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2 Questions and Comments

  1. Titignano Agritourismo with Kids

    How is Titignano for families? Is the pool kid-friendly? We like to hike – are there good walks nearby or do you have to get in your car? Can you order from the restaurant? Is breakfast, lunch, and dinner included?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Titignano is one of the best agritourismo for families in Italy. Pool is wonderful (there were a few bees around the pool last time we were there but not much you can do about that). Walks around countryside and down to the lake are easily accessed from the property. Breakfast and dinner are included for free but there is not a menu to order from. Dinners are multi-course and huge. Shop for simple snacks, bread, cheese for lunch before arriving as there’s nothing nearby. Dinners are so big you actually want to keep lunches pretty small so you get to enjoy everything.

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