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Updated: November 10, 2020

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Travel Maps of Athens

Where is Athens, Greece?

Map showing the location of Athens within Greece

Athens Attractions

Map of the best things to do in Central Athens, Greece

Places to Know in Athens

Map showing the most important areas to know in central Athens

The Best Greek Islands near Athens

Map showing the best Greek Islands to visit that are easy to get to from Athens

Piraeus Ferry Port Area

Map of hotels, attractions, and restaurants at Piraeus Port in Greece.

Map of Athens Hotels

The Best Hotels in Athens

Map showing hotels in Athens with central locations

Athens Transportation Maps

Direct Flights to Athens

Map showing direct flights to Athens, Greece.

Athens Airport to Piraeus Ferry Port

Map of how to get from Athens airport to Piraeus ferry port.

Athens, Ferry Ports, and Airport Location

Map of Athens, Piraeus Ferry Port, and the Athens Airport

Piraeus Ferry Port

Map of Piraeus Port showing port gates, port shuttle bus route, passenger terminals, taxi stands, bus and train stops, and parking in Athens Greece.

Airport-Ferry Port Transportation

Map of Piraeus Port and how to get there from the airport and central Athens showing train and bus routes.

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