Travel with Kids in Bali

By Santorini Dave

The motto at this restaurant: Your kids come first, Your food comes later.

Bali with kids.

Kipling hanging out with his new friend at one of our hotels.

Bali with kids.

A very friendly staff member at Puri Bamboo in Jimbaran. He had picked us up from the airport when we arrived and the kids continued to see a lot of him (and play with him) over our 2 different stays at the hotel.

Bali with kids.

If your kids like attention they’ll be in heaven in Bali.

Bali with kids.

Shopping for toys at a market in Padangbai.

Bali with kids.

Having fun at our hotel in Jimbaran. (They would regularly pour sugar into his palm as a treat.)

Bali with kids.

Membership has its privileges. We became regulars at this cafe in Ubud – which entitled us to use their nap-time service.

Bali with kids.

These two became very close over just 10 or 20 minutes.

Bali with kids.

Kipling was 8 months old when we went and to us he was undoubtedly big. But to them, he was like Lord Buddha. I think they might have interpreted it as a sign from the cosmos that a baby this large was visiting their island.

Bali with kids.

We were walking along the beach just before sunset and heard this screaming and hollering coming from just above the beach and looked up to see these 3 Indonesian girls running towards us. They were so excited to see two little blonde kids they could hardly contain themselves. They immediately grabbed the boys and started playing and laughing and running about with them.

Bali with kids.

Your skin is so soft. No, your skin is so soft.

Bali with kids.

Who has time for sunsets – when you’re busy digging for clams?

Bali with kids.

Bali with Kids – Video

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  1. Emily

    Hi, I totally agree Bali is a special place for children… I live here with my little nomads, For family friendly Villa options see We are happy to help out with pool fences, car seats, babysitters and activities to keep everyone entertained.

  2. Sherocks_27

    Hi David, thank you so much to you and your family for this wonderful resource that your blog provides to us all. We are heading off to Bali with our 4.5year old son next weeK for the July school holidays. We have travelled to Bali 2 other times and are really excited to be taking him for the first time. As we kind of have a feel for the place we are not anxious about it. People are lovely and that’s one thing we noticed was kids were so welcomed!
    Thank you also for your other blogs on Europe with Kids. We are in planning mode for this and your resources have helped greatly.

  3. Shannon

    Hi! I love the comment about “lord budha”!

    I will be arriving with my 5 year old son on a few weeks – we get to stay for 6 weeks and I was all excited before but after reading thru this I’m really all jazzed!

    Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Arief @ things to do in bali

    Hey David! Nice to know that you are among the many foreigner who loves Bali. I’m Indonesian, and from my perspective, I think that a blonde kid with blue eyes is very cute, no wonder many local love your kids.

  5. Vari

    What a great resource! My husband and I are from Scotland and live in Melbourne, Australia. We’re hoping to take a family trip to South East Asia in the next 6 months – before our son turns 2 in June and has to pay for air fare! We had thought about Bali but after reading this I’m locking it in!

    Sounds like a great place to take our son. Being blonde and blue eyed, I’m sure he’s in for a lot of attention from the locals!

    Vari xx

    1. Santorini Dave

      Hi Vari. Good choice. Bali really has it all — great beaches (though admittedly not quite as nice as Thailand), great food, super friendly people, and lots to do. Yes, the area around Kuta gets a lot of tourists, but if you’re looking for authentic Balinese culture it’s just a short drive away.

      Have fun.

  6. Mark O

    Been all over the world. Bali is one of the best and favorite place for my family.
    Bali has it’s mystique. The flower offerings on the walkways, the diversity of beautiful lodgings, time seems to be in a stand still, simplicity of life but yet it brings thoughts and feels to thyself, the arts and crafts, architectures and landscapings…and most of all the people are REAL, FRIENDLY, SIMPLE, HELPFUL and KIND.
    My kids love Bali…..Bali has made us not only enjoy our vacations but made made us appreciate LIFE.

    1. Santorini Dave

      Thanks for that great note Mark. Bali was one of our first trips with both boys and it was great. Just a fantastic introduction to what travel can be and should be. The Balinese are incredibly friendly and it comes through in all your interactions with them.

      Take care.

  7. Family Travel Scoop

    I loved visiting Bali with my kids! We had so much fun. The kids loved Monkey Forest and the zip lines at Bali Treetop Adventure Park. The people we met were very friendly and kind to my children. We even were invited to dinner at our taxi drivers house where our kids played together. And his lovely wife taught my children how to make the temple offerings.

    1. Santorini Dave

      That’s a great example of the friendliness and exposure to everyday people you often get when you’re with kids that wouldn’t happen if you were there on your own. We really enjoyed Monkey Forest but didn’t get to the Bali Treetop Adventure Park. Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sarah V.

    This looks wonderful! I love places where children are welcomed with open arms.

    1. Santorini Dave

      That’s what all of southeast Asia is like – very kid friendly – but Bali stands out as being ultra kid friendly.

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