Santorini Windmill Villas

By Santorini Dave

If you want unique, this is it. The iconic windmill at the Golden Sunset Villas in Oia (the big one in the picture above) can be rented as a villa. It sleeps 2 to 4. It has a huge deck with direct views of the sunset. There’s a small kitchen, bathroom, and 2 sleeping areas. There are a few other “sort of” windmills you can sleep in around the island but none are the real deal like this. Book at least 8 months in advance.

Santorini Windmill Villa in Oia.

Santorini Windmill Villa

Santorini Windmill Villa with Sunset View.

This is the most popular area of Oia to watch the sunset from. But while the crowds are competing for elbow room in the narrow alleyways you’ll have a huge open deck to relax on.

Santorini Windmill Villa to Sleep In.

The main bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Santorini Windmill Villa with Bathroom.

The bathroom and shower on the 2nd floor.

Santorini Windmill Villa for Family.

The 2nd sleeping area on the top floor. (This is where our kids slept.)

Santorini Windmill Villas with Kitchen.

There’s a small kitchen area as you enter the windmill. (The stairs are steep and a little tricky, this might not be the best choice if you have limited mobility.)

Santorini Windmill Villa with Deck and Sunset View.

The entrance and deck of the windmill villa.

Santorini Windmill Villa for Honeymoon.

The 2nd floor, looking down the stone steps to the kitchen. Up the wooden steps is the top floor bedroom.

Santorini Windmill Villa in Oia.

My son brushing his teeth as he looks out the bathroom window.

Santorini Windmill Villa near Swimming Pool.

The Windmill Villa does not have a pool or hot tub but Lioyerma pool bar is a 2 minute walk away. The pool is free to use with the purchase of food or drinks.

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