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Updated: April 25, 2022
By Santorini Dave

Florence Hotels

  • Most hotels in Florence are in historic buildings and subject to strict guidelines for renovations, meaning that many hotels do not have elevators or ADA rooms. If you have limited mobility, be sure the hotel has an elevator or book a ground floor room.

The Best Florence Hotels with Wheelchair Accessible Rooms

1. Portrait Firenze

Luxury • City Center
2 accessible rooms, elevator (a little small but doable), restaurant on the ground floor.
Hotel phone: +39 055 2726 8000

2. Four Seasons

Luxury • Sant’Ambrogio
Accessible rooms in several categories.
Hotel phone: +39 055 26261

3. Lungarno

Luxury • Santo Spirito
Accessible rooms, elevator access to all but the top floor, restaurant is up 5 steps, but they will serve it to guests in the bar area, which is one the flat part.
Hotel phone: +39 055 27261

4. Westin Excelsior

Luxury • Santa Maria Novella
Accessible rooms, elevator access, breakfast room and bar on the ground floor, rooftop restaurant Four accessible by elevator.
Hotel phone: +39 390 552 7151

5. Brunelleschi

Luxury • City Center
5 accessible rooms and suites; lobby, restaurant, breakfast room, and bars are on the ground floor, elevator access to the rest of hotel.
Hotel phone: +39 055 27370

6. Bernini Palace

Luxury • City Center
Accessible rooms, elevator access, restaurants and bar on the ground floor.
Hotel phone: +39 055 288621

7. St. Regis

Luxury • Santa Maria Novella
Accessible rooms with roll-in showers and portable tub seats, accessible routes to restaurants, bar, and fitness center; elevator access to all floors.
Hotel phone: +39 390 552 7161

8. Golden Tower Hotel & Spa

Luxury • City Center
Accessible rooms in Deluxe and Luxury categories with two bathrooms, one standard and one accessible. Accessible bathroom has a roll-in shower with a wall-mounted seat. Elevator to all floors and the spa. The spa is accessible, but certain areas, such as the sauna and steam room, are small. If you can manage to get in and out without a wheelchair, that is best. Entry to the Jacuzzi is down 4 or 5 steps, so depending on your level of mobility, this may or may not be a challenge.
Hotel phone: +39 055 287860

9. Palazzo Lorenzo Boutique

Luxury • Fortezza da Basso
Accessible ground-floor rooms in the Seventy House annex with a roll-in shower with a wall-mounted seat.
Hotel phone: +39 055 5321422

10. Rivoli Boutique Hotel

Luxury/Mid-range • Santa Maria Novella
Accessible rooms and common areas, two elevators (one is small).
Hotel phone: +39 055 27861

11. Pendini

Mid-range • City Center
Accessible rooms and common areas all on one floor, elevator access to entry. There are two steps at the building’s entrance, but the staff is experienced and happy to assist getting over the humps.
Hotel phone: +39 055 211170

12. Torre Guelfa

Mid-range • City Center
Accessible rooms. Elevator to all floors should accommodate all but the largest mobility scooters. Showers are accessible, but a little on the small side. Entry to the building is up one step, plus the step from the street to the sidewalk. The hotel provides a ramp to get over the steps. The only inaccessible area is the tower, as it is up 72 steps.
Hotel phone: +39 055 239 6338

13. Botticelli

Mid-range • San Marco
Two accessible rooms, elevator access to all floors and public areas. One small step at the entrance, but the staff is happy to assist.
Hotel phone: +39 055 290905

14. Corona d’Italia

Mid-range/budget • San Lorenzo
Accessible rooms and common areas, two elevators.
Hotel phone: +39 055 261501

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