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Updated: February 9, 2024
By Santorini Dave

Our Favorite Monemvasia Hotels

• Kastro (Old Town): Moni Emvasis
• Gefyra (New Town): Filoxenia
• For Families: Malvasia
• Best Views: Likinia
• Best Villa: Casa Rodanthi
• Near Bus Station: Filoxenia

View down a causeway to a large rocky outcrop on the sea

The Monemvasia Kastro (Old Town) is hidden from the mainland behind a huge rocky outcrop. A road and pedestrian causeway connects Gefyra on the mainland to the Kastro.

Monemvasia Basics

  • Monemvasia is a magical and romantic Byzantine castle town in the southeast Peloponnese that dates back to the sixth century AD. It takes about 4 hours to drive to Monemvasia from Athens, with most of the route along well-maintained highway. There are multiple daily bus routes between Monemvasia and Athens or Sparti.
  • A causeway connects Monemvasia to the mainland and the modern village of Gefyra. It’s a 20-minute walk between the Gefyra and the Kastro. The bus station and several budget and mid-range hotels can be found in Gefyra. A shuttle bus runs between Gefyra and the Kastro from 8am to 11pm every 30 minutes in the summer (until mid-afternoon in the winter) and costs €1.10. A taxi between Gefyra and Monemvasia Kastro is about €4.
  • There are no cars in Kastro, though cars can drive all the way up to the castle entrance to drop off people and luggage. A limited amount of parking is available along the causeway and the road leading to the castle gate, and a large (free) parking lot is located off to the right of as you approach the causeway.
  • Beyond the numerous restaurants and cafes, facilities in Kastro are very limited; there’s a small snack/convenience shop, but no grocery store, pharmacy, or ATM. If you’re staying on the rock, be sure to stock up on whatever cash, snacks, or medications you might need before crossing the causeway.

Staying in Monemvasia

Known as “the Gibraltar of the East,” Monemvasia’s large rocky landmass in the Myrtoan Sea is connected to the mainland town of Gefyra by a narrow causeway. (The name Monemvasia comes from the Greek mone and emvasia, ‘single entrance,’ referring to the town’s small west gate which is its only point of access.) The Old Town of Monemvasia (known as Kastro) is located on and behind the huge slab of rock and is not visible from mainland. Kastro has pedestrian access only.

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View over Byzantine terra cotta rooftops to the blue sea

Rooftops of Old Town Monemvasia (Kastro).

Compact, hilly, and infinitely charming, Monemvasia’s Old Town/Kastro enjoys a truly magical setting. Narrow cobbled streets and stairways lead up, down, and every-which way, lined with stone-built shops, tavernas, rooftop bars, Byzantine churches, and historic castle buildings that have been converted to luxurious hotels and guesthouses. And every time you turn a corner there are beautiful sea views.

There’s a small archaeological museum in the lovely main square, and a 30-minute uphill climb will lead you to the atmospheric ruins of Monemvasia’s abandoned Upper Town that includes the beautiful Agia Sofia Byzantine church. If you’re on a romantic getaway or looking to live for day or two in a piece of history then definitely spend a little more to stay in the Kastro. Hotels on the rock are limited both in number and size, so book well in advance.

A family walks down a cobbled walkway lined with colorful stone houses

The pedestrian-only lanes of Old Town Monemvasia are roughly cobbled, with many stairs. Good shoes and light luggage are essential.

Across the causeway, the modern town of Gefyra offers cheaper – and plentiful – accommodation, as well as a handful of good waterfront tavernas, bakeries, shops, cafés, and a pebbly, blue-flag-certified beach. If you’re traveling on a budget or booking last-minute, Gefyra makes an excellent home base for exploring the area. The Monemvasia Kastro is easily accessed from Gefyra: just 20 minutes on foot, or a couple of minutes via taxi (€4) or shuttle (€1.10). You can drive all the way to the castle gate to drop off passengers, but parking along the causeway can be hard to find, especially in the busy summer months.

Tavernas line the waterfront Gefyra. Monemvasia is visible on the right.

Tavernas line the waterfront Gefyra. Monemvasia is visible on the right.

The best times of the year to visit Monemvasia are spring (April to June) and fall (September to October). In the height of summer, the Kastro can get blazingly hot; in the winter it is often cool, gray, and moody – which can be fun in its own way. Most hotels and restaurants in Monemvasia don’t close up during the winter months.

Pebbly beach with crystal blue water and a view to Monemvasia rock

Gefyra’s beach is small and pebbly, but is clean, refreshing, and blue-flag certified.

Map showing the locations of the best hotels in Monemvasia, Greece

11 Best Hotels in Monemvasia

Best Luxury Hotel near Monemvasia

Kinsterna Hotel
View over a vine-laden balcony to a pool, olive grove, and mountains
Hotel phone: +30 2732 066300
As charming and romantic as hotels get, this beautiful 5-star boutique resort is set on 25 idyllic acres of organic gardens, vineyards, and olive and citrus groves. Impeccably-restored accommodations range from beautiful double rooms to 2-bedroom private pool villas; Hotel amenities include 2 fantastic pools, 3 restaurants (Mouries all day restaurant, Linos tavern, & Sterna fine dining restaurant whose menu is curated in cooperation with Michelin-starred chef), library, and spa. Family friendly, too, with a kids’ playroom, stables, and activities from horse-back-riding to soap-making offered for all ages. Open March to November and located 5km and a 10-minute drive south of Monemvasia, with lovely views to the sea.
Hotel WebsiteCheck prices for Kinsterna

4-Star Boutique Hotels in Monemvasia Kastro

Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites
View from a balcony over romantic stone buildings to the blue sea
Hotel phone: +30 2732 062122
The best hotel in the Kastro and great for both couples and families. Featuring romantic Medieval architecture and dressed in high-end Italian design, the luxurious suites at Moni Emvasis all include marble bathrooms, fireplaces, and furnished balconies with fantastic sea views. The Junior Suite sleeps 4, with a loft that’s suitable for children aged 8 and above. An incredible a la carte breakfast is served daily in their Chrisovoulo restaurant – Kastro’s top fine-dining venue. Exceptional and warm service by the hotel’s friendly owners only adds to an unforgettable stay. Located near the castle gate.
Hotel WebsiteCheck prices for Moni Emvasis

Likinia Hotel
Hotel room with elegant wooden furnishings and a sea view
Hotel phone: +30 2732 061939
This newly-built family-run hotel has preserved original structural elements like stone arcs and cisterns, while adding luxe details like marble flooring and bathrooms. Rooms and suites here sleep 2 to 4, featuring wonderful sea views from their many windows. Breakfast can be taken in the hotel’s lovely flower garden or in the charming breakfast room with adjacent guest lounge and library. Located in quiet Chrysafitissa Square on the southern sea wall and ideal for couples.
Hotel WebsiteCheck prices for Likinia

Guesthouse Kellia
Wrought-iron bed with white bedclothes on a stone room with open window
Hotel phone: +30 2732 061520
Beautifully-restored historic building on peaceful Chrysafitissa Square, a former monastery and the birthplace of the Greek poet Giannis Ritsos. Spacious guest rooms sleep two, with original stone details and timber ceilings; many offer sea views and fireplaces. A 2-bedroom apartment sleeps four, with dining area and balcony. Guests also have access to the elegant lobby lounge and wine bar, as well as an excellent local and organic breakfast.
Hotel WebsiteCheck prices for Kellia

Ardamis Traditional Guesthouse
Stone building with a round dutch door and a cafe table under a tree
Hotel phone: +30 2732 061887
Comfortably-converted castle rooms and suites, charmingly dressed with dark wood furnishings and traditional textiles. Each differs in its quirky layout, but all have lovely attached sitting areas and access to unique outdoor spaces like courtyard gardens or balconies; the 2-bedroom Apartment features its own private hammam. A shared terrace offers unbeatable sea views. Located on the southern wall near the Portello sea swimming access gate.
Hotel WebsiteCheck prices for Ardamis

Malvasia Traditional Hotel
Old stone castle hotel with rounded wooden doorways
Hotel phone: +30 2732 061160
Sitting at elevated location on the settlement’s eastern end, Malvasia Traditional Hotel offers a wide range of accommodation from cozy Budget Doubles to spacious 2-bedroom apartments that are great for families. Most offer beautiful views to the sea; many have a fireplace, private balcony, or garden courtyard. The breakfast room here is lovely, and the hotel bar’s lofty perch is one of the best spots in town to enjoy a drink with a side of stunning sea view.
Hotel WebsiteCheck prices for Malvasia Hotel

Theophano Art Hotel
Pink stone building with rounded doorways in a castle settlement
Hotel phone: +30 2732 061212
Elegant accommodation ascending across four buildings from picturesque Chrysafitissa Square. Décor is tastefully traditional, with antique carved furniture and elegant wood-and-stone architectural details. Some rooms and suites offer sea-view balconies or fireplaces. A breakfast room (with buffet or table service, depending on hotel occupancy), central atrium courtyard, and beautiful view terrace are shared by guests.
Hotel WebsiteCheck prices for Theophano Art Hotel

Best Villa in Monemvasia Kastro

Casa Rodanthi
Rustic stone building with wooden doorways and potted plants in front
Hotel phone: +30 694 865 6168
Stunning 3-story townhouse right on Kastro’s main thoroughfare near the castle gate. Featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, Casa Rodanthi can accommodate 6 guests. The villa has been beautifully and refurbished with traditional architecture but modern amenities. There’s a full kitchen, indoor jacuzzi tub, and furnished balcony with fabulous sea views.
Check prices for Casa Rodanthi

3-Star Hotels in Nearby Gefyra (Good value but not as romantic)

Filoxenia Hotel
Stone hotel with balconies on the corner of a street
Hotel phone: +30 2732 061716
Comfortable and tastefully-done rooms with views to the sea and rock. Accommodations here sleep 2 to 4; all have mini-fridges. Monemvasia Beach (pebbly but great for swimming) is just out front, and the hotel offers sun loungers and beach cafe tables for guests. Friendly and helpful staff, easy nearby parking, and a convenient location one block from the Monemvasia causeway and bus station.
Hotel WebsiteCheck prices for Filoxenia Hotel

Aeolos Guesthouse
Square brick guesthouse with a white wooden balcony
Hotel phone: +30 2732 061476
Clean and pleasant sea-view guesthouse, with simply-furnished rooms that accommodate 2 to 4. Friendly host, great breakfast, adjacent parking. Located just across from Gefyra’s string of waterfront restaurants, a 5-minute walk to the causeway and bus station.
Check prices for Aeolos Guesthouse

Pramaratis Hotel
Exterior of a hotel with beach view
Hotel phone: +30 2732 061833
Good value hotel with a great seafront location across from a pebbly blue-flag beach. Rooms are no-frills but nice, and offer balconies and mini-fridges. Family apartments sleep 5. A buffet breakfast and on-site parking are provided. 5-minute walk to the causeway and bus station.
Hotel WebsiteCheck prices for Pramaratis

Getting To & Parking in Monemvasia

Arched stone entrance of a castle, with a wheelbarrow in front.

This arched stone castle gate is the “single entrance” from which Monemvasia gets its name. It is the only way in and out of Kastro, and is much too small for cars to travel through. Monemvasia Kastro has pedestrian access only.

View over a vehicle turnaround near the sea.

Except for some limited bike and motorcycle spots, parking is not allowed at the castle gate. Vehicles can drive up to the gate to drop off passengers and turn around. (This view is from directly over the Kastro entrance.)

Overhead view of a cobbled lane lined with shops

This view is from the same spot over the entrance, but looking the opposite direction into the castle. This cobbled main thoroughfare runs all the way through the settlement, with many stairs and alleyways leading off in all directions.

Cars parked along a narrow seaside road, with two pedestrians strolling along

There is limited parking along the causeway itself, but it can be worth the drive up and back to see if any open spots are available.

View along a narrow road to a castle wall

Looking up to the castle entrance from the causeway.

View to a small Greek town across a body of water

View along the causeway toward the modern town of Gefyra. It takes about 20 minutes to walk between Gefyra and the castle gate, slightly downhill as you walk toward Gefyra.

Parking lot by the sea, with cars and buses parked

There is a large parking lot just to the right of the causeway in Gefyra. It’s free to park there, and you can leave your car overnight. After parking in the lot, you can walk, taxi, or shuttle in to Kastro.

A turquoise shuttle bus waits by a bridge

The shuttle bus drops off and picks up passengers just to the left of the causeway entrance. It runs between Gefyra and the Kastro from 8am to 11pm every 30 minutes in the summer (but only until mid-afternoon in the winter) and costs €1.10 each way. Pay upon boarding, cash only.

A covered bench next to a snack stand.

At the shuttle stop there is a snack stand and a small children’s playground. If you want to know when the next shuttle is scheduled to arrived, the snack stand is a good place to ask.

Exterior of a small stone bus station, with two patrons waiting out in front on a bench

Diagonally across from the shuttle stop is the small regional bus station, serving a daily route to Athens via Molaoi, Sparti, Tripoli, and Isthmos. The bus between Athens and Monemvasia takes about six hours.

Bus schedule posted in a window.

The most current schedule is posted in the window.

A taxi parked near a small square.

Taxis wait just up the road in the small square near the waterfront. A taxi between Gefyra and Monemvasia Kastro costs about €4. This view is looking toward the causeway, with Monemvasia rock visible in the distance.

View of the Monemvasia causeway, with a sign pointing to Kastro

View up the causeway from the shuttle stop.

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