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  1. Best Beaches on Sifnos / Ferry to Santorini

    We have one week on Sifnos. Heard great things about the sand and swimming there but have not researched it much since booking our hotel and flight 2 months ago. Would love to wander about the island maybe spending one day at a different beach for most of our stay. (Our hotel has a pool but very small so plan on day trips around the island.) What are the best 4 or 5 beaches you would recommend on Sifnos? And second question, what is the best ferry to take to Santorini from Sifnos and how early should we get to the port before departure?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Best Sifnos Beaches: Vathi, Faros, Kamares, Platys Gialos, and Chrissopigi. If you’re visiting late June, July, August, or early September then the best ferry to Santorini is the Hellenic Highspeed (it offers a smoother ride than the SeaJet and makes only one stop – Ios – on the way to Santorini). Otherwise you’ll be taking the SeaJet which is more cramped and can have a rough ride – and it makes 3 stops (Milos, Folegandros, and Ios) enroute to Santorini. Nice to get to the port 20 or 30 minutes before the ferry but if you have your ticket you can walk straight on the boat so technically as long as you’re there before it pulls away, you’re fine. That said, the turn around in port is very quick, just a few minutes.

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