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Updated: October 6, 2021
By Santorini Dave

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Misteli Restaurant in Akrotiri

Misteli is an elegant family-run restaurant in the center of Akrotiri.

Misteli is an excellent and affordable boho-chic restaurant run by a husband-wife duo, Chef Agamemnon and Dionisia, in the center of Akrotiri. The menu is traditional Greek food with a fusion twist; ingredients used are super fresh, literally picked from the couples’ grandmother’s garden. The delicious food is complemented by beautiful decor and an extremely friendly staff. Reservations recommended for groups at this must-visit restaurant.

Misteli Hours and Information

  • Season: Early May to October-end.
  • Hours: Open on all days 1:30 pm-11:30 pm.
  • Website: Facebook.com
  • Location: Akrotiri.
  • Telephone: +30-228-602-7515
  • View: Sleepy village views and those of buildings nearby.
  • Parking: Lots of free parking in the lot 1 door down.
  • Bus: 2 bus stops – one 100m north opposite the auto service center and second 100m east outside the Adamastos Hotel.


Misteli Restaurant outdoor seating

Misteli offers several outdoor shaded seating options overlooking the street.

Misteli Restaurant indoor seating

A large table with space for 8 is inside the restaurant facing the wine rack.

Misteli Restaurant indoor

Everything is neatly arranged – the refrigerator, cutlery station, and the cashier’s counter.

Misteli Restaurant herbs

Misteli uses vegetables from the co-owner’s grandmother’s garden and fresh herbs that are grown in the outdoor dining area itself.

Misteli Restaurant menu

The 4-page menu covers seafood, meat, and vegetarian options. Must-tries include grilled beet salad, tomato balls (domatokeftedes), and lamb with tomato sauce.

Misteli Restaurant small bites

Small bites include Misteli bread with tomato paste and capers.

Misteli Restaurant small bites

Spicy cheese spread, smoked eggplant salad with tahini, and sun-dried tomato paste.

Misteli Restaurant beet salad

Colorful baked beetroot salad with fresh in-season greens.

Misteli Restaurant salad

Salad with Naxos cheese and sun dried tomato vinaigrette.

Misteli Restaurant small bites

Fried tomato balls with yogurt sauce using tomatoes grown in the co-owner’s grandmother’s garden.

Misteli Restaurant food

Misteli Restaurant mains

Dishes are colorful and delicious.

Misteli Restaurant meat dish

Most meat dishes are served with roast potatoes.

Misteli Restaurant pasta

For vegetarians, there is a Penne pasta with white eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil.

Misteli Restaurant lamb dish

Lamb with tomato sauce and white eggplant puree.

Misteli Restaurant dessert

Traditional walnut-pie with vanilla ice-cream.

Misteli Restaurant aperitif

At the end of the meal, the staff serves Chef Agamemnon’s homemade aperitif of orange, lemon, cinnamon, and spices.

Misteli Restaurant bus stop

The bus stop outside Adamastos Hotel is 100m east of the restaurant.

Misteli Restaurant bus stop

The second bus stop is 100m north opposite an auto service center.

Misteli Restaurant parking lot

Free Parking can be found in the huge parking lot 1 door down from Misteli, seen in the background here.

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