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by Santorini Dave • Updated: February 4, 2021

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beach umbrellas.

Beach loungers for rent under thatched umbrellas at Perissa.

Perissa & Perivolos Beaches Information

Istoria Hotel on Perivolos Beach, Santorini – Video

Lay of the Land
Perivolos acts as a southern extension of Perissa, both making essentially one very long organized beach full of rugged charm and striking landscapes, though each town has a somewhat different feel and range of facilities. There’s no defining border between the two, and the name “Perissa” is often used for the whole strip. This stretch is also sometimes referred to as the “Black Sand Beach”, due to the coarse, dark sand created in the island’s long history of volcanic eruptions. (Be sure to bring shoes or sandals in the summer – it gets hot!) What the beach lacks in terms of typical Greek idyllic white sand, the unique dark shoreline and crystal blue refreshing waters make up for; the coarse volcanic sand means there’s little dust to cloud the water.

Visiting the Beach
These beach towns are fun, full, and very busy from June to September, and the Aegean waters are generally swimmable from late May to early October. The black sand gets searingly hot in the mid-day sun; beach sandals or water shoes are necessary for walking around, and you’ll want to sit on a sunbed or a thick towel. Sun beds and umbrellas are found at every beach bar and taverna. Usually these are free, if you buy a drink or snacks. Some places charge for sun beds; prices vary (around 10-50€) depending on where on the beach you’re sitting. Both beaches are family-friendly, with lifeguards on duty in the summer. Outside of the busy summer months, these beach towns are very quiet, the water usually isn’t warm enough to swim, and many businesses are closed.

Water Sports
Perivolos offers a wide variety of water sports, from wind surfing and parasailing to jet skiing, canoeing, and banana boats. The central office of the Santorini Dive Center is located in Perissa, though the dives take place in nearby Akrotiri or around the volcano.

Facilities, Bars and Restaurants
The long stretch of beach is lined with many tourist shops, mini-markets, ATM’s, cafes, good tavernas, and beach bars. The bars in both towns stay busy late into the night, but Perivolos has the more active nightlife of the two.

There are plenty of great hotels on both beaches, with more upscale, luxury, resort-like hotels in Perivolos (as well as fine dining restaurants and upscale beach clubs), especially at the south end of the strip called Agios Georgios Beach. You can find all of our favorites here.


  • Santorini Wavesports: The best spot for water activities in Perivolos, offering 10 different activities, including a Jet Ski Safari and 4 types of adventure tubing. Map.
  • Santorini Dive Center: Courses and excursions for divers af all levels. The main office is located in Perissa, though dives take place along the caldera in nearby Akrotiri. Map.
  • Mesa Vouno and Ancient Thera: Mesa Vouno, Santorini’s second highest peak, divides Perissa and Kamari Beaches and affords spectacular views of the Aegean and landscape from an altitude of 400m. At the top are the ruins of Ancient Thera, a Dorian settlement founded in the 9th-century B.C. and active until the 8th-century A.D. 56-minute hike or 33-minute drive.
  • Wine Country: Perissa is located due east of the island’s renowned wine region, known mostly for its white Assyrtiko variety but with a couple varieties of fantastic reds too. Most tasting rooms are in Megalochori and Pyrgos villages. 8 to 12-minute drive.

Perissa & Perivolos Beaches

road along the beach

The road along the beach that includes both Perissa and Perivolos.

taverna seating

Typical taverna seating on the beach side.

tables in sand

Many restaurants straddle the road, with tables in the sand and a dining space with open facade across the road.

Long Beach

Perissa and Perivolos together make one long beautiful beach.

clear water

Clear delicious waters.

sand boardwalk

The sand gets too hot to walk on in the middle of the day during summer months.

shade trees

Limited natural shade underneath the trees on parts of the beach.

sandy beach

Looking toward Perissa.

sand play

Playing in the sand.

beach bed rentals

Many beach beds for rent.

lifeguard station

Lifeguard station.

taverna on road

Tavernas and restaurants line the road along the beach.

afros taverna

Afros Taverna has excellent food.

restaurant menu

A typical restaurant menu.

water sports rentals

Water sports rentals on the beach.

Santorini Dive Center

Santorini Dive Center.

public bus stop

Public bus stop on Perivolos in front of Mera Beach Bar.

town to beach road

The road connecting town to the beach.

road parking

Public parking along the beach road.

beach bed rentals

Rentable beach bed and umbrellas on the beach.

The hotel's infinity pool is one of Santorini's largest.

The incredible pool at Istoria Hotel on Perivolos Beach.

public parking lot

Free public parking lot.

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