Best Time To Visit L.A.

When is the best time to visit Los Angeles?

The best time to visit Los Angeles is in March, April, May and October for warm weather and relatively clean air, so that it is comfortable to do outdoor activities all day. The summer months of June, July, August and September can be hot and smoggy during the day, but night time temperatures are comfortable and it’s always nicer on the beach. Winter months of November, December, January and February can be rainy and cool at times, but the weather is mild, and there is plenty of indoor things to do.

Best time to go to the beaches: The beaches are lovely year-round, but if you’re looking for hot sun and water warm enough for comfortable swimming, then from May to October is the best time.
Best time to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios: The summer (June through August) and the two weeks around Christmas and New Years are the times when the park has the most going on, with rides, parades and fireworks. There are also crowds. For short lines and better chances of your kid having face time with a Disney Princess, it is best to come during months when schools are in session. The lines will be easier, though some rides may be closed for maintenance and there is less going on in the park. If you go during a time that is commonly used for school holidays, the crowds will be back. Weeks that might have crowds: the week after President’s Day, the first two weeks of April, the week before Easter, and the weeks before and after Lunar New Year.
Best time to be part of a studio audience: Many shows go on hiatus between March and July, but a few shows have different seasons. In any case, reserve a spot well in advance, allow for lots of time, and bring a sweater. Studios are cold.
Best time for surfing: You can surf all year in Los Angeles, but fall is the best time. From September through November you can expect swells from the north and south, and often there’s an offshore wind and the water is fairly warm. March, April, and May are also quite good times, with combinations of swells from the north and south. The winter months often have quite large waves, but the water is cold, and runoff from rainstorms makes for periods of pollution. Summer has some good waves, but you have to contend with big crowds, and there can be periods of calm water.
Best time to see whales: Gray whales head south past Los Angeles from October through February, on their way from Alaska to Mexico, and from February to April they head north. Late March and April is the time you’re most likely to see a mother and baby. Between June and October, you can take a tour boat to see blue whales and humpback whales off the Channel Islands.
Best time to take a Hollywood Studio Tour: Hollywood studios do most of their work from August through March, and the busier the studio, the more interesting the tour will be.
Best time for bargains: The best time to get a break on hotel rates and air fares is January and February.

Los Angeles Weather by Month
The best weather in Los Angeles is from March through May, along with October, when days are sunny and dry, but the heat and smog of summer hasn’t set in. It makes for pleasant conditions to visit beaches and theme parks. The next best time to come is November through February which has cool, sometimes damp weather and clean air. Many attractions have large indoor components, so they are fun on wet days too. The worst weather is from June through September, with hot days and constant smog. Look for evening events and activities if you come during that time, because evening temperatures stay pleasant.

Los Angeles Temperature by Month (Daily high in Celsius)

Jan 19.8
Feb 20.7
Mar 20.5
April 22.3
May 23.3
June 25.9
July 29
Aug 29.5
Sep 28.5
Oct 26.3
Nov 22.6
Dec 20

Rainfall in mm
Jan 88
Feb 91
March 76
April 23
May 6
June 1
July 0
August 4
September 9
October 8
November 37
December 53

January weather in Los Angeles: Pack a sweater and a raincoat, because January has some cool temperatures and rainy days. But don’t forgo the shades. Lovely days with highs around 20 degrees are common. Plus, the showers and cool weather keep the smog away. (Average Max Temperature: 19.8 degrees C, Average Rainfall: 88 mm.)
February weather in Los Angeles: In Los Angeles, the shortest month has the most rainy days. Temperature-wise, it is still mild. Beyond a sweater and a rain-coat you don’t need a lot of foul weather gear. And there are still sunny days. Air quality is usually good. (Average Max Temperature: 20.7 degrees C, Average Rainfall: 91 mm.)
March weather in Los Angeles: There are usually about six rainy days in March, and they are most likely to happen at the beginning of the month. By the end of the month, conditions will be getting distinctly drier. Average Max Temperature: 20.5 degrees C, (Average Rainfall 76 mm.)
April weather in Los Angeles: Temperatures warm up, with highs in the mid 20s by the end of the month, and with the warm, dry weather, the risk of smog. There is still the occasional rainy day. (Average Max Temperature: 22.3 degrees C, Average Rainfall 23 mm.)
May weather in Los Angeles: Warm, but not usually too hot, days, cooler evenings, scarce rain, and not that much smog. May is a fantastic month for doing things outdoors in Los Angeles. (Average Max Temperature: 23.3 degrees C, Average Rainfall 6 mm.)
June weather in Los Angeles: With the blooming purple jacaranda trees of June, comes the Los Angeles summer: hot, dry, and smoggy. At night there’s a bit of a break, with lows averaging about 13 degrees. Still, it’s not pleasant, though it’s better than July or August. (Average Max Temperature: 25.9 degrees C, Average Rainfall 1 mm.)
July weather in Los Angeles: Pace yourself in the heat of the day in July. The weather is hot, dry, and smoggy. Evenings can be very comfortable, with temperatures about 17 and 18 degrees, fine weather to watch a baseball game or watch the sun set over the Pacific. (Average Max Temperature: 29 degrees C, Average Rainfall 0 mm.)
August weather in Los Angeles: August is the hottest, smoggiest time of year in Los Angeles. Three mitigating factors: the beach is nicer, nighttime temperatures are pleasant, and it is, in fact, a dry heat. (Average Max Temperature: 29.5 degrees C, Average Rainfall 4 mm.)
September weather in Los Angeles: The smog will start to break for a few days at a time, though the weather is still quite hot and dry. Average Max Temperature: 28.5 degrees C, Average Rainfall 9 mm.)
October weather in Los Angeles: October is a good time to do things outdoors in Los Angeles. The weather is still pretty dry, there are few overwhelmingly hot days, and the air quality is usually good. Average Max Temperature: 26.3 degrees C, (Average Rainfall 8 mm.)
November weather in Los Angeles: Los Angeles moves into the chilly damp season in November. Highs are still in the upper teens and lower 20s but lows average a brisk 10 degrees. With the drop in temperatures, air quality becomes a lot better. (Average Max Temperature: 22.6 degrees C, Average Rainfall 37 mm.
December weather in Los Angeles: If you’re exploring neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights at night (nobody does Christmas lights like LA-area homeowners) then you should dress for temperatures of about 8 degrees Celsius. There are strings of rainy days, but there are beautiful days as well. (Average Max Temperature: 20 degrees C, Average Rainfall 63 mm.)

Los Angeles Special Events by Month

January Events

Rose Parade – The new year begins with a procession of flower-covered floats, marching bands and horses through Pasadena, followed by the Rose Bowl college football game.
DineLA – A two-week event in which dozens of fine restaurants offer prix fixe menus at discounted prices.
Kingdom Day Parade – The nation’s biggest MLK day parade takes a three-mile route through south Los Angeles.

February Events

Lunar New Year Sometimes occurring in January, this holiday is cause for huge celebration in many neighborhoods, particularly Chinatown, which throws a big festival and a parade.
The LA Art Show This five-day festival showcases 20,000 works of art, both historic and contemporary, in 120 galleries.
Oscars The famous, televised parts of the Academy Awards aren’t open to the public, but there are a variety of events surrounding the ceremony, including screenings, panels, an exhibition of costumes and, of course, parties.

March Events

Dana Point Festival of Whales – Gray Whales pass by Los Angeles on their migration north from their breeding grounds off Mexico to their Arctic feeding grounds. You can learn more and celebrate at this event over two weekends at Dana Point, a local whale-watching hub.
Orange County Restaurant Week – A six-day event in which more than 100 Orange County restaurants offer special prix fixe menus.
Paleyfest – A nine-day festival bringing the cast and creators of various TV shows to the Dolby Theater to talk about their work.

April Events

Easter Egg Hunts – Several Los Angeles parks hold free Easter Egg hunts over Easter weekend.
LA Beer Festival – Los Angeles Center Studios becomes a giant beer garden at this festival of breweries (80 in 2019) and food trucks.
Fiesta Broadway – On the last Sunday in April, the USA’s biggest Cinco de Mayo party takes place in downtown Los Angeles, with Broadway and the streets around City Hall filling up with music stages, food vendors, carnival games, rides and crowds.
Taste of the Eastside Restaurants from around East LA sent crews to the Los Angeles River Center from 4 pm. To 8 p.m. on a Sunday and serve up a picnic for 1000 or so paying foodies.

May Events

Cinco de Mayo Californians have a long tradition of celebrating the anniversary of the first Battle of Puebla. In Los Angeles, you can find many parties, in restaurants and in public that day.
Los Angeles Times Food Bowl Night Market – Over five nights, Grand Park is the setting for a showcase of Los Angeles food scene with vendors, chef collaborations, live music and art installations.
Fiesta Hermosa – Hermosa Beach Pier is at the center of a giant arts and crafts festival that takes place all through Memorial Day Weekend.

June Events

LA Pride Festival and Parade The first weekend in June is a LGBTQ pride festival in West Hollywood Park, with big stars appearing on the concert stage, and Sunday is the day of the big parade along Santa Monica Boulevard.
Hollywood Fringe Festival – This gigantic extravaganza of loopy, inventive theater, has more than 800 performances in small theaters, studios, cafes and other spots that can accommodate performers and audiences.
Pasadena Chalk Festival Over Father’s Day weekend, the pavement of an open-air shopping center in Pasadena becomes a gallery for chalk artists.
LA Beer Week Starting with a giant party at Los Angeles Center Studios, this festival includes events at brewpubs around town.

July Events

Independence Day The Fourth of July is cause for festivities and fireworks all over this sprawling city. In downtown, Grand Park will be the center of a block party leading up to fireworks at 9 p.m.
DineLA – A two-week event in which dozens of fine restaurants offer prix fixe menus at discounted prices.
Vans US Open of Surfing – The world’s greatest surf competition takes place at Huntington Beach at the end of June and the beginning of August.

August Events

Vans US Open of Surfing – The world’s greatest surf competition takes place at Huntington Beach at the end of June and the beginning of August.
International Surf Festival – While Huntingdon beach hosts surfing’s elite, the south bay has its own set of surfing and beach events, including an open water swim, a run, beach volleyball tournaments and a sand castle contest, along with surfing competitions.
Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival – A five-day event showcasing food, wine and celebrity chefs.

September Events

Fiesta Hermosa – Hermosa Beach Pier is at the center of a giant arts and crafts festival that takes place all through Labor Day Weekend.
Fiestas Patrias Mexican Independence Day is cause for parades and street parties. The biggest celebration is a street party at El Pueblo Historical Monument.
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Street party in Chinatown, with mooncakes, music, food trucks and other festivities.

October Events

California Avocado Festival – Proclaiming the credo “Peace, Love, and Guacamole,” this weekend outdoor festival in Carpinteria boasts more than 80 musical acts on four stages, plus lots of food and avocado-inspired activities.
Long Beach Zombie Fest – A weekend long undead extravaganza in Long Beach, with participants lurching together in the same direction for a zombie walk each evening.
Halloween The weather is most likely 23 degrees Celsius and sunny, but that doesn’t stop Los Angeles from getting into the Halloween spirit. During the leadup to the holiday, you could go to Pomona and check out Pumpkinnights, go to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights, or go to a horror film festival: Screamfest.

November Events

Day of the Dead – Places with public celebrations include Olivera Street and Grand Park.
Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Mutant art cars, Elvises, and invisible drill teams are the kinds of entries you can find in this goofy local festival.
Hollywood Christmas Parade A star-studded televised parade that takes place the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

December Events

Christmas Lights – Disneyland at night is dazzling. The LA Zoo is aglow. Grand Park is full of arty things. And various neighborhoods go way over the top with their festive nighttime decorations.
Winterfest OC – Southern California’s biggest outdoor skating rink, a snow play area with fresh snow made daily, and nightly parades and tree-lightings are some of the attractions at this glittering family festival in Orange County.
New Years Eve The public celebration at Grand Park starts at 8 p.m. and continues until 1 a.m. with live music, food trucks, and a midnight countdown.

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