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by Santorini Dave • Updated: July 6, 2021

Where to stay near the Meteora in Greece.

After the Parthenon in Athens, my top thing to see in mainland Greece is the Meteora. Stunning, awesome, underrated, and not nearly as busy as Delphi. An overnight stay is essential to seeing the monasteries at their best. (Kalambaka is visible in the background.)

Kalambaka (also spelled Kalabaka) and Kastraki are the two closest towns to the stunning Meteora Monasteries. The train station and bus station are both in Kalambaka, so if you’re coming from Athens this is the easiest place to find a hotel. But you will need a local bus or taxi to get from Kalambaka to the Meteora (or Kastraki). Both towns have restaurants and hotels but Kalambaka is the commercial hub and bustles with a little more activity. If charm is what you’re after then Kastraki wins hands-down. All of the hotels listed below are within a short walk of several restaurants and put you within easy access to the monasteries.

The 7 Best Hotels near the Meteora

1. Pyrgos Adrachti – Kastraki

Hotel near Meteora with views of monasteries.

2. Hotel Tsikeli Meteora (adults only) – Kastraki

Romantic hotel near Meteora.

3. Hotel Doupiani House – Kastraki

Good value hotel near Meteora.

4. Hotel Kastraki – Kastraki

Hotel with view of Meteora.

5. Theatro Hotel Odysseon – Kalambaka

Boutique hotel close to Meteora.

6. Divani Meteora Hotel – Kalambaka

Hotel for families with swimming pool near Meteora.

7. Monastiri Guesthouse – Kalambaka

Hotel with pool near Meteora.

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