • Hyde Park Fair (1st weekend) – numerous displays, concerts, and stalls selling art, food, and fashion items – as well as a car show. In the leafy gardens of Hyde Park in North Perth. Free and heaps of fun for the family. Sunday and Monday (Labour Day public holiday).
  • Coogee Live (1st weekend) – lively event focusing on culture, food, and the community. Workshops, activities, demonstrations, and movies – many catering specifically for families. Coogee Beach, south of Fremantle and 27km from downtown.
  • Perth Japan Festival (1st Saturday) – all sorts of Japanese music, food, martial arts, sports, and dances showcasing the links between the 2 countries. Great day out for the family. Elizabeth Quay in the city center.
  • Mandurah Crab Fest (2nd weekend) – largest free event in and around Perth as about 100,000 flock to Mandurah Beach, an hour south by train from downtown. Plenty of music and drinks, as well as cooking demonstrations, entertainment for children, and, of course, seafood.
  • Sculpture by the Sea (about two weeks from early March) – up to 80 sculptures sprinkled along Cottesloe Beach, a beautiful stretch of inner-city sand. Free.
  • WA Made Film Festival (changeable, mid-March) – 3 days of screening locally-produced movies and documentaries at cinemas in the city center and nearby Northbridge.
  • Forrest Place Multicultural Festival for Harmony (3rd Saturday) – loads of family fun with food, music, and dance from across the world. In the city center.
  • Football (March to September) – most locals follow the unique code of Australian Rules Football. Two Perth-based teams – the West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers – are part of the Australian Football League competition that plays games weekly at the huge Optus Stadium in Burswood.
  • Perth Night Noodle Markets (late March to early April) – evening food markets at Yagan Square (between the city center and Northbridge). Mostly Asian, and all tasty and cheap. Leads to the Good Food Month (see below).
  • Perth BeerFest (last weekend) – hundreds of craft beers, ciders, and spirits to enjoy among all the music, food, and comedy shows. Elizabeth Quay in the city center.
  • Easter (changeable, March/April) – Australians love public holidays and as locals say: ‘this is a cracker’. Most shops, offices, tourist attractions, and even bars close on Good Friday, while plenty of amenities and places of interest may shut for 4 days. Basic tourist facilities will remain open over Easter, but public transport will be very limited. Be prepared.
  • Fremantle International Street Arts Festival (changeable, March/April) – huge range of bands, buskers, and quirky performers from across the globe. Based around the Easter period at the historic port of Fremantle. Many events are free.

Perth Events in April

  • Perth Good Food Month (all month) – the largest festival of its kind in the country showcasing local wine and food, including the noodle markets (see above). Also, demonstrations by celebrity chefs and plenty of stalls all over the city.
  • WA Aboriginal Art Market (1st weekend) – variety of stalls selling indigenous art from across the state. Fascinating and fund-raising for remote communities. At the Fremantle Arts Centre.
  • Bridges Fun Run (1st Sunday) – family-focused event over 5km and 10km. Starts and finishes at Elizabeth Quay in the city center.
  • Joondalup Festival (1st weekend) – long-standing community event of art and culture in suburban Joondalup, 30km north of the city center. Family-friendly and free.
  • Australian Heritage Festival (one month from mid-April) – part of a worldwide event displaying and explaining the state’s history and culture at the old port of Fremantle.
  • Anzac Day (25th) – sombre commemoration of Australian history with memorial services held at dawn (especially at the War Memorial, Kings Park). Followed by a military parade through downtown Perth. Public holiday.
  • Perth Comedy Festival (one month from late April) – attracts some of the funniest acts from across the country and world. Also, theater, magic shows, and a focus on children’s comedy. Many venues throughout Perth.
  • Perth Garden & Outdoor Living Festival (changeable late April) – spread across 4 days over the last weekend of the month at McCallum Park, 500m across the river from East Perth.

Perth Events in May

  • Perth Flourish Yoga Festival (changeable, early May) – major event about yoga, meditation, and similar activities. For teachers, students, and anyone interested. Stalls sell gear and organic food at the Perth Town Hall in the city center.

Perth Events in June

  • City of Perth Winter Arts Season (1st June to 31st August) – diverse array of performers from the up-and-coming to the well-known. Mostly highbrow: opera, choirs, and orchestral music. At various venues across Perth.
  • WA Day Festival (1st weekend) – celebrates the establishment of the state of Western Australia. (A public holiday is on the first Monday of the month.) Music, dance, food, and all sorts of free activities for families. At Burswood Park and Fremantle.
  • Perth Festival of Healing (2nd Sunday) – community-minded event featuring plenty of speakers, workshops, and displays to educate and stimulate. Free. Cannington Exhibition Centre & Showgrounds, 13km southeast of the city center.

Perth Events in July

  • Revelation Perth International Film Festival (two weeks from early July) – screening the finest movies and documentaries; all recent and independent, and most are locally produced. Various venues across Perth.
  • Fremantle Festival: 10 Nights in Port (changeable, mid-July) – intriguing collection of artists, musicians, and other performers. Held around the lanes and clubs at the historic port of Fremantle.

Perth Events in August

  • Perth Good Food & Wine Show (4th weekend) – hundreds of stalls sell locally-produced food and drinks. Also, classes from celebrity chefs and tastings of wine and cheese. Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, West Perth.
  • City to Surf (last Sunday) – hugely popular fun run across various distances and plenty of after-race activities. Several venues across central Perth.

Perth Events in September

  • Kings Park Festival (all month) – wonderful displays of the state’s various wildflowers and other horticultural delights. Guided walks, stalls, and many family-focused events. At the magnificent Kings Park and Botanic Garden, West Perth.
  • Perth Royal Show (late September/early October) – agricultural displays, children’s rides, and plenty of fun for the family. Over 8 days at Claremont Showground, 9km southwest of the city center.
  • The York Festival (late September/early October) – for 2 weeks in the historic and attractive town of York, about 100km east of Perth. So much fun, with sculptures of straw, costume parades, and pavement art.

Perth Events in October

  • AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things (late September/early October) – 2 weeks of visual arts, street theater, film shows, and dance performances and workshops, mostly for children under 12. Various times and venues across the city center and nearby Northbridge.
  • Oktoberfest (mid-October) – several events at different venues. Expect plenty of music, dance, food, and, of course, ales, pilsners, and lagers – even a fun run and Beer Yoga.
  • Entwined in the Valley (long weekend, mid-October) – more food, wine, music, and cultural activities, this time in suburban Swan Valley, less than an hour from downtown by train.

Perth Events in November

  • Moonlight Cinema (early November to late March) – outdoor movies on the lawns of the vast Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Recently-released and lesser-known cult movies, and many others suitable for children. Bring a picnic and drinks (or buy onsite).
  • PrideFEST (all month) – various events of art, music, and culture for the LGBTQ community. Includes a film festival at Northbridge and finishes with the Pride Parade (last Saturday) through downtown.
  • Cricket (November to March) – the national summer game is really only played in a dozen former English colonies. Interstate and international games are played at 2 major stadiums: WACA Cricket Ground (East Perth) and Optus Stadium (Burswood).
  • Fremantle BeerFest (2nd weekend) – three days of music, eating, and, of course, drinking from about 300 types of craft beers, ciders, cocktails, and wines. Various venues in Fremantle.
  • Perth International Jazz Festival (2nd weekend) – for fans of toe-tapping jazz. State Theatre at Northbridge, walkable from downtown. Many events free.
  • Western Australia Gourmet Escape (changeable, mid/late November) – one week of eating and drinking of local products, as well as celebrity chefs, well-known bands, and fun for the family, eg ‘kids’ disco’. Various venues around Perth and the state.
  • Perth City Festival of Christmas (mid-November to late December) – vast range of parades, concerts, displays, and other fun-filled activities for the young and old. In the city center, nearby Northbridge, and East Perth.
  • Rotary Jacaranda Festival (4th Saturday) – long-standing community event with stalls selling food and gifts as well as music and other events. Celebrates the much-loved tree of purple flowers at suburban Applecross, 10km south of downtown.
  • Caribbfest (4th Saturday) – new festival showcasing Perth’s diverse and vibrant communities from the Caribbean. Plenty of creole food, dancing to reggae, and drinking rum. Claremont Showground, 9km southwest of downtown.

Perth Events in December

  • Christmas Pageant (1st Saturday) – massive parade of floats ending with Santa Claus himself. St Georges Terrace in the city center. Free.
  • Victoria Quay Christmas Carnival (1st Saturday) – music, food, rides, and so much for the family. Along the rejuvenated port district of Fremantle. Free.
  • Christmas Symphony (2nd Saturday) – huge outdoor event of classical music performed by the state symphony orchestra. Langley Park, East Perth. Free.
  • School Holidays (mid-December to late January) – see under ‘Perth Events in January’ earlier.
  • ‘Silly Season’ – also see under ‘Perth Events in January’ earlier.
  • Christmas Day (25th) – public holiday celebrated widely, Christian or not. Almost everything is closed (often by law) including shops, bars, restaurants, and tourist attractions. Basic tourist facilities, such as hotels, still operate, but public transport is almost non-existent and even taxis are hard to find.
  • Boxing Day (26th) – another public holiday as the city recovers from the day before. Some go shopping; others watch cricket on TV.
  • Post-Christmas Sales (from 26th) – for anyone with any money left over, major stores offer substantial discounts for several days. Crowds can be overwhelming as shopaholics line up for hours before doors open.
  • New Year’s Eve (31st) – plenty of music and other (mostly free) events across the city center and suburbs. Fireworks along Swan River in downtown, as well as Northbridge, Mandurah, and Rottnest Island.

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