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Updated: December 5, 2023

By Santorini Dave

Best Andros Beach Hotels
• Batsi: Krinos
• Zorkos: Aegea Blue
• Golden Sand: Perrakis
• Kypri: Perrakis
• Aneroussa: Aneroussa Beach
• Chora Beaches: Micra Anglia
• For Couples: Camara
• For Families: Chryssi Akti

Wide sandy beach with blue water and golden sand, tuckedbetween two rocky hills.

Remote and serene Zorkos Beach on Andros’ north coast.

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Andros Beach Basics

Andros’ best and most accessible beaches lie along the island’s west coast, south of the ferry port in Gavrio towards Batsi Bay. This stretch of beaches, in order from north to south are: Agios Petros Beach, Golden Sands Beach (aka Chrissi Ammos Beach), Kypri Beach, and Batsi Beach. All of these offer great swimming, sunbathing, beach bars, and amenities like sun loungers and umbrellas.

  • The best family beach is Batsi Beach, with calm waters that are clear blue. Batsi is easily accessible by visitors staying in the capital of Chora, located on the east side of the island, as local buses run frequently throughout the day to this popular beach.
  • The island’s most photographed beach is Tis Grias to Pidima, which features a pillar of rock in its dazzling blue-green waters.
  • The best beaches in a remote area are Zorkos Beach and Vitali Beach on the island’s north coast. Both of these beaches are accessible only by car via a less-traveled mountainous road. Driving to these beaches can feel like an adventure in and of itself. Achla Beach is a prized and pristine beauty; however a 4×4 SUV or truck is a must to reach this isolated area of the island.
  • The best beaches for water sports on Andros are Kyrpi Beach and Korthi Bay, which offer some of the best windsurfing in the Cyclades – plus equipment rental and lessons at Kypri’s Wesurfin’ Club.
  • Andros does not currently have SEATRAC equipment (which provides unassisted sea access for people with mobility issues) at any beach.
Swimmers and sunbathers lounge in the sand in front of a large hotel

Aneroussa Beach Hotel sits directly on a private(ish) sandy white-flag beach that’s great for swimming.


1. Batsi Beach – west coast

Golden sandy beach backed by a hillside village

This cosmopolitan beach is one of the busiest on the island, with lovely surroundings, and just steps to a variety of tavernas, cafes, and hotels. Next to the beach area is a picturesque harbor where seaside cafes and colorful boats line the waterfront. Batsi is a family-friendly beach with a sandy sea bottom that slopes gently into the water. There is a toy store on the promenade that sells inflatables & beach toys; for treats, there’s an ice cream & yogurt shop.

Couples also love the area, and tend to prefer the section of beach that is closer to the harbor, where music plays from the tavernas and there tend to be fewer children. There is a wide selection of beach loungers and umbrellas available to rent at varying costs. Alternatively, across the bay is Kolona Beach which is a popular spot for adults equipped with a notorious beach bar that’s accessible by car, foot, or local boat for hire.

A lovely promenade wraps the entire bay from the north end of the beach, along the beach and harbor, to a public viewing area up and around the south corner. The bus stops at the beach area (and also two other stops along the bay), and several large parking lots are conveniently located directly across the street from the beach. Located 6 km from the ferry port and 21 km to Chora.

Exterior entrance of a beach hotel with outdoor lounge

Family-friendly Chryssi Akti Hotel has an outdoor pool and sits only meters from popular Batsi Beach.

2. Zorkos Beach – north coast

Beautiful beach with white sand and blue water, tucked between two rocky hills

Zorkos (or Zorgos) Beach is a stunning and remote clam-shaped beach with turquoise waters and white pebbly sand in a rocky landscape.

The beach is very wide, and the waters are deep, as the slope into the sea is rapid. Due to its northerly location, it’s sometimes windy, especially in the afternoon. There is one beachside restaurant with sunbeds and umbrellas, and toilets available to beachgoers. Parking is abundant on the beach.

The drive through the countryside to reach this beach is a pleasure, however the road travels through mountainous terrain and is particularly steep on the final stretch as it winds down the hillside and descends to the beach. Note this last section of the road is an unpaved section with several hairpin turns. There is no bus service to Zorkos Beach.

3. Tis Grias to Pidima Beach – east coast

beach with blue water and a large black rock formation rising above it

This often-photographed beach (translated as “the old woman jumps”) is unique and unforgettable. A small and wild non-organized beach (there are no amenities here) surrounded by soaring cliffs, Tis Grias to Pidima Beach is famous for its towering and magnificent rock on the beach that looks like an old woman wearing a handkerchief. The beach has golden sand and is good for swimming, with clear turquoise water and a gradual slope. There are no beach bars here, so bring your snacks – and an umbrella if you require one, as there are no trees for shade.

The beach is accessed by walking a fairly steep dirt path alongside a cliff, so it’s not recommended for young children. Located 23 km south of Chora. It is possible to access Tis Grias to Pidima Beach by bus, but some walking is required from the bus drop-off point.

  • Recommended Tis Grias to Pidima Beach Hotels
    There are no hotels near Tis Grias to Pidima Beach.

4. Golden Sand Beach – west coast

Overhead view of a long, wide beach with golden sand.

Golden Sand Beach (also called Chrissi Ammos Beach) has arguably the most amazing sand on the entire island – with an ultra-fine texture, no pebbles, and a golden color that appears to shimmer in the sunlight.

Set in a small cove, this beach is well protected from the wind. It’s great for swimming with shallow turquoise water and a sandy sea bottom. There’s a beach bar here with music that attracts a younger adult crowd; Golden Sand Beach can be crowded at the peak of summer. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent, and water sports equipment can be rented – though there are fewer options here than at nearby Kypri Beach (600 m south). Change rooms, showers, and lifeguards are on site.

Golden Sand Beach is easily accessible by bus, as the bus stops right at the beach. There is a parking lot alongside the highway which is elevated from the beach, with stairs descending (approximately 40 steps) to the sand below.

Dining room with white furniture, a bar, and views of a blue sandy bay

Cyclades Cocktail Restaurant at Hotel Perrakis, an excellent 3-star hotel near both Golden Sand and Kypri beaches.

  • Recommended Golden Sand Beach Hotels
    Hotel Perrakis (moderate) • Hotel phone: +30 2282 071456

5. Agios Petros – west coast

People lie on sun beds along a golden sandy beach

The longest stretch of beach on the island boasts lively beach bars and beach parties and is very popular with young adults.

Also known as St. Peter’s Beach, Agios Petros’ blue transparent waters, smooth sand, and surplus of amenities attract many visitors, but even at peak season it doesn’t feel congested. This is a fully organized beach, with numerous beach bars and tavernas to choose from and sun beds for rent. A great spot to swim and sunbathe.

Ample car parking is located next to the beach, and changing rooms (including handicap rooms) and toilets are available. Located 3 km south of Gavrio.
Agios Petros is right on the bus line, with the bus stopping directly at the beach.

  • Recommended Agios Petros Hotels
    There are no hotels at this beach; villas and apartment rentals are available.

6. Kypri Beach – west coast

Expanse of sandy beach seen from behind a row of thatched umbrellas and sun beds

Fantastic beach for water sports – windsurfing, wakeboarding, SUPs, and water skiing. Rentals and lessons are available here too.

Located in a wide bay, Kypri Beach is long and the water is emerald clear and great for swimming. There are several beach bars with sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. The washrooms and changing rooms are right on the beach.

Kypri is easily accessible, too, as the beach is located just off the highway, and there is plenty of parking available. The local bus route stops at the beach, as well.

  • Recommended Kypri Beach Hotels
    Hotel Perrakis (moderate) • Hotel phone: +30 2282 071456

7. Vitali Beach – north coast

White sand beach with rows of sun loungers

A beautiful beach in a remote and rugged location, set in a picturesque and quiet cove with a tiny church overlooking the bay.

A great spot for snorkeling, the water at Vitali Beach is crystal clear, and becomes rapidly deep with a sharp slope of the sea bottom as you enter; the beach itself is mostly pebbles with some sand. Two beach bars provide sun loungers, sun umbrellas, and washrooms.

There is no bus service to Vitali Beach, which can only be accessed by car. The driving route is over a mountainous road that is narrow in spots, with several hairpin turns. The road surface changes from pavement to dirt as you approach the beach.

  • Recommended Vitali Beach Hotels
    There are no hotels near Vitali Beach.

8. Aneroussa Beach – west coast

Rows of sun beds on a white sandy beach in a rugged cove

This Blue Flag beach is also known as Delavogia Beach, and boasts clear emerald-colored waters that are wonderful for swimming.

The beach is small and picturesque, with a sea bottom that’s a mix of sand and flat rock. Although this is a public beach, most visitors here are guests at the hotel that’s perched above the cliff. The hotel runs a beach bar with music, sunbeds, and umbrellas. The rock cliff at the south end of the beach is a favorite spot to dive into the water.

There is no bus stop at Aneroussa Beach. The closest bus stop is in Batsi, 1 km (15-minute walk) away.

9. Paraporti Beach – Chora (east coast)

Long white sand beach with an adjacent parking lot

This is the closest beach to Chora, accessed by a long series of steps just south of Kairi Square in Chora town center.

Paraporti is a large and wide beach that is exposed to Meltemi winds (the north summer winds of the Aegean Sea), so it can get quite gusty at times. Note it’s not recommended for swimming when the winds are high and the sea is rough, but it’s a good spot for a quick dip to cool off on a hot summer day.

The beach offers views of Tourlitis Lighthouse. There’s a beach bar at the far end, a taverna, sun loungers, and umbrellas. Located 15 min walk from the central bus station at the Chora roundabout, with a car parking lot right beside the beach.

Hotel suite with plush bed and large windows

There’s a a king-sized bed and excellent views of the bay in the Ceto Suite at Camara Suites, our favorite boutique hotel on Andros, located near Paraporti Beach.

10. Neiborio Beach (or Neimporio Beach) – Chora (east coast)

Brown sand beach lined with turquoise sun beds

Located close to Chora on the north side of the peninsula, this large beach features a scuba diving school. Both beginner and master divers can explore the island’s many underwater caves and shipwrecks.

Neiborio Beach is also favored by families with children as its shallow waters are calm and crystal-clear. The beach is sandy with lots of sunbeds available. There are restaurants, cafes, bars, and a mini-mart directly across the road from the beach. At the far end of the beach is the Andros Yacht Club, which has a swimming platform.

Parking is limited alongside Neiborio Beach, which is a 20-minute walk from the central bus station in Chora (at the roundabout).

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