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Updated: January 25, 2024
By Santorini Dave

My Favorite Santorini Hotels

• Fira: Athina
• Oia: KatikiesCanaves Suites
• Imerovigli: GraceAstra
• Firostefani: Tsitouras
• Beach: Istoria
• For Families: Aria
• For Couples: Aenaon
• Best Pool: Nous
• Midrange: EnigmaKavalari

Best 5-Star Hotel in Oia, Santorini.

The 5-star Perivolas Hotel in Oia. One of the our favorite hotels in Santorini.

Staying in Oia – Tips & Advice

  • Oia is the most romantic town in Santorini (along with Imerovigli). It’s filled with great restaurants, boutique shops, and wonderful caldera views. Most hotels are just off the main pedestrian path that connects all the prime areas of Oia. There’s only one true bar in Oia but it’s a good one: Marykay’s near the central square.
  • If budget allows, stay at a Santorini hotel with caldera view.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Oia: KatikiesCanaves Oia SuitesPerivolas
  • Best Villa in Oia: Oia Mansion (historic building with tons of charm and wonderful sunset views, great for families and small groups)
  • Best Cheap Hotel in Oia: Agnadi View Villa (outside of Oia but sill walking distance)
  • Best Cheap Hotel with Caldera View: Rimida Villas

Oia, Santorini

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Oia sits at the northwest tip of Santorini – about a 20-minute drive from Fira and 25 minutes from the airport. The town is known for its fantastic sunset views, great restaurants, and high-end shopping. There’s not much nightlife in Oia but there is one bar, Marykay’s, and several restaurants with cocktail bars attached for evening drinks.

Where to Stay in Oia
Most luxury hotels in Oia look south into the caldera and have great views of the volcano and Santorini cliffs. But these hotels do not have sunset views. Only the hotels on the western end of the town can see the sun set into the water. These hotels have partial caldera views.

Best 5-star hotel in Oia, Santorini.

There are so many great hotels in Oia but if I had to pick my favorite it would be Katikies.

Map of Oia

Map showing the location of the best hotels in Oia, Santorini
Hotels on Map: Canaves EpitomeMarizan CavesCharisma SuitesMaregio SuitesEsperasFanari VillasArt Maisons Oia CastleOia MansionZoe Aegeas Traditional HousesSanto Pure OiaAndronis Arcadia • Aspaki by Art MaisonsAris CavesAndronis Boutique HotelCanaves SundayAlta MareAndronis Luxury SuitesSantorini SecretFilotera SuitesKatikies HotelCanaves Oia SuitesWhite Pearl VillasAmbition SuitesCanaves EnaMystiqueStrogiliAnemomilosNikos VillasKiriniGabbiano Traditional Cave HousesPerivolas HotelIkies

6 Best Hotels in Oia, Santorini

1. Katikies Hotel

Katikies Hotel in Oia, Santorini.
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71401
5-star luxury boutique hotel with 3 infinity pools, fantastic service, surreal architecture. All suites have amazing caldera viewa and own plunge pools (honeymoon suite has a jacuzzi, too). This is one of the best hotels in Greece. Great restaurants are within a 5 minute walk of the hotel.
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2. Canaves Oia Suites

Floating sun loungers at Canaves Oia Suites
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71453
An intimate luxury hotel with few peers on the island. The view is absolutely stunning – perhaps the best hotel view on Santorini. Nice pool and deck with views of the caldera. Canaves Ena is around the corner, slightly smaller, and quieter – but still wonderful.
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3. Perivolas Hotel

View from the entrance of Perivolos Hotel
Hotel Phone: +30 22860 71308
Serene, private residence vibe, unique hotel (no tvs/dvds) with 21 tastefully decorated houses in 300-year old restored caves with alcoves & verandas. Deluxe suites have terraces with outdoor jacuzzis/infinity pools and the top end ‘Perivolas’ suite has a steam bath, huge indoor hot tub and a heated cave pool that stretches out to the terrace. Hotel has a splendid infinity pool and a restaurant in a converted wine cellar.
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4. Katikies Kirini Suites & Spa

Main pool and cabanas at Kirini Santorini
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71214
Posh boutique hotel with 2 pools (1 indoor, heated cave pool, and 1 outdoor, caldera-view infinity pool), a holistic spa, daily sunset wine tastings, and a modern Greek-Mediterranean restaurant. Luxe bright suites all include private terraces with caldera views. Most suites include an indoor jacuzzi; top tier suites boast outdoor jacuzzis or plunge pools. Great location on the walking path at the east end of Oia, within 5 minutes’ walk of restaurants and a 15-minute walk to central Oia.
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5. Andronis Arcadia

Pool and Aegean Sea view from Andronis Arcadia
Hotel Phone: +30 22860 27392
5-star, family-friendly hotel with a pool, spa, and exceptional dining (don’t miss their signature restaurant Opson, serving an ancient Greek menu curated by a culinary archaeologist). Each suite and villa has its own private, heated pool and sunset sea views (not over the caldera). Daily free yoga, hiking, and training are major perks. Non-central location but still a short walk from the caldera, restaurants, and shops.
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6. Mystique

Pool, terrace, and caldera view at Mystique
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71114
Magnificent, luxury hotel with 2 sparkling pools located near the base of the Oia caldera, allowing unobstructed sea views and granting more privacy than most nearby hotels. Mystique offers a variety of suites and villas, most with private jacuzzis, pools, or both. Hotel guests are served by 3 delicious restaurants: Lure Greek Restaurant, Charisma Mediterranean Restaurant, and the Captain’s Lounge for breakfast and casual fare. The holistic spa, caldera-view pools, and superior service complete the experience here.
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Oia Village Information

  • Location: Northern tip of Santorini.
  • Parking: Parking in Oia can be a challenge. There are a handful of public parking lots (shown on the map below), as well as smaller private lots where you can pay to park. Free parking along the roadside is possible but limited.
  • Bus: The bus terminal is near the center of the village, with frequent buses heading toward Fira. There is also a bus stop at the entrance to Oia at Finikia. General bus information and public bus schedule.
  • Dining: Many great restaurants and cafes. Our favorites are Candouni, Ambrosia, Roka, Elinikon, Karma, and Lotza
  • Shopping: The full range from small souvenirs to elegant boutiques.

Lay of the Land
Perched at the northern tip of the island and built into the rocky cliffside, Oia is the most picturesque and romantic village in Santorini. The southern side of Oia overlooks the caldera with views of the Nea Kameni volcano and Thirassia island (which belongs to the municipality of Oia). The northern part of Oia faces away from the caldera, this part of the village is known for its perfect sunset and ocean views. Typically hotels that face the caldera do not have sunset views, and hotels with sunset views do not face the caldera.

Oia has some of the island’s best hotels and restaurants as well as high-end shopping. There are only a few bars in the village – those looking for nightlife should head to Fira. A beautiful, wide, marble pedestrian path runs from one end of Oia to the other, lined with shops, galleries, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The rest of Oia has traditional narrow alleyways and footpaths with charming white-washed houses, blue-domed churches, restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Maritime History
Like other villages in Santorini, Oia has maritime history. Oia gained economic prosperity from its merchant fleets that traded goods in the Eastern Mediterranean, mainly between Alexandria and Russia. The village reached its peak of prosperity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Remnants of this prosperous time can be found in Oia today within the old two-story, Neoclassical captains’ mansions seen scattered throughout the alleyways north of the main pedestrian path. One of these has been restored and converted into the Naval Maritime Museum, which is worth a visit. Mansions along the caldera side have been converted into guest-houses, hotels, and restaurants.

Sunsets and the Castle Ruins
Gorgeous sunsets are probably Oia’s most popular attraction; in high season, the village becomes packed right before the sun goes down and paths become very crowded with people going to watch the event – viewing spots along the castle ruins and reservations at sunset-view restaurants are particularly prized. The colors of the sun light up the white-washed houses and the caldera, and every evening, crowds applaud as the sun disappears.

The best spot to watch the sunset is at the 15th century Byzantine castle of Agios Nikolaos in the northwest. The castle is one of the 5 fortified settlements on the island (the other four are Pyrgos, Akrotiri, Emporio and Skaros). During Byzantine and Frankish rule, the Aegean coast suffered incessant pirate raids so the islanders were forced to move their settlements to more strategic and inaccessible areas. In 1956, a devastating 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit the island, destroying most of the castle and its surrounding structures. Only part of the watchtower (Goulas) remains.

Hotel with free breakfast and view in Oia.

The view (and patio breakfast) from our suite at Anemomilos.

Oia hotel with view of Ammoudi Bay and sunset.

The view of Ammoudi Bay from our suite at Art Maisons Oia Castle Hotel.

Ammoudi Bay
At the northwestern foot of the village is a picturesque and well-known cove called Ammoudi Bay. Many boat tours and day trips to Thirassia Island arrive and leave from this bay, and this area has been used as a location for many films, incuding Summer Lovers, Laura Croft: Tomb Raider, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. There are a few great traditional tavernas in Ammoudi Bay, sitting right over the water and offering plenty of fresh seafood options. If you follow the path west past the restaurants, you will find a beautiful (and rocky) swimming spot.

To access Ammoudi Bay on foot, there is a trail near the castle ruins with about 200 to 300 steps (depending what you read or who you ask) leading down to the bay. (See photos below.) By car, head north past central Oia on the main road; Ammoudi Bay is about 1.5 km down a very narrow road that’s busy in high season. There is limited parking at the bay and it is almost always full. Many people walk down on the footpath, grab a bite to eat at a taverna, and then ask the wait staff to call taxi to take them back up the hill.

Fira to Oia Hike
Definitely one of the best things to do in Santorini is the Oia to Fira hike. The 10.5 km trail travels along the caldera cliff and through the villages of Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani and Fira. It takes between 2 and 5 hours depending on how fast you walk and how often you stop. If you do a side trip to Skaros Rock (in Imerovigli) it will add at least an hour. Part of the path is similar to a sidewalk, parts are cobblestone, and parts are a dirt path. There is a good climb in both directions. The climb from Oia to Imerovigli is long and gradual so you don’t notice it as much; the climb from Fira to Imerovigli is short and steep. The trail is not baby-stroller or bike friendly. Most 7 year-olds would have no trouble completing the walk in terms of difficulty as the quality of the path is good, but it is a very long walk for anyone under 10.

Best place for drinks in Oia.

Tiny Marykay’s is the only true bar in Oia. Packed with charm and, after midnight, people too.


  • Church of Panagia of Platsani: The most iconic church in Santorini, beautiful inside and out.
  • Museum of Ancient, Byzantine Musical Instruments: Faithful replicas of Greek instruments dating from the prehistoric through Byzantine eras.
  • Maritime Museum: Small museum focused on Greek naval and Santorinian seafaring history. Only €5 to enter.
  • Castle of Agios Nikolaos (aka Oia Castle aka Byzantine Castle Ruins): The medieval castle ruins are the most popular sunset viewpoint on the island.
  • Ammoudi Bay: Best known for its fresh fish restaurants, Ammoudi is the rocky port of Oia; boats sail to Thirassia and cruise the caldera from here. It’s an incredibly popular spot for cliff diving, and is one of the best places to swim on the island.
  • Domaine Sigalas: Santorini’s best winery, with options for tours, tastings and tapas.

Orientation to Oia – Video

More Great Oia Hotels

Canaves Epitome

Outside a 2-bedroom villa at Canaves Epitome
Hotel phone: +30 22860 72499
Boutique, all-suite, luxury hotel with an infinity pool, small spa and gym, and two gourmet Greek-Mediterranean restaurants. One-bedroom suites and two-bedroom villas all include private balconies or patios with heated plunge pools or swimming pools and sunset, sea views (not of the caldera). A signature champagne breakfast is included in the room rate. Located about 500 meters from central Oia, Canaves Epitome offers more space and privacy than nearby caldera hotels, while still offering easy walking access to the village’s best sights, shops, and dining.
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Marizan Caves & Villas

Hotel phone: +30 22860 72061
Family-run, cave-style spacious rooms, with fridges, sofa beds (some) & balconies. No 24-hour reception and no on-site pool (there’s a public pool next door). Upgraded cave houses have big balconies and outdoor jacuzzis.
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Charisma Suites

The pool and view from Charisma Suites
Hotel phone: +30 22860 27310
One of only a handful of hotels in Oia with views over the caldera and of the sunset, Charisma also boasts cave-style design, an infinity pool, and a nightly champagne sunset event. Each romantic suite offers a private balcony, and all have either an outdoor jacuzzi, infinity pool, or cave pool. Great location near the old windmills, dining, and shops of Oia village.
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Maregio Suites

A private pool and caldera view from Maregio Suites
Hotel phone: +30 22860 72218
Low-key, luxury hotel with just 9 suites, all with generous terraces with private, heated plunge pools and direct sunset views over the Oia caldera. Spacious suites feature contemporary, Cycladic, minimalist style. Intimacy is paramount here, so all meals are served directly to each terrace, including a rich Greek breakfast, great cocktails, Mediterranean light fare, and local wines. Perfectly located near the windmills, just a short walk to Ammoudi Bay and the heart of Oia.
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Esperas Santorini Hotel

Pool and windmill at Esperas Santorini
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71501
Minimalistic, 20 unit (studios, houses & suites) hotel with a carved-out rock pool. Bright, unassuming, smallish with private terraces, minibars & coffee/tea facilities. Upgraded suites have outdoor jacuzzis. Units 121, 114 offer the most privacy & 115 has the best sunset views.
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Fanari Villas

Pool and caldera at Fanari Villas
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71008
Beautifully decorated cave-style suites with sofa beds, wooden furniture, and private/semi-private terraces; some suites add kitchenettes. Top-end suites have indoor or outdoor whirlpools and sundecks. Amenities include a small spa, caldera-view pool (half open-air and half cave-style), a pool bar and restaurant, and complimentary breakfast.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Art Maisons Oia Castle

Best villa with private pool for couples in Oia.
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71831
Luxurious hotel with opulent suites and villas featuring outdoor jacuzzis or cave pools, large private balconies/terraces, and magnificent views of the caldera and volcano. Located just steps from Oia Castle, guests can use the heated outdoor pool, Mediterranean bar serving light meals and drinks, and spa at the sister Aspaki by Art Maisons hotel nearby.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Oia Mansion

Villa for families and couples in Oia with sunset view.
Hotel phone: +30 69803 77433
Historic and luxurious Sea Captain’s Mansion spread across 5 floors with 4 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, fully-equipped kitchen, outdoor jacuzzi, multiple terraces with furniture, an office, and complimentary breakfast. The opulent large-group-friendly property features original antique furniture and fittings, Cycladic architecture, modern amenities, and magnificent sunset views.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Zoe Aegeas Traditional Houses

Hotel phone: +30 2286 071466
Great value, roomy, apartments (for up to 6 people, some split-level), studios and private villas with fully equipped kitchens, loaner laptops, terraces. Stellar caldera views and a great location in the bustling heart of Oia.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Santo Pure Oia

The restaurant, pool, and sunset at Santo Pure Oia Luxury Suites and Spa
Hotel phone: +30 22860 40063
Spacious, luxury resort with 1 indoor and 5 outdoor pools, a lavish spa, a Cretan-Greek restaurant, and 2 bars. All suites and villas include kitchenettes and private, outdoor jacuzzis. Most suites feature sea views or sunset sea views, though views face directly west toward the Aegean, rather than the caldera. Wonderful location, just a 5-minute walk to the heart of Oia and just a 6-minute walk to the caldera’s edge.
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Aspaki by Art Maisons

Sun terrace and caldera view at Aspaki Exclusive Hotel
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71831
Art-centric, luxury hotel with 15 caldera-view suites, a small pool, and an organic spa. Honeymoon and Exclusive Suites boast private, outdoor jacuzzis, while Cave Pool Suites feature indoor or outdoor heated cave pools. The hotel is served by a delicious Mediterranean restaurant, and an a la carte breakfast is always included. Guests of Aspaki have access to the sunset view terrace at their sister property Art Maisons Oia Castle. Central yet serene location on the Oia caldera.
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Aris Caves

View from above Aris Caves
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71511
Boutique, luxury cave hotel with 7 spacious, self-catered suites and magnificent caldera views. All suites include a fully equipped kitchenette, 1 offers a cave jacuzzi, and 3 boast outdoor jacuzzis. Most suites sleep up to 4, while the largest sleeps 7. Ideal location just off the main pedestrian path in Oia, steps from the village’s best dining, shopping, and attractions.
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Andronis Boutique Hotel

Pool and view at Andronis Boutique Hotel
Hotel phone: +30 22860 72182
Adults-only, boutique hotel with 2 pools (1 heated, 1 cool), the fine-dining Lauda (the oldest restaurant in Oia), and caldera views. Each spacious suite and the 2-bedroom villa includes a private terrace with a jacuzzi, open-air plunge pool, or cave pool. Located in central Oia, near some of the island’s best restaurants, shops, and attractions.
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Canaves Sunday

The main pool at Canaves Sunday
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71453
Small, luxury hotel with an infinity pool and 8 suites with panoramic caldera views. Suites are generous, the largest with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Honeymoon Suites feature outdoor jacuzzis, while Master Suites boast private infinity pools. Dining is exceptional at Veranda, their caviar and oyster restaurant. Popular for weddings, the entire hotel can be rented out for events as a 10-bedroom villa. Great location in the heart of Oia.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Alta Mare by Andronis

A pool at Alta Mare in Oia, Santorini
Hotel phone: +30 22860 72041
Romantic, adults-only chic suites with jacuzzis on balconies. Top of the line ‘Retreat’ suites have big outdoor patios with hot tubs. Also possible to make use of facilities at hotel’s sister properties (transfer arranged).
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Andronis Luxury Suites

View from above Andronis Luxury Suites
Hotel phone: +30 22860 72041
Ultra-luxury boutique hotel with a heated infinity pool, romantic Lycabettus Restaurant (Modern Greek cuisine, jawdropping views, reservations recommended), and a full-service spa. Elegant suites and villas have outdoor/indoor jacuzzis, cave plunge pools, or heated infinity pools. The top end ‘White House’ sports an infinity pool, outdoor hot tub, and its own waterfall and garden (with dining and butler service options). Great location on the pedestrian path of Oia.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Santorini Secret Suites & Spa

The main pool at Santorini Secrets
Hotel phone: +30 22860 27337
Adults-only hotel with trendy suites and one villa, all with spacious terraces, caldera views, and outdoor jacuzzis or private pools. The ‘Honeymoon’ Suite has a round bed, fitness area, and hammam; the villa adds a fully equipped kitchenette. Amenities include a caldera-view infinity pool, small spa, and an award-restaurant. Their family-friendly sister property Santorini Secret Premium, is across the path and offers access to the spa and restaurant at the main hotel, along with larger suites, all with jacuzzis, and the same in-room amenities. Wonderfully located on the marble pedestrian path in Oia, surrounded by dining, shopping, and near the bus station.
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Filotera Suites

View and pools at Filotera Suites
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71110
Eight ultra-chic cave suites with stunning caldera views from each private terrace, all with outdoor, heated jacuzzis and 1 adding a private pool. Amenities include a spectacular infinity pool overlooking the caldera, an all-day Greek restaurant and pool bar, in-room massage, and daily breakfast delivery. Superb location in the heart of Oia, surrounded by delicious restaurants and local boutiques.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

White Pearl Villas

Private jacuzzis on the caldera at White Pearl Villas
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71334
A fashionable collection of private villas on scattered on the side of the Oia caldera with sweeping views. Each luxury villa includes a kitchenette and a private terrace with a jacuzzi or pool; some villas add a second, indoor plunge pool.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Ambition Suites

A private balcony at Ambition Suites
Hotel phone: +30 22860 72220
Tiny, 4-suite, luxury hotel with cave-style architecture and stunning caldera views. Each suite includes an outdoor jacuzzi. The Emotion Suites feature round beds, while the Sensation and Temptation Suites have more private terraces. Room rates include an a la carte breakfast served to each suite’s terrace and complimentary arrival and departure transfers. Located at the eastern edge of Oia, less than a 5-minute walk from restaurants and less than a 10-minute walk to the heart of the village for shopping, attractions, and the bus station.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Canaves Ena

The entrance and view of Canaves Ena
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71453
The first-built of the Canaves properties (and formerly known as Canaves Oia Hotel), Canaves Ena offers 18 exclusive suites with private balconies, most with outdoor plunge pools. Luxury room perks include pillow menus, welcome wine, and Hermes amenities. The hotel features a wonderful infinity pool, a casual Greek-Mediterranean restaurant, and a local wine-tasting experience. Guests have access to the spa at their sister property Canaves Oia Suites. Located just outside the pedestrian-only zone of Oia, walking distance to everything.
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Hotel phone: +30 22860 71125
Spotless, traditional-style studios and apartments with kitchens, coffee machines, laptops (on request), verandas and a hearty complimentary breakfast. Has a pool with a sun terrace.
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Anemomilos Hotel

The pool at Anemomilos Hotel
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71410
Pleasant, affordable 15 room and studio property and 2 private, upscale villas. Good hotel for families. Kitchens with ovens, outdoor heated jacuzzis and spacious terraces. Nice restaurant that serves good food and a wonderful courtyard pool.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Nikos Villas

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71368
Traditional, Cycladic-style hotel with bright, cheerful, and spacious studios, apartments, and suites, all with balconies/patios, well-equipped kitchens, and excellent views of the caldera. There is also a free-form outdoor pool with a large sundeck, a pool bar, and an outdoor cafe.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Gabbiano Traditional Cave Houses

A private jacuzzi and balcony at Gabbiano Apartments
Hotel phone: +30 22860 53203
Family-friendly, boutique hotel with only 3 apartments, all with private jacuzzis with incredible 180° views of the Oia caldera.  Charming apartments offer fully equipped kitchenettes, welcome fruits, and are set in a hundreds-of-years-old cave: one, a former house; the second, a wine cellar; and the last, a former donkey stable. Guests have the option of adding breakfast to their stays or booking the apartments only. Service is attentive and personal. The location is fantastic overlooking the caldera, near several restaurants, and an easy walk to the center of Oia.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on


Pool and view from Ikies Traditional Houses
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71311
Luxury boutique hotel with an infinity pool, elegant cave-style suites, and spectacular caldera views. Suites are all spacious, most with private, outdoor jacuzzis, some with lofts, some with 2 bedrooms. A wonderful Greek breakfast is served to each room daily, and an all-day room service menu features light fare and cocktails. Quiet location at the east end of Oia, away from the crowds yet only a 15-minute walk along the footpath to the best dining, shopping, and sunset vistas.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

270 Oia’s View

A private pool and view from 270 Oia's View
Hotel phone: +30 22860 72246
Modern villa collection featuring enormous 1 to 4-bedroom villas, full kitchens (big size fridges), private pools, and landscaped gardens. The Houses feature contemporary, Cycladic architecture, while the cave houses feature traditional, Santorinian design. Cavehouse VII, a 1-bedroom villa, has a fabulous cave-style pool and an indoor olive tree growing under a skylight. Located near (but not on) the caldera in Finikia, featuring panoramic sunset views and just a 15-minute walk to the pedestrian zone in Oia.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Aqua & Terra Traditional Cave Houses

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71893
Cozy, simple, cave-house style units (up to 5 people) with kitchenettes, sofa beds and terraces with beautiful views.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Atrina Canava 1894

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71831
Set in former wine caves, this property has fresh-looking suites and villas with kitchenettes, mini-bars, bathtubs and terraces with deck chairs. Outdoor jacuzzis are found in the top end suites and villas. Amenities include a cliffside pool, a casual cocktail and snack bar (open 24 hours), twice daily maid service, and a delicious breakfast served to each room’s terrace daily. Conveniently located at the beginning of the pedestrian path in Oia.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Delfini Villas

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71600
Rooms and suites with mini bars, private balconies and outdoor jacuzzis. Studios and cave suites add small, fully equipped kitchenettes. The cave suite also has a bathtub with a sauna. Hotel has free private parking.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Elysian Santorini

Main pool and Aegean Sea view from Elysian Santorini
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71434
Luxury villa collection in the traditional village Finikia, just a 5-minute walk to the caldera and a 15-minute walk to the heart of Oia. The villas are spread out over 2 complexes connected by a winding path through an unspoiled Cycladic village. Villas offer 1 or 2 bedrooms, plenty of space (45 to 80 sqm), private terraces, and either an indoor or outdoor jacuzzi or plunge pool. All include sunset sea views over the Aegean (not the caldera). Amenities include a large infinity pool, daily breakfast delivery, and a welcome bottle of wine.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Enalion Suites

Hotel phone: +30 22860 72276
Quaint, great value suites (only 3) with kitchenettes and private terraces with caldera views. The Executive Cave Suite is the largest and features an indoor jacuzzi, while the Classic and Junior Cave Suites boast outdoor heated jacuzzis. Fantastic location at the quiet, east end of Oia just a 5-minute walk to the pedestrian zone, restaurants, and shopping. Their sister property, Enalion White Suites, offers 2 more suites with kitchenettes and outdor jacuzzis in central Oia.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Grand Canava

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71927
One, traditional, restored, character-filled, historic residence (villa) for up to 12 people, spread out across 3 sections, with cave-style rooms, multiple bedrooms, kitchens, bathtubs, an outdoor private pool and jacuzzi.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Kima Oia Suites

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71049
Boutique hotel with a cliffside infinity pool, bar service, and stunning caldera views from each suite and throughout the property. Suites feature traditional, cave-style architecture with minimalistic style; about half feature private, outdoor jacuzzis with panoramic views. This family-run hotel offers warm hospitality and attentive care. Perfect location at the beginning of Oia’s footpath, near amazing restaurants and shopping.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

La Perla Villas

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71510
Snazzy, cozy suites and villas with Dolce Gusto coffee machines, kitchenettes, massage showers, Bluetooth speakers, mini bars and patios with private plunge pools/hot tubs. Free parking available at a nearby location.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Myst Boutique Hotel

Pool and Aegean Sea views from Myst Boutique Hotel
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71660
Adults-only, boutique hotel in a quiet neighborhood of Oia with a refreshing pool, modern Greek comfort food restaurant, and surrounded by vineyards. All units offer sea or sunset sea views (not the caldera). Suites feature private, outdoor jacuzzis, while the 2 rooms offer direct access to the pool. An excellent breakfast buffet is included in the room rate, featuring local products and great coffee. Great location just a 10-minute walk to Oia.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Mythique Villas

A private pool and villa at Mythique
Hotel phone: +30 22860 72363
3 private luxury villas on the caldera side of Finikia, a quiet neighborhood just a short walk to the livelier Oia village. 1, 2, and 3-bedroom villas all feature private, caldera-view infinity pools, al fresco dining tables, and parking. Perks include a rich, a la carte breakfast served daily to each villa and complimentary rides into Oia, though it’s only a 13-minute walk away.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Nostos Apartments

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71604
Spacious, reasonably priced property with studios, rooms and apartments with kitchenettes, loft bedrooms, and sea view terraces, some with private, outdoor jacuzzis. Has a pool and pool bar.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Onar Villas

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71100
Immaculate, good value, 5 traditional cave houses and 1 modern villa property with small rooms, Espresso machines, fridges and outdoor hot tubs. Near the top of the cliff, so not as many steps to climb. Lacks a pool.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Rimida Villas

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71192
Traditional cave house complex with fully equipped kitchens, small bedrooms, outdoor hydromassage tubs, cave jacuzzis and verandas. Serves daily breakfast at each villa’s private veranda. Accepts kids above 16 only.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Sophia Boutique Hotel

A private plunge pool at Sophia Boutique Hotel
Hotel phone: +30 22860 71131
Charming, luxury hotel with 10 stylish rooms and suites, a refreshing pool, and an all-day pool bar located in the traditional village Finikia, just a 15-minute walk to Oia. All rooms and suites feature private, outdoor plunge pools and sunset sea views over the Aegean (not the caldera). A complimentary, a la carte breakfast is served to each room daily.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Villa Katikies

Hotel phone: +30 22860 71480
Elegant, small hotel with a handful of rooms and suites, all with marvelous caldera views and private terraces with outdoor jacuzzis. The hotel boasts an infinity pool with an all-day pool bar serving light fare. Breakfast is included and served to each room daily. Guests of Villa Katikies have access to all facilities of their sister properties, including the pools and dining at Katikies Hotel next door and the decadent spa at Katikies Kirini just a short walk away.
Hotel websiteCheck Prices on

Staying in Oia – Things to Know

Oia caldera side

The caldera-facing side of Oia.

Canaves oia hotel room

An iconic Oia view from a room at Canaves Oia Suites.

oia pathway

Along the main pathway, with Skaros Rock in Imerovigli visible in the distance.

kirini hotel pool

The gorgeous pool at Katikies Kirini Suites.

ammoudi bay

Ammoudi Bay below Oia as seen from a departing boat tour.

Ambrosia restaurant

Ambrosia Restaurant with gorgeous caldera views is one of the most romantic places to dine in Oia.

ammoudi bay meal wine

Lunch at Ammoudi Bay.

Elinikon restaurant

Elinikon near the windmills has some of the best sunset dining views (from the rooftop patio).

coloring book oia village page

Oia Village from our Santorini Coloring Page series.

roka restaurant

Roka Restaurant has a quaint patio with sunset views.

karma restaurant

The charming garden courtyard at Karma Restaurant.

ammoudi bay

Gorgeous Ammoudi Bay.

Sunset cruises aligned in the waters just off Ammoudi Bay.

ammoudi bay

The waterfront path of Ammoudi Bay.

Swimming hole just around the corner from Ammoudi Bay.

catamaran at Ammoudi Bay

Enjoying a meal or drinks while watching the various boat tours come and go at Ammoudi is a highlight.

oia sunset at the castle

Sunset at the castle.

anchored catamarans off oia

Early morning view of the overnight anchorage for Santorini’s catamarans, just below Oia.

Santorini is for lovers – and lots and lots of wedding photos.

andronis boutique hotel

At night, the poolside deck at Andronis Boutique Hotel transforms into a romantic dining patio.

oia Eastern Orthodox Church

The Eastern Orthodox Church at the entrance to the pedestrian only zone of Oia.

caldera facing Oia

Another view of the caldera-facing part of Oia.

oia shopping

Oia is full of shopping from small souvenirs to upscale fashion and jewelry boutiques.

walkway at sunset

One of the narrower parts along the main pedestrian thoroughfare through Oia.

oia blue down church

One of Oia’s more iconic churches.

sunset crowd

Sunset crowd near the castle.

Busy shopping lane in Oia interior.

Ammoudi bay steps

Steps down to Ammoudi Bay.

ammoudi steps

Walking down the wide steps to Ammoudi Bay.

oia sunset crowds

The approach to the castle.

bus stop

Waiting for the bus to Fira at the entrance to Oia.

oia shopping

Oia is full of higher end boutique shopping.

oia hillside

Oia hillside nook.

parking lot

A public parking lot in Oia.

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Santorini Dave Santorini Dave was started in 2011 by a guy who loves Greece and Europe, travel and great hotels. We're now a small team of writers and researchers dedicated to providing the best travel content on the internet. We focus on Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, and Greece, offering recommendations for top hotels, neighborhoods, and family-friendly hotels worldwide. Dave can be contacted at

  1. Oia Hotel Views

    Hi Dave, your videos and website have been the best out there!

    Even with all the wonderful info the wife and I are stressing on our hotel pick. So so many amazing ones to choose from. The frustration can be real, we are visiting in late April and the temps will still be cool. Not sure if we’ll be using a pool much, so views from the room are super important, especially the sunset. Would you still suggest Katikies Hotel, does the hotel have a caldera and sunset view? I noticed you briefly discussed Andronis Luxury Suites in another comment, would you recommend staying there? Lastly the Oia Castle Sunset Honeymoon Suite with Outdoor Jacuzzi looks incredible.

    Mahalo, Rich

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      In general for Oia hotels, you need to choose between a caldera view (Katikies and Andronis, for example) and a sunset view (Oia Castle). For the most part, you can’t have both. Oia Castle has partial views of the caldera and a few other hotels (Esperas, say) have sunset views and look south into the caldera for better-than-partial caldera views. But the easiest way to think about it is that it’s either a caldera view (my preference) or a sunset view – but not both (when staying in Oia).

  2. Oia Hotel with Caldera View

    We are thinking about Ikies, Atrina Cabana 1894, or Aris Caves, can you please advise which is better?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      These are all wonderful hotels with fantastic caldera views, traditional cave-style architecture, private jacuzzi/pool options, and great locations within walking distance to Oia’s best restaurants, sights, and shopping.

      Ikies Traditional Houses is the most romantic option with luxurious suites and villas, a caldera-view infinity pool, and a more private location than the others, sitting on the quiet, southeast end of Oia, walking distance to the best restaurants, shops, and attractions, but removed from the crowds. Aris Caves is a self-catering property with no main pool, but it has the closest location to Oia’s best sunset viewpoints, Ammoudi Bay below, the heart of the village, and it’s near the bus stop. For family vacations, Atrina Canava 1894 is best, as it is the only hotel of the 3 that allows children under 12 year old; it’s also right on the main footpath making it easy to get around the village.

  3. Katikies vs Mystique

    Mystique or Katikies

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for the wonderful information on this website, the hotel video helps a lot! We are thinking about booking a room in either Katikies or Mystique, given our budget, we are looking to book either the double room or junior suite in Katikies or the Allure Suite in Mystique, for some reason, the square footage for the Allure suite is 40-50 sq. M. v. 25-30 sq. M for double room or junior suite in Katikies. I am wondering maybe the Allure suite includes the outdoor balcony space. Anyway, how would you choose between the 2?

    Thank you for your help!


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Katikies and Mystique are both wonderful, 5-star luxury hotels with gorgeous caldera views, fantastic dining and drinks, great pools, wonderful staff, and are in the same part of Oia. However, Katikies offers more luxurious rooms and a higher level of service. Katikies has fewer rooms (35 of them) than at Mystique (40 rooms), but it has one extra pool which helps it feels less crowded. And though the 2 hotels are nearly neighbors, Katikies is fully within the pedestrian-only zone, making it easier to walk to Oia’s best attractions and restaurants. From Mystique you need to walk along the road for about 200 meters to gain access to Oia’s pedestrian walkway – not a big deal but it is a slight hassle.

      Regarding the size of the rooms, many hotels in Santorini count the total square meters of indoor and outdoor space in their room descriptions. I’m not certain whether Mystique and Katikies follow this practice, but it would not be unheard of if so. In any case, the rooms and suites at both properties are fantastic.

  4. Sea Captains House in Oia

    Hi Dave Just wondering what you know about 1864 The Sea Captains House? Value for money. Direct sunset view? We are a couple in our late 40’s who are looking at a spot for our first night in Oia perched on a balcony all to ourselves with a direct sunset view enjoying a bottle of wine/beers! Following Oia we are looking at 2 nights in Fira amongst the action and so far your recommendation of Kavalari is our top pick. We like practical down to earth accommodations, no frills required just a fabulous position close to restaurants/bars. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance. Sal

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      1864 The Sea Captain’s House is a wonderful boutique hotel with beautiful cave-style suites and caldera views. 2 of the 4 suites have shared terraces, and none have direct sunset views. Though this is a lovely hotel, it doesn’t seem like it’s quite what you’re looking for.

      For an Oia hotel with private terraces and direct sunset views, consider Maregio Suites (one of the most private hotels in Oia, each suite with its own heated plunge pool with direct sunset views), Oia Castle Luxury Suites (wonderful private terraces in the most iconic Santorini sunset spot; all with indoor or outdoor private jacuzzis or pools), or Esperas Traditional Houses (all have private sea-view balconies, some with direct sunset views and some with private jacuzzis or plunge pools).

  5. Where To Stay in Oia

    Hi Dave,

    We are trying to decide between 4 places to stay: Oia Suites (not Oia Canaves Suites), Enalion Suites, Strogili Traditional Houses, and Delfini Villas. We are a married couple in our early 30s and will be in Santorini for two nights in early July. We are also planning to do the Wine Sunset Tour on our second night. Do any of these places stand out above the rest?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Oia Suites is the best hotel of the four with a great pool, several suite types with private, outdoor jacuzzis, beautiful caldera views, and in-room breakfast. However, despite its name, it is not really in Oia but in Finikia, about a 10 to 15 minute walk from central Oia. This puts them within a short walk from all of the restaurants and attractions of Oia but removed from the throngs of summer tourists. If you prefer being in the heart of the village, try Enalion Suites or even better Enalion White Suites (their more luxurious sister property). These are wonderful tiny properties with only 3 and 2 suites respectively at each location. All suites at the Enalion properties include outdoor jacuzzis, while the Enalion White Suites have private terraces and kitchenettes.

  6. Katikies Hotel vs Katikies Villas

    HI Dave,
    Love your site, thank you!
    Question! Just don’t know whether l should stay at the Katikies Villas or the Katikies Hotel. It is only for one night, as staying elsewhere for a couple of nights. I really just want to experience the Katikies. The villas are less expensive and have a jetted tub which is appealing, but do you think l will be disappointed? Best to just stay at the actual hotel?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The Villa Katikies is a great compromise for the cheaper price: more privacy than in the larger hotel, beautiful suites with outdoor, private jacuzzis, and a stunning caldera-view infinity pool and all-day pool bar, plus guests have access to the facilities of all of Katikies properties. Katikies Hotel is only a 3-minute walk from the Villas, so guests can experience their 3 infinity pools, award-winning Mikrasia Restaurant, and their champagne bar Seltz. Their sister property, Kirini, is only 10 minutes from the villa and features a holistic spa. You can finish the day at one of their Imerovigli hotels, Sun Rocks or Chromata, to see the most amazing sunset on the island, without the crowds of Oia. Basically, you get most of what you would get at Katikies Hotel but at a lower price point – as long as you don’t mind a short walk to reach the facilities.

  7. Place To Stay in Oia for Group of 6 Adults

    Hi Dave!
    Your site is so magnificent, I feel I owe you some compensation. That being said I need help! We have three couples staying in Oia for three nights June 25-July 3 and are looking for the perfect place: moderate price, outdoor pool, with a luxury feel. Is this possible? Premium Caldera Villas is an option but it’s not in your site and has good reviews but there are some bad ones from this past summer saying it’s a tourist trap. Help.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Caldera Premium Villas is a fine option, though it doesn’t really have a luxury feel. It’s not any more touristy than other hotels in the Oia caldera, especially in June and July, since it will be the high season and everywhere will feel at least a little touristy. That said, their pool and rooms are on the small side.

      Consider Nostos Apartments, which are similarly priced with an outdoor pool, fantastic hospitality and service, and a great variety of rooms, all in the traditional cave style and with contemporary, Greek décor. For just a little more bump in price, Santo Maris Oia offers a truly luxurious stay with 1 indoor and 5 outdoor pools, an amazing spa, and fantastic dining. It is much cheaper than other nearby luxury hotels, since it does not have a direct caldera view. The sunset is still beautiful from here, and you’re only a short distance from Oia’s best caldera sunset views at the castle or any number of restaurants.

  8. Oia Mansion Review

    We are considering Oia Mansion Santorini. A few questions:
    1). Would you recommend Oia Mansion for 3 couples? It’s possible only 2 couples make it, would it be too big for 4 people?
    2). Is breakfast included? Is it good?
    3). What is the sunset view like? I know you say it’s good but is it too busy? Direct views?
    4). Good restaurants nearby?
    5). Is the hot tub warm? Good for night time dips? Or more for daytime cool off?
    6). Is there a stereo?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      1. Oia Mansion is like a classical 2-story house. There are 4 separate bedrooms. 2 bedrooms have their own bathrooms, the 2 upstairs share a bathroom. There are two decks – one at the entrance (where breakfast is served), and one on the roof for the sunset and hot tub. I stayed there with my wife and two kids earlier this month and it was great for us. But it would also be plenty of room for 4 couples, so I think you’re great either way.
      2. Breakfast is included. It’s huge and delicious. Good variety and special requests are fine.
      3. Great sunset views. The crowds form all around the house but never encroach on your privacy so you get the fun communal vibe but don’t need to jostle with the crowds. As long as you don’t try to walk somewhere immediately when the sunset goes down you won’t have any negative consequences of dealing with the sunset crowds.
      4. Lots of great restaurants within a 5-minute walk.
      5. They’ll set the hot tub temperature to anything you want so you can have it as a cool daytime plunge pool or a hot nighttime jacuzzi.
      6. There are several Sonos speakers all around the house and one on each deck. Easy to connect to with your phone to play whatever music you want.

      Hope that helps.

  9. Art Maison Aspaki vs Art Maison Oia Castle

    HI Dave;

    What is the difference between the Art Maison Aspaki and the Art Maison Oia Castle in terms of luxury, type of room, location, and views?

    Thanks for your help,
    Mohamed Essack

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Aspaki has caldera views and feels more like a true hotel with a restaurant (great views) and small pool and deck. Oia Castle is more a collection of luxury villas (some with private pool). It has no restaurant. It has sunset views and looks down on beautiful Ammoudi Bay but does not look into the caldera like Aspaki. One last difference is that Aspaki has few steps/stairs to gain access (probably the fewest of any view hotel) while Oia Castle is down plenty of steps to the rooms.

  10. Katikies Villas vs Hotel


    I have learned so much from your website. Thanks for all the great information. I will be spending 3 nights in oia. I have Andronis Boutique Hotel booked with ( can cancel reservation) and my travel agent is holding Villa Katikies for my husband and I. I love the infinity pool at the Katikies Hotel but after reading some reviews I am concerned I will not have access to them. Are the villas as nice as the hotel? What resort would you recommend and have you ever heard of

    Also I will be taking a ferry from Mykonos to santorini and wanted to get to santorini as early in the day as possible. I know you recommend taking the Hellenic ferry vs Sea Jet but that would get me into santorini at least 4 to 5 hours later.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      1) I prefer Katikies hotel to the villas. The hotel has the stunning pools, the villas are quieter and more low-key. If you stay at the villas you’ll still be able to use the pools at the hotel.
      2) I would stay at the hotel. I have not heard of

  11. Katikies Hotel vs Villa Katikies

    Can you comment on the difference between the Katikies Hotel and Villa Katikies? Thanks!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Katikies has the 3 pools, restaurants, and front desk staff. Villa Katikies has just one pool and no restaurant (and is much quieter). Guests of the villas are free to use facilities at the hotel. They’re about a 1 minute walk from each other.

  12. Views from Canaves Suites?

    Canvas Suites

    Hi Dave,
    We are planning on going in June to Oia and have booked Canvas Suites. Could you tell me if that’s a good choice (eg can you see sunset or caldera?)

    Thanks for your guidance!
    Zoe Tassios

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Canaves has great caldera views (more important than sunset views in my opinion) but not direct sunset views as the town itself blocks the sun setting into the sea. To get sunset views you need to walk about 10 minutes into town where everyone gathers to watch.

  13. Pool at Aspaki Suites

    Good Afternoon Dave

    Thank you for your time and effort on this site. Your walking videos are so helpful!

    Could you tell me if you know where I can see the pool at Aspaki Suites? My son is interested in staying there and cannot find a good photo of the pool, restaurant and bar area.

    Thank you

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      This is the pool at Aspaki (I took this photo on my last tour of the hotel):
      Swimming pool at Aspaki Suites

      Restaurant and bar area have nice views but are also small. Great hotel – probably the best views of any Oia hotel as it sits out on a small promontory.

  14. Hotels in Oia Open in Early March

    Hi Dave! Great site! We are checking in on 4th March and checking out 6th March. We would like to stay in Oia.
    Can you tell us what places will actually be available at that time?
    Thank you!


  15. Kima Villas in Oia

    Hi Dave,

    Great site, it is so helpful for my fiancé and I who are planning our honeymoon in Santorini. We are wondering what your thoughts on Kima Villas Suites? We found it on a few different sites and saw that it has great reviews, looks beautiful, is in a great location, and pretty affordable. You didn’t mention it on your site though so I was wondering if you could provide us with any input! We would love privacy and a pool. Thanks so much! Ellen

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Cave hotel with great views and central location – but lots of steps up and down.

  16. Aris Caves in Oia

    Great site Dave!!!
    Spending 6 nights in Santorini in June. Last 4 nights at Aris Caves in Oia…I don’t see them on your video (maybe i missed them) but is this a good choice?
    And then looking for a different vibe for the other two nights…any suggestions?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Aris Caves are wonderful. Small kitchens in all suites, great location, and great view (but no sunset view, need to take a short walk for that). There are a lot of steps to get down to the suites – the tradeoff is that you get a good deal of privacy (for Oia). Hard to recommend something with so little to go on, but I would certainly encourage you stay somewhere other than Oia for your other 2 nights. That’s the easiest way to ensure you get a “different vibe”.

  17. Charisma Suites in Oia

    I am hearing some people say that Charisma Suites are really starting to get discovered and could be the go-to for couples looking for a more small-scale boutique experience in OIA, but perhaps one of the more luxurious options.

    Are you hearing similar things? The rooms and views look amazing.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Charisma Suites is beautiful. It’s one of the few hotels in Oia that has direct sunset views – though this means it doesn’t have a complete caldera view, so there is a tradeoff. It’s at the far northwest tip of Oia and thus quiet while still being a short walk to the shops and restaurants of the town. There are a lot of steps and it’s tricky to find the first time (so have the hotel meet you at the parking lot when you arrive and they’ll carry your bags for you). Only 7 suites, so it’s good if you’re looking for some small and intimate.

      1. Location of Charisma Suites

        I know that Charisma Suites isn’t on your video, but along the route you take where would it be?

        1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

          At 32:35 – located between Marizan and Esperas.

      2. Infinity Pool Suite or Honeymoon Suite

        Do you think it’s worth paying up for the infinity pool suite at Oia Canaves Suites instead of just booking the honeymoon suite? We are going for the magazine cover Greece look and feel, and this room looks pretty amazing.

        Let me know your thoughts, and thanks!

        1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

          The big difference is the honeymoon suite has more privacy (it’s on a higher level and the private balcony and plunge pool are a little quieter). However, the infinity pool is much larger than the one in the Honeymoon Suite. I’d go with the Infinity Pool Suite but your preferences might differ.

  18. Katikies, Vedema, Michelin Restaurants

    Hi Dave,
    It is a great website with a lot of information, very impressive! We will be in Santorini for the first time and would like to make it a special experience. Unfortunately we may have 1 or 2 days in total. I booked the Katikies for one night and am a little confused to go for Vedema for the second night for a different scene. What would you think? should we stay only in Oia?
    Are there any Michelin star restaurant on the Santorini, the guide does not return any suggestions for the island?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      For just 2 nights I would not switch hotels. Katikies is great, I would stay there for both nights. Santorini does not have any restaurants with Michelin stars but these are my favorite restaurants on the island.

  19. Delfini Villas

    Hi Dave–we’re going to visit Santorini for 4 nights Starting March 27. We’re going to have a private tour guide for two days so we won’t have a car. So because it’s the off season and we’ll want to easily be able to walk to dinner each night and have a good choice of nearby restaurants, I’ve concluded Oia is the place to stay. Imerovigli is the only other place I’ve considered.

    Based on comments you’ve made in your blog, I’ve made a reservation at Delfini Villas, which is perfect in many ways–great caldera views, easy to sunset views, good price, many nearby restaurants, personal hot tub, etc. But there are a few drawbacks. The first and most important is that my wife and I will be staying in the Eclusive room while our adult daughter will be staying in the Studio, which I now gather are in separate complexes of Delfini. My question is, do you know how far apart the two areas are and how easy it is to go between them? Secondly, I’ve read a lot of the reviews of Delfini and most are super positive. But a recurrent theme in some of the comments is that one of the staff persons treats some guests with disdain for no apparent reason. Do you know anything about this?

    Finally, because you think so well of Imerovigli, and because both you and the person who will be guiding us both recommend Aqua Luxury Suites highly, I would also consider staying there. It’s just that I have a feeling that in late March Imerovigli would be a pretty dead place for restaurants in the evening, and we don’t really want to be taking cabs back and forth or walking at night in what could be brisk/rainy weather. If you think I’m wrong about Imerovigli and that Aqua is so much nicer than Delfini that it’s worth the potential hassle, please let me know.

    I would also ask if you have any other upper mid-range hotel suggestions in either location, but despite the fact that we will be there in the “off-season”, there are very few places in this category that have 2 rooms for a reasonable price and have free cancellation, at least on If I’m wrong, let me know.

    Thanks very much in advance for your advice.

    Marc Tipermas

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The two areas of Delfini are 5 minutes apart – an easy walk on the main foot path. The cave suites are substantially nicer. They also have more steps and will not have the foot traffic walking above. I’ve never heard anything about the difficult staff person.

  20. Mystique Vibrant Suites

    Hi Dave! Thanks for all of the great information on your site! My fiance and I will be traveling to Greece (Crete then Santorini) in early May for our honeymoon. I was looking at Mystique and think it would be great for us. Are the Vibrant Suites still nice even though they are the lowest category suites? Their website indicates they are located on the upper levels of the hotel, and I want to make sure they are still private enough. Thanks!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Mystique is a wonderful hotel and the Vibrant Suites are still very nice. There is good privacy in this area of Oia – not a lot of walk-by traffic – and Mystique is down some stairs from the main road so I’d be surprised if privacy was an issue.

  21. Privacy at Katikies and Santorini Secret

    Hi Dave! Thanks for this absolutely wonderful website! I aced it, read every single page!

    I’ll be staying 2 nights at Dreams Luxury, Imerovigli, and 3 nights at Oia this coming October. Which hotel at Oia has more privacy, is more luxurious, less people looking into your private area: Katities or Santorini Secret?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Both have pretty good privacy. There are a few suites at Santorini Secret near the foot path that can be seen from above but most are very private. Katikies is a larger hotel and thus less privacy from other guests but very few suites can be seen from the foot path.

  22. Santorini Secret, Filotera Suites and Theodora Suites

    Hi Dave,

    What an amazing website – the most informative guide I’ve ever come across!!
    My boyfriend and I are visiting Santorini for 4 nights Mid-October to celebrate my birthday. We are staying by Kamari beach at the Hippocampus hotel for the first 2 nights and in Oia for the following 2 nights. I’m struggling to choose a hotel and was hoping you could do as you have done for many before and let us know which you think we should pick! The budget is c. £250 per night, outdoor hot tub is a must and I’d ideally like a Caldera view over a sunset view. Top 3 are Santorini Secret, Filotera Suites and Theodora suites… your opinion would be much appreciated. Could you please also recommend a restaurant in either Oia / Fira / Imerovigli with good food and a sunset view? Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      It would be between Santorini Secret and Filotera – both wonderful. I think the pool at Filotera is a little bigger while the pool at Santorini Secret is more picturesque as it’s “almost” an infinity pool.

  23. Grace, Katikies, Andronis

    Hi Dave !
    I just returned from Santorini and I have to say I agree with you Grace was my favorite; it was just stunning and the service was superior to that of any hotel I’ve ever stayed in. After, we stayed at Katikies for about 24 hours then were ‘upgraded’ to a bigger room in Andronis Luxury Suites. I was wondering if that is common? I don’t think the two hotels are affiliated and I agreed to the upgrade because the room in Andronis had such an amazing view from the terrace. Maybe Katikies overbooked? I kind of felt like they were pushing me to choose that room in Andronis even though we were already in a very nice superior suite at Katikies. Also, I used your website to plan my holiday (I acknowledged you in my survey at Grace) but I noticed you didn’t say much about Andronis. Their restaurant was one of my favorites because of the wine tasting which I believe is the best table in all of Oia. We were there for four hours and didn’t want to leave. Just wondering what your thought is on what happened. Thanks!!


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Yes, Grace is wonderful isn’t it? As for the Katikies to Andronis switch, I’ve never heard of that either. But, all the hotel owners know each other so I’m guessing Katikies was overbooked and contacted Andronis and pre-arranged a room for someone – they just had to find that “someone”. I too, think Andronis is wonderful and know exactly the view and table you’re talking about. I have had trouble with communication with them in the past. Often when I contact them (both as SantoriniDave and anonymously as a potential guest) they fail to respond to questions or respond once then ignore follow up questions. I should say that’s not totally uncommon for Santorini hotels but it’s more common with Andronis than others.

  24. Esperas or Mystique?

    We’re deciding between the Superior suite at Esperas or the Allure suite at Mystique — we’re looking for a combination of great veranda, great view and great hotel. What do you recommend? Thanks very much.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Both are great hotels. The biggest difference is the view. Esperas has a sunset view but doesn’t have a complete caldera view. Mystique has a wonderful caldera view but no sunset view. Esperas is much closer to central Oia but has more steps. Both hotels have a good deal of privacy (compared to other Oia hotels).

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