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Updated: May 19, 2022
By Santorini Dave

5 Best Hotels for Families in Dublin

1. InterContinental (luxury)

The best family hotels in Dublin: Intercontinental
Hotel phone: +353 1 665 4000
Nice swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, and fitness center. Family suites are large and kids under 12 stay free. 5 minutes from Herbert Park – a great area for kids to run and play. The hotel is not central but the luxury and tranquility might be worth it for some families.

2. Westin (luxury)

The best family hotels in Dublin: The Westin
Hotel phone: +353 1 645 1000
Great hotel with nice sized rooms. Central location near Trinity College, Temple Bar, O’Connell and Grafton street shops. In comparison with the Intercontinental: The Intercontinental has the pool and larger rooms. The Westin has the location in the heart of the action (and is a little less expensive).

3. Merrion (luxury)

The best family hotels in Dublin: Merrion Hotel
Hotel phone: 353 1 603 0600
Another fantastic hotel (with a nice pool). Good location near Saint Stephens Green (which has a playground) and Trinity College.

4. Camden Court (midrange)

The best family hotels in Dublin: Camden Court
Hotel phone: +353 1 475 9666
This is a wonderful midrange hotel. Good sized rooms, a very nice pool, free parking, and fairly close to the Dublin’s city center.

5. Parkway Guesthouse (budget)

The best family hotels in Dublin: Parkway Guesthouse
Hotel phone: +353 1 874 0469
A very friendly budget hotel/b&b. Free breakfast and rooms big enough for a family of four. Quiet location on the north side of the Liffey but still walking distance to the touristy areas.

Family Apartments in Dublin

Apartment hotel for families in central Dublin.

Three-bedroom apartment for family of 5 at Handel’s Apartment in Dublin.

Apartment rentals for families in Dublin, Ireland. All rentals are centrally located (walking distance to the main sights) and have kitchens. Most have washer/dryer and free-wifi.

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  1. Booking Dublin Hotels for Family of 3

    Hi David,

    Thanks you are a great resource for travellers with babies!

    I was just wondering I am booking hotels now and whenever I say I have an infant 17 months old they charge me automatically more, even though she will be sleeping with me. So I am booking everything to 2 adults and hoping for the best, or an understanding and empathetic host or attendant. Why do they charge more if the room will be the same?

    Do I need to call them in advance or it’s ok to let them know on the spot and work things out? Most hotels in Australia don’t charge babies until 2 years. Or if they charge its a affordable and not expensive fee. Not sure why Europe its like that.

    And do kids pay for the entire air ticket in Europe? All the flight I am seeing they pay for the full ticket. Not sure if its a standard policy for all companies?

    Gabriela Medrado

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      You will, more than likely, get charged either way. You can try to book just for two and see what happens but they will likely add a charge for the baby. And if you don’t make the booking you might miss out on a better (more kid-appropriate) room. You might get there and they say, “Oh, had we known we would have given you room 105 which has extra space for a crib,” or something like that.

      For flights, some airlines do have half-fares for kids under 2. Some don’t and you have to pay a full ticket. The advantage of paying the full fare is that you get a seat (and that helps a lot for space and comfort). Usually if you pay anything less than half it’s just a fee and not a true fare so you don’t get a seat.

  2. Best Time to Visit Dublin with Kids

    We’re trying to decide when to visit Dublin with our 2 7-year old daughters. It will be a short visit from London (where were living for a year) so aren’t worried about missing school and it can be pretty much anytime of the year. When would you consider the best months to visit Dublin. Our plan is to spend the days hitting the main sites of the Dublin without any countryside or day trips. Thanks. Robin.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The weather in Ireland is very unpredictable but anytime between May and September (or early October) can be quite nice. Or quite rainy – you just never know. The crowds are more predictable and Dublin is at its busiest from late July to late August. So, all that considered I would say June, early July, and September are your best bet for a combination of good weather without the larger crowds.

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