The 12 Best Hotels in Rhodes

Amathus Beach Hotel – Ixia
Hotel phone: +30 2241 089900
Best Swimming Pool in Rhodes near Beach.

Melenos Lindos Hotel – Lindos
Hotel phone: +30 2244 032222
Best Hotel with View in Rhodes.

Avalon Boutique Suites – Rhodes Town
Hotel phone: +30 2241 031438
Best Hotel in Rhodes Old Town.

S Nikolis’ Hotel & Apartments – Rhodes Town (Old Town)
Hotel phone: +30 2241 034561
Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Rhodes Town.

Rodos Palladium – Faliraki
Hotel phone: +30 2241 057300
Best Resort with Pool in Faliraki

Elysium Resort & Spa – Faliraiki
Hotel phone: +30 2241 045700
Best Luxury Resort with Beach Front Pool in Rhodes

Kokkini Porta Rossa – Rhodes Town
Hotel phone: +30 2241 075114
Best Boutique Hotel with Central Location in Rhodes Town.

Allegory Boutique Hotel – Rhodes Town
Hotel phone: +30 210 3640441
Best Boutique Hotel in Rhodes Town

Rodos Niohori Elite Suites – Rhodes Town
Hotel phone: +30 2241 032414
Best Suites Hotel in Rhodes.

Spirit of the Knights – Rhodes Town
Hotel phone: +30 2241 039765
Best 5 Star Hotel in Rhodes

Aquagrand of Lindos – Adults Only – Lindos
Hotel phone: +30 2244 049100
Best Luxury Resort with Large Pool near Lindos.

Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas – Lachania
Hotel phone: +30 2244 046222
Best Resort Pool with Quiet and Solitude on Rhodes.

21 Questions and Comments

  1. Good Hotel near Rhodes Airport

    Any recommendations for a good hotel near the Rhodes airport – or one with a free shuttle to the airport, as I have an early morning flight and want to stay close to the airport.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Old House (apartments) are cheap, clean, and good value. If you have little luggage you could walk to the airport or owner Michael will give you a ride for a small fee.

  2. Rhodes-Crete Ferry in July

    hi Dave,

    We are going to be in Rhodes next July for a week and are hoping to go to Crete by ferry, do you know how often ferries go to Crete from Rhodes or would it be a better option to go via one of the other Cyclades islands and work our way down to Crete that way?
    If that is best option which island do you recommend going to from Rhodes which would be quickest option to Crete?

    michael cammerino

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      There are 2 ferries per week (with Anek) between Rhodes and Crete – it’s a fairly long ferry ride depending on the route (9 to 13 hours). In summer there can sometimes be one or two more ferries/week. There are also direct flights in summer with Skyexpress. If you went via the Cyclades then Santorini is the best option.

  3. Good Rhodes Hotel with Pool

    We will be a family of grandparents and grown grandchildren visiting Greece for 10days. We were thinking of renting a boat to travel from Athens to Santorini to Crete to Rhodes where we are meeting up w another part of family June 1st. Does this strike you as “best route” or do you suggest flying betw islands instead?
    Also, what is best upscale Rhodes hotel with a pool and yet still able to walk to Old Town (15min walk or less) and also be near a beach? Am I delusional? Thank you so much for your help.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Try Bellevue Suites in Rhodes Town. Close to the beach, walking distance to Old Town, and (smallish) pool. Two-bedroom suites sleep 4 and have kitchenette.

  4. Good Hotel in Rhodes Town

    Hi, we’re going to Rhodes for a week from October 16th with our daughter who’s 15 months old. We’re looking for a hotel in Rhodes new town that provides parking, since we plan to rent a car and we understand that there’s no driving in the old town. We’re also looking for an authentic Greek experience, meaning mostly friendly staff and good Greek food. Ideally both breakfast and dinner should be available at the hotel. Could you please offer us some advice? Thanks!

    Laura Levy

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The hotels with lots of character and a Greek feel are in the Old Town. In the New Town the Best Western Plaza Hotel has a good central location and a nice pool. There’s a decent restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and better restaurants are an easy walk away). Free parking at the public parking lot is a 5 minute walk. The beach and Old Town are about a 10 minute walk.

  5. AquaGrand or Elysium

    I will be going to Rhodes next week, I am between the AquaGrand in Lindos and the Elysium Resort! Wich one you think would be better for a 60 years old couple??
    Thank you

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are beautiful resorts with great pools and good sea swimming. But neither have much within walking distance and the beaches are pebbly more than sandy (the Elysium has the more sandy of the two). Elysium is 15 minutes from Rhodes Town (and the ferry port), while AquaGrand is almost an hour’s drive. The Elysium is also closer to the airport.

  6. Best Beach Towns on Rhodes

    We are staying for a couple of days at the end of September, beginning of October in Old Town, Rhodes (after visiting other locations) and would like to a few beach days at the end of our trip. Are there any nice beach hotels–actually on the beach–in Rhodes? Or are we better off staying in Lindos or elsewhere and simply exploring beaches by day? We don’t love those big glitzy resorts, are looking for somewhere with charm or at least a bit of chic. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Well, a couple of places come to mind – or rather jump off the page – and they, plus one other option, probably match what you are after. You didn’t say where you are staying in the Old Town, but there are some pretty good choices and as you are planning to travel at the end of September to the beginning of October, accommodation rates should be cheaper. First up, consider staying at the Kokkini Porta in the Old Town itself. It’s a newbie boutique hotel that will make you feel very pampered. Next up, you could still stay in Rhodes Town, but in the New Town and be more or less next to the beach – and a nice beach it is too. Have a look at the website of the Hotel Mediterranean. It’s at the northern end of the New Town – just past the casino – and is a great duo combo option (Old Town nearby and beach on your doorstep). Either way, you are not far from a beach and Rhodes’ town beach is actually very attractive.

      You mention something chic (something special perhaps?) so here’s a tip. Down south is a luxury complex with your own private suites bearing names such as “River Passage Pool Suite”, “Ottoman Gardens Junior Suite” or, for the romantically inclined, enjoy your own jacuzzi and King sized four-poster bed in the “Ottoman Gardens Honey Suite”. This secluded hideaway with private beach is called Lindian Village and it’s not far from Lindos. It’s better than Lindos itself because Lindos is not actually on a beach – you have to walk, to one side of the village or the other.

      You might get a better deal – plus organise a car hire of your onward tickets if you go through one agency and that is Triton Holidays. Ask for Managing Director Kim Sjögren and he and his team can arrange all the details, if you prefer the easier route. Good luck with your planning end enjoy Rhodes.

  7. Rhodes in Late September

    Hi! I am just planning my Greece trip and need help with Rhodes! Will be in Rhodes at the end of September, from Sunday afternoon to Thursday afternoon. Traveling with my 65 yr old mom and sister, so we are looking to do activities but also relax (but can’t do too much stairs for my mom). Should we base ourselves in only one part of Rhodes (near Old Town)? Is it easy to get around the island if we stay here and just take taxis everywhere? Or should we stay somewhere else and get a car? We are a bit nervous of driving there (we are from NY, and I think we can handle it, but you never know!). Or should we stay in two different places?

    We are also going to Crete and Santorini…I love lounging by the pool but my mom and sister don’t care as much for it. So I do want at least 2-3 days at a nice pool resort for me during our trip. Is it better to do this in Rhodes, Crete, or Santorini? We are ending in Santorini so figured I would schedule this relaxing time then…

    And last question, we will need to go from Santorini to Athens back to NY in early October. Our flight back to NY leaves Athens at 1230 pm. Should we fly back from Santorini to Athens very early that morning (like 830 am) or should we aim to get back to Athens the day before? I am not sure how reliable the flights are….Just thought I’d ask!

    Thanks for any advice.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      By the end of September things should be quietening down in Rhodes particularly the further away you go from Rhodes Town (Old and New) so you may care to base yourselves nearer the action of Rhodes Town. Rhodes is easy to get around but it is a big island and while taxis are good for getting around the New Town (on foot is the way to go in the Old Town) it will get very expensive if you use taxis for day trips.

      If you are from New York, driving in Rhodes will be like a ride out around the Hamptons – easy! It’s not like Athens or Thessaloniki: it’s busy enough around Rhodes Town and there are one-way streets to confuse you, but driving out of Rhodes on the main highways is a pleasant experience and you can hire a car at a very reasonable price by the end of September.

      If you stay in the main town, make a point of staying in the Old Town as it is like stepping back in time: very atmospheric and old-word with narrow cobbled streets and alleyways that disappear round corners leading to somewhere tempting. You can’t park your car in the Old Town, so you’ll have to walk to it each day outside the walls of the moat.

      It will take about two hours to drive from one end of the island to the other. The ’touristy’ side is the east coast, while the west coast is less developed. You an easily drive across the island through the hill villages. All road signs are in Greek and English.

      Any island would do for sunbathing. It’s great to sit by the pool in Santorini and look out at the caldera. On the other hand, pools tend to be smaller there than on other islands (and hotels with a pool and view cost more) – not sure if that’s a concern.

      Flights are fairly reliable. But allow at least 3 hours in Athens as delays are common for Greek flights.

  8. Best Place to Stay on Rhodes

    Hi Dave,
    What town on Rhodes island is the best to stay in around the beginning of June. We are looking for somewhere with a lovely view, not too busy but not isolated at the same time?
    We took your advice when we went to Santorini…stayed in Imerovigli and it was just perfect.
    Your advice is very much appreciated.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      In general terms Rhodes’ east coast is the best coast. It sports the best beaches and is usually protected from the prevailing northern weather and the meltemi wind that can make north-facing resorts somewhat bracing. If we exclude Rhodes Town – which is still a nice option – especially if you choose carefully in the Old Town, you have a string of resorts with sandy beaches running down the coast as far as Gennadi.

      You do mention a town – which probably also means village – so that limits the search to a handful of places. The first places that come to mind are the adjoining communities of Lindos and Pefki. Lindos is busy though not crazy-busy in June like it will be in August. It is the jewel in the eastern flank of Rhodes: pretty – too pretty for its own good in full Summer – but certainly very atmospheric, with labyrinthine alleyways, plodding passenger donkeys, glitzy boutiques, and romantic rooftop night-time dining. There are two decent beaches to escape to, but so do the day crowds that come by the boatload to enjoy Lindos’ narrow streets and folksy ambiance. Pefki is a little less frenetic and ‘different’. It has scattered low-rise appartments to rent plus the odd tourist resort complex, is more open in its feel, and is not touristy-folksy like Lindos and you are likely to find a place to stay that is cheaper than in Lindos itself. Neither Lindos nor Pefki are isolated though they are both around 50km from Rhodes town.

      A little further south is the compact beachside village of Gennadi. The beach here is pebbled, but the waters are pristine and clean. It’s a community that lives independently and essentially apart from the more mainstream tourism that starts to peter out at Lindos and Pefki.

      Back up the coast and back to sand the next and final suggestion would be the extended resort village of Stegna. It is popular, has a long sandy beach, and still retains a small-town feel. It might meet your requirements for a ‘not too busy’ and ‘not too isolated’ getaway spot.

      Try Triton Tours in Rhodes Town, if you’d rather someone else does the looking for you when searching for a place to stay. Kim and his team from Triton have their fingers on all the best deals around on the island of Rhodes and can organize you a hire car as well, if you prefer.

      1. Dave

        Brilliant…that’s great help to us Dave. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

        Kind regards,

  9. Day Trip to Rhodes from Athens

    I have one extra day in Greece. I can either spend it in Athens or go to Rhodes or stay in Mykonos. Is a day trip to Rhodes (from Athens) worth it?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Rhodes is a wonderful island with lots too see so, yes, you’d certainly love it. But, just to be clear, you would have to fly from Athens (it’s a long way from Athens to Rhodes by ferry) so you’re looking at a flight in the morning to Rhodes and then a flight back in the evening. You’d have a full day of travel. But, it’s doable. That said, if you were willing to do something like that, then I’d do the same thing but for Santorini which is easier to see in a day than Rhodes. And the flight to Santorini is only 45 minutes instead of 65 minutes from Athens to Rhodes.

  10. Best Beaches on Rhodes

    What are the best beaches on Rhodes? I will be with my 12 year old daughter but it doesn’t have to be “kid-friendly”. Just nice sand, and nice water for swimming. A friend told me one side of Rhodes had great beaches and the other side not so good, but from my research I can’t tell what side is better or if that’s even true. Thanks, Liz.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Rhodes’ beach quality is determined by their location. As a general rule beaches along the northwest side of the island are more exposed, scraggy, and inferior to beautiful beaches along the southeast side of the island. This is primarily due to the influence of the northerly ‘meltemi’ wind that scours the Aegean sea during the summer months. The only possible exception may be the beaches abutting the coastal resort strip between Rhodes Town and the airport where they don’t see so much of the weather. As you move to the southwest they tend to be thin, rocky, and without the sandy coves that punctuate the southeast coastline.

      Starting with the beaches closest to Rhodes town, the first one is actually in Rhodes Town and it is just fine. This is the town beach (of Rhodes Town) in front of the Casino. It’s clean, has umbrellas and loungers, cafés and restaurants and changing rooms. Considering it’s convenience to town this is a great beach. Next beach up needs a bit of a drive (or a local bus), but it’s worth the effort, and that is Kallithea beach (10kms from Rhodes Town). It’s little more than two sandy coves with a rocky headland under the hulk of the former and now restored Italian spa. There’s a scuba diving outfit based here too. From here on the long resort hotel strip begins and while the beaches are OK (if exposed) they are the almost exclusive reserve of the resort hotels. Faliraki (15kms) is ostensibly the beach centre of eastern Rhodes. The beaches are OK – long and straight and pleasant enough but Faliraki is full of package tourists. Not far south from Faliraki is the eponymously named Anthony Quinn beach (17kms) – really two beaches strung on either side of a bent sausage-like peninsula. It’s pretty and well protected and consequently very popular.

      Traganou, Afandou, and Kolymbia beaches follow next and constitute a long stretch of sand from just south of Faliraki to Cape Vagia. It used to be fairly undeveloped (though that is changing) and there are long stretches of pebble and sand beaches that see much fewer visitors than elsewhere. Of the three Kolymbia beach (24kms) has the best development so you might want to head there if you are down this way. Next up is probably the best beach on Rhodes: Tsambika Beach (28kms). Enclosed by widely spread headlands upon one of which is the monastery of Tsambika, this beach scene has a low-key collection of beach bars and cafés and just the right mix of sand, clean water, and a fun atmosphere. Noteworthy also is the more intimate Agathi beach (40kms) and perhaps my second favourite just north of the village of Haraki. It is small, cosy, and generally only sought out by those in the know. This one is worth a visit too. Lindos (50kms) is next on the List and while its north side beaches are just fine as is the cosier St Paul’s beach to the south, they get the mass crowds, and might not be everyone’s scene. If you are visiting Lindos, then it’s certainly worth a visit.

      Blink and you might just miss minuscule Stafylia beach that will appear suddenly through your windscreen as you round a bend just 6km short of the southern village of Kiotari (60kms). It’s the last sandy beach for a while. South of here the scene changes with pebbles taking over from sand at Gennadi (63kms) and 15km further south Plimmyri has a protected grey sand beach with at least one fish taverna for lunch. For utter isolation (look for the church of Agios Pavlos next to a grain silo and in amongst some derelict buildings after Plimmyri) there is a dirt track to a beach which I think is also called Agios Pavlos where there is nothing – but water and sand. The twin beach of Prasonisi (91kms) marks the end of the island and while there is a nice beach, it is mainly a windsurfer scene and perhaps not for family bathers. Most people come here because it is like Lands End in the UK. It has to be ‘done’.

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