The Best Tours in Bangkok

Updated: March 18, 2019

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What are the best tours in Bangkok?

  • Bangkok Food Tours – Food is the crux of all cultures and exploring Bangkok by food is one of the best ways to experience authentic Thai culture. Bangkok Food Tours takes participants to a variety of eateries and markets to truly experience this foodie paradise. The owners are Thailand born and raised, and pride themselves for knowing the story behind each menu. All tours highlight culture, as well as delicious dishes.
  • Spice Roads Bicycle Tours have been running bicycle tours for over 10 years and offer an array of tours, including overnight and mountain biking tours. Bangkok is full of hidden gems and Spice Roads knows them. Day trip tour-routes include visits to floating markets, the countryside, canals, and jungle around Bangkok. If you have an extra day to spare, you can escape Bangkok. The tours reach the coastal village of Hua Hin, the jungle of Kanchanaburi, and the River Kwai. There is very little riding done within Bangkok proper so most rides are through quiet suburbs and countryside.
  • Tours with Tong is a popular tour among tourists. Tong is a very passionate, enthusiastic lady who goes above and beyond (though there are other guides as well). She modifies every tour to be personal, so never hesitate to make your preferences heard. Besides doing the regular sights, she pulls away from large groups and gives you a local experience. A small drawback is that Tong is very busy and emailing and planning can take a backseat to the everyday demands of leading a tour. Be patient when waiting for an email response – and start the booking process well in advance to avoid being disappointed.

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