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Total Donated in 2019 (so far): $152,451

For every booking I donate $3 to See total donations on the GiveDirectly website and a nice tweet from the GiveDirectly team.

FAQ About Donations

How many bookings are made through your site and how much have you been able to give?
In July 2019 there were 4,006 bookings made through my site and I made a donation to GiveDirectly for $12,018. So far in 2019, I’ve made donations to GiveDirectly totaling $152,451.

How does it work and how much do you donate?
Every hotel link on my site to is an affiliate link. Meaning I receive a small (but fluctuating) fee when a reader reserves a hotel room. For each individual reservation, I donate $3 to the wonderful non-profit GiveDirectly. This money goes to poor people in Africa to improve their lives. The evidence says it’s one of the most effective ways to help the world’s poor. Read more about GiveDirectly here.

Does this in any way change or affect the rate I pay when booking a hotel?
No, not at all. You’ll pay the same rate whether you use my links or go directly to the booking site.

Does this in any way change the hotels you review and recommend?
No. That’s the beauty of the whole thing. As long as I’m delivering helpful information to my readers (that keeps them coming back) it doesn’t matter what hotels I recommend. Any booking at any hotel counts as a booking, so I just need to be helpful and honest and the rest takes care of itself.

Does it matter what hotel I book?
No, as long as you click the above link or any hotel link on my site to your reservation will count towards a donation. For example, you could click on the Four Seasons link on my Paris page, but then search for hotels in London and book a completely different hotel. It will still be a booking and contribute towards my donation.

Does it matter if I cancel the hotel?
No. If you make a booking and then cancel I’m still going to honor my commitment and make a contribution. (It does cancel the fee that I receive for the booking but who cares. A booking was made, let’s make the donation.)

Do you make money (beyond the $3) from each booking?
Yes. This is a for-profit site and I take a salary for running it. I also pay salaries to my four co-workers and pay freelance travel writers from the affiliate earnings.

Do you really use when reserving hotels?
Book Hotels with Santorini Dave
Yes. I honestly think it’s the best site for booking hotels. It usually has the best rates (not every single time, but most of the time) and is easy to use. I especially like the calendar feature that shows where you’ll be staying every night of your trip as you book hotels. The reader-reviews come from verified guests which makes them much more trustworthy than reviews on Tripadvisor or other hotel sites.

Screenshots of Monthly Donations

Screenshot of August, 2019 donation to GiveDirectly

Donation from Santorini Dave in August 2019.

Screenshot of July, 2019 donation to GiveDirectly

Screenshot of June, 2019 donation to GiveDirectly

Donationt to GiveDirectly from Santorini Dave

Screenshot of May, 2019 donation to GiveDirectly

Donation to Give Directly in May, 2019.

Screenshot of April, 2019 donation to GiveDirectly

April, 2019 Donation to GiveDirectly.

Screenshot of March, 2019 donation to GiveDirectly

March, 2019 donation to Give Directly.

Screenshot of February, 2019 donation to GiveDirectly

Santorini Dave Charitable Donation

Screenshot of January, 2019 donation to GiveDirectly

Santorini Dave donation to GiveDirectly Charity.

More To Come!

In 2018 I made several donations to the the Against Malaria Foundation.

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