Santorini Hotels – The 2017 Guide

Updated: June 4, 2017

Santorini Hotels – Tips and Advice

The 17 Best Luxury Hotels on Santorini

Santorini is known for its fantastic boutique hotels and the best luxury hotels on Santorini are essentially boutiques. There are no large impersonal chain hotels on Santorini. There are no all-inclusives or mega resorts.

The towns along the caldera on the west side of the island (Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia) are where you’ll find most of the five star hotels on Santorini. The views and settings in these 4 villages are magical. It’s easy to walk between Fira, Firostefani, and Imerovigli but Oia is a two-hour hike (or 10 minutes by bus or taxi) north of Imerovigli so feels like a separate part of the island.

Of any destination in Europe, Santorini is the one place where splurging on a great hotel is money well spent. In so many destinations (Paris, London, Rome) you spend a majority of your day out and about. But in Santorini, with those incredible views, it’s common for people to spend a good chunk of their holiday lounging on their deck, jaw dropped, staring out into the caldera.

1. Grace Santorini

Grace Hotel in Imerovigli, Santorini.
Imerovigli • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 021300)
Grace is the best hotel on Santorini. It has amazing views of the caldera and sunset and looks out on the iconic Skaros Rock. All rooms are unique and enchanting. The restaurant is fantastic and the pool is among the best along the caldera. The catch? You need to book at Grace months (sometimes years) in advance.

2. Katikies Hotel

Katikies Hotel with View of Caldera.
Oia • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 071401)
Katikies is the best hotel in Oia. Trendy vibe, great location (easy access by taxi unlike some of Oia’s hotels), 3 swimming pools, wonderful breakfast. Their intimate restaurant is one of Santorini’s finest and has only 4 tables. Katikies is one of the few hotels in Oia that has an elevator if you’re worried about climbing steps.

3. Astra Suites

View of Caldera from Astra Suites in Santorini.
Imerovigli • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 024763)
Many magazines have called Astra Suites the best hotel in Greece and it’s hard to summon much of an argument. Suites are huge and beautifully decorated. All have a kitchenette and private terrace. The infinity pool looks out into the caldera and sunset views are among the best on the island.

4. Perivolas

Pool on Caldera at Perivolas Hotel in Santorini.
Oia • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 071308)
Cave hotel with minimalist design, incredible infinity pool, and greats views. Every suite has a kitchenette, some have private pool.

5. Tsitouras Collection

Tsitouras Collection in Santorini.
Firostefani • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 023747)
Run by 2 energetic owners (George and Eleni) who are filled with passion, charm, and helpfulness. This is a magical little hotel with fantastic views, suites, and service. And rare for Santorini: few steps and little climbing are required to get to and from the hotel. Nice pool too.

6. Canaves Oia Suites

Canaves in Oia, Santorini.
Oia • (Hotel phone: +30 22860 71453)
Picturesque white washed cave suites. The pool overlooks the caldera and has a pool bar. Some suites have a private pool. The magical 3-bedroom villa sleeps up to 7 and has a full kitchen. The restaurant is one of Oia’s best and the hotel has an elevator (good for people that find the many stairs challenging).

7. San Antonio

Luxury Hotel near Imerovigli with Infinity Pool and Views of Caldera
Imerovigli • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 024388)
This is a stunning hotel. If you want quiet and seclusion with amazing views and infinity pool then this is the place. The perfect hotel for a romantic honeymoon. The only caveat is that there’s not a lot nearby – there is a bus stop just out the door but most people will want to rent a car if they’re serious about sightseeing. The walk to Imerovigli is a gorgeous 40 minute hike along the caldera path (and Oia is 50 minutes in the opposite direction).

8. Esperas Traditional Houses

Esperas Hotel with Pool and View of the Sunset in Oia.
Oia • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 071088)
Esperas Traditional Houses has a magical setting at the tip of the island. Oia gets crazy busy during the sunset but Esperas is tucked away down the cliff with gorgeous views to Amoudi Bay and west to the setting sun. Quiet and secluded even though you’re a short walk to central Oia. Rooms are traditional cave suites that are wonderfully decorated. Lots of steps to go anywhere (that’s why you feel so removed from the crowds) so not a great choice for those with limited mobility

9. Oia Castle Hotel

Oia Castle Hotel with View of Sunset in Oia.
Oia • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 071831)
Every suite is unique and amazing. Very romantic and wonderful sunset views. The Cave Pool Suite is one of the best on the island.

10. Chromata Hotel

Chromata Hotel in Santorini.
Imerovigli • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 023227)
Long one of the island’s best hotels the recipe is still the same: great views, nice pool, fantastic service, and beautifully decorated suites that cascade down the side of the cliff. Every room has a sea view and private veranda. The Chromata and Honeymoon suites are pure luxury.

11. Cosmopolitan Suites

Cosmopolitan Suites in Fira.
Fira • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 025632)
Great location in the heart of Fira and one of Santorini’s best infinity pools. The suites are not huge but at Cosmopolitan it’s all about the views, location, and pool. The 2-bedroom villa is wonderful and good for a larger group or family (but kids have to be older than 13). Nightlife is steps from the front door. I love this place.

12. Mystique

Mystique Hotel in Santorini.
Oia • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 071114)
Incredible views, great food, private terraces, one of the quieter hotels in Oia yet still walking distance to the center of town.

13. Belvedere Suites

The wonderful pool and caldera views from Belvedere Santorini Hotel.
Firostefani • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 025650)
Views and location are 5 star. Rooms are not in the luxury category but still nice and good value. Suites are worth the extra money (for the view).

14. Aria Suites

Large pool at Aria Suites in Fira.
Fira • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 028650)
The best luxury hotel in Santorini for families. A 3 minute walk to shops and restaurants, but still relatively quiet. Only a handful of suites (all of them large) so book early. One of the few luxury hotels on Santorini that allows young children (largely because it sits back from the caldera’s edge). Very few steps to access the hotel so good for those with limited mobility.

15. Ikies Traditional Houses

Ikies Hotel in Oia, Santorini.
Oia • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 071311)
Ikies is in a quiet location at the south end of Oia (just beyond Perivolas). There’s a small pool and some rooms have private patio and jacuzzi. The full breakfast is made to order and delivered to your terrace. Suites come in a variety of sizes. Views are amazing.

16. Absolute Bliss

Absolute Bliss Hotel with View of Volcano and Oia.
Imerovigli • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 021310)
Large suites, all with private balconies and views, some with jacuzzi. Breakfast served on your balcony. Honeymoon suites are worth the extra cost.

17. Cavo Tagoo

Cavo Tagoo luxury hotel with views of Oia.
Imerovigli • (Hotel phone: +30 2286 027900)
Brand new hotel and immediately one of Santorini’s best places to stay. Incredible views of the caldera and sunset (looking north towards Oia). All suites have private hot tub or plunge pool and face the caldera. Pool is awesome and bar/restaurant has a hip trendy vibe.

Where should I stay on Santorini?

Deciding where to stay is the first and trickiest decision visitors to Santorini need to make. It’s not an easy choice.

1) Caldera vs Beach

This is the first decision to be made.

Do you want to stay in the towns along the cliff with the stunning views looking down into the caldera?

The caldera side of Santorini as seen from Oia.
The west side of the island that looks out into the caldera and where Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, and Firostefani are located.

Or, do you want to stay at one of the beach towns on the opposite side of the island? It’s still a pretty setting but lacks views of the caldera and volcano.

The east side of Santorini where the beaches are found.
The east side of the island is where the beaches are found.

Santorini has the shape of a door stop. A cliff on one side (the caldera’s edge) that slopes down to the beaches on the other side. It’s about a 10 or 15 minute drive from one side of the island to the other.

If you stay at one of the Beaches the choice is pretty simple and not overly important. There are 2 main towns: Kamari and Perissa (Perivolos beach is an extension of Perissa). Kamari is more developed and has more shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants. Perissa has a slightly better beach. I’d recommend Kamari for the restaurant and bar scene (never crazy). Kamari also has a shorter trip into Fira. There’s a boat that travels between Kamari and Perissa so it’s easy to enjoy both on the same day.

2) What Town on the Caldera?

Most people decide to stay along the Caldera. It’s a good choice and what I recommend. It’s what makes Santorini unique. But now you have to decide which town – and it’s not an easy decision.

But heh, it’s a good problem to have. Too many great places to stay.

There are 4 main towns along the caldera: Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia.

Fira – The Most restaurants, nightlife, shopping. Great views.
Firostefani – Quiet. An easy walk to Fira. Great views.
Imerovigli – Very quiet. A bus, taxi ride, or 25 minute walk from Fira. The best views on the island. A half-dozen wonderful restaurants.
Oia – Many restaurants, some high-end shopping, but little nightlife. Romantic. Great views.

Fira Hotels

Fira has the most hotels, shopping, nightlife, and restaurants of any town in Santorini.
The view from Fira looking into the caldera.

The largest town on the island and the center of the restaurant, shopping, and nightlife scene. The view of the caldera from Fira is spectacular but sunset views will often be impeded by the presence of Thirassia – a small island to Santorini’s west. Fira is2 also the bus hub so every other town is just one bus trip away. Conversely, a trip between 2 other towns will often involve a change of buses in Fira (e.g. Oia to Kamari requires a bus from Oia to Fira, and then Fira to Kamari – not a big deal but it can get tiring after a few days of busing around the island). If you’re in Santorini to party and hit the clubs then you’ll be spending plenty of time in Fira. Of course, the booming nightlife can be loud if your hotel is near the town center. Noise levels are strictly limited along the caldera so if your hotel is perched there you probably won’t have a loud-music problem.

Fira Luxury Hotels

Aria Suites luxury hotel in Fira
Aria SuitesReviews(Hotel phone: +30 22860 28650)
Great pool and location. Superb luxury suites.

More Fira Luxury Hotels

Oia Hotels

Oia steps.
Oia: Romantic and charming but still lots to do.

The most romantic and enchanting town on Santorini. Criss-crossed with lanes and alleys and jaw-dropping views around every corner. People gather here every night – sitting on walls and steps and rooftops – to watch the sunset. Though Imerovigli might have better views the magic of Oia is the town, the people, the wine, and the setting. It can be busy but it never feels overwhelmingly crowded. Some of the best places to eat are found in Oia and only Fira has more shops and restaurants. There are many places to get a drink late into the evening but for dancing and partying you’ll want to hop a bus or taxi to Fira. The walk from Oia to Fira (in either direction) takes about 2 hours and is one of the magical highlights of a visit to Santorini.

Oia Luxury Hotels

Oia Cave Hotel with Swimming Pool.
Katikies HotelReviews(Hotel phone: +30 22860 71401)
Simply put, one of the best hotels in Greece. 5 star everything.

More Oia Luxury Hotels

Imerovigli Hotels

The incredible caldera views and hotel swimming pools in Imerovigli, Santorini.
The incredible views and romantic atmosphere of Imerovigli.

The best views of any town. Imerovigli is at a higher elevation than any other town along the caldera which gives it the best views of both the sunset and the volcano. Whereas sunset views from Fira can sometimes be impeded by neighboring islands most Imerovigli hotels have a clear view of the setting sun. This is the quietest of the 4 towns and there is no nightlife here. Though the town is small it has some of Santorini’s best restaurants and a few shops and markets. Firostefani is a 15 minute walk away along the clifftop path and Fira another 10 minutes where the choices to eat and shop expand exponentially. Buses go every 30 to 45 minutes in both directions: south to Fira and north to Oia.

Imerovigli Luxury Hotels

Astra Suites luxury hotel in Imerovigli.
Astra SuitesReviews(Hotel phone: +30 2286 023641)
Incredible views, nice pool, kitchenettes in all suites.

More Imerovigli Luxury Hotels

Firostefani Hotels

The wonderful views and luxury hotels of Firostefani, Santorini.
Fira’s close neighbor Firostefani. Quieter but with similar views.

An extension of Fira and an easy 15 minute walk along the caldera path from all the shops and restaurants of Fira. It’s hard to tell where Fira ends and Firostefani begins – it all seems like the same town as you wander between them. The views here are just as wonderful as Fira. Many people go into Fira for dinner and then walk back later in the evening but there are plenty of good restaurants in Firostefani. There is no nightlife – for clubs and bars you’ll definitely be heading to Fira – but the lack of partying makes for a quieter town.

Firostefani Luxury Hotels

The pool and volcano views from Tsitouras Collection in Firostefani, Santorini.
Tsitouras CollectionReviews(Hotel phone: +30 22860 23747)
Wonderful setting, pool, views, and suites. Charming and helpful owners.

More Firostefani Luxury Hotels

Kamari Hotels

Hotels near Kamari beach.

The beach at Kamari.

Kamari has a wonderful family-friendly atmosphere, a pedestrian beach-front walkway, and loads of restaurants. It’s a 15 minute bus ride to Fira making day trips to the caldera towns easy to execute. It’s a pebble beach but the swimming is cool, refreshing, and wonderful. I still recommend that visitors stay along the caldera (because that’s what makes Santorini so unique and spectacular) but spending a few days or a week in this easy-going town is no hardship.

Kamari Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotel with pool in Kamari Beach.
Santorini Kastelli ResortReviews(Hotel phone: +30 2286 031530)

More Kamari Luxury Hotels

Perissa Hotels

Hotels near Perissa Beach in Santorini.

Perissa Beach.

Perissa Beach has nicer sand than Kamari and more of a backpacker vibe than Kamari. It’s also farther from Fira than Kamari which makes visiting the caldera a bit more of an outing. Still plenty of good restaurants and low-key bars.

Perissa Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels near Perissa Beach.
Meltemi Village HotelReviews(Hotel phone: +30 2286 081325)

More Perissa Luxury Hotels

Santorini Hotels with Private Pool, Jacuzzi, or Plunge Pool

Santorini Hotel with Private Pool
Suite at San Antonio Hotel near Imerovigli.

There are several hotels on Santorini with private pools of one sort or another – swimming pools, plunge pools, jacuzzis, 2-person baths.

Larger pools (whether private or for the entire hotel) are usually not heated so while people might wonder about the benefit of having a hot tub on a semi-tropical island they get plenty of use by visitors. During July and August nights will usually remain warm but in May, June, September, and October it can get cool after the sun goes down and a small heated pool can be a welcome addition to a suite.

One of my favorite new hotels on Santorini is Sophia Suites in Imerovigli. A stunning location with incredible views and all suites have private plunge pools.

Hotels with Private Pools or Jacuzzis

FAQ on Hotels and Santorini

What is the best hotel in the Santorini beach towns?

Kastelli Resort (Hotel phone: +30 22860 31530) is the best hotel along the beach.

The hotels at the beach towns don’t have the luxury status as those along the caldera but Kastelli comes pretty close. It has large rooms and 4 pools of varying size are spread around the grounds. The beach and lots of restaurants are a 2 minute walk away. Breakfast is huge and very good.
The best hotels in Santorini: Kamari resort Kastelli

As I say above, I don’t recommend staying at the beach as the caldera is what makes Santorini so unique. But if you still want to stay there then Kamari is the best town (the closest to Fira) and Kastelli is the best hotel.

Can you recommend some hotels to stay that aren’t quite so expensive?

On Santorini you get what you pay for. That said, if you’re willing to compromise a little on the view, the amenities, or on having a pool there are several places that offer very good value.

Here are some good hotels without the five star price tag.

In Fira there is Keti Hotel and Kamares Apartments. Both have great views.

In Firostefani both Villa Maria Damigou and Villa Ilias are simple hotels on the caldera. Not all rooms have views but many do at very reasonable rates.

In Oia Delfini Villas and Zoe Houses have a simple charm and units with wonderful views.

If you’re in Santorini for great views and don’t care much about the location of your hotel then there are a collection of hotels a 20 minute walk south of Fira that have a great perch on the caldera’s cliff. They have very good rates in comparison to the hotels in the main towns. Take a look at Caldera Butterfly Villas, Volcano View, and Lilium Santorini Villa.

What’s better? A sunset view hotel or a caldera view hotel?

I’d choose a caldera view. It’s there all day. The sunset is only there for a few minutes. And it’s also fun to join the crowds and drink a bottle of wine on the steps of Oia as the sun sets – so it’s not as if you’re foregoing the sunset by choosing a hotel with a caldera view.

What hotel has the best views on Santorini?

Imerovigli has the highest elevation of any village on the caldera and thus has some of the best views of the caldera and sunset.

If I could only pick one hotel for the title of Best Caldera View it would be Santorini Grace. Simply amazing views in 3 different directions (north to Oia, west towards Thirassia, and south towards Fira).

Nearby hotels that look more towards Oia are Kasimatis Studios, Galaxy Suites, Avaton Resort & Spa. These 3 probably have the highest perch on Santorini. The views are amazing out over the caldera. Great sunset views with Oia off to the right.

Near Grace are Astra Suites and Tholos Resort. These 3 hotels are on the point of Imerovigli and have near straight on view of Skaros Rock. It’s the postcard picture of the Santorini caldera. But they have a slightly lower elevation than Kasimatis, Galaxy, and Avaton.

Midway between Imerovigli and Oia is Aenaon Villas. Perhaps a little isolated for some (perfect for those looking for solitude) but the views here are extraordinary with both Imerovigli (to the left) and Oia (to the right) within view.

In the opposite direction (towards Fira) but still in Imerovigli are Chromata and Altana Traditional Houses and Suites. Great views though depending on the time of year the sunset can be slightly obscured.

In Fira, I’d say the Keti Hotel has the best views. In Firostefani, the hotels with the best views are Belvedere Suites, Tsitouras Collection, and Homeric Poems.

Oia has many hotels with similar views, but standouts include Ikies, Canaves, Katikies (these hotels look in the caldera but don’t have perfect sunset views) and Esperas Traditional Houses (which looks towards the sunset and Amoudi Bay but not into the caldera).

What’s the best hotel in Santorini not on the caldera?

Vedema Resort in Santorini.
Vedema Resort is located in the quiet village of Megalochori, 10 minutes from Fira. This is a great place to avoid the crowds (but there are no caldera views). The Presidential and Athenian Family suites are huge and great for families. The pool is one of the largest on Santorini. The food is top notch and there are a couple of great local restaurants (and a winery) within a short walk.

What are the best Santorini hotels for privacy, quiet, and solitude?

Hotel with privacy and views on Santorini.
Three hotels stand out as providing a quiet and peaceful setting far from the crowds of Fira and Oia. All of these would be great for a honeymoon, romantic getaway, or just privacy and relaxation. (Aenaon Villas is pictured above.)

When should I book my hotel?

As early as possible. The best luxury hotels start filling up 6 to 12 months in advance. Bookings for weddings are often made 1 to 3 years in advance. You can usually always find a place to stay on the island but if you’re booking your room within 2 to 3 months of a summer visit the very best hotels will likely be fully booked.

What is a cave hotel and where are they found?

Cave suites are much like what they sound. Rooms that are built into the side of the cliff. They typically have curved ceilings and asymmetrical architecture. They can be one-room suites or have multiple rooms. They will usually have a terrace that sits outside the underground portion of the dwelling. Cave houses stay remarkable cool during the heat of the summer. They are usually found in the villages of Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia. Most of the luxury hotels listed above have cave suites.

What town has the best restaurants on Santorini?

Fira has the most choice – and the best selection of inexpensive food (just walk away from caldera and into the center of town). Oia, nearby Amoudi Bay, and Imerovigli have a higher concentration of top notch restaurants. If I could only eat in one town for the whole trip it would be Imerovigli. These are my favorite restaurants in Santorini.

When is the best time to visit Santorini?

September is my favorite month, but anytime between May and late-October is great. If you’re not in Santorini to suntan and not bothered by a bit of grey sky then March, April, and November can be great times to visit. The beach towns get very quiet outside of June to September. The caldera towns have a longer tourist season but even their shops, restaurants, and hotels start to close in early November. Most luxury hotels are open March 1 to November 15. In recent years more hotels and restaurants are staying open year round as off-season travel to Santorini has increased. The slowest months are December, January, and February when Fira is the only town with any pulse.

Is there a must-do thing we have to experience on Santorini?

My number one recommendation is to walk the cliff-path along the top of the caldera from Fira to Oia. It takes 2 to 4 hours and has absolutely wonderful views along the way. From Fira to Imerovigli you’re walking through town most of the way so there are shops and cafes to stop at. From Imerovigli to Oia there’s little development and you’re all on your own with the sea far below. Don’t do it in the dark and take a good amount of water but it’s not a challenging walk for most people.

Helpful and Recommended

757 Questions and Comments

  1. Absolute Bliss vs. Above Blue Suites

    We have decided to stay in Imerovigli. Debating between Absolute Bliss (honeymoon suite) and Above Blue Suites (siren suite). Absolute Bliss is $300-400 more total for 4 nights than Above Blue. Would you consider Absolute Bliss worth the extra cost?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great hotels. Yeah, I would probably save the money and go with Above Blue. They are almost directly beside each other and have similar views and layouts – so no difference there.

  2. Nefeles Luxury Suites in Fira

    Hi, just became a patron.

    We are considering Nefeles Luxury Suites in Fira. It sounds like they have an indoor pool and outdoor pool. Can you give any more insight on these pools and their quality? Are there a lot of stairs in this hotel? We can do some but the fewer the better.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, Nefeles has two small pools. The rooftop plunge pools has 6 sun chairs and wonderful views. (But note, behind the pool is a scruffy area that’s perennially under construction. Not a deal breaker but a little disappointing.) The lower pool is partly indoors. It’s unique, for sure. Sort of small and surrounding by the lobby and breakfast area. Nice if you have some kids that want a place to cool off but probably won’t be used by most guests. There are certainly some stairs to get to the front desk and rooms. There’s a another level of hotels below Nefeles that have far more stairs, so it’s not the worst.

      Plunge Pool at Nefeles:
      Nefeles Swimming Pool in Santorini.

      Scruffy Area around Plunge Pool:
      Plunge pool at Nefeles Luxury Suites.

      Swimming Pool and Breakfast Area:
      Swimming pool at Fira hotel.

  3. Eric Graner


    We are looking to spend our honeymoon in Mykonos and Santorini. Being able to walk or quickly get to town areas would be ideal. For Santorini, having a room with a balcony and caldera view would be great – extra bonus for private pool/tub! I found the following base room prices on We are working with a budget, so unless one option is significantly better we’d go with the lower cost options. Which of the following hotels would you suggest?

    Harmony Boutique – $1000
    Mykonos Theoxenia – $1450
    Petasos Beach and Spa $1800
    St John Hotel Villas $1800

    Anteliz Suites – $1600
    Sophia Luxury Suites 1900
    Absolute Bliss – $2000
    Esperas Traditional Houses $1770
    Tsitouras Collection $2400
    Belvedere $1900

    Thank you for all of the great information!
    Eric Graner

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Those are all wonderful hotels. For Mykonos you need to decide whether you want to stay on the beach (Petasos and St John’s) or stay in Mykonos Town (Harmony and Theoxenia). And for Santorini do you want to stay in Oia (Esperas), Imerovigli (Sophia, Absolute Bliss), or Firostefani (Belvedere, Tsitouras, Anteliz – which is on the border with Fira). These decisions are the best basis for selecting between these excellent hotels.

  4. Honeymoon Hotel in Santorini

    Your website is great! It has been super helpful. My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon to the Cyclades in mid-October. We are planning to stay in Santorini for 3 nights. Based on availability and budget, we have it narrowed down to –

    Above Blue Suites (Above Blue Villa)
    Cavo Tagoo (Suite with Pool)
    West East Suites (Executive Suite with Hot Tub and Caldera View)
    Sophia Luxury Suites (Honeymoon Cave)

    We want to make sure we have a great view and an outdoor pool or hot tub. Which ones would you recommend? Thanks for your advice.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I’d go for Sophia Suites if the room is the most important factor. And Cavo Tagoo if hotel (in general) and pool is most important.

  5. Booking Santorini Hotels for 2018

    I always have this issue i.e it is so difficult to choose one place in Santorini.

    Now I am deciding between for May 2018 dates:
    1) Sophia Suites (open for booking but non-refundable rate) – looking at Aurora Suite
    2) Honeymoon Petra (open for booking with free cancellation) but no private jacuzzi – looking at Petra Studio
    3) Astra Suites (based on 2017 prices, min 2 nights) – a bit pricey
    4) Grace (available from September onwards)

    I know where these 4 places are located because I stayed in the Imerovigli village on an earlier trip.

    Will Santorinidave kindly give me some guidance please.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All four are great so can’t go wrong but Grace is my absolute favorite with Astra being a close 2nd.

  6. Vedema Resort in Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    What do you think of Vedema Luxury Hotel in Santorini?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Wonderful 5-star resort in the charming town of Megalochori. Good local tavernas within an easy walk. But hotel does not have a caldera view and is not within walking distance of the caldera towns.

  7. Hotels & Restaurants in Santorini

    Hi Dave! Your site is brilliant and I literally booked our entire trip to Greece based on it! Thank you! Wherever I could I mentioned your referral in case you get any credit!
    Apologies if you’ve answered this elsewhere but for a 4 night stay on Santorini, would you recommend 4 nights at Katikies or split time in Oia and Fira but staying 2 nights at Katikies and 2 nights at the Cosmopolitan? I’ve tentatively booked that but considering changing it to reduce moving around.

    Also, I’ve booked the wine tour, and dinners at Metaxy, Mezzo, Athenian House, and Ambrosia. I think we will cancel one of these dinners. Which one would you skip?

    Thank you!
    Anna Summers

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Oia and Fira are very different. If it was me, I’d stay two nights in each. Both Mezzo and Athenian House are wonderful but since they’re almost right beside each other and have the same view I’d drop one of those two.

  8. Best Santorini Resort

    Hello Dave

    What is the best resort in Santorini? Looking for a large pool and relaxed vibe – a luxury resort with 5-star features and service. (We are ending our trip with 3 days in Oia with friends so don’t need a resort with a caldera view.)

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The best Santorini resort is Vedema Resort in Megalochori. It doesn’t have a caldera view but does have a huge pool and luxurious atmosphere.

  9. London Heathrow to Santorini

    Hi Dave! Love your site and all the information you give! We are planning a holiday vacation from UK to Santorini. Our flight arrives to London Heathrow terminal 3 and our British Airways flight departs 3.5 hours later from terminal 5. Is this enough time to make the transit from one terminal to the other? Also, what is the Santorini airport like? Is it big? We are meeting someone there from a pre-arranged rental car company. Will it be hard to find them? How far in advance should we be at the Santorini airport before our London flight? Thank you, Annabelle.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      That is plenty enough time to transfer at Heathrow under two scenarios: 1) both flights are with BA (or partner companies) and your checked baggage is transferred to the Santorini flight. 2) or, you don’t have any checked baggage, only carry on. In either of these cases you will follow the signs in Heathrow to “Transfer” and you’ll take an airport bus to terminal 5 without exiting the security zone. But, if you have checked baggage and they’re not transferred for you then you’ll need to pick them up outside of security, then train to terminal 5 (which is quick and not the source of the problem), then go through security to get to your terminal 5 flight. Even though you have 3.5 hours, if you have to go through security again you likely won’t make your flight. The Santorini airport is small and you’ll have no problem finding your rental car representative. Arriving 2.5 hours before your flight from Santorini is recommended if you have baggage to check. (The biggest lines are to check bags, security usually goes pretty quickly.) If you only have carry on, and can check in online, then 90 minutes before departure is plenty.

  10. Santorini Holiday from London, UK

    We are coming for a last minute holiday from London. Every hotel you recommend is fully booked, so have to stay at El Greco. How far is the walk from El Greco to Fira? Is it safe to walk back to El Greco at night (after clubbing)? We have 3 days on Santorini, do you recommend renting a car? Thanks!!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      El Greco is a fine hotel with a nice pool and deck area, so no need to feel disappointed. It doesn’t have caldera views but they’re easy to enjoy if you get out and about. It’s an easy walk from El Greco to Fira – about 10 minutes with a good sidewalk the whole way. It is on a busy road so not an idyllic setting but the views are there to enjoy off to the west. Should be no problem walking back at night. You could easily fill 3 days on Santorini without renting a car: day 1 do the Fira-Oia hike, day 2 do a boat tour of the caldera, day 3 take the bus to a beach town (for example). And that doesn’t even include a day spent by the pool, or a wine tour, or shopping in Fira (none of which require a car). If you did rent a car I’d get it for only one day. A car does let you see more of the island but with only 3 days you’ll have more than enough to see without resorting to getting in a car.

  11. Stay in One Town or Two?

    Hi Dave, great website.
    I’ve only just booked Santorini for September, I checked out your hotel suggestions, but they were either over our budget or didn’t have availability (my fault for booking so late). It was a minefield but ended up booking Casa Bianca, off Main St, Imerovigli – do you have any feedback?
    We are staying for 10 nights and wondered if you think we should stay the whole 10 nights at this hotel or maybe do half in a different area of Santorini?
    Thx Tracey

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Casa Bianca has a nice little spot in the center of town. Markets, restaurants, and good views are 1 or 2 minutes away. A fine choice. With 10 days I would definitely move around and stay in different towns. 6 nights in Imerovigli and 4 in Oia would be good. Or even 4 in Imerovigli, 3 in Oia, and 3 in Fira.

  12. Imerovigli or Oia

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for all the info on your website; it’s a real gem for info on Santorini! That being said, I have a few questions for you. I am going in July 2017 with my husband to Crete and then, to Santorini for 3 days as part of our honeymoon. I am torn between staying in Imerovigli vs Oia. We were leaning towards Oia in terms of the charm of the town so I was wondering what was the difference between Oia and Imerovigli in terms of charming town and wanting to wander in the streets. Also, in Imerovigli, from what we understand, Grace hotel would be the best option (and yes, it is available for now!) and if we end up choosing Imerovigli, we would stay there. But, what about Oia? We are looking for a luxury hotel with great service with a plunge pool or Jacuzzi on the balcony. We’ve looked at Katikies, but the rooms with plunge pools are a bit over budget (about 1.5 to 2 times the price of those at Grace hotel). Any other hotels in Oia you would recommend that would meet our criteria? Or should we choose Grace hotel? Thanks so much for your input! Maude

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Oia has more charming shops, twisty little lanes, and iconic stairwells and churches. Imerovigli is much quieter, peaceful, and has better views of the caldera and sunset. In Oia the beauty and the appeal is more about the town itself while in Imerovigli it’s largely the location, view, and perspective. Other hotels to consider in Oia are Canaves, Andronis, Perivolas, and Kirini.

  13. Booking Santorini Hotel on Expedia

    Hi Dave, Love your site. Would you please clarify your comment re: Expedia. I have booked the Anteliz Suites for July 2017 with Expedia as they were the only site with availability for my dates. Are you referring to how they handle execution and fulfillment? Or are you commenting on the accuracy of their rating system? I did see Anteliz listed in your list.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yeah, Expedia sucks and I wouldn’t use them. But now that you have, be sure to email the hotel directly at [email protected] to confirm your reservation and dates.

  14. Best Hotel with Private Balcony and Jacuzzi

    Hello Dave,

    Love your website. My wife and are spending 4 nights in October 2017 to celebrate our 15th anniversary. I am surprising my wife with the hotel I am booking. She likes great views and a balcony that is private. I am thinking about booking the Honeymoon suite at Absolute Bliss or the King suite with whirlpool at the Keti Hotel. Both have a outdoor hot tub which is a plus. Would you book one of these rooms are another hotel in Fira or Imerovigli?
    Thanks Dave,
    Gary Murata

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great choices. I’d do Keti if you wanted to be close to Fira’s nightlife and clubs. And Absolute Bliss if you’d be happy with an evening meal (but not really anywhere to go out at night).

  15. Honeymoon Hotel for May – But Many Hotels Fully Booked

    We will be on our honeymoon in late May 2017, but running into the issue of hotels booking up. So far the best options we’ve come up with are:

    Esperas – Standard House with Sea View
    Homeric Poems – Honeymoon Suite
    Tholos Resort – Suite with Private Outdoor Jacuzzi and Caldera View
    Athina Luxury Suites – Honeymoon Suite with outdoor jacuzzi
    Petit Place – Honeymoon suite with private pool or private plunge pool

    Looking for overall best honeymoon experience – top notch hotel & staff, quiet area but easy to get to town, preferably a private pool/jacuzzi and/or shared infinity pool, and of course great views. Which hotel do you think is best?

    Thanks so much, your site has been so helpful!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      My two favorite of those hotels are Esperas and Homeric Poems. If you want walking distance to nightlife and shopping then go with Homeric Poems. If you’re happy with easy access to good restaurants and a bit of shopping then Esperas is great too. If sunset views are more important then Esperas. If caldera views more important (which is what I prefer) then Homeric Poems. Athina and Tholos are fine too but not quite as luxurious. Petit Palace is a great hotel but is not an easy walk to much of anything.

  16. Location of Armeni Village Hotel in Oia

    Could you please give me some feedback on the Armeni Village in Oia Santorini? In terms of areas on Santorini is this a good one?
    Susan Mills

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Beautiful views and location. Lots of restaurants (and Oia’s only bar) within a 5 minute walk.

  17. Besten Hotels in Santorin

    We are from Germany. Are there good hotels in Santorini that speak German? Or have many German speakers and good for german people? Also, is there a website for booking hotels in German language?

    Vielen Dank,

  18. Kirini vs Astra Suites

    Hi Dave,
    I have really enjoyed reading and getting great tips from your sight for our upcoming vacation to Athens and Santorini. We are a family of 4 and will be traveling with my two adult children. I am looking at several hotels and was interested in Kirini Suites & Spa. However, Kirini is not on your list and was wondering why? I am also looking at Astra Suites. We only have 3 days on the island, so I can only choose to stay at one. Thoughts?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are wonderful. Astra is right in the thick of Imerovigli with several good restaurants a short walk (or climb) away. Kirini is near the end of the pathway in Oia and thus a 10 minute walk (or a little more) to central Oia. Astra has sunset views. Kirini doesn’t (the sun dips behind the town before it sets).

  19. Hotels for Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos

    Hi Dave,
    I’m curious if you can give me some feedback on our hotels. We wanted to be in a central location more than anything and we didn’t want to spend more than 500 for 3 nights in each location.

    Athens (3 nights): Athinas Street Inn
    Santorini (3 nights): Veranda View, we had a room as Casa Bianca booked but wanted something with a tad more of a view.
    Mykonos (3 nights): Mykonos Beach Hotel

    Any recommendations would be great if you feel there’s a better area to stay.

    Carina Raddatz

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Athinas Street Inn is a very nice hotel within easy walking distance of Athens’ top sights but the area directly around the hotel is ugly and a bit seedy. Nothing terrible but this is not like staying in the Plaka (a 10 minute walk away). Veranda View has great caldera views (but no sunset view). Mykonos Beach Hotel is a good budget/moderate hotel a little outside of Mykonos Town. Beach is OK here but not the best on the island. The walk to Mykonos Town is short but runs along a busy road with no sidewalk.

  20. Canaves for Wheelchair User

    Hi Dave,

    I’ve only scanned your website so far but will be going back to read it in detail later. At a quick glance it’s a mine of information. Fabulous.
    Last night we made a quick decision to head to Santorini for a birthday break with friends in April. We are looking at the Canaves Hotel in Oia. My husband is a wheelchair user and I wanted to check in with you regarding its accessibility? Bathrooms do not have to be adapted as long as there is room for him to get in.
    Do you have any tips for the island as a whole? Having visited Mykonos with a friend last year I am aware it will be challenging at times. However, he has a battery operated mobility aide which he attaches to his manual chair and has the rest of us running behind and our friends have muscle power. We do like to wander around and see as much as possible whenever we travel and love good food and bars in the evenings so any knowledge you can pass on will be invaluable.

    Thanks in advance,

    Happy 2017!

    Lydia Danaos

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Canaves is one of the few hotels in Oia with an elevator so that makes it a good choice. It’s located at the start of a long pedestrian walkway in Oia that should be fine for your husband to use. Lots of restaurants along there. Not many bars but Mary Kay’s is a good one that’s on this same stretch of walkway. It’s small but should be able to access it as it’s located right on the path. For info on the best individual room I would email Canaves directly ([email protected]).

  21. Hotel with View of Blue Dome Churches

    Hi Dave,

    Love your site, I wish there wish something like this everywhere you go! I’m heading to Santorini on my honeymoon next September (late Sept). Can you recommend any hotels or suites with a view of the buildings with blue roofs? I think I can see them in Fira, Oia, and Imerovigli, but they don’t really show a panoramic view! ….Happy wife, happy life!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Aspaki in Oia is your best bet for a hotel with views of the blue domes. Few hotels have views of the domes and caldera as to see the domes you usually have to be set back a bit from the edge and when that happens you lose the view of the caldera – but Aspaki (sort of) takes in both.

  22. Astra and Mykonos Blu

    Hi Dave,
    I just booked 5 nights in the Honeymoon Suite at Astra Suites and 3 nights in a Waterfront Bungalow at Mykonos Blu for a trip to Mykonos and Santorini next May.
    Still trying to make final arrangements, but do these choices seem good to you? Basically, will I get what I’ve paid for or can I get the same or better view and service for less?
    Thanks for your input.
    -Cliff Miller

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Two great hotels.

  23. Trip to Greece and Italy in September

    Hi David,

    As I mentioned over twitter, I suck with booking travel and things like this. It is the first time I would be leaving the country for something like this and I wanted to make it special for my wife on our 6th Anniversary. We have always talked about going to Greece and Italy so I was wondering since you seem to be very knowledgeable on everything that has to do with traveling hopefully you can help us. I was planning on using a travel agency but you seem to think that’s not the best way.

    Rough draft plans are:
    – Leave Boston, MA US to Greece sometime in September 2016
    – Stay 4/5 days in Santorini and 2/3 in Mykonos and a friend said I should stop by Athens for at least a night. (Whatever order makes most sense to fit our traveling ideas.)
    – From Greece we thought about taking a cruise from Greece to Italy (no idea how long those usually take) and staying a couple of night in Italy not 100% sure where but I was thinking maybe a night in Rome and one in Milan. Then fly back home to Boston from Italy.
    – As far as our budget I thought about about staying at somewhere somewhat better in Santorini in the U$200+ range and maybe downgrading to something good but lowered priced in Mykonos. I can give you more figures if you think that would be helpful.

    I don’t mind changing the order of the places we want to visit to make it a more pleasant experience, I actually have thought of letting Santorini be the last spot that we stop so we can soak it all in before heading back home since that’s the place my wife wants to visit the most.

    Sorry if I am asking for too much, but what the hell might as well try and worst that can happen is you’ll say “no can’t do and good luck” =D

    Thank you very much for your time, and once again great job on the page. Wish you nothing but the best!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Ferries from Greece to Italy leave from the west coast of Greece (Igoumenitsa, Patras, and Corfu) and arrive on Italy’s east coast (usually Bari or Brindisi) a good ways from Rome and Milan. So I would skip the boat and just fly from Athens. My recommended route would be: fly directly to Santorini, ferry to Mykonos, ferry to Athens, fly to Rome, train to Milan, then fly home from there. One full day in Athens is sufficient for most people.

  24. Good Hotels in Mykonos and Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you so much for this resource. My wife and I are planning a first time trip to Greece for next Memorial Day. We’ll be there for 8 nights. We were planning to fly direct into Athens from Philadelphia. Spend 1 night in Athens, do the local hot-spots in Athens then fly to Mykonos for 3 nights. Ferry over to Santorini for 4 nights. Fly back to Athens and Philly.

    We didn’t want to plan every piece of the trip personally so we were directed to a travel advisor to plan it all out with our input. I know how you feel about travel agents/advisors after reading your postings, but they seem nice and informed. I wanted to run their hotel recommendations by you to make sure I’m getting what I’m looking for. They have recommended small boutique hotels which makes me wonder about their special deals. I’m looking for suites with private jacuzzi or pool, and amazing views.

    Mykonos – Myconian Avaton on Elia Beach – Pure Outdoor Jacuzzi Room
    We really want a great place on a great beach. We’re okay splurging for the right hotels.
    Not sure what to do in Mykonos aside from beach, bar, eat, drink, etc…

    Transfer to Santorini

    Santorini – Above Blue Suites – Harmony Suite – Imerovigli
    Day 2 – Semi-private wine tour
    Day 3 – Semi-private catamaran tour (5hr sunset or day trip) on Blue Lagoon I or II.
    Day 4 – Explore

    So, I love the plan so far and the price seems okay, but I have no real way of knowing if I’m really staying in the right places, as none of these are listed on your, or many other, sites as best places to stay.

    I am also considering changing hotels in Santorini half way through. Maybe doing 2 nights in Imerovigli and 2 nights in Oia.

    What do you think of this plan and is there anything you can offer to help make this as truly memorable trip?

    Thank you in advance for your advice,
    Cliff Miller

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Above Blue Suites are great. Good location in Imerovigli with wonderful views. Myconian Avaton is certainly luxurious but it has a very isolated location. Even the beach (Elia) that it purports to be close to is a shuttle ride away. Renting a car is highly recommended if you stay there.

  25. Absolute Bliss or Dana Villas?

    Hey Dave,

    Great detailed blog! My girlfriend and I (late 20’s) are headed to Santorini for 4 nights (and Mykonos for 4 nights) in Fall 2017. We are between a couple properties in Santorini and wanted to get your insight…

    Absolute Bliss – Absolute Private Spa Villa
    Dana Villas – Private Villa (Recently Renovated)

    Absolute Bliss is about $500 more but seems to have better reviews, however it is a little away from everything. We like that Dana’s Private Villa is recently renovated, in Firostefani, and has room for another couple if we wanted to invite additional people. Both have good views it looks like. My only concern with Dana is the customer service reviews on TripAdvisor, and with Absolute Bliss is the location and the villa itself looks a little small. Can you help put my mind at ease with these concerns?

    Thanks in Advance,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Absolute Bliss is definitely the more luxurious hotel but you are another 10 or 15 minutes farther from Fira. Avocado (one of my favorite restaurants) is almost right at the top of the stairs at Absolute Bliss.

  26. Best Hotel for Honeymoon

    Hi Dave,

    My husband and I are planning our honeymoon for early July 2017. Is 5 nights enough in Santorini? Also, is it too early to book now? My husband really wants a pool or plunge pool. After looking on, we have narrowed it down to Pegasus Spa Hotel, Agali Houses, and Skyfall Suites in addition to Sophia Suites and Aqua Luxury. Any preferences/recommendations of one over another?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, 5 nights is about perfect for Santorini. Sophia would be my first choice but others are all great. (Skyfall is in Pyrgos and while very nice does not have caldera views.)

  27. Villa Katikies, Sun Rock, Maltese, or Tsitouras for Honeymoon Hotel

    Hi Dave–I have enjoyed the site and I think you have talked me (and my fiancé) into having our honeymoon there. I’m looking for somewhere nice and with privacy, preferably with a suite, but not astronomically expensive. I was thinking about Villa Katikies, Sun Rock, Maltese, or Tsitouras. Any recommendations? We would prefer quiet, romantic and more on the luxurious side but without having to take out a second mortgage. Would love some input. Thanks for all your help and I think your site is very informative!!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All of these are great but I would go for Tsitouras as it’s so friendly and homey that it just seems like a great fit for a honeymoon. Firostefani has a handful of good restaurants and Fira is an easy 10 minute walk away where you’ll find lots of shops, restaurants, and nightlife.

  28. Sunset Views in Oia

    Hi Dave

    Been following this website for a while now in preparation for my trip to Santorini. It’s the most helpful travel website I’ve ever come across, you really do put a lot of work into it and that comes across as does your passion.

    Quick couple of questions for you. I’m staying in Oia from October 20th to 23rd.

    We’re planning a sunset tour on the Ocean Voyager and also planning to see the sunset from Oia (probably from champagne bar in Ochre as I’ve read that’s a great view).

    * Would you recommend the view from Ochre or do you think there’s a better spot?
    * What would you do with the other sunset opportunity? I’m torn between catching it from another spot in Oia or heading down to Ammoudi for dinner at Katina. I’m already seeing the sunset from the Ocean Voyager, would it be very similar seeing it from Katina’s or is the difference worth it over another sunset in Oia? I feel instinctively as if seeing it from up high will be better.

    We’re going to lunch at Katina if we don’t dinner there so it isn’t really a factor in our decision, we definitely intend to dine there one way or another.

    Matthew Nelson

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Ochre has great direct views of the sunset, but they’re almost too direct. Ochre is on the northern most point of the island and there’s very little land (and no caldera) to frame the sunset. It looks very much like a typical sunset that you’d see at any beach. But if you’re back a bit, for example at Oia Castle where most people hang out, there’s a more scenic landscape surrounding you. That’s not to say the view from Ochre won’t be great, it will. But I’d go for having a more Santorini experience with scenes of the cliffs visible. In keeping with that, I would try to see the sunset from Imerovigli where you’ll get an even better foreground with the cliffs and caldera as the sun sets.

  29. Honeymoon on Santorini – Where To Stay?

    Hello Dave,

    First of all, thank you so much for sharing such intimate knowledge and in depth guidance on visiting Santorini. I am so grateful to have found your site.

    That said, while I am so happy for all of the insight, I am also a bit overwhelmed by all of the information and incredible options you present. Just about everything looks amazing.

    My fiancée and I are getting married in October and would love to honeymoon in Santorini for about 5 or 6 days. She is doing all of the wedding planning and working on all of the last minute details, so I’m trying to take care of all of the honeymoon travel. I’m seeking some advice and hoping you can help. I have so many questions.

    We will be leaving from the US and flying into Athens, arriving there from October 11th and flying out of Athens on October 16th. We are a relatively young and active late thirties – early forties couple. When vacationing we love to spend some time laying out and relaxing quietly by the pool/beach, but we also love to tour and explore the place, dine out at nice restaurants and try local cuisine, and enjoy the nightlife.

    Here are a few questions with which I’m hoping you can provide some further guidance:
    1) Which town(s), hotel(s) would you recommend to provide us the best mix of our interests?
    Would you recommend staying in a quieter town and take buses/cabs to the restaurants and nightlife or stay in Fira or Oia and go sightseeing to take in the more romantic and breathtaking views?

    • Oia, which you call the most romantic and enchanting town, seems like it could be a good choice for a honeymoon, but you also say, it has little nightlife and seems relatively far away from Fira, which you recommend for the nightlife.

    • Fira, sounds like there is a lot to do, but it is not as romantic, could be pretty loud and busy and the views are not as great. Maybe not the best for a honeymoon?

    • The other towns, Imerovigli and Firostefani seem like they may be a bit too quiet but they do seem to have the more spectacular and less expensive/better value hotels. We’re not looking for budget travel, but we don’t want to spend a fortune either. We’d like to find a really nice place at a great value. A place with a private heated Jacuzzi/Plunge pool would also be a huge plus. We love the water, but the weather there in October will probably be a bit cold for my fiancée.

    • Also we do not mind taking local buses and taxis or walking reasonable distances – in fact that can be part of the fun for us to see more of the place – how reliable, convenient, costly though is the transportation. The last thing we would want is to have to have a wonderful dinner and night out and then have to wait 30 minutes for a cab or bus and then have to travel for another 30 minutes late at night every night.

    2) While we are flying into Athens, we really don’t want to stay there longer than we have to on this trip. We’d rather maximize our time in Santorini. We figure we’ll come back and explore Athens at another time with the family in tow. If we get into Athens around 2pm, is that early enough for us to get to Santorini the same day? Are there flights, ferries available at that time? If so, what would you recommend? Should we take a flight straight from the Athens airport into Santorini as soon as we arrive, or should we take a ferry? Would it be a waste of a night/day if we do because we’d get in too late? Should we stay overnight in Athens?

    And if we have an 11:30am flight out of Athens on Sunday or Monday, can we leave Santorini by plane or ferry that morning in time to catch that flight, or should we go back to Athens from the night before?

    Thank you so much in advance for your help. I hope I am not imposing too much with my request for so much information. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, there are trade-offs no matter where you stay. That said, all the towns are pretty amazing and I never fear that someone will choose, say, Oia over Imerovigli and then have a lousy vacation. Pretty unlikely. They’re all great in their own way.

      A great place if you want something quiet and romantic but still close to nightlife is Keti Hotel in Fira. The King Suite with Whirlpool is down at the very bottom of the hotel and about as private as suites get on Santorini. The views are amazing.

      I stayed in that suite a few weeks back and it was wonderful. Here are my feet enjoying the view from the private jacuzzi at Keti:
      View from Private Hot Tub at Keti Hotel in Fira

      Since you get into Athens at 2pm I probably wouldn’t book the flight at 3:45pm (you’d likely make it but that’s a little too tight for my taste). Go with the 5:05pm flight to Santorini on Aegean. On the way back to Athens you should be fine catching the 6:40am flight. No sense taking the ferry if saving time is important to you and you don’t want to go into Athens.

  30. Grace or Santorini / Hotels in Mykonos

    Hi! What an amazing site. My husband and I are going to be in Greece next June. For Santorini (following your recs), we’ve booked both Canaves and Grace. I’m leaning towards Grace, but my only concern is that I’ve heard the town of Oia is cuter and more romantic (which you also said). For four nights, if we wanted to go into Oia two nights, would it be an issue from a taxi / transportation perspective?

    Also, we’re really struggling with how to fill out the rest of our trip. We will be at the Amanzoe for 3 nights after Santorini and trying to figure out which island to start with. Mykonos is obviously the one most speak of, but we’re not really big into going out. Would prefer something a bit more lowkey I think and none of the hotels there are speaking to me. Any thoughts on a hotel you would recommend in Mykonos or if there are other islands we should consider?

    We’re in our early 30s, love to travel, very active and love great food.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both Grace and Canaves are wonderful. Oia has a bit more going on. Imerovigli is quieter, has fewer restaurants, but the restaurants are the best on the island. Both are romantic in their own way. It’s easy to get from Imerovigli to Oia so no worries there. (Be sure to do the walk there at least once.) Read about the best hotels in Mykonos for my recommendations there. Naxos and Paros are also great islands.

  31. Budget Hotel for Family of 4 on Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    Your website is amazing! I am travelling as a family of 4 with my husband and 2 kids aged 9 and 11 in September 2017 for 5 nights.

    I want to stay in the centre of Fira, close to caldera and buses, but quiet at night. I am after something quite budget, around 150 euros per night (perhaps slightly more). We want our own private toilet and shower. And preferably not too many steps. Is that even possible, and if so what hotels would you recommend?

    Also if staying in the centre of Fira would you still recommend hiring a car?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The San Giorgio is my favorite budget hotel in Fira. It should have quadruple rooms for under 100€ and it’s a short walk from there to buses and caldera. The Astir Fira is a little nicer and more expensive but has a pool. It’s also not quite so central and is a 5 to 8 minute walk to central Fira and the bus station. Staying in Fira definitely makes it easier to see the island but a rental car does make some sights easier to see. If you’re on the fence then just rent a car for a day and use that one day to see all distant sights.

  32. Last Minute Hotels for Santorini

    Hi Dave, Your site is really a treasure trove of info so thanks a ton! We have booked a very last min trip to Greece for end September and will visit Mykonos for 3 nights and Santorini for 3 nights. Because it is so last minute and rates are rather out of our budget I am looking at a lovely, comfortable (very clean) hotel with a good location (good view walking distance) rather than something right on the caldera. Do you have any input of Kalisti Suites in Fira? Is it walking distance from shops/restaurants. We will rent a car so will visit Imerviglioli and Oia. (Wanted to stay in Oia but can’t find anything suitable for 4 adults). Many thanks in advance! Tripta.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Kalisti has a good location (3 minutes walk to caldera, bus station, and the center of Fira). Naoussa and Ouzeri are two great restaurants within a 5 minute walk of the hotel. Kalisti has a nice pool too.

  33. Aria suites, Cosmopolitan suites, or Athina Luxury Suites

    Hi Dave – great site. Quick question: I am planning to come to Santorini for 2 nights next July. I want to stay in Fira walking distance to all the action. We are a young gay couple from NY, looking to just relax, see the views, have great food, the usual for Santorini before heading to Mykonos. I was looking between Aria Suites, Cosmopolitan suites, or Athina Luxury Suites. Any preference among the 3 above or other hotels I should consider? Willing to go up to $450 a night. Thanks!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are great hotels but Cosmopolitan is probably the one you’re looking for.

  34. All Hotels Fully Booked

    We are trying to plan a trip to Santorini last minute for September 21-24 and of course all the hotels I want to stay at are booked. The only one I can find is the Kirini Suites and Spa. How would you rate this hotel? It is not on your list.

    Thank you dave!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Kirini is a wonderful hotel with fantastic views and a terrific pool. It’s at the quiet end of Oia, so not much around it, but shops and restaurants of Oia are an easy 12/15 minute walk away (though there is a stretch you have to walk along the road to get to central Oia). You’re also right at the start of the path to Fira (which is a must for Santorini). Walk south to Fira and then take the bus back. (There’s a bus stop near to the hotel so you don’t have to walk all the way into Oia to catch the bus).

  35. Absolute Bliss or Honeymoon Petra

    Hi Dave! Your site is amazing and your advice is phenomenal. I’m planning a trip to Greece with my girlfriend (it’s her first time) – we are visiting Mykonos, Ios and Santorini. We have followed your advice for everything so far. But now stuck on where to stay in Santorini. We will be in town September 7-10th, just 3 days! We are between Absolute Bliss and Honeymoon Petra. Would love your thoughts on comparing the two. It would be an apartment in Petra and a Suite in Absolute. What are your thoughts on these for a couple experiencing Greece for the first time together? Thank you so much in advance!!

    Stephen + Ali

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are wonderful. Suites at Absolute Bliss will have more privacy and a direct sunset view. Honeymoon Petra has more character and looks more picturesque. The common areas of Absolute Bliss feel a little plain but the suites themselves are marvelous.

  36. Good Itinerary for Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete

    Hi Dave, your website is great. I have the following plan and need your advice and help.

    Friday, 7th October: Arrive in Athens in the evening. Walk around Plaka neighborhood; see the sights that need to be visited next day and dinner.

    Saturday, 8th October: Acropolis, Parthenon, and any other sites (any ideas would be welcome).

    Sunday, 9th October: Delphi day trip.

    Monday, 10th October: Morning ferry to Mykonos. Stroll around Mykonos town; visit little Venice for sunset; windmills, church and then dinner.

    Tuesday, 11th October: Day trip to Delos, and then head to beaches.

    Wednesday, 12th October: Morning ferry to Santorini. In the afternoon start the hike from Fira to Oia, watch sunset, dinner and back to fira via bus.

    Thursday, 13th October: Head to Akrotiri in the morning; Take a boat tour in the afternoon/early evening and visit the volcano sights, hot springs, Thirassia, white and red beach; take cable car on the way back.

    Friday, 14th October: Beaches (Kamari/Perissa route – going through the towns of ancient Thira/Emporio); Ammoudi Bay or Pyrgos in the evening.

    Saturday, 15th October: Stroll around fira town in the morning. Evening ferry to Heraklion and then drive to hotel in Agios Nikolos.

    Sunday, 16th October: Stroll around Agios Nikoloas and Lake Voulismeni. Then head to Elounda and take happy train to plaka to head to Spinalonga .

    Monday, 17th October: Drive from Ag Nik to Chania. On the way stop at Heraklion, Knossos, and Rethymon to look around at the sights.

    Tuesday, 18th October: Stroll around Chania old town and Lake Kournas. In the afternoon head to one of Marathi, Balos, or Elafonisi beach.

    Wednesday, 19th October. Day trip to Samaria Gorge.

    Thursday, 20th October: Morning flight to Athens from Chania. Spend day in Athens and over night in Athens.

    Friday, 21st October: departure

    I wanted your feedback about our plan. Me and my wife are both interested in historical sightseeing and chilling on some beautiful sandy beaches. We also like to visit local markets to shop around for handicraft etc.

    Could you tell me which area to stay in Athens?

    Whether we should stay in Mykonos town or on a beach in Mykonos. I have heard most of the life is around Mykonos town and at night taxis are hard to find.

    Are 2 nights in Mykonos enough?

    We should stay in Fira or Oia?

    Should we stay in Agios Nikolaos or Elounda?

    Lastly, does our plan for Crete sounds ok. Do 5 nights do the place justice? Should we cut down a night from Santorini and add another to Crete?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Looks like a great itinerary – though very busy. It’d be nice to have a day or two in there of flexible time to adjust as you travel but your time is obviously limited. For Athens, stay in the Plaka, Monastiraki, or Syntagma areas – all have easy access to the main central sights (though the Archaeological Museum is a taxi or subway ride away). In Mykonos I prefer staying in the town (Chora) as there’s more to do and better restaurants. Fira would be better for you as you have plans to get out and explore the island and Fira’s more central location makes this easier. Agios Nikolaos has more activity. Elounda is more resort-based and has less of a center.

  37. Grace Santorini, Mystique, Perivolas, or Art Maisons?

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your helpful website, it has been invaluable. I will be visiting Santorini in late August with my husband and am trying to decide between Grace Santorini, Mystique, Perovilas, and Art Maisons. While I have read many people’s opinion that Oia is the ideal place to stay, I am also factoring in your opinion that Imerovigli is best. I am most committed to Santorini Grace because it is newly renovated and I love the property. I am overall not as in love with the minimalist style of Perivoilas and Mystique but considering them due to their Oia location. Could you weigh in on these hotel options? Roughly how long would it take to get to Oia via taxi?

    Thanks in advance,
    Debra Moore

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Imerovigli to Oia is about 12/15 minutes by taxi or bus. Yes, Grace is recently renovated and looking great. Lots of great restaurants within just a few minutes of Grace and Fira is an easy 15 minute walk down the hill. That said, all are great hotels and Oia is also a wonderful town. Can’t go wrong, really.

  38. Mill Houses, Cliff Side Suites, or Agali Houses?

    Hi Dave,

    So glad I found your site – it’s been really helpful.
    We are a 30 year old couple looking for hotels in Firostefani. Our friends will be staying at Dana Villas but unfortunately it is sold out.
    Where would you recommend out of Mill Houses, Cliff Side Suites or Agali Houses? Or anywhere close to Dana Villas that you would suggest please?
    Mostly just after somewhere with a nice clean room, but also would prefer some privacy.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are nice hotels with fantastic views. Agali Houses has the nicest pool and large clean rooms. Cliff Side and Mill Houses have a bit more charm. I just stayed at Agali last week and loved it. Lots of privacy from walk by traffic.

  39. Hotels for Children on Santorini

    Hi Dave, we are attending a wedding in Santorini and have 2 young children, I am struggling to find a hotel with anything for the children, do you have any recommendations please? I was considering staying on a different island (possibly Crete) as it’s more suited for the children but would this be a pain? Keeping in mind I am bridesmaid so cannot afford not to be able to get there if we did stay elsewhere!
    thank you

  40. Buy Ferry Tickets in Advance?


    AWESOME website. Thank you for everything you do.

    We will be heading to Greece/Iitaly July 23-August 5. I am wondering if I should purchase the ferry tickets from Piraeus to Mykonos and then Mykonos to Santorini ahead of time online or just while I am there? I am worried that it is high season and missing a ferry may throw off our itinerary. Suggestions?

    Additionally we will be staying at Herodian Hotel Athens, Kamari Hotel in Mykonos, White Pearl Villas in Santorini.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      For that time period I would buy in advance (though you’d likely be fine in either case). You then pick up at the ticket kiosk at Piraeus (arrive at least 45 minutes before departure). To get from Herodian Hotel to Piraues take Line 2 on the metro from Akropoli to Omonia then switch to Line 1 heading towards Piraeus – in total this will take about 40 minutes and then another 5 to walk to the ticket kiosk.

  41. Meeting Point for Tour

    Hi dave,

    I booked a catamaran excursion but the company mentions that I should go to the Kyklos meeting point.

    I dont know where this is. Can you please help me. They provided me with this picture.

    Would you know where this is? Thank you.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      That is at this point in north Oia. On the way to Amoudi Bay (when driving). Get directions to Lioyerma Pool Bar (or Marizan Caves Hotel) and it’s the last turn-off before heading down to Amoudi.

  42. Perivolas or Grace

    Hi Dave, your site is awesome!

    My wife and I are planning to visit Santorini for our 20th wedding anniversary in September and would like a recommendation for a hotel.

    – rate/cost is not a concern
    – would like private patio/balcony with pool or plunge pool
    – indoor plunge/spa/jacuzzi
    – unique room/decor
    – great views of the caldera and sunsets
    – top notch hotel service, restaurant, spa
    – walking distance to other great lively restaurants and bars

    I have currently booked the Perivolos Suite at Perivolos and one bedroom suite at Grace
    in consideration of the above – which of those two would be best or is there somewhere else we should consider?
    many thanks in advance

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      These are both incredible hotels and the very best on Santorini. Grace feels more luxurious (like a trendy boutique), Perivolas feels more authentic and you really sense that these are caves suites built into the cliff. Grace was also refurbished over the winter and everything is spiffy and new. Views from both are magical. Grace is perched out on a point and you have a view of the full caldera. At Perivolas you see more of the town (Oia) in your view (which is great too, especially as the sun goes down and Oia lights up). Grace gets a full sunset view so you watch the sun set into the water. At Perivolas the sun sets over the town of Oia, so technically you don’t see the sunset – but still pretty good. (To see the sunset it’s a 15 minute walk from Perivolas). Grace has a half-dozen good/great restaurants within a 5 minute walk. From Perivolas you’ll need to walk 10+ minutes to get a decent collection of places to eat. Oia has one bar (Mary Ks that’s a 15 minute walk from Perivolas). Imerovigli doesn’t have a true bar (though places to get a drink, of course) but it is a 15/20 minute walk from Fira where you have most of the island’s nightlife. Finally, the pool is much larger at Grace but Perivolas wins for most privacy. Hope that helps a little.

  43. IKIES Traditional Houses vs Andronis Luxury Suites

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful insight.

    Going to be honeymooning Oia for 2 nights in mid-September with my fiancee. I’ve narrowed the hotel down to Ikies Traditional Houses (Winemaker Suite) and honeymoon suite at Andronis Luxury Suites. My fiancee and I will probably put the biggest emphasis on view of the caldera (and sunset to a lesser degree), a large balcony and having access to a good pool. It seems like both are at the very least walking distance to restaurants in Oia.

    Given what our priorities are, which of the two hotels would you say might be a better option? I note that Andronis is a bit more expensive than Ikies Traditional Houses, but not so much so that this is a dealbreaker. Thanks again – much appreciated!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great but I would lean towards Ikies for having more character and better service. Andronis does have the better pool and more central location (which also means large crowds outside the hotel entrance). Ikies is a 10/12 minute walk farther from central Oia, so it’s much quieter. The views of the caldera are incredible from both. The sunset views are definitely better from Ikies – though you won’t see the sun set into the sea from either as the tip of Oia blocks both views of the final descent of the sun.

  44. Most Luxurious Hotel on Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    Great website!

    I’m trying to plan a trip to Mykonos and Santorini for end of May/early June. My fiance and I wanted to get your thoughts on the best hotel to stay in. Which hotel do you find the most luxurious of the below? Second, which would you say has the best views (caldera or sunset)? We are looking at the below and need your help choosing one (if you have a even better pick, let us know! tough choice, but we are relying on you!):

    Astra Suites

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Santorini is loaded with wonderful hotels. The 3 you’ve shortlisted are all great. For classical luxury, Canaves might have a slight edge on the other 2. Also, Astra allows young children while Canaves and Katikies do not. Between a caldera view and a sunset view I will always choose the caldera. Sunsets you can see anywhere but the caldera views are both unique and magical – it’s easy to sit for hours and stare out onto the cliffs and volcano.

  45. Room with View and Private Plunge Pool

    Hi Dave! I am coming to Santorini with my fiancé from July 30th through August 3rd. My head is spinning after looking at so many hotels, so many different times. We want a room with a private plunge pool, with a terrace that has a perfect sunset view, with enough space to lounge on sunbeds during the day and then hangout on during sunset/evening, with some privacy. We want the plunge pool to have a killer view. I’ve narrowed it down to the following, would really appreciate your view. They’re in Oia, Imerovigli and Fira because I haven’t been able to definitively pick one town (although I think probably Oia/Imerovigli). At night, we will be going out for nice dinners and do not mind taking a cab if needed (this isn’t really a factor for us). Which one would you pick?? What are your thoughts on them? Thanks!!

    Aqua Luxury Suites – Executive Suite with Plunge Pool or Aquarella Suite with Plunge Pool
    Grace – Honeymoon Suite with Plunge Pool
    Petit Palace – Honeymoon Suite with Private Pool or Petit Maison with Private Pool
    Maregio Suites – Honeymoon Suite with Outdoor Heated Private Pool and Hot Tub
    Andronis Boutique – Executive Suite with Plunge Pool
    Canaves Oia – Honeymoon Suite with Plunge Pool

    We want to be able to lounge/suntan by our plunge pool, as well as hopefully hang out in a comfy area at sunset/in the evening. We want to avoid there being no sun-loungers on the terrace. I’ve seen pictures of some hotels that look like there is a just a table and two chairs that fit on the terrace…


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Those are all great hotels but Grace and Canaves (and maybe Andronis) are a step above. The Honeymoon Suite with Plunge Pool at both are simply marvelous. Canaves is a little more classically luxurious while Grace is trendier (and all rooms at Grace were refurbished this year). Views from both hotels are marvelous but there’s no sunset view from Canaves. My hesitation with Andronis is that the entrance to the hotel is right at one of the busiest squares in Oia and is often packed with tour groups.

  46. What Hotels in Athens and Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    I am planning to come to Greece in last week of May for my Honeymoon from India. The hotels I have been offered by my travel agents are:

    Mykonos – Pettinos Beach Hotel – 2 nights
    Athens – Radisson Blu/Crowne Plaza/Athens Gate Hotel – 2 nights – I have to choose among these – your recommendation?
    Santorini – Pantheon Villas/Volcano View/The Majestic – 3 nights – again I have to choose among these, kindly help me out.

    It will be great if you could help me in deciding the Hotels and finalise my trips.

    Thanks and regards

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      In Athens, the Athens Gate Hotel is the best of those 3 and has a much better location than the others. The Radisson Blu is very convenient for visiting the National Archaeological Museum (a highlight of Athens, but a little out of the way and thus often falls off the itinerary of many visitors), but otherwise Athens Gate is far superior.

      In Santorini, Pantheon would be my choice – great views, nice pool, and a 15/20 minute walk from Imerovigli. All 3 of these hotels are outside the main towns so not central, but Pantheon is best located. Majestic doesn’t really have caldera views (they’re across a busy road). Volcano View is even farther from Fira than Majestic.

  47. Location of Art Hotel on Santorini

    Hi Dave,
    Your site is amazing. My boyfriend and I are visiting Santorini for the first time from the 1st to the 4th April. He has picked The art hotel. We are yet to book, i’m very nervous because I chose the destination. Have you been to the Art Hotel? How easy is it to get from there to the town centre? Could you recommend something else of a similar price range with better Caldera views? I want to keep him entertained so what fun things can we do, he’s into history and architecture and art. He wants to be out and about doing tourist type stuff as opposed to staying at home the whole day. Have you got any ideas of activities we could do, because I chose Santorini and it’s our first couple’s holiday so I want it to be memorable.

    Felicity Boateng

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Art Hotel is a trendy boutique hotel in Pyrgos, a quiet village with good restaurants but no caldera view. It will be especially quiet in April. There are buses to Fira but to really see the island renting a car is highly recommended.

  48. Day Trip to Rhodes or Crete for Beaches

    Hi Dave,

    Youtube video was awesome and I love the site! Before heading to Venice, my fiancé I are going to Santorini for 4 nights/3 days in august for our honeymoon but would also like to see another beach.

    On the high speed ferries, is it possible to take a day trip from Santorini to either Rhodes/Crete, for the beach? Do you recommend doing this or should we just stay in Santorini?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Rhodes is too far away for a day trip. Crete is closer but the ferries go from Crete to Santorini in the morning and return in the afternoon so you’d need to stay overnight (and even then you’d only be there for one evening). The best island for a beach-oriented day trip is Ios. For one, it’s close. And two, it has great beaches an easy bus ride from the ferry port.

  49. Getting from Ferry Port to Firostefani Hotel

    We will be staying at the Villa Maria Damigou in Firostefani this September. We will be arriving by ferry. Which bus should we take, which stop should we get off at, and which direction should we head once we get off the bus? Is the hotel visible from the road? I am concerned that we will be walking around aimlessly with our luggage. Or would it just be easier to take a taxi?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      No, you can not see Villa Maria Damigou from the road. To take the bus to your hotel (or pretty much any Firostefani hotel) you get the bus at the port. It will be chaotic but still fairly easy to find – turn to the left as you exit your ferry and you should see a large green bus with Fira on the front. This is the only bus and it goes to the Fira bus station. And yes, there is plenty of room for luggage. (There are dozens of other tour buses at the port but this is the only public bus. It’s pretty obvious which bus is the public bus and which are the charter buses.) At the Fira bus station you have to switch buses to the Oia-bound bus. It heads north from Fira, with stops at Firostefani, then Imerovigli, and finally Oia. Tell the bus driver Firostefani as you get on board, then listen as they’ll shout “Firostefani” when you get there (about 5 minutes). From where you get off the bus, cross the main road and walk towards the caldera. When you reach the main foot path (it will be obvious what this is, because if you tried to walk any farther you’d start going down the stairs and down the cliff) turn right. You’ll walk about 3 to 5 minutes more and Villa Maria Damigou will be on your left. Of course, taking a taxi will be much easier but cost much more as well. Taxis can also be hard to find just after a ferry arrives.

  50. Homeric Poems, Mill Houses, or Astra

    Trying to decide between the following for July trip – Homeric Poems (Apartment), Mill Houses (Honeymoon suite), Astra (studio), There for 4 nights and want good views and a good pool. All are around the same price. What would you choose?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Homeric Poems if nightlife in Fira was important (8 minute walk to clubs). Otherwise, Astra. Though all 3 are very nice hotels.

  51. 5 Star Luxury Hotel

    Hi Dave,

    Your site has really been an integral part of our research for where to stay on Santorini.

    As we going in early May, one of our must haves is a private jacuzzi or heated pool on our private balcony. That has amazing caldera views. We think we won’t really get much use out of the main pool as it will be too cold during our visit, although an infinity pool over the caldera seems interesting for pictures and maybe relaxing by with drinks one day. We want 5 star luxury, would prefer an onsite restaurant/pool bar but it’s not a deal breaker. We have some great choices but it seems we can’t find the perfect spot that has everything we want. I would prefer to stay in Imerovigli for the views but it’s not a must as I think hubby would prefer Oia for ease of things close by.

    We have narrowed down to these hotels/rooms and would appreciate your input as we can’t decide:

    1. Honeymoon Suite at Katikies (we would have booked this already however it looks as though from pictures that the jacuzzi on the balcony is set back further on the patio and we are really looking for a hanging one or one on the edge. Is this correct or does it have amazing caldera views? Seeing as we don’t think we will be able to stay in the main pool very long due to it not being warm yet, this is a must)

    2. Up and High Suite at Kapari (I would prefer a more traditionally white hotel however this seems like a lovely balcony and private jacuzzi)

    3. Efhari Executive Suite at Sophia Suites (we have this already booked on a cancellation policy. We chose this one over the Honeymoon Suite because it seemed the balcony was a little more private. The balcony of the Honeymoon Suite seemed shared with the suite next door as both the jacuzzis were in the same space. The Efhari suite has the hanging jacuzzi on its own private balcony it seems. We are a little concerned about the lack of privacy at Sophia and maybe the lack of amenities?)

    4. Orfeus or Armonia Suite at Dreams (we love the look of these private balconies/jacuzzis and the views; however we are a little concerned about the rooms and the lack of amenities. The other choices seem to have more luxurious rooms)

    5. Superior Suite with Plunge Pool at Canaves Suites (hard to tell from pictures if the plunge pool is hanging or set back. Rooms may be a little nicer at Katikies? Lowest level of room we are looking at? Katikies may be nicer overall however the main thing is a nice balcony with heated pool or jacuzzi with great views/infinity feel)

    I’d really appreciate your input! We need to book yesterday. Lol

    Shanna Prager

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      You are right, the jacuzzi at the honeymoon suite are not at the edge but back a bit – still have views, of course. Sophia can feel like you have people walking right by your property at times, but the steps that go by are not the main route through Imerovigli so they don’t get a lot of traffic – but certainly some. Personally, I like that feeling of being right in the heart of the village but if privacy is a priority then Sophia might not be for you. Canaves is wonderful as well and always feels a little more relaxed and pampered than Katikies, whereas Katikies is hip and trendier.

  52. Hotels on Santorini Fully Booked

    Hi Dave,

    Love your website, and am extensively using it to plan my vacation. I plan on travelling with my better half to Santorini towards the end of May for a week (May 28 to June 4). As the person below, I am having trouble finding (and deciding) on a hotel.

    I am looking for a hotel that is private and romantic, great views, and a private pool is a major bonus. Many of the hotels have already been booked up or are absurdly expensive. I found Astarte Suites in Akrotiri with private inifini pool at 750 Eur more reasonable (but shoots up to 1100 Eur on June 1). What are your thoughts on Astarte? Also, what are other romantic hotels that you would recommend with my criteria and price range? Katikies, Grace, Perivolas, etc are all full or over 1000 Euro for standard rooms which makes no sense to me. A friend recommended White Pearl Villas in Oia (which is okay at 660 Eur for a room with small outdoor jacuzzi / pool).

    The second question I have for you is for 7 days, would you stay all 7 days in Santorini? Or do a 4 / 3 split in different regions in santorini like Akrotiri and Oia? Or would you do 4 days Santorini and 3 days in Crete?

    I apologize for having a lot of open ended questions, but I am quite confused and need to book hotels and flights this week because it all seems to be filling up fast!

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I agree you need to book as soon as possible. Astarte is a wonderful hotel with great views but it is isolated from the main caldera towns. It’s fine if sitting by the pool and enjoying the view is your priority. But it’s walking distance to very little so you’ll probably need to rent a car or be depending on local buses and the free hotel shuttle bus. White Pearl in Oia has great caldera views and a central location. With 7 days I would certainly split my time between different towns within Santorini. You could also add another island (something else in the Cyclades would be my first choice) but 7 days is not too much for just Santorini either.

  53. Trouble Finding Hotel – Everything Booked

    Hi Dave,

    First off, I want to tell you that your site is great and very informative!

    My boyfriend and I are visiting Santorini in mid-May and many hotels are already booked (I was unaware that people book 6 months in advance!). Two options still available (for now) which fall under our $350/nt budget are the Executive Suite at the Stefani Suites and the Honeymoon Double at Ilioperato. We are looking for Caldera views from our private balcony/terrace, a place within walking distance to restaurants/bars, good service, and possibly a hotel pool. Which of these two hotels do you think would be best? And if you don’t recommend either, are there any other hotels that are similar to these that you would suggest?

    Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great places with incredible (though different) views. I would lean towards Ilioperato Hotel – I like the setting and location a tiny bit better. The pool’s a little bigger too, though still small. But Stefani is closer to Fira so if you had any interest in nightlife then it’s easier to enjoy from there.

      And yes, book as early as you can.

  54. Trip to Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini

    Hi Dave
    I have a few questions.

    We are going to Athens (2 days), Mykonos (3 days), and Santorini (3 days) from July 30 to August 7.

    1) Athens Transportation: Is there a 3 day pass to use for the train from the airport, the next day within Athens, and then take to the ferry port in Piraeus the next day? (We’re staying at A for Athens.)

    2) The Ferry: We want to take the high speed. Since we don’t have a lot of time is there any downside to booking online and picking up beforehand? Can you pick up at the airport?

    3) Damianos Hotel on Mykonos: We would like to go to beaches and stay through the evening. How late can you get a bus/taxi home from the beach? How late can you get a taxi back from Mykonos Town to the hotel?

    4) Santorini: We booked at Cosmopolitan Hotel. I saw a lot of reviews that said they often over book and people have to stay at the sister hotel. Besides an email to ensure we don’t get bumped, do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you for your time

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      1) There is a 3 day tourist ticket for €22. It covers a round trip journey from the airport to downtown and trams, buses, and trains within Athens. Alternately, you can take the train into downtown €10 one way (€18 for two traveling together). Then buy a one-day ticket for the 2nd day for €4.5. And then a one-way ticket to Piraeus for €1.40. This comes out cheaper than the 3 day ticket. And in reality, you likely won’t need the one-day ticket for your time in Athens as most of the top sights are within an easy walk of A for Athens. In that case you’ll only need the airport ticket and the one-way ticket to Piraeus for a total of €11.40 (€10.40 if you get the two-traveler discount).
      2) The only downside to booking ferry tickets online is the effort (hassle) of dealing with the website and then arriving 1 hour early for your ferry to pickup tickets at Piraeus. You can pickup from the airport if you book through Aktina. The easiest way is to buy tickets after you arrive in Athens at a downtown agency. You just walk in the door and buy your tickets. But you do risk the small but real chance that the ferry you want is sold out.
      3) Taxis run as late as you can find one which is not easy late at night in summer. Depending on what beach you’re at, buses will run until midnight or even 1 or 2pm. Damianos Hotel is a 15 minute walk up a pretty good hill from the bus station. Some parts you’ll have to walk on the road. It’s doable but a bit of a hassle in the dark.
      4) If you send an email to the hotel saying you’re worried about an overbooking problem and still got bumped I’d be shocked. It probably doesn’t happen very often but when it does you hear about it on Tripadvisor. I think it will be fine. Great hotel with a fun central location.

  55. Hotel for 3 Couples in Santorini and Mykonos

    Your advice:
    Three 40-something couples travelling from Canada – 3 nights in Santorini, 4 nights in Mykonos.

    Best choice of hotels?

    Perivolas or
    Sun Rocks

    Mykonos Grand
    Mykonos Blanc or
    Bill & Coo Coast


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Perivolas is the best hotel of those 3 (and one of the very best hotels on Santorini). It is set off on it’s own a little so not great if you want to be a short walk from any action. Chromata would be my 2nd choice.

      On Mykonos, Mykonos Grand is the best hotel of the 3 but Mykonos Blanc is on a nice beach (more restaurants and better sand). Bill & Coo is good if you want easy access to Mykonos Town nightlife.

      All 6 hotels are very nice so can’t really go wrong.

  56. Katikies or Andronis

    Hi Davie

    My fiance and I are spending four nights in Santorini in July. We are deciding between Katikies and Andronis. For our money, we can get a bigger room at the Andronis, but the Katikies is supposed to be the IT hotel of Santorini. We are a low key couple. We want great views, great food, a great pool and relaxing surroundings

    What are your thoughts?


    Erica F

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I love Katikies but if you really are looking for low key you might find it a little too trendy and chic. Andronis has a more relaxed vibe – and one of the more romantic restaurants – Lauda – on the island.

  57. Aria Suites or Hotel Keti

    Hi Santorini Dave, thanks for the great website and tips! I’d love your advice for a 2-night hotel stay for 4 adults (2 couples) in May. We’ve narrowed our choices down to Aria Suites (Norma Suite) and Hotel Keti (2 standard twin rooms). The price difference for the entire hotel stay is about $150 more expensive for Aria. Do you feel it is worth the extra money to stay at Aria? Or will Hotel Keti be just as good in quality of stay and views with the simpler rooms? Thanks in advance!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Aria Suites is a much more luxurious hotel with a larger pool and nicer rooms. But Keti actually has better views as it’s right on the cliff (Aria is slightly back from the edge though still has caldera views). The pool at Keti is better described as a large jacuzzi. Keti has quite a few stairs to access while Aria is almost at street level and easy to get to without much up and down.

  58. Hotel with Caldera Views and 2 Separate Bedrooms for 4 Adults

    Hello Dave, your site is most helpful with some great tips. I’m currently planning a trip to Santorini in July and looking for a place to stay. My requirement is somewhat unique. I’d like a suite that consists of 2 separate bedrooms and preferably 2 bathrooms for 4 adults. We’re a family of 4 and would like to stay in one unit. My budget is $400-600. I don’t mind if its a hotel or B&B but dont want an apartment unless its serviced and includes breakfast. Views of caldera are important. Do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you in advance.


  59. West East Suites or San Antonio


    Love the site. My wife and I are going to Santorini in August. We are deciding between West East Suites or San Antonio. Both are a small fortune but both have stunning views which is what we want. The rooms in west east suites look nicer. Not much feedback on West East Suites because it is new. What are your thoughts?
    Daniel Stuzin

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      San Antonio is the better hotel. More character and a more charming setting. West East is set back from the caldera (across a path) and though it’s not a huge deal it does lose that feeling of being perched on the rim of the cliff like you get at the San Antonio. The pluses for West East are that it’s brand new (I toured it last summer just after opening and the rooms are crisp, modern, and clean) and it’s a 15/20 minute walk closer to Imerovigli than the San Antonio. It’s easy to feel isolated at the San Antonio if you like being walking distance to restaurants. Though West/East is not right in Imerovigli it’s a short walk to town and easy to do at night (especially since it’s all downhill on the way back to the hotel).

  60. Maregio Suites in Oia

    Hello Dave,

    Great site. Congrats!

    I saw that there is a new hotel in Oia called Maregio Suites by Fotinos. Since it is new, I cannot read any reviews about location, service, etc.

    Appreciate if you could give me any insight about this new property and location.

    Many thanks


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I don’t know this hotel but looks nice. The location looks like close to Oia Castle with views of the caldera – though the pictures are deceiving as they show (or suggest) a location that is in 3 different places, so can’t place it exactly.

  61. Volcano View Hotel

    Hi Dave,
    Great information! Thank you… My girlfriend and I have three nights in Santorini at the start of June. What are your thoughts on Volcano View Hotel and Villas?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Nice hotel with great views. Only caveat is that there is little nearby. Fira is a 15 minute walk away. The bus does stop nearby and there is a free shuttle bus but if you want to be in the middle of the action this is not the hotel.

  62. Canaves Oia Suites, Atrina Traditional Houses, or Armeni Luxury Villas


    We are staying in Oia this May for four nights and can not decide which hotel to stay at. These are our choices:

    Canaves Oia Suites
    Atrina Traditional Houses
    Armeni Luxury Villas

    All have private plunge pools. Which would you recommend?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are wonderful with great views and convenient, central locations but I would go with Canaves.

  63. Hotel for 150 Euro with View and Pool

    Hey Dave,

    Love the site. So much information it’s great. My wife and I are coming for our honeymoon in August. I have been before but she hasn’t. We will be doing 5 nights in Santorini then heading to Mykonos for 2. I am looking to stay in either Imerovigli or Firostefani as they suit our style more. If you could recommend any hotels in the 150 euro/night range that would be great. Preferably with a pool, a decent caldera view, and more geared towards adults. Also if you happen to know of anything in the same price range for Mykonos that would be great too. No special requirements.

    Matt Stobart

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Try Villa Ilias in Firostefani.

  64. Vedema Resort on Santorini

    Hi Dave, thank you so much for your very helpful website! We are visiting in early June and have a 5 night stay at the Vedema booked on points. To be honest, though, a large part of me really yearns to stay at a hotel with a caldera view, but my husband thinks it would be a waste of us to spend money on a caldera hotel when we can just stay with points at the Vedema. Do you know if there are good bus routes going from the Vedema area (Megalochori) to Oia or Imerovigli? We are also thinking about renting a car. How safe do you think it is driving around the island, especially at night? Many thanks for your help!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Megalochori is a cute little town but yes, Vedema can feel a little isolated. It’s a wonderful resort and there are plenty of buses to Fira (to get to Oia or Imerovigli you need to change buses in Fira). The question is: did you come to Santorini to stay at a great resort or to experience the incredible caldera views? For most people it’s the latter. Driving a car is easy through the day. At night it can be a little challenging as roads are not well marked or lit.

  65. Fira, Firostefani, or Imerovigli

    Hi Dave,

    Great site, you have definitely ingnited a desire to visit Santorini but I am torn – we are a mid 30’s couple, want views, amazing and exclusive hotel. We love food and nightlife (Although not Ibiza more dinners and music and atmosphere). We ruled Oia out as we are happy to walk one evening for the sunset. We are torn between Fira (nightlife), Imerovigli, or Firostefani – please help.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Fira is where you’ll find the nightlife so staying here is busier but you’re steps from the clubs and bars. Imerovigli has some fantastic restaurants and is much quieter with no nightlife. It’s a 20 minute walk to Fira (downhill) but a little longer on the way back as it’s all uphill. Firostefani has fewer restaurants than both and no nightlife but is a third the walking distance to Fira than Imerovigli. You just need to decide which scene you want.

  66. Astra or San Antonio Hotel on Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    Great site and thanks for all of your insight. Me and my girlfriend are planning a vacation to Santorini in April of this year. We are a bit stuck between areas and hotels that have the best views of the caldera. We’re leaning towards Imerovigli since I’ve seen you speak quite highly of the views there. I’m looking at the Astra suites hotel as well as the San Antonio hotel. I’m more interested in the infinity pools with great views. Which one of the two hotels would you suggest and are their any other hotels with exceptional pools that you would also recommend minus Grace as it is not open during my stay in April. Once again, thanks a lot for all of your insight!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The pool and natural setting of San Antonio is more incredible. The location and village-setting of Astra is more enchanting. Both wonderful. Lots of good restaurants within a 5 minute walk of Astra. Very little within walking distance of San Antonio.

  67. Astro, El Greco or Athina

    Hi Dave

    We are visiting Santorini in August and these are the recommendations that our travel rep suggested. The Aria suites & Homeric Poets are not available. She suggested the Astro, El Greco & the Athina. We are traveling as a family of 4 with 2 teenagers. Which of these hotels would you recommend? Thank you.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Athina is only one with caldera views. It’s down the cliff below Fira and has impressive views of the volcano. Personally, I would stay at Athina for the “Santorini experience” but you will get better value (larger rooms and pool) at El Greco. Astro is fine but would only book it if it were substantially cheaper than El Greco.

  68. Pegasus Hotel for Family


    What are your thoughts on the Pegasus Hotel for a family of 5, with three young ladies.
    We are looking for a combination of relaxation and evening life for the ladies.
    Other recommendations are welcome.

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Great hotel with wonderful views. It’s a 15 minute walk to the nightlife of Fira. Going to Fira will be an easy and pleasant downhill walk. If you only had a couple drinks and walked back at 11pm then it would be no problem. If you’re really partying and staying out til the early morning then you’ll want to taxi back – and finding taxis can be difficult and take some waiting. So, it’s a decent location (and walking distance to bars and clubs) but I wouldn’t call it super convenient.

  69. Pezoules in Oia

    Hi Dave,

    Great site. Really detailed information you’ve gathered here! My fiance and I are planning a trip to Santorini for our honeymoon this summer and frankly I’ve been completely overwhelmed by all the fantastic choices available to us! One property I came across that I didn’t find on your blog is Pezoules of Oia – are you familiar with the property? We’re thinking the Mentha Cave house and would love to hear your thoughts!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Great views and good location in Oia. It’s a small boutique hotel. There are some steep steps to access the hotel but it has a semi-unique position being on the path down to Armeni.

  70. Altana or Esperas?

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you for all the information, such a great site! We are planning our honeymoon at the end of May and think we are down to deciding between Altana in Imerovigli or the Esperas in Oia. We are looking to have great views (not necessarily of the sunset) and a great local experience. I’m struggling making a decision so thought I would post to see what you think! Thank you in advance!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I love Esperas. Great hotel and the owner is super friendly and helpful – so it pains me to recommend Altana over it but I think that would be a better fit for what you’re looking for. While all of Santorini is touristy Imerovigli is a little less so and there are some great restaurants that have more of a Greek vibe than in Oia. The view from both hotels is wonderful – Esperas is more about the sunset, while Altana has a better view of the cliffs, the volacano, and the caldera. You can’t go wrong with either so I’m sure whichever one you pick you’ll love and feel like you made the right choice.

  71. Honeymoon Trip – Oia or Imerovigli?

    Hi Dave!

    Thank you very much for the helpful information. I am considering to stay in Santorini 3 nights as part of my honeymoon trip next May. Considering the views, we are looking Absolute Bliss and Chromata Hotel in Imerovigli or maybe Homeric Poems in Firostefani. However, everybody keeps telling us that as part of a honeymoon trip we must go to Oia, where we are looking at Ikies Traditional Houses or Ambition Suites.

    What do you think about this towns and the hotels proposed?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are good hotels with great views. I slightly prefer Imerovigli to Oia as it’s quieter, has better caldera views, and is an easy and enjoyable walk to Fira. But both are wonderful towns.

      1. Honeymoon Trip – Oia or Imerovigli?

        Hi Dave!

        Thank you very much for your answer. We are travelling in May and don’t know if Imerovigli could be too quiet at that time of the year. Even when we are travelling in our honeymoon, we actually will enjoy having restaurants, bars and some shop spots near our hotel.

  72. Inexpensive Hotel in Santorini


    Thank you for posting all of this amazing information! My boyfriend and I are 25 and on a budget, so we are trying to decide between a superior studio at Hotel Sunny Villas in Imerovigli or a suite at Loizos Apartments in Fira…..any recommendations of one hotel over the other between those two?

    Also–my boyfriend is a photographer, I know that all of Santorini will be picturesque with the cadera and ocean views, but are there any spots that you would recommend that may not necessarily be touristy?

    Thank you!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Hotel Sunny Villas has amazing views while Loizos does not have caldera views (it’s a 1 or 2 minute walk to the caldera). Otherwise, both are nice budget/moderate hotels.

      Less touristy spots for photos include the path between Imerovigli and Oia (though it’s a popular hike you can often have a good stretch of it to yourself) and the village of Pyrgos (wonderful views of the island and countryside).

  73. 5 Nights in Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    LOVE this site!! A few questions for you..

    1) If we are spedning 5 nights in Santorini, should we do a few nights in Oia and a few nights in Fira, or just stay in the same place. We are thinking about the Caldera Villas in Oia.
    2) Do you recommend we go to Mykonos? We aren’t into the party scene and Ive heard very mixed reviews. We are also going to Crete, so I am wondering if we should skip Mykonos and pick a different, third island?
    3) Do people rent mopeds to get around the city? We would love to do this one day in Santorini to explore some of the different towns.

    Thank you!
    Jessica Mickles

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      1. Splitting time between Oia and Fira is great. It is a bit of a hassle but you do get a very different feel from both places. Fira is a much better base for exploring the island.
      2. Mykonos is great but there are many options. Naxos, Paros, Ios, Folegandros, Milos – there’s no way you’d regret going to any of these islands.
      3. Moped accidents are common on the Greek island (and probably the riskiest single thing you could do). I much prefer getting around the island with a small car.

  74. Santorini Secret or Absolute Bliss

    Your site has been awesome for us planning our honeymoon in June. We are Looking at Santorini Secret Suites in Oia or Absolute Bliss in Imerovigli. We are staying 7 nights. Both mid 40’s want to have luxury occasional night life. I did not see Secret Suites in reading your blog. Thoughts?

    Steve and Dina

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great hotels. With 7 nights, I would split my time between the two: 2 or 3 nights in Oia, 4 or 5 nights in Imerovigli.

  75. Canaves or Katikies

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you for the wealth of information you provide on this awesome site! We are planning 5 nights in Santorini for our honeymoon (and 5 nights in Crete as well). If you had to choose a hotel: Katikies or Canaves? Thanks in advance for your expert advice!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Canaves and Katikies are directly beside each other (so pretty much identical views). Both are wonderful 5 star hotels and you’ll love both. If there was a slight difference I’d say Katikies has a more trendy cool-hip-30-something vibe. Canaves is more “proper” and attracts a little older crowd.

  76. Good Budget Hotel on Santorini

    Looking for a place for two nights for around $100 American dollars. We are 61 years old and on a budget. Willing to walk to see sunsets in order to save money. Money saved will be spent on food and lots of drinks. Probably need not too far from bars to hotel.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The San Giorgio in Fira is great with a good location and friendly owners. Highly recommended.

  77. Mystique, Oia Collection, or Filotera Suites in Oia

    Hi Dave! Thanks for all the information 🙂 We are planning to visit in early May, and are deciding between Mystique Hotel, Oia Collection, or Filotera Suites. The last 2 have private hot tubs for the same price as a room at Mystique without – is the room at Mystique worth it? Or any insights into the 3? Thank you!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Mystique is the nicest of the 3 and the most luxurious. (But all are very nice.) Mystique is in the quietest area and the farthest from central Oia (about a 10 minute walk to the center). Mystique is also beyond the gap in the foot path and requires walking on the road for a short distance to get to town.

      Filotera is closer to town and a little busier but you don’t have to walk on the road to get to town. Oia Collection is right in the busy part of town but it’s the only one that has sunset views.

      Just so you know, “Hot Tubs” in Santorini are usually not all that hot. Sort of luke warm to cool depending on the time of the year. They’re more like a plunge pool than a hot tub.

  78. Hotel for 5 Families

    Hi Dave,
    Saw your great inputs to the people on their questions… I am in a jam… And need your advise.
    We are 5 families visting Santorini on 1st of May.
    We are :
    – 3 families with 2 adults & 1 children each above age 12
    – 1 family with child of 8 yrs
    – 1 family with 2 adults only.
    We wanted caldera view.
    We are finding difficulty to get one hotel with this combination to buy thru the website.
    The hotels are not responding to phone calls.

    What do suggest to solve this situation.

    Sujoy Bose

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Astra Suites is one of the bigger hotels with caldera views and does allow children. They have a variety of room sizes. You do need patience when contacting hotels (especially in the off season) or using their websites – which is why I recommend booking through or Hotelscombined.

  79. Grace/Perivolas/Katikies/Astra

    Hi Dave,
    Amazed and impressed to see how well you know Santorini! I am interested in your views here:

    My husband and I are going for our 25th wedding anniversary from 23-26 June and would love somewhere quite luxurious. I like the sound of Imerovigli and prices for Grace, Perivolas, and Katikies are very steep. I am considering Astra suites but the pictures on their website give the impression it is quite tired/dated. Would you agree?
    Supriya Taneja

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I love Astra and think it’s a beautiful hotel with great views. That said, I would rate Grace, Perivolas, and Katikies as slightly more luxurious. Also, Astra allows young kids, the other 3 hotels do not.

  80. Dana or Astra in July with family of 4 including 2 kids

    Hi Dave

    I have narrowed my long long search to Dana Suites (Family Suite 368 euro pn) and Astra (Junior Suite 550 euro). We are a family of 4 with 2 kids aged 12 and 7.

    We want an amazing view. I think both have this. Which view do you prefer?

    We want a good pool. Again I think both have this but which pool is bigger? Nicer?

    We want a mix of relaxation time and shopping/eating out – which caters to this best?

    How far is it to walk from Dana to Fira?

    How far is t to walk from Astra to Fira?

    Astra confirmation states in relation to Junior Suite “Outdoor terrace: Located on the ground floor swimming pool level therefore, although you have your own terrace and it is not shared, it is not secluded as you can be seen by other guests passing by.” Have you seen these rooms? Any opinion?

    Lastly I want somewhere that will welcome kids so I’m not worried the whole time they are laughing too loudly or splashing in the pool. I have read that Astra welcomes kids but I am frightened that laughter and the odd splashing in the pool will be frowned on by Astra – what do you think?

    Dana has about 200 steps from road to pool/restaraunt. Is Astra similar in number of steps?

    If it were you would you stay in Astra or save the money for eating/shopping and stay in Dana. I should point out we are first timers to Santorini.

    Thank you so much!!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      1) Both views are great. Dana has more impressive views of the cliffs, Astra has great views of the sunset.
      2) Both good-sized pools for Santorini. Astra’s is more picturesque. Dana’s (maybe) a little better for swimming.
      3) Dana is closer to Fira where most of the shopping is. There are good restaurants near Dana but nothing in my very favorites. Astra doesn’t have a lot nearby but does have 5 or 6 great restaurants within about 5 minutes walk.
      4) Dana Villas to Fira: 8 to 10 minutes.
      5) Astra to Fira: 20+ minutes.
      6) Dana does have a more relaxed feel than Astra.
      7) If you go straight up from Astra to the main square of Imerovigli, yes there are a lot of steps too. But often you don’t go up there and instead get on the caldera path and head south to Fira. And getting to the foot path does not require many steps. The walk back from Fira to Imerovigli (especially in the afternoon sun) can be a long trek. So, each hotel has different challenges but it’s not clear that one is better located than the other.
      8) I’d go with Astra (more special and unique). If you have very active kids that you think would have a hard time reigning in their energy then Dana is probably the better choice.

  81. Lillium Villas or Absolute Bliss in Santorini

    Hi Dave! Firstly – kudos on this site! It is amazing!

    My husband and I are planning our honeymoon for May of this year and will be doing 5 days in Santorini and 4 days in Mykonos (staying at Mykonos Grand). For our Santorini hotel – we are debating between Lilium Villas & Absolute Bliss. We received amazing reviews from a friend about Lilium but I noticed you haven’t mentioned it. Do you think AB is a better option?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great hotels with wonderful views. I prefer Absolute Bliss because of the location right in Imerovigli (plenty of good restaurants within a few minutes). The walk to Fira is a highlight of Santorini with great views as you wind through the different villages. Lillium is located a 15 minute walk south of Fira and has very little nearby. The walk into town has a sidewalk the entire route but the walk is a little boring and doesn’t have the magical feel like from Absolute Bliss. The swimming pool and deck at Lillium are nicer so if you only wanted to hang by the pool and look at the incredible views then Lillium is a great choice. But if you want to explore the caldera towns then Absolute Bliss is much better.

  82. Astra Suites or Kapari Natural Resort

    Hello Dave!
    FANTASTIC site and the information sharing is greatly appreciated. We are planning on taking a trip to Imerovigli and were trying to determine which location would be better for us….Astra Suites (Honeymoon Suite) or Kapari Natural Resort (Up & High). Would like to know which would be a better choice for views, location to excellent places to eat and nightlife, etc. Thank you.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both have incredible views. The two hotels are located steps from each other so it’s essentially the same perspective: you see the north section of the caldera and direct views of the sun as it falls into the ocean. The Honeymoon Suite at Astra has a kitchenette, Up and High at Kapari does not. Both have private jacuzzis on a private deck. The common pool at Astra is far bigger with a nicer deck than at Kapari. I think Kapari puts a little more care and effort into its food but in any case, there are a half-dozen very good/great restaurants within a 5 minute walk of both hotels.

  83. Hotel near Shops and Restaurants in Santorini

    Pls Dave help me decide for 4 friends coming end of April for 4 nights. We want to be in the centre near shops and restaurants. Heated pool or jacuzzi and can’t decide:
    Hotel Katikies
    Villa Katikies
    Hotel Kamari
    Any ideas


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Perivolos is wonderful but a good 15 minute walk from the shops and restaurants of Oia. It’s a better choice for those looking for quiet and seclusion (and maybe walking into town once a day for lunch or dinner). Villa Katikies and Hotel Katikies are much more central. Villa Katikies is smaller and quieter (but does not have a restaurant). Katikies is a more typcial hotel/resort. The two are a very short walk from each other. The Kamari Beach Hotel (I assume that’s the one you mean) is not located along the caldera and is a 20 minute bus ride from the towns and attractions along the caldera.

  84. Agali Houses or Belvedere Hotel

    Hi Dave
    Your info is super helpful I am just about to book and wondered if I could ask your opinion please. We are split between booking the Agali Houses (a jacuzzi room) or the Belvedere (room with balcony). We think the Belevdere potentially looks to be a nicer hotel in a better location? But we like the look of the outdoor space we would get with the room at Agali Houses. What are your thoughts on these two properties in terms of location, and overall standard of the properties?
    Thank you

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great places. I like the pool and deck better at the Belvedere. Views from both hotels are great though surprisingly different for how close to each other they are. Agali Houses have many more steps to get down to (and up from) than the Belvedere – so go with the Belvedere if mobility is an issue.

  85. Luxury Hotel on Santorini

    Hi Dave, love your site!

    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Greece from late May to early June – 1 night in Athens, 2 nights Mykonos, 3 nights Naxos, and the last 4 nights in Santorini. I’m a bit confused by all of the hotels in Santorini as they all seem to be incredible. Which of the following would you recommend? We want a luxury hotel experience with amazing views of the caldera/sunset (ideally from our private balcony) and great facilities (i.e pool, etc, but dont need a kitchenette as we’re not planning on preparing our own food). Adults only is preferred and we’re open to other suggestions other than the three listed below:

    1. Kapari Natural Resort
    2. Astra Suites
    3. Chromata

    Thank you!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      They are all great hotels. Astra has the nicest pool. Chromata doesn’t have sunset views. All allow kids. If you want an adults only hotel then look at Grace, Katikies, Canaves, or Perivolos.

  86. How Long to Stay on Santorini?

    Hi Dave,

    My fiance and I are debating whether to stay 4 or 5 nights in Santorini (for our honeymoon). What would you recommend? We will be staying in Mykonos for 3 nights before that.

    Thank you!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I love Santorini so would encourage 5 nights.

  87. Tzekos Villas, Santorini Palace, or El Greco

    Hi Dave,
    Great blog… just what i needed! Thanks so much 🙂

    I’m heading to Santorini for 7 nights in August and just wondered if you think that’s too much time to spend there? I plan on doing LOTS of relaxing mixed with exploring the island so I think 7 nights is ok.
    I have toyed with venturing to another island and have not committed to any hotel as yet so I am open to suggestions. I guess my thought process is if i spent time in two differnt place I can afford a more expensive hotel in Santorini.

    If I stay for the whole week I have whittled it down to,

    Some images of the views can be deceiving, out of the above, which do you think are the best for location / views?

    Any help be be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Tzekos Villas is the only one of those hotels with caldera views. It’s in Fira, near the south end of the village in a quiet area. Quite a few steps to get in and out of the hotel. Santorini Palace is in Firostefani. It does not have views of the caldera but they’re a short walk away. The pool is huge. The hotel is fine but lacks character. El Greco is just outside of Fira to the south. It’s across the street from the caldera and does not have caldera views. There isn’t much directly near the hotel. It feels isolated but in reality is a very short walk into Fira. It has a nice pool and deck.

  88. IVY LI

    I am going to Greece next year from 31 March – 8 April. Below is my itinerary and hoping you would give some advice:

    31 march to 2 April – Athens (staying near Aghios Ioannis Station)

    2 April to 4 April – Mykonos (staying at Eleanna’s. have you heard of this hotel/apartment? Reviews say that the location is convenient and the hosts are very friendly). Since I am traveling alone, is Mykonos’s scene friendly? Are the bars open during this period?

    4 April to 5 April – Naxos (stay at Nikos Verikokos Studios. have you heard of this hotel/apartment? Reviews say that the location is convenient and the hosts are very friendly).

    5 April to 7 April – Santorini (stay at Loizous Apartments. Is this ok? it is at Fira and reviews say that it is very convenient.)

    I booked a flight from Santorini – Athens on 8 April 12am (meaning it is 7 April midnight) and will reach Athens about 1am. Is Athens airport safe to roam around from 1am to 6am? (I know this question is quite silly but this is my first time traveling alone to Europe.) I will be catching a plane at 6am to Paris.

    Any advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Happy New Year Dave!!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece


      – The area around Aghios Ioannis Station is fine but this is not a very central location. It’s about a 20 to 30 minute walk to the Plaka, Acropolis, and Syntagma Square. I would recommend staying the Plaka or Monastiraki areas.
      – Eleanna’s has a great central location in Mykonos Town. The bus station and loads of restaurants within a 5 minute walk.
      – Nikos Verikokos is a simple clean hotel right in the middle of Naxos Town. Ferry and restaurants are an easy walk.
      – Loizous is located in the quiet south end of Fira. No view but easy walk to everywhere in Fira.
      – Athens airport is open all night and very safe.

  89. Absolute Bliss and Afroessa

    Hi Dave,
    We are 2 couples planning a trip to Santorini in late September. We booked 3 nights in Aria sharing the Carmen suite. I want to splurge on the last 2 nights for my bday and booked the Honeymoon Suite at Absolute Bliss (I hope it’s worth the $$$)! Since our friends don’t want to stay in AB because it’s too pricey, we found Afroessa which seems like a close walk to AB. What are your thoughts on Afroessa? Also, any suggestions for a day trip to other nearby islands?

    Thanks and more power to your website. It really is awesome!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Absolute Bliss and Aria are great choices and complement each other well – different vibe and different town. Great choices. Afroessa is very nice too. Afroessa and Absolute Bliss are about a 5 minute walk from each other. For day trips, do a sunset boat tour with stops at the volcano, hots springs, and Thirassia. Lots of fun.

  90. Hotel in Fira with Sunrise View

    Hi Dave,
    My husband and I are taking our daughters 18, and 17 this July on a cruise and Santorini is must before the cruise that leaves from Athens. We are flying to Santorini and staying 2 nights there before we fly to Athens. This is our first time traveling to Europe and even though I have researched a lot I am undecided where to stay in Santorini. We like trying new things and exploring and like to be where the fun is so I think Fira will work perfect for us. I do not want to spend a lot of money in a hotel since we will probably hardly be there except for very late to sleep and maybe enjoy the sunrise with breakfast. We will view the sunset from a restaurant for dinner. What hotel do you recommend? I am open to booking apartments on Airnb also. I am looking for a place with a great sunrise view that has a patio where we can sit outside and enjoy breakfast.

    Thank You!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      You have lots of choice if you want a sunrise view (and not a caldera view). Good value hotels exist on the east side of Fira. Evgenia Villas is a good one (about a 10 minute walk from central Fira).

  91. Exercise Gym at Kirini Suites

    Hi Dave

    Fab website thank you! Please can you tell me if the gym at Kirini Suites & Spa has much in the way of equipment? From the website it is difficult to tell?

    If not can you recommend if there is a similar hotel with gym?

    Many thanks in anticipation
    Rae & Andrew

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Kirini has exercise bikes, cardio machines, loadable handlebars (up to 15kg each), and resistance equipment.

  92. Getting to Amorgos from Mykonos and Santorini

    First of all I’m really impressed by your useful information and website! We are planning a 2 week trip – Easyjet flights June 4 possibly from Edinburgh to Athens, then Athens to Mykonos with Aegean air the same day. Spending 3 nights in Mykonos and then had planned to go from Mykonos to Amorgos by ferry/seajet for around a week, then Amorgos to Santorini for 3 or 4 nights then back to Athens for flight home June 18. I’m having a bit of trouble with ferry timetables – do you happen to know if I can go from Mykonos direct to Amorgos without going via Santorini – and if not I might be better changing order and going to Amorgos last? response from seajet –
    “I would like to inform you that on 07/06 there is no itinerary for this connection that you want. But there is an alternative on 07/06 to travel from Mykonos to Thira at 09:50-11:55 and then from Thira to Amorgos at 13:00-14:00”. Seems a bit silly to have to go to Santorini to get to Amorgos so could I go to Santorini for a few days and then to go Amorgos? Thank you in advance!
    Jennifer Gallacher

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      There are no direct ferries from Mykonos to Amorgos. To get to Amorgos you’ll need to go via Naxos, Paros, or Santorini. I would recommend going from Mykonos to Naxos (spend a night or 2 there as it’s a wonderful island) then ferry to Amorgos (you’ll have a choice of ferries including the Highspeed 4, the Blue Star, or the Express Skopelitis, most leaving late morning or early afternoon). Then ferry from Amorgos to Santorini (most likely on a SeaJet at a variety of times) and fly back to Athens. This is the shortest route and saves you from doubling-back and seeing the same island twice.

  93. What is the Best Hotel on Santorini?

    Hi Dave!
    Love love love your site!
    Me and my boyfriend are thinking of coming to Santorini in June – what is the best hotel to go to in your opinion? We were thinking Grace as I’ve always wanted to go there and heard such good things about it.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      There are many fabulous hotels on Santorini, but yes, if I could only pick one it would be Grace.

  94. Pool at Absolute Bliss

    Hi Dave, you have an amazing page! thanks a lot for your help!
    Based on all the info you have upload, and considering that we want a place with nice view pool, and rooms with outdoor jacuzzi with view to the Caldera, we have chosen the Double Room caldera view with outdoor jacuzzi at Absolute Bliss.
    Do you think there´s a better option with this features not exceeding 250-300E/night? or maybe and equal option with better rates?
    Do you know if the pool at the Absolute Bliss is heated? We are going there in May!
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Absolute Bliss is great. Wonderful views and great restaurants within a short walk. The main pool at Absolute Bliss is not heated. In May they have their jacuzzis at a temperature between 35 and 38 degrees.

  95. Fira for Honeymoon

    Your site is amazing! Thank you for all of the wonderful insight into Santorini!
    I am coming to Santorini for my Honeymoon July 12-15. We are thinking of spending $500 a night for a room in Fira. We really want a caldera view, a pool to lay by, and to be close to shops and restaurants.

    I have read through all of your information and I think I want to book Cosmopolitan Suites (Double Room with Volcano View). Am I making the right decision? Or is there another hotel you would suggest over this one?

    Also, a lot of the rooms in Greece show a “full” bed. What equivalent size bed is a “full” from the USA? My future husband is 6’6 so wouldn’t want him to be uncomfortable. 🙂

    I appreciate you, Dave! Keep up this fantastic site!

    Kylie from Dallas, TX

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Cosmopolitan Suites is great. Very central (you step into the property off a busy lane in the middle of Fira but immediately feel like you’ve left the crowds behind). Great view and pool. Bars and restaurants just out the door.

      A “Full Bed” in Greece is similar to a double bed (54″ x 75″). A queen is 60″ x 80″. And a king is 76″ x 80″

  96. 2 Weeks in Santorini

    Hi there,
    My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon for May in the greek islands for about 2 weeks (including travel time from Australia). Would you recommend staying 2 weeks in one place e.g. Santorini? Or would that be boring?
    We don’t want to have to travel around too much, but also want to enjoy adventuring by foot, visiting the town, water activities… etc and are not sure if 2 weeks will be too long for this in one place?
    What do you recommend?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      By the time you get to one of the islands you’re looking at 11 or 12 days on Santorini. Is that too long? No. It’s easy to fill that many days on the island – there’s lots to see and do, places to explore, and great restaurants to eat at. That said, after one week on Santorini would you get more out of another 5 days there or 5 days on a different island? And you’d almost certainly get a better return on moving to a different island. Naxos and Paros are 2 great islands that are easy to get to from Santorini. Both can easily fill 4 or 5 days. Ios is a good choice if you only have 1 or 2 nights.

  97. Booking Hotels with Expedia for Santorini

    What do you think about using to book hotels on Santorini?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I get more complaints about Expedia than any other website ( is a close second). I never use anything other than (best prices and simple to use). is also the best way to contact a hotel for special requests or to double-check a reservation. After you book you can use the “Message the Hotel” link to send them a request or question and the hotels seem to reply at a very high rate. Whereas if you contact the hotel directly (ironically) the success rate is much lower. But, back to your question, don’t use Expedia under any circumstances.

  98. Best Hotel for €1000 per Night

    Hello Dave,

    Wonderful website and videos. I’m planning a special trip to Greece to see my Father’s homeland. It is my firs trip. It is just my wife and I and we will go the end of June. I will be in Santorini for three nights and want it to be spectacular.

    I’m agonizing on which hotel to stay in. I don’t have a budget issue. 1,000 Euros per night is fine. I am thinking either Imerovigli or Firostefani. I’d like to be able to walk to Fira….

    I struggle with two things. Do I want a private outdoor Jacuzzi or Plunge Pool. Pools are more expensive, but I don’t know how much I will use it at the end of June.

    I know it is a lot to ask, but for a spectacular trip, do you have a favorite? I looked at all of your favorite hotels as well as scouring others….

    Any info is appreciated.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Lots of great places with that budget but I’d probably go with the One Bedroom Suite with Plunge Pool at Grace.

  99. Hotel in Fira with Nice Pool

    Hi Dave,

    My fiance and I are heading to Santorini (honeymoon) for 4-5 nights in June (18-24) and this will follow 5 nights in Mykonos. We’re looking to keep our budget around 250-300 Euros/night. This is our first time to Greece and we think we want to stay in Fira but not 100%. We’d like the hotel to have a nice pool to hang out during the day. Do you have any suggestions?

    Travis Shevlin

  100. Inexpensive Hotel with View and Pool in Oia

    Hello Dave,
    Planning a holiday in Santorini for early May. I think Oia would be best suited for the good lady & I.
    Most of the hotels do appear to be a bit above our price range however. Can you recommend a hotel around the £100-£150 per night bracket in May with nice views & a decent sized pool?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Sorry to say, but you have to compromise on one (or both) of them to get something below €150.

  101. Sophia Suites or Absolute bliss?

    Hi Dave! I need your awesome advice! Staying in Santorini for 4 days Mid May and I read some of your comments about Sophia suites and fell in love. I was going to book a Senior suite but after reading some reviews I might just book the Sugar Tub Room and hope for an upgrade since it’s our honeymoon. Do you know if it’s possible to request an outdoor hot tub? Also I was confused if there was a communal pool or not at Sophia.

    I also booked the honeymoon suite at Absolute Bliss (with free cancellation) for the last 2 days of the trip because I thought it was the best value for a Honeymoon suite but I’m not sure I’m comfortable spending that kind of money (460 a night). If you had to choose between the 2 what would you do? I could stay in both but I think I would rather book the last 2 days in Oia if I’m going to switch hotels as you suggest. I was looking at Armeni Luxury Villas because although pricey I feel like you get a lot for your money, trying to spend $350 or less but would like a private outdoor hot tub if possible and Caldera view. Any other suggestions for that in Oia are appreciated. Sidenote – My fiance and I are in the wine business and I love great food and wine so if one hotel has a better chef/restaurant that is a plus as well! Thank you so much! – Amie

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All rooms at Sophia have either an indoor or outdoor hot tub (or both) but there will not be a larger communal pool next year. I would choose Sophia over Absolute Bliss and agree that if you’re switching hotels you might as well move to Oia. Armani Villas is a great choice.

  102. Best Room for 1,300 Euros

    Hi Dave,

    I’ll be in Santorini for 3 nights beginning May 30th, as part of my honeymoon. I’m comfortable spending 1,100-1,300 euros per night. What particular room at which hotel would you recommend? I understand that choosing a hotel depends on location and other personal preferences, but I left the question open-ended on purpose because I want your unbiased opinion.

    Thanks and kudos on the website,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      – The One-Bedroom Suite with Plunge Pool at Grace
      – Perivolas Suite with Private Pool at Perivolas
      – Honeymoon Suite at Katikies

      1. Best Room for 1,300 Euros

        Thanks Dave. If I were stay in Santorini for 4 nights instead of 3 nights, would you recommend spending 2 nights in Imerovigli and the other 2 nights in Oia?


        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Yeah, I probably would but it’s not clear cut. It will undoubtedly be a little bit of a pain to pack your bags and leave the first place – but in sum I’d say it’s worth experience something new for the small hassle of transferring.

  103. Hotel with Young Child

    Thank you for all the information. I am planning a trip in May 2016 with my wife and 1year old child. We have found that several hotels do not accommodate young children. What are your recommendations for hotels that allow children? Ideally, we would like to stay in imerovigli or oia, with a private pool or hot tub on the balcony. Thanks again for everything you do.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Hotels that both allow kids and have an outdoor hot tub are rare but try Gizis Hotel (a 10 minute walk north of central Imerovigli). For more choices look at The Best Family Hotels in Santorini.

  104. Aenaon Villas, Katikies, and Grace

    How do Aenaon Villas compare to Katikies and Grace?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are wonderful, luxurious properties. The big difference is location: Aenaon is off on its own while Katikies (Oia) and Grace (Imerovigli) are in the middle of two beautiful villages. If you like quiet and seclusion then go with Aenaon but there isn’t much around it so you won’t be walking out the door and into a restaurant or bar.

  105. Katikies or Grace?

    Hi Dave,
    Am looking to stay on Santorini with my husband for a few nights in September 2016. Have narrowed my choice down to either Katikies Hotel – Honeymoon Suite or Grace hotel – VIP Suite. Which one would you choose?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are wonderful but I would personally choose Grace as I like Imerovigli a little more than Oia (also nice to be walking distance from Fira). Also, the pool area at Grace has a little more room.

  106. Dana Villas, Absolute Bliss, Mill House, Remezzo, or Stefani Hotels

    Hi Dave,

    Just love your site with a ton of information ! My husband and I are travelling to
    Greece for our daughters wedding at the end of July. We plan to go to Naxos from August 1st-August 5th. Do you think it is better to stay 5 days at one location or two ? We were thinking of staying at Paradiso Studio and Apartments for 3 days visiting various beaches and Paros then staying at Boutique Hotel Glaris for the other 2 days.

    From Naxos take the ferry to Santorini for 3 days. We are looking for a location that has great views, not too crowded, easy access to restaurants and walking distance to explore, like the traditional cave style with a more private balcony, lounge chair and pool if possible. Our budget is around 300 Euros per night. Initially, I was hoping for accommodations like Anastasis Apartments in Imerovigli but they are unavailable and would like something similar.

    Please which room type and choice would you recommend from the list that best match our criterias:

    Dana Villas in Firostefani – Traditional suite or Jr. Suite
    Absolute Bliss in Imerovigli – Classic room, Double room caldera view,Double room with outdoor jacuzzi
    Mill House in Firostefani – Studio Room
    Remezzo Villas Immerovigli – Studio seaview, Superior Studio balcony, Suite, Superior Double Room private balcony
    Stefani in Firostefani – Studio or Suite


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Absolute Bliss if your priority is a great view (with sunset) and a quiet town with great restaurants.
      Mill House in Firostefani if you’d rather be closer to the shops, nightlife, and buzz of Fira.

      For Naxos, staying at 2 places would be best as you should definitely stay at least a few nights in Naxos Town.

  107. Dana Villas in Santorini

    Hi Dave,
    Im traveling to Santorini in mid July and want to stay a couple of nights as part of my honeymoon.
    One friend suggested Dana Villas and the website pictures look amazing, however some other blogs mention this place is getting old. Do you recommend Dana Villas ( HM Villa) ? I’m open for suggestions if there are newer / nicer places with the view to the caldera and private pool.
    Arturo Coss

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Dana Villas is nice but yes, there are certainly more luxurious hotels – any of the ones listed above for example.

  108. Absolute Bliss, Aqua Luxury Suites, Zenith Blue, Above Blue Suites, or Day Dream Luxury Suites

    Hi Dave,
    Fantastic website! I’m wondering what you would choose for 3 day stay in November between Absolute Bliss, Aqua Luxury Suites, Zenith Blue, Above Blue Suites, and Day Dream Luxury Suites.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are nice but probably Absolute Bliss.

  109. Hotel with 2 Double Beds for 4 Adults

    HI Dave,
    I love your website, very helpful with lots of information.
    I have a question, I am taking a group of friends to Santorini and we need a hotel maybe 3 stars but we need double beds (2 beds) some will be sharing a room, I was looking for hotels view caldera view, we are a group of 10 to 15 people…
    I am not sure if you can suggest hotels that accomodate 2 double beds…

    thank you Dave 🙂

    Janina Mendoza

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Superior, Esperas, and Junior Suites at Esperas in Oia have either 2 queen beds – or a king and a queen bed. This is a 4 star hotel with great caldera views. The exact layout you are looking for is rare.

  110. Iconic Santorini Boutique Hotel

    Hi Dave,

    I have been searching through your website and haven’t seen any comments on Iconic Santorini. May I know what do you think of this hotel? Thanks for your help.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Very nice – but not 5 star luxury – boutique hotel with a small pool and great views of the caldera (no direct sunset views though). A couple good restaurants steps from the entrance – even better ones a 5 minute walk into Imerovigli.

  111. Best Basic Room at Katikies, Canaves Oia, Perivolas or Astra Suites

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for all the helpful info on your site! Hoping you can help me pick between our top 4 hotel choices! Most important to us would be luxury/privacy, no kids, infinity pool and views. We are between Katikies, Canaves Oia, Perivolas or Astra Suites in Imerovigli. All seem about the same in price but would also like any place that includes a terrace in their most basic room. Appreciate your help! Thanks!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are great but the entry level room at Perivolas is better than the rest. (Astra allows kids, the rest don’t.)

      1. Kristin

        Thank you! I’ve also just discovered Kapari Natural Resort – would you recommend that over the others. We would also love a private terrace. This is such a tough choice!

      2. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

        Kapari is wonderful too. I prefer Imerovigli slightly to Oia so I would probably choose Kapari. But Perivolas is the more luxurious hotel, especially when it comes to room and layout. A great feature of Kapari is that it’s right in the thick of the paths and stairwells that lead around Imerovigli but that also means it’s sandwiched into a fairly tight space. Perivolas has a much more roomy and expansive layout. Kapari has incredible sunset views, Perivolas has obstructed sunset views (the sun goes down over the town of Oia and you don’t see it set into the sea).

        Of course, you want to make the best choice, but don’t over-think this. These are both wonderful hotels and there’s no predicting what you’ll like more as it’s so subjective. Just make a choice and be happy that you’re fortunate enough to visit this incredible island. Most important of all is to get something booked as sometimes you’ll wait a day or two to think about it and then return to find your first, second, and third choices gone.

  112. Petit Palace Hotel

    Hi Dave,

    I am planning to visit Santorini during early December. I know it is not a good season but will stay over night just to enjoy the breathtaking view. Any clue about Petit Palace Suites Hotel?

    Many thanks,

    Abdulla Alshamsi

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Nice hotel with great views but not in Fira. About a 20 to 30 minute walk from shops and restaurants. There’s a free shuttle or taxi to Fira will cost about 10€.

  113. Avianto, Sophia, or Avista Suites in Imerovigli

    Hi Dave! Am obsessed with your site! Just looking for your opinion please:)

    Flights are booked, May 27 to Athens, 2 nights at Athens Diamond Plus then onto Santorini on the 29th until flying out again June 2nd. I’ve got 3 choices booked in Imerovigli in 2 different price bands, can you offer your thoughts? We are going for our 15th anniversary and 40th birthdays combined and important to us are a balcony/terrace, hot tub or pool. We have no issue with lots of walking and realize privacy can be an issue with a lot of the hotels but if we could get as much as possible would be great.

    Have booked:
    Avianto Suites – “Wonderful” standard suite
    Sophia Suites – Hot Tub Sugar Suite for double the cost of Avianto
    Avista Suites – Suite with Sea View for 300 GBPs more than Sophia

    Hard to compare as costs vary but is it worth going double the price? Avista definitely offers much more space, I’ve read concerns over privacy/space with the Sugar suites at Sophia, and Avianto reviews seem good but slightly mixed. I guess I want to know your thoughts are. We have never been so there is only so much researching I can do without seeing it in person.

    Thanks so much, appreciate everything on the site!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Avianto has the smallest rooms, nice but not luxurious. The rooms at Sophia and Avista are much nicer. Avista is on the highest part of Imerovigli and good views in multiple directions. A taxi can almost pull up to your front door and it doesn’t have all the steps like getting down to Sophia. But, there is something to be said for the location of Sophia right in the thick of the paths and stairwells of Imerovigli. It feels magical. At Avista (and Avianto to a lesser extent) you’re somewhat removed from that setting. It’s good for the view and the accessibility but perhaps loses just a little something. If it was me, I’d stay at Sophia.

      1. Jennifer

        Thanks so much Dave! Have decided to upgrade and have changed to a Junior Suite a Sophia for a bit more privacy/space while keeping the ambiance. Much appreciated:)

  114. Above Blue Suites

    Hi Dave, your site is fantastic! I haven’t seen anything on your site in regards to Above Blue Suites in Imerovigli. Do you have any feedback on Above Blue Suites? We are planning travel in mid June next year. Any feedback you have would be fantastic. Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Above Blue is a great hotel. Small – only 10 suites, I think. Great views and most rooms have a private outdoor jacuzzi. The pool is not huge but has a great view looking towards Oia and the sunset. Several restaurants are a short walk from the main entrance.

  115. Pegasus, Astra, Chromata, or Sophia Suites

    Hi Dave,

    Great site and very helpful for a first time visitor to Santorini.

    We’ve decided to stay in Imerovigli, but are struggling to decide on a hotel. Our options are:

    1. Pegasus Suites & Spa (Honeymoon Suite)
    2. Astra Suites (Senior Suite)
    3. Chromata (Standard)
    4. Sophia Luxury Suites (Junior Suite)

    Which one would you recommend from the 4 above given the room type in terms of views, standard of facilities, service and location? Are there any others that you would recommend we look at instead of the 4 above?

    Many thanks!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I would recommend them in this order:

      1a) Astra
      1b) Sophia
      1c) Chromata
      2) Pegasus

  116. Gap in Foot Path between Perivolas and Central Oia.

    You’ve mentioned several times the gap in the foot path in Oia between Perivolas (and other hotels) and central Oia. Can you explain this please and what other caldera hotels are on the “wrong” side of the gap? Thanks.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      In central Oia there is a wide foot path (paved sidewalk) that runs for about a KM. It’s the main artery of Oia and most hotels and restaurants are on it or branched off of it. It runs from Oia Castle (where you watch the sunset at the tip of Oia) to Katikies and Canaves (the last hotels on the inner section of the path). After that, there is a gap in the path where you have to walk on the road for about 200 meters before rejoining the outer path. This section of path is much quieter but has very little in the form of restaurants or shops – there is one market – and continues for another 0.5 KM. Walking on the road for that gap is not a big deal and perhaps I talk about it too much. For most people it’s probably a non-event. But if you’ve been back and forth to your hotel several times in one day then that last time after dinner, when it’s dark, you’re looking back and forth worrying about a bus coming up the road, and thinking, “geez, I wish I stayed on the inner-side of the gap”.

      Here’s a picture of the section of the road you need to walk on to get to the outer path. Traffic moves pretty slowly through here – but, of course, not always.
      Walking on road to Perivolas Hotel in Oia.

      The hotels that are on this “outer” section of path are:
      Kirini Hotel
      Rimida Villas
      Olympic Villas
      Enalion Suites
      Strogili Traditional Houses
      Alexander’s Boutique Hotel
      Mystique Hotel
      Canaves Oia Hotel (but not Canaves Oia Suites which is on the inner section)

      Hope that helps.

  117. Andronis or Villa Katikies

    Hi Dave-
    Awesome website…booked flights to Santorini for 4 nights in July for our 10yr wedding anniversary and struggling to decide on hotels. I think we have established that we would like to stay in Oia, hopefully can afford 5* with our budget which is approx. £400/night…would love a great view, good sized room / suite, great pool with views and within a 10-15minute walk to restaurants etc….have looked at Andronis Luxury Suites (Premier Suite) and Villa Katikies (standard villa). Bonus if the restaurant has a good restaurant but very happy to go out and about to explore for dinners etc – would be great if you could perhaps recommend a few to focus on….also do you think we need a car? Many thanks in advance….Nathan

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I like Villa Katikies a little better (small, stylish, only 7 rooms) but both are great hotels. Lycabettus restaurant at Andronis has a particularly enchanting location and view. Villa Katikies does not have a restaurant but their sister property Katikies Hotel is just a few doors down and serves great food. Andronis is a little more central but also has more crowds milling about the entrance. Renting a car is the best way to see the island when staying in Oia as a bus to the anywhere other than Imerovigli or Fira will require changing buses in Fira. So a trip to, say, Akrotiri would require 4 buses and a good 2 hours of travel time including waits – much better to have a car to see the far corners of the island.

  118. Infinity Pool with Sunset View

    Hi Dave,
    I am planning a trip to Santorini next near 30/3/-4/4. I am looking for a hotel having a great infinity pool that can enjoy great sunset view. I have already searched some of your suggestions of infinity pool hotels but some of them don’t open until late April or May like Grace, Perivolas, Katikies, and some are partly blocked by Skaros rocks. I dont know which pool can actually see the sun falling into the pool. Do you have any suggestion?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Possible hotels would be Grace, Astra, Tholos – but you’re right, most won’t be open until early or mid-April. Katikies and Perivolos won’t have sunset views in any case. And you probably won’t be in the pool in late March/ early April in any case. I’d just focus on getting a good hotel and forget about the infinity pool.

  119. Day Pass to Hotel Pool

    Dave, my wife and I are starting to plan a trip to Greece for her 40th birthday. We are likely going to stay at a private residence in Oia but we were wondering if you knew about any hotels in either Oia or Fira that sell day passes to their facilities; specifically, we would love to experience one of the magnificent infinity pools while we’re on Santorini. Would you happen to know of any hotels where we might be able to do that? Thank you!
    John L. Pestka

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      No hotels on the caldera that I know of allow non-guests to use their pool. But there is the Lioyerma Pool and Cafe in Oia that allows anyone to use the pool if the buy a drink or food. It’s a nice pool with good views (but looking towards Ios not into the caldera). It’s a nice place to hang out for an afternoon.

  120. Mill House Elegant Suites in Santorini and Hotel in Mykonos

    Dave – This is amazing information! I have a couple of questions. I’m looking to honeymoon in Santorini and Mykonos in late June. My first question is how far out should I book my flights and hotels? It seems like too early now but some places I’ve looked at seem to be booked already.

    Second, I’m looking for a hotel in Santorini that is quiet with a great pool / jacuzzi, has a decent view and has food options during the day and that is close to restaurants / nightlife at night. I’m sort of overwhelmed with all the options since I’ve never been tot the island before. One place that looks like a good fit is Mill House Elegant Suites. Do you think this is a good choice for what I’m looking for?

    In Mykonos we’d be looking for the same sort of feel for the hotel. Do you have any recommendations for that island?

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Mill House is very nice. The view is 5 star, the suites are nice but I’d call them 4 star. Only the Traditional Suites and the Mill Suite have a private outdoor jacuzzi. There are a lot of steps down to the hotel – so be prepared for that. Good restaurants are a short walk away (once you get up to the main path). The nightlife of Fira is a 10 to 15 minute walk along the beautiful caldera foot path. These are my favorite hotels in Mykonos.

      I suggest booking flights and hotels as soon as possible. November is not too early to book hotels, though you could delay until January if you really wanted to.

  121. Hotel with Great Views and Comfort


    Thank you so much for this amazing site. I couldn’t imagine a better way to prepare for a trip to Santorini.

    I am having difficulty making a decision (and yes, I know this is a good problem to have, based on what your site has to say about each).

    After reading your site, I have narrowed down my upcoming honeymoon stay to the following:

    Dreams Luxury (Nefeli Suite)
    Sophia Suites (Senior with hot tub)
    Grace (Deluxe Double)
    Chromata (Senior Suite)
    Astra (Senior Suite)

    I really would like the best combination of views comfort.

    If you are able to help at all in separating these great-looking places, I would truly appreciate it.

    Thanks for your time.


    Broc Grigsby

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All these are great places. I would probably go with Grace. It’s out on a perch a little bit and gets views of both the south caldera and the north (with the sunset). The others are sort-of looking either south or north. Grace has the best pool (with view) on the Santorini. Sophia Suites, I think, is currently the best value hotel on the island. The suites are stunning, everything brand new.

  122. Santorini in Late November

    My husband and I plan to visit around the end of November. Do think it will be fine to visit during this time of year. It’s really the only time we can come right now. Should we just make plans to go elsewhere. This site is very helpful.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Santorini can be great in late November as long as you’re not wanting hot weather or time on the beach. But you can get clear skies, mild days, and no crowds. There will likely be some rain, so be prepared, but if you’re coming from northern Europe Santorini will still seems like a break from the dreariness of November in the UK or Germany.

      1. Kyna

        Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our question. What a wonderful site.

  123. Santorini in February

    Hi Dave,

    Kudos on the website. Very informative and helpful. My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon in Santorini in February after a January wedding. We would be traveling to Greece between 7th and 13th Feb and have been looking around sites to plan our travel. We were planning to stay in Mykonos and Santorini for 2 and 3 nights respectively. Wanted your suggestion on a few points:

    – Is February a good time to travel to the islands, weather wise? Or would it be too cold and quiet?
    – Would most places be shut for business?
    – We looked up ferry options between Mykonos and Santorini and looks like ferries don’t make rounds between these islands in winters. Should we only plan one island i.e. Santorini?
    – How is Canaves Suites in Oia for our stay?
    – Would you recommend hiring a self driven car for our stay in Santorini?
    – A couple of our friends suggested that Oia or Imerovigli would be best suited for planning a Honeymoon. Your thoughts.

    I havent seen anyone commenting on your blog that they are planning their travel between December and Feb. Your inputs would be most helpful.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      My thoughts:
      – February will be cold and gray in February but can still get some clear (cool) sunny days. Definitely not beach weather.
      – Most places will be closed but plenty enough open to get by.
      – Yes, one island is much better. Santorini has more activity than Mykonos in the winter.
      – I doubt Canaves will be open in February. (But yes, it’s great.)
      – Having a car is a great way to see the island.
      – Oia and Imerovigli are great for honeymoons but very quiet in winter. Fira would be better.

  124. Honeymoon Suite at Katikies

    I’ve just discovered this site and love it! We are off to Santorini on our honeymoon in July. We are spending 5 nights at Anastasis Apartments in Imerovigli in the Anastasis suite (this doesn’t feature on your website?). Then want to spend 2 nights in Oia. Is the honeymoon suite at Katikies hotel worth £1100 a night? Can you recommend anywhere else luxurious but not so expensive?!

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Honeymoon Suite at Katikies is wonderful. Huge cave suite with private jacuzzi on a large patio.

      Is it worth the money? Obviously, everyone is on a different budget and has to decide whether that’s an amount they can afford, but I’ll say this – you never get home after an experience like Katikies and say to yourself, I wish we didn’t do that. It just doesn’t happen. They’ll bring your breakfast to your room and you’ll sit there on your patio drinking coffee looking out into the caldera and you’ll think you’re in a dream. It’s surreal.

      Is there something just as special but a little cheaper? I love Esperas Hotel – it’s at the tip of Oia and unlike most Oia hotels it has a direct sunset view. The honeymoon suites at Esperas still have the jacuzzi on a private patio (the patio is smaller than at Katikies). The rooms are a little less luxurious but still very nice and definitely less expensive than Katikies.

      Honeymoon Suite at Esperas:
      Honeymoon Suite at Katikies or Esperas.

  125. Which Hotel Has the Best Sea View?

    Hi Dave, can you please suggest which 2 out of the 7 hotel that has the best sea view, city life, shops, nightlife? Having the best sea view would be our first priority. This will be our first trip to Santorini and we hope to make the best of it. Thank you!

    1. Grace Santorini
    2. Mystique
    3. Belvedere
    4. The Tsitouras Collection
    5. Katikies Hotel
    6. Ikies Traditional Houses
    7. Grace Santorini


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All have great views – but different. Grace and Katikies perhaps the best. (Katikies doesn’t have a sunset view.)

  126. Best Rooms at Grace

    HI Dave,
    What are the best deluxe and honeymoon rooms at the Grace?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Grace Suite with plunge pool is the most luxurious suite (besides the villa) at Grace. It has both an indoor and outdoor plunge pool. The VIP Suite with plunge pool is almost as wonderful – it has a larger deck area but only an outside plunge pool. Both have king beds, and, of course, incredible views.

  127. Anemoessa Villa in Oia

    Hi Dave,
    This is a great site for a first time tourist, invaluable really.
    My friend and I are planning on staying in Santorini from October 13-17, right now we are booked at Anemoessa Villa. Would you recommend it? We are hoping that it’s a good home base and will allow us to experience the caldera/sunset from. While we would love to be able to swim in the ocean everyday, I don’t think it’s possible to have the best of both worlds without staying in 2 different hotels.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Anemoessa Villa is very nice. It does not have a view of the caldera and is a 15 minute walk from central Oia and the sunset. You can walk to the view of the caldera within just a few minutes and then from there you’re on the footpath into central Oia. Parking is easy here if you have a rental car and being on the outside of Oia it means you can head off to Fira and the rest of the island without having to deal with the Oia traffic which can get backed up.

  128. Katikies vs Santorini Secret

    Hi Dave,
    Between the Katikies hotel and the Santorini Secret suites, which do you think is better in terms of location, service, rooms, etc.? thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are wonderful hotels. Katikies does feel a little more luxurious. It’s also a little larger and feels busier with other guests (though plenty of privacy from non-guests). Santorini Secret smaller and quieter. Santorini Secret is a few minutes closer to central Oia but no great difference – both are an easy walk to many shops and restaurants. Views are great from both (but neither have sunset views).

  129. Last Minute Hotel for Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    2 of us girls are planning to go to Santorini in the next couple of weeks (a very last minute trip) so you can imagine it’s quite difficult to find a good hotel! We want some luxury but were also worried that all the best places will be full of honeymooners. We would love a relaxing break where we can the views but will also want to go out for dinners etc. Our 2 possible options are:
    – Astra Suites – as Imerovigli seems to be the prettiest place to stay.
    – Petit Palace (close to Fira, recommended by a friend) and also offers yoga which we like the sound of but will we be missing out on the best scenery?
    – Which hotel is more central and easier to get around from. According to my u see standing Imerovigli location is the best as can get to Fira and Oia but if it’s too secluded full of couples then may not be so much fun.
    Which hotel would you choose for a couple of girls staying for 3 nights?
    Thanks for a fantastic website and all the tips!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Astra Suites would definitely be my choice. Good restaurants are nearby (Mezzo is great and only a 2 minute walk along the footpath) and it’s a wonderful walk from your doorstep all the way to Fira (or Oia if you go the opposite way and want more of a hike than a walk). Petit Palace is nice but not well located. It’s a 20 to 30 minute walk south of Fira. The walk from into Fira has some nice views but it’s sort of desolate and runs along a main road with lots of traffic. The hotel does have free shuttles into town and there are buses – or you could rent a car, but it’s certainly not as centrally located as Astra.

      1. Aqua Luxury Suites or Petit Palace?

        Thanks so much for that Dave!
        Unfortunately Astra is no longer available; only option within our budget that I can find available is Aqua Luxury Suites, but the reviews on trip advisor aren’t great (terrible service and definetly not luxury). Would you recommend this over Petit Place?
        Would it be easy to get cabs from Petit Place to the other towns (I read somewhere there is a shortage of cabs in Santorini).
        Thanks so much for all your help – much appreciated!
        We’ve booked our flights so praying we find somewhere decent for those dates!!!


        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Personally, I would rather stay at Aqua Suites and be walking distance to restaurants, shops, and Fira. But Petit Palace is the nicer hotel (amenities, room size). Just depends what your priorities are.

  130. How To Get Luggage Down Stairs To Hotel

    Hi. Most resorts are down lots of stairs. Maybe a silly question, but how do you get your luggage around?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      At the better hotels (which usually includes all hotels that are on the caldera with steps) will send a porter to get your luggage. If you arrive unannounced send one person to find the hotel and the other can sit with the luggage.

  131. Most Romantic Restaurant on Santorini

    Hello Dave,

    If you had to pick one romantic restaurant for our 20th Anniversary dinner later this month, which would you choose? Thank you.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Ambrosia in Oia (small, intimate, amazing view, good food). Book far in advance as there aren’t many tables.

  132. Grand View Hotel and Blue Dolphin Apartments

    Hi Santorini Dave! What a great blog and such great advice. We are traveling at the end of September and were having trouble finding availability at the ‘right” place for 4 nights (view, pool and under $250/nt). Wondered what your thoughts were on staying 2 nights in Megalochori at the GrandView (sister hotel to the Blue Dolphin Apartments) and then staying the following 2 nights in Imerovigli or Fferostefani (potentially at the Blue Dolphin Apts). What are your thoughts on the GrandView property and view and do you think that it’ll be a big hassle to transfer hotels mid stay? Our rationale was a low key day for jet-lag recovery at the pool and then giving up that luxury for killer views the following 2 nights up north. Look forward to hearing from the master!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      That sounds like a perfect plan. Yes, switching hotels will be somewhat of a hassle but worth it. Grand View has a great view and pool but I wouldn’t want to stay there for an entire 4 day visit and miss out on the more iconic caldera towns.

  133. Kirini Suites & Spa

    Hi Dave, your site is fantastic! I haven’t seen anything on your site in regards to Kirini Suites & Spa which looks like a sister property of Katikies (which is already booked along with Astra – our top two choices). Do you have any feedback on Kirini? We are also looking into Mystique. We want to go top-notch! Any feedback you have would be fantastic. Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Kirini is great. Wonderful views that look more towards Oia than Katikies (which looks back more towards Imerovigli). The pool at Kirini is also great. The only drawback with Kirini is that it’s not on the main foot path but is on a secondary section that you need to walk down a busy road to get to. It’s not a big deal for most but every time you want to get into Oia you have to do a brisk walk along the road (looking back to make sure a bus isn’t going to run you down) and it can get a little tiring – but it’s a very short stretch, not more than a minutes walk that you’re actually on the road.

  134. Hotels with Not Many Steps in Firostefani

    Hi Dave,

    My mom (66) and I are planning a trip to Greece next June. She is in good shape and has no trouble walking for miles, but . . . sometimes she has “balance issues” and I am concerned with all of the steps. Is there any way to find out if a particular hotel has a lot of them? Will the porters carry your luggage? Do you have any specific recommendations? (We are thinking of staying in Firostefani.)

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Many hotels have lots of steps. No easy way to know (beyond asking me). Porters will definitely carry your luggage. That’s easy to arrange if you get them to pick you up at the port or airport but can be tricky if you’re taking the bus or getting a taxi. Tsitouras in Firostefani has very few steps (just one flight, essentially) and is one of the best hotels on Santorini.

  135. Santorini Princess or Absolute Bliss?

    Hi Dave – My fiance and I are planning on spending 5 days in Santorini as part of our honeymoon next July. Do you think it makes sense to stay half in Oia and half in Imerovigli or should we stick to one place? Also, do you have a preference between Santorini Princess or Absolute Bliss?

    Thanks so much!
    Tori Mastrangelo

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, I would split my time. 2 days in Oia, and 3 days in Imerovigli (which is more central and closer to more stuff to do). Santorini Princess has a nicer pool and is a little more luxurious but is across a small road from the caldera so suites don’t sit directly on the edge (though the hotel still is a view property). Absolute Bliss sits right on the caldera ridge and has incredible views. Santorini Princess is a 10 to 15 minute walk to the restaurants of Imerovigli. Absolute Bliss is just a few steps from restaurants.

  136. Swim at Hotel Pool when You're Not a Guest

    HI DAVE,

    Is it possible to swim at one of the nice hotels with an “infinity pool” if you’re not staying with them? I know some hotels around the globe has this kind of rule where you can pay an entrance fee or buy drinks or food there. Or can we at least ask to check it out? How can travelers who aren’t ballin’ get a taste of the famous views like the Grace, Chromata, Mystique… etc.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      No, it’s not possible. The pools are small at most hotels and guests that are paying $500+ don’t want to share their pool with non-guests. Restaurants are a great place to enjoy the view and the restaurants at many hotels allow non-guests to eat there. Grace, for example, has a great restaurant that is right at the pool and looks out on Skaros Rock. Good food too.

      1. ‘On the Rocks’, ‘Absolute Bliss’, or 'Spiliotica on the Cliff'

        Hi Dave,

        Thank you for the promp and informative response! I’m planning to stay just 2 nights in Santorini so I was strategizing the first night be a budget night and the 2nd/last night for a hotel with a pool near imerovigli. I’m contemplating on ‘On the Rocks’, ‘Absolute Bliss’, or ‘Spiliotica on the Cliff’. Which are within my budget.
        Which of those would you recommend?

        Thanks in advance!

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          All are nice hotels but I would go with Absolute Bliss.

  137. Belvedere or Dana Villas

    Hi Dave,
    We will be on Santorini for 5 days in mid September and we have two reservations booked. A Superior Room at the Belvedere and a Studio at Dana Villas. The Belvedere is significantly more, but we are happy to pay it for a better stay if you think it is worth the money. Please let us know what you think.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Belvedere is nicer but not by a lot. If the price difference is large I’d go for Dana Villas. Dana does have many more steps to access though (if that matters).

  138. 08:30 Terajet or 09:30 High Speed

    Thank you so much for your advice, Dave. I would buy the ferry ticket online in advance as you advised, but I’ve come to have another concern: To go to Santorini, I have to take a bus starting from Chania at 05:15, which is supposed to arrive at Heraklion at around 08:00. And then, there are two seemingly possible options for me–08:30 Terajet and 09:30 High Speed. Using Terajet will save me lots of time, otherwise I have to wait more than 1 hour there. But I’m a little worried about the time and distance between Heraklion bus terminal and ferry port. Do you think it would be safe to buy 08:30 TeraJet ticket considering all these (my estimated arrival time at Heraklion bus terminal, distance between bus terminal and ferry port….)? Or would you recommend the safer way to buy 09:30 High Speed 4? Please help me one more time 🙂 With thanks

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Definitely the 9:30 – and even that could be cutting it close. Buses are often late. Plus you need to pickup your ticket at the port. Heraklion bus terminal to the ferry port is a 5 minute walk.

  139. Chromata, Mystique, or Santorini Secret

    Dave, fantastic job with putting this article together, truly priceless, thank you! Quick question: we’re coming in mid-September and found availability at Chromata, Mystique, Secret. Any pros-cons for each hotel? Thank you in advance!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Mystique is not on the main footpath in Oia and requires walking on the road for a minute or two to get to it. Not a big deal but can be a pain after you’ve done it a few times. On the other hand that little break in the path makes the hotels along that “outer” section (like Mystique) a lot quieter with less foot traffic overhead. Santorini Secret is on the “inner” path. Handier and busier. Chromate is in Imerovigli and that has a different feel than Oia (less busy, fewer shops and restaurants, but walking distance to Fira nightlife). I usually tell people to decide on town first then choose a hotel. All 3 are wonderful hotels.

  140. Mystique vs Sophia Suites

    Hi Dave,

    My wife and I are looking to go to Santorini in May next year.

    We cant decide between the basic Vibrant Suite in Mystique VS the Superior Suite or the Efhari Suite at the Sophia Luxury Suites. What would your recommendation be?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are wonderful but the decision is more Oia or Imerovigli than Mystique or Sophia. Decide on the town first then the hotel.

  141. (Unofficial) Wedding Ceremony on Santorini

    Hi Dave, thank you very much for the information on your site. Initially me and my partner thought of getting married in Santorini but have found the paper work and all the legalities to be a bit tedious so we thought of getting married first and having a blessing done on the island with family and a few close friends. Would you happen to know if having a blessing and a reception is something that hotels can directly offer as a packaged deal rather than by going through wedding coordinators or tour companies? I would expect that by booking directly with the hotels it would also cost us less.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Good call. The official marriages require a lot of effort, paperwork, translations, and head-scratching. It’s much easier to setup if you don’t need the official seal of approval. And yes, many hotels do help plan a simple wedding ceremony.

  142. Andonis Luxury Suites

    Hi Dave!! Your information on here is so useful! My partner and i got engaged in Santorini last month and we instantly fell in love with the island. We stayed at the Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia. Which was beautiful, amazing suite, outdoor Jacuzzi looking over Caldera. We are looking at booking our wedding for next year and I wanted to pick your brains at the best places. The Andronis have a lovely setting but wondered if you can recommend any other places? I noticed you haven’t mentioned the hotel on your website was there any reason for this? We are planning a particular small wedding 25 guests. We will probably stay for the week and guests 2-3 days. Would be great to have your view for a romantic stunning occasion. Thanks!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I find their customer service terrible. I’ve emailed them on several different occasions and rarely get a reply. Certainly a beautiful hotel (but there are many beautiful hotels on Santorini so might as well go with one that answers questions and concerns).

      1. Santorini Wedding Hotel

        Thanks for replying Dave! That’s really annoying!! I am actually waiting for the wedding planner to get back to me, how ironic. Can you recommend a similar setting to Andronis as we couldn’t fault it whilst staying there and where they hold the wedding ceremony was stunning. But we were only there a few days so didn’t get to see the beauty of other places. So any recommendations are grateful!! thank you in advance. Abi

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Try Aspaki or Oia Castle hotels (same owner). Aspaki has caldera views and space for up to 30 guests. Oia Castle has sunset views and a smaller space (not sure on exact numbers). If you want privacy (but still want to be in central Oia) then Aspaki is the best choice.

  143. Santorini with Young Child

    Hi Dave
    This website is the best!! I’m planning to visit Santorini in late August. I will be traveling with my husband and my 2 year old son. What I’m looking for in this vacation are swimming, relaxing, casual sightseeing and dining. Which town in Santorini would you recommend? How would you describe the weather at this time of the year? Thanking u in advance. Aya

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I would stay in Oia as it has a long flat walkway/sidewalk that runs along the caldera and have very few steps. Fira, Firostefani, and Imerovigli have steps pretty much every direction you turn – you’d be doing a lot of carrying. Atrina Traditional Houses is a wonderful hotel (family owned) and one of the few on the caldera that allow children. Weather in August will be somewhere between very warm and hot. It can be windy too.

  144. Blu Rooms in Akrotiri

    Hi Dave, I’m heading to the Cyclades in September and getting your insight has been great, and really helped plan the trip. The only place I’m undecided on is Santorini. We’re looking at Blu Rooms in Akrotiri, which has fantastic reviews, lovely views, nice pool…. Your site doesn’t say much about Akoritiri so I’m guessing you’re not a fan? We don’t have the budget for a view in Oia or Fira. We’ll have transport for a few days, not particularly bothered about clubs, so will just need a pool, some drinks and local tavernas – maybe one night out in Fira and back by taxi. We’re late 30s. Do you think we’re making a bad choice with Akrotiri? We only have 4 nights before heading to Naxos.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      You get very good value at the hotels along the caldera in Akrotiri (like Blu Rooms) and very good views. There’s not much within walking distance though and if you want to see the sights then you’ll need to rent a car.

  145. Oia Castle, La Perla or Aspaki

    Hi Dave,

    We have a last minute plan to go to Santorini. We plan to be there between Aug 16th to 19th and preferably want to stay in OIA and FIRA with views of the Caldera. What’s our best bet right now? Our budget is around $400 to $750 per night. Currently our choices are Oia Castle, La Perla or Aspaki. Please recommend.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Oia Castle and Aspaki are definitely the nicer hotels. Oia Castle if you want sunset views, Aspaki if you want caldera views.

  146. Hotels Fully Booked for July and August

    Hi Dave,

    My fiance and I just decided on Greece for our honeymoon next year. I am beginning to look at hotels and appears that many on your website are already sold out a year in advance – Is this normal? Do you think any will become available at a later point in time? Also, we are 100% doing Mykonos and Santorini. Do you think we would have time to go to a 3rd island like Rhodes? And do you have any reviews for the Asteras Villas in Fira?

    Thank you!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      It’s more likely that hotels don’t have their availability online yet for summer. That should happen between September and December of 2015. That said, some room types at some of the most popular hotels (Grace, Perivolas, Katikies) can be sold out a year in advance.

  147. Cavo Bianco in Kamari

    Hi Dave

    What a fantastic site… If only I’d looked at this BEFORE booking my holiday…

    I didn’t though and in a last minute flap am staying on the east side of the island (beach sounded good to me as an amateur) in Kamari. We’ve taken a room at a place called Cavo Bianco.

    So, my questions… Is the Cavo Bianco any good? Any food recommendations in Kamari and if we wanted to see the Caldera, how would you do it – boat, book a restaurant, drinks with a view?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Very nice hotel, one of the best in Kamari. Short walk to the beachfront and many good (not great) restaurants. If you a have rental car you’re an 8 minute drive from Metaxy Mas (in Exo Gonia, ask the front desk for directions) – probably the best restaurant on the island. For the caldera take a bus to Fira, walk to the caldera edge, then start walking north along the caldera. Go to Imerovigli (about a 30 or 40 minute walk) or all the way to Oia (2 to 3 hours). You’ll see caldera tour boat cruises advertised in Kamari and they’re pretty good. Get one with volcano, swimming at hot springs, and sunset. Lots of fun.

  148. Altana Suites or Domis Solis Villas

    Hi Dave,

    Great site and tons of helpful information. We’re trying to decide between Altana Suites or Domis Solis Villa, which one would you recommend?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Probably Altana, though it’s a more a choice between Oia and Imerovigli than between these 2 (very nice) places to stay.

  149. Restaurants near Alti Suites

    Hi Dave,

    What do you think about Alti Suites for a 2 night staying? What good restaurants we have around?
    Thanks and congrats for your effort to help others!

    Best wishes,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      There isn’t much within walking distance. You’ll need to rent a car or taxi into Fira (€15) to have much/any selection on places to eat.

  150. Mediterranean Beach Palace Hotel in Kamari

    Hi Dave

    Thank you for the wonderful website, very informative.

    We are coming through to Santorini for 5 days beginning of October staying in Kamari. Please advise which is the best part of Santorini to go to for snorkeling or which tours to take that include snorkeling.

    Also we will be staying at the Mediterranean Beach Palace Hotel, however I am worried that the rooms might not be the same as the ones on the website. Would you by any chance know if that is the case and if it is a good hotel to stay at? We are on a rather tight budget but I would still love for the experience to be a memorable and beautiful one.

    Kind regards,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      That hotel is not in Kamari, rather it is in Monolithos (near the airport) without much around it. You’re much better getting a cheap place in Kamari that will allow you to walk to restaurants and markets.

      There are some rocky spots along Perissa beach and south of there, as well as in Amoudi, that are OK for snorkeling but generally Santorini is not known for its snorkeling. And there certainly are not any tours that do a snorkeling tour.

  151. Last Minute Hotel for Honeymoon in Greece

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you so much for such a great website! We are booked for our honeymoon for 2 weeks from 9th August. We are staying on Serifos for 3 nights and 4 nights in Serifnos, we arrive in Santorini for the last 5 days from 17th August- 22nd August. As we were a little later with the booking we got pressured by our travel agent to committing to the itinerary- currently have 2 nights booked (17th/18th ) at Pegasus Suite for the indoor jacuzzi/ plunge pool suite. Since we have read mixed reviews about Pegasus and still have to confirm our last 3 nights somewhere else as they did not have availability for the duration.

    Would you suggest cancelling and booking elsewhere for the full 5 nights and if so where? ( we only have a couple more days in which we can cancel) We’re looking for somewhere really nice with good views and ideally a jacuzzi/ plunge pool balcony (either), approx 450 Euro/ night. Availability has come up for a junior suite at Pegasus for the remaining 3 nights, do you think it would be easier not to change?

    Thanks so much for your help!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      As I always tell people, don’t use travel agents – they don’t know what they’re talking about.

      The Pegasus is nice but you can do better. At this late date there isn’t a lot available but have a look at Sophia Suites. It’s beautiful with incredible views and private jacuzzis. It’s a new hotel so does have openings that other top hotels don’t.

  152. Should I Still Go To Greece?

    Dear Dave,

    Please help!! We are due to leave for Greece on the 10th of July. Get in to Athens on the 11th then for a couple of nights in Naxos and 3 nights in Santorini from 12th to 17th. Then we fly out and get due to fly bak in to Athens on the 22nd of July and fly out on the 25th of July. We are in a dilemma whether to visit Greece or not due to the current situation. My concern is that if no bail out is negotiated in the next couple of days then things will get more out of control due to a lack of supply of food and fuel.

    Please advice whether we should visit Greece or postpone our trip? Appreciate your help.



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I am on Santorini right now and everything is perfect and calm for tourists. There have been many hardships for Greeks (and more to come, I’m sure) but so far that has not extended to visitors. ATMs on the islands have no lineups and I’ve yet to encounter an ATM that is out of cash. I don’t expect that to change regardless of what happens with the local banks. Coming to Greece and supporting the local economy is the best way the average person can help the Greek people. Many Greeks know this and their friendliness and appreciation have really been wonderful this year.

      I am now seeing some hotels offer 5% to 10% discounts if you pay in cash. (You can and should still make your reservations through but when it comes to settling the bill on checkout try to pay in Euros. Hotel owners prefer having cash in hand over payment directed through the banks.) ATMs have a €600 limit but you can make multiple withdrawals from the same ATM, at the same time, up to your daily limit on your account. That said, I recommend bringing a healthy supply of Euros for your trip. Greece is a cash-based society even when not under duress.

  153. Sophia Suites, Homeric Poems, Chromata, Aenoan Villas

    Hi Dave,

    Great site! Wish I found this before I started planning my trip (which was just a few weeks ago for this July!)
    Anyways, due to my late planning I wasn’t able to get my 4 night together yet – currently split between Homeric Poems and Sophia Suites. First, now that Sophia Suites has been open for a few months now do you have any more info on them? Now, if I want to I can move to Homeric or Chromata for the entire time and if I really wanted to splurge I could go to Aenoan Villas for the last 2 nights – what are your thoughts?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I toured Sophia Suites this morning and it’s awesome. The Honeymoon Suite at Sophia might be my favorite suite on the whole island. I would stick to your current plans: Homeric Poems and Sophia Suites, which makes for a nice mix of locations.

  154. Sunny Villas or Nefeli Homes?

    Hello Dave! Great site for trip planning to Greece! We are going to be in Santorini for 4 nights in Sept 2015 with our 3.5 year old son. We currently have reservations at Sunny Villas (Superior Studio with sunset/Caldera view and breakfast included) and Nefeli Homes (Family Apartment with sunset/caldera view but no breakfast). Both have a pool and seem very similar. Nefeli is slightly more expensive with no breakfast but rated slightly higher on Tripadvisor. Sunny Villas seems higher elevation with more modern rooms may be close to caldera path and the room we have may be smaller (sort of hard to tell exactly). Do you have any thoughts on these two hotels? A great view, a private patio, a clean hotel, privacy/quiet, a kitchenette and a pool are what is important to us. Thanks!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      These are similar quality hotels (good) that have quite different views even though they’re only a 3 minute walk from each other. Nefeli Homes looks south towards Fira and the volcano islands. Sunny Villas looks towards Thirassia and north towards Oia. Sunny Villas has sunset views, Nefeli doesn’t.

      I took these pictures last week.

      View from Sunny Villas
      View from Hotel Sunny Villas in Imerovigli.

      View from Nefeli Homes
      View from Nefeli Homes in Imerovigli.

  155. Hotel with Private Pool

    Hi Dave!

    I’m looking to book my honeymoon trip for next July in Santorini. We would love a nice suite that has a private pool connected to our room. The only problem is that we are on a budget. Is $500.00 a night impossible for a hotel stay with this specific accommodation? Any hotel recommendations? Thanks!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      If you mean pool then no, that’s not possible. If you mean jacuzzi then it is possible. It also depends if you want a view of the caldera (which you don’t mention). Absolute Bliss has private balconies and jacuzzis with views of the caldera and should almost be in reach of your budget.

  156. Where To Stay

    Thanks for answering my last question! If we will be at On the Rocks for 4 days and want to stay somewhere else for two days (we were thinking the beach side of the island) where do you recommend on that side? Or do you recommend staying on caldera side but somewhere else?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I would stay your last 2 days in Oia which has a very different feel than the area you’re staying in. I’m sure you’ll make it down to the beach towns one day and once you’ve visited once or twice that’s pretty good for most. Being on the caldera, you never want to leave it.

  157. Views from Canaves Hotel in Oia

    Hey Champ!! Does Canaves have a good Caldera view?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, amazing views of the caldera. But not direct sunset views (need to walk a short distance to see those).

  158. Dana Villas or Princess Santorini

    Hey Dave,
    I have two “cancellable” bookings at Dana Villas and Princess Santorini. Can you tell me which one you would keep? This is our first trip, and in celebration of our 10 year anniversary, so I want to make the right choice. We don’t mind walking, and want a killer view at a nice place to stay. We also want to be able to walk to shops/restaurants also. Both reviews are generally good, but Dana seems to have some negative reviews regarding the rooms, etc., while Princess seems a little more “secluded.” Out of those two, which would you keep? Thanks so much for any help!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are nice hotels. Santorini Princess more luxurious and modern. Dana Villas has more character but more quirks. The Princess is more secluded with Imerovigli being a 10 minute walk away. Dana is right in Firostefani with the white stairwells leading down to it. More restaurants nearby and the shops of Fira are much closer than for the Princess.

      1. Lane

        Thanks Dave! So, if you were going on your first trip here, and it was a 4 day/3 night anniversary trip in August, which would you pick? 😀

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Personally, I would stay at Dana as a I value a central location more than quiet and seclusion.

  159. Santorini Secrete, Vedema, Perivolas

    Hi Dave,

    I’m having trouble reserving the best hotel in Santorini for the beginning of September as most of your recommendations seem to already be booked for our dates (Sept 9-12). We are a young couple, most interested in a luxurious hotel (around $1500/night) and restaurants with the best food, so we have pretty much decided that Oia is where we want to be.

    We are currently booked for a Premium Suite at Santorini Secret, but another option is to book the first night at Vedema and then switch over to the the New Perivolas Suite at Perivolas Hotel for the remaining two nights. The second option is significantly more expensive, but we would get a private pool which seems to be worth the extra money. Which option do you think is best? Is it a hassle to switch between hotels?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Vedema and Perivolas are definitely the more luxurious hotels, but switching (especially after just one night at Vedema is a hassle). Vedema has a very different location and vibe than the other 2 – it’s not set on the caldera but is inland in the small town of Megalochori. A few local quiet places to eat are within walking distance but not much else. Vedema does have a nicer pool than the other hotels (but no view). From Vedema to Oia is a good 30 minute drive.

  160. Hotel with 2 Young Kids in Santorini

    Hi Dave, Thank you for this great information! What would you recommend for a family with young children? Our must haves are a view and a pool, and preferably a 2 bedroom suite. Thanks!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Aria Suites in Fira is great. The Norma Suite is probably the one you want.

  161. Lava Lounge & Suites or Evgenia Villas

    Hi Dave,
    Your site is great and informative. It seems I have not anticipated hotels in Santorini booking so fast. I’m traveling on July 29th for 2 nights. I’m looking for a hotel that can accommodate 4 adults and has a nice view, preferably a pool and reasonably priced. We were considering Lava Lounge & Suites or possibly Evgenia Villas. Which would you recommend? Or can you recommend another in the same range?
    Thank you,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      These are very different hotels although within the same price range. Evgenia has a little nicer feel and the rooms more elegantly furnished. The pool is medium sized with a nice deck for sunbathing. But … Evgenia does not have caldera views. The views you see from the photos look east towards the sloping countryside and beaches of Santorini. Central Fira (and the views of the caldera) are an easy 10 minute walk away. Lava Suites has great caldera views. Rooms are simple and spartan – but nice. The pool is a very small plunge pool. It is a short walk up the stairs to central Fira.

  162. Blue Dolphins Apartments or Villa Maria Damigou

    Hey Dave!
    I’m having a hard time trying to decide between the Blue Dolphins Apartment and the Villa Maria Damigou for the beginning of July. I am very keen to have a nice view, but of course many places are full already. What are your thoughts? Thankyou!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Blue Dolphin is slightly more upscale. Villa Maria has some cheaper rooms and the feel is more simple but still nice. Blue Dolphin has far more steps to access the hotel and rooms. Villa Maria is right on the main path and has just the steps to access the different floors.

  163. Asma Hotel in Fira

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the great website. Really informative!
    Visiting Greece in September.
    Staying at A for Athens when we first land (2 nights). Ferry to Mykonos and staying at Belvedere (2 nights). Ferry to Santorini and staying at Asma Suites (3 nights). Then flight back to Athens and staying at Athens Gate Hotel (2 nights).

    I saw your opinions on most of those hotels before making reservations, except for Asma Suites. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on it? It had great reviews on

    Thanks in advance!

    Ashvin Shenoy

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I don’t know much about Asma but it is in the south part of Fira along the caldera and an easy walk to shops and restaurants. Your other hotels are great choices.

  164. Hotel with Pool in Santorini?

    Hi Santorini Dave, Fantastic site, thank you. I am visiting Santorini in September with my 18 month old toddler – we are going to a friends wedding in Fira. I think Kamari would be the best place for us. We are planning for 1 week. What do you think would be better – staying in a resort like Aegean Plaza, or an apartment? Do we need a pool – I read that the drop off in the sea and pebbles are not child friendly, so is a pool essential in your opinion. Any specific suggestions? Will be me and my husband and 18 month old. Best value poss 🙂 thanks
    Charlie Greenwood

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, I would try to get a hotel with a pool. The sea is beautiful for swimming and the water so clear and refreshing but you’ll enjoy having the option of a pool. The beach is pebbley and there is a quick dropoff (but not too dramatic).

  165. Oia or Imerovigli for Couple

    Hi Dave, awesome site!

    My Girlfriend and I are heading to Santorini in July for 7 nights. We’re trying to decide between staying in Imerovigli (Absolute Bliss) or Oia (Αeifos).

    We’d like it to be a romantic trip with nice hotel and views, but at the same time we don’t want to be staying too far away from the vibrant night life / restaurants. We don’t want to go out clubbing, but we do enjoy staying out for a few quieter drinks after dark (we’re both in our late 20’s).

    Which of these 2 areas / hotels would you recommend for us?

    Thank you!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Oia has more places than Imerovigli to enjoy a late night drink. But Imerovigli is walking distance from Fira (or a short taxi or bus ride) whereas Fira to Oia is a fairly long trek to make late at night after you’ve been out. So depends what you’re looking for. I’d say Oia probably sounds like a better fit.

  166. Magical Hotel in Santorini

    Hi Dave,
    Great blog!

    My partner and I are going to Santorini in September for our honeymoon, after a wedding week in Italy and 4nights with friends in Mykonos.
    I find sometimes hotels can look amazing in the photos and then when you arrive has absolutely no soul or atmosphere so its hard to know what the real hotel and experience will be like.
    I love Mrandmrssmith hotels and boutique style hotels with great design and great atmosphere, whether relaxing or cool, the extra bits that make a hotel feel great and have something special about them. We will be looking for something relaxing but also not too boring.
    I have selected the following – which do you think are the stand out hotels?
    Katikies (not available at that time)
    Grace (not available at that time)
    Sun Rocks
    Canaves Oia Suites
    Iconic Santorini

    The sunset vantage point is definitely a bonus, but would not be the absolute deciding factor, and would love a outdoor jacuzzi (if possible) but mostly would love a hotel with x-factor in design, coolness and atmosphere.

    What hotel would your pick be?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All of those are great hotels but Katikies and Grace stand out just a little. Next would be Canaves (no direct sunset view) and Kapari (one of the best views on Santorini).

  167. Villa for 6 Adults in Oia

    Hi Dave – Bravo on your site! So much more complete info and totally helpful. We’re way ahead in our planning – but also just curious about a recommendation for 2-3 nights in Oia during September. My husband is Greek and his dream is to take the family when we go – which would mean 3 adult couples total (that includes he and I). I noticed that Canaves Oia Suites has a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom villa…. is that our best target? Do you know of a different Oia lodging option that would include a wicked awesome view and pool?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Canaves would be a great choice and you get a beautiful pool. Dream Blue Villa is also beautiful – but when you stay at a private villa you’re not going to get the large pool like at a hotel.

  168. Katikies and What Other Hotel?

    Hi Dave,

    I’m traveling to Santorini with my boyfriend in early October. We will be staying at Katkies for two nights and then wanted to try another place for another two nights. We’ve been looking at San Antonio, Pegasus, Absolute Bliss and Cosmopolitan Suites. Which hotel would you recommend?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are good hotels so I would base it on location: San Antonio is isolated and secluded without much in walking distance (good if you want quiet, not so good if you want to be close to anything else). Absolute Bliss is on the north side of Imerovigli with a handful of restaurants within walking distance. Pegasus is on the south side of Imerovigli making Fira an easier walk away. Cosmopolitan is in Fira so if you want to have a night or two of clubs and nightlife then this is a good choice.

  169. Agali, Absolute Bliss, or Altana

    Wonderful sight Dave. Very informative and helpful. I will be going on a romantic trip in late September . I have used your site as a guide to help me narrow down my results and have a couple of questions.
    1) At that time of year, would you rather have a hot tub or a pool? (Will the pools be warm enough to swim in? Will it be too warm for the Jacuzzi/hot tubs?)
    2) Trying to decide between Agali sunset suite in Firostefani (private pool but not as good views or quality of hotel), Elegant room in Absolute Bliss (better views, nicer hotel) or Altana private suite with plunge pool (views look fantastic, a little cheaper not sure about the privacy though).

    Thanks so much!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Late September the pool should still be fine for swimming. Not all jacuzzis are hot tubs so you may want to check with the hotel if you specifically want a hot/heated pool. Absolute Bliss is the nicer hotel with more privacy. Altana has a more interesting setting with stairwells and alleys weaving around the property. Agali has a similar setting and views as Altana but is down more steps and, of course, is in Firostefani which is closer to Fira’s shops and restaurants.

  170. Katikies, Grace, San Antonio, Kapari

    Hi Dave! Thanks so much for this incredible website!

    My fiance and I will be honeymooning in Greece in June. We’ll be spending 5-6 nights in Santorini (and also visiting Mykonos for 4-5 nights and a third island – which we’ve yet to identify – for 2-3 nights). We’re having a hard time choosing our hotel in Santorini. The options are:

    Katikies – Double Room with Caldera View
    Grace – Deluxe Double Room with Plunge Pool
    San Antonio – Junior Suite
    Kapari Natural Resort – Kapari Up & High

    Of the above, it seems like San Antonia probably has the least favorable location. Kapari seems to be rated slightly lower than the others, but the Kapari Up & High seems pretty special. Which would you select? We may have the option of splitting our time in Santorini between two of the options – if so, that scenario would be Kapari Up & High for 2 nights and Grace for 3-4 nights.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All 4 hotels are wonderful with great views (Katikies doesn’t have direct sunset views; San Antonio usually does but at some times of the year it can be partially obscured; both Grace and Kapari have direct sunset views). You’re right that San Antonio is somewhat isolated and doesn’t have a lot of restaurants within easy walking distance. If I could only stay in one I’d flip a coin between Grace and Katikies. If I split my time between 2 then it would be Katikies and either Kapari or Grace – but not Kapari AND Grace as they’re very close to each other and if you’re taking the time to switch places you might as well explore a different town.

  171. Mill Houses/Ikies/Galaxy

    Hi Dave,

    Great site! We will be in Santorini for 3 days in May and are trying to pick between Mill Houses and Ikies. At the same time we have also seen an opening at Galaxy but are not sure of the venue.

    Ideally Oia or Firostefani seems most logical to us (based on your suggestion on finding hotels with Caldera views and enjoying group sunsets). Which hotel would you recommend?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      These are all great hotels, it comes down to which town you want to stay in: Firostefani, Oia, or Imerovigli. Firostefani to be close to the shopping and dining of Fira. Oia for the charm and evening strolls through town. Imerovigli for the best views (Galaxy is the only one of those hotels with unobstructed sunset views).

  172. Dana Villas or Different Hotel?

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks so much for this useful website! My wife and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and will travel to Santorini for 4 days/3 nights in early August. We have never been here and are trying to decipher in which of the 4 towns you mentioned to stay.

    We are both very active and look forward to walking the island, but we also want our hotel to be walkable to shops/restaurants/etc. We love people, but definitely want it quiet when in our hotel at night. We want a nice place to stay with GREAT views and a nice, decent-sized pool with a view.

    A couple of hotels that I am looking at (trying to stay as close to $1000 total for three nights) are as follows:

    -Dana Villas (I already reserved a junior suite here – thoughts on this?) *** there were no pics of bathrooms here; do you think they are fine? — Also, would it be worth it to pay a little more for Hotel Ira, in the same area?
    -Astro Palace (more expensive than dana but a private pool possibility)
    -Aria Lito Mansion (more expensive than dana)
    -Zannos Melathron

    Any advice on if these are in a good area, or if we should venture closer to Oia would be greatly appreciated, since we are completely new to Santorini!


    1. Santorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Dana Villas is the best choice of those hotels. The only drawback is that it does get a fair bit of foot traffic around the property. If you’re looking peace, quiet, and seclusion then Hotel Ira (located in a quieter area of Firostefani) would be better. Astro Palace and Aria Lito Mansion are in Fira and have views to the east (not the caldera). Zannos Melathron is in Pyrgos (a small village not on the caldera) and a long way from either Fira or Firostefani.

  173. Absolute Bliss or Villa Lukas

    Hi Dave,

    My wife and I are coming to Santorini in June. We are currently looking at Villa Lukas and Absolute Bliss.

    What are your views on each hotel? Is it worth spending about 35% more to stay at Absolute Bliss or is Villa Lukas good enough. We are considering the deluxe suite with outdoor hot tub at Villa Lukas and the Elegant Suite at Absolute Bliss.

    Best regards,


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Absolute Bliss is a bit more luxurious and has a pool. The Elegant Suite at Absolute Bliss is larger than the Deluxe Suite at Villa Lukas. The views from each hotel are almost identical as the hotels are very near to each other.

  174. Aliko Suites

    Hello Dave,

    Can you tell me a bit more about Aliko Suites? Is it hard to get to? Is it far from everything? Also would you recommend car rental or just taking Taxi?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Aliko suites is in Imerovigli and easy to get to (though lots of stairs to access some suites). It’s about a 15 minute walk to Fira. Getting to the towns along the caldera (Oia, Firostefani, Fira) is fine by a combination of foot, taxi, and bus but when you want to explore the farther corners of the island (e.g. Ancient Thira or Akrotiri) then a rental car is nice (though still not a necessity).

  175. Vallas Villas or Azzurro

    Thank you for this awesome website. So much information here.
    We just decided on a trip to Greece for the first time first week of June, so not much advance notice. Most everything in Santorini in our budget ($300/night) is booked. The new Azzurro hotel is available and looks lovely but I know you advise that location is too isolated from town. Do you know anything about Vallas Villas in Firostefani? Location seems good. It seems to be a hotel, not private villas, but it is unclear on their website. They have the Rock House available, which I think is part of a cave. Do you have any other advice in our price range?
    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Vallas is nice. Great location and an easy walk to Fira. Very good value for a caldera view hotel.

  176. Location of Vedema Resort

    Great site Dave. Very Informative. My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon and we are looking to spend 5 nights in Santorini. Our travel agent is helping us plan our trip, she has us staying at the Vedema resort, any thoughts on the location and the hotel itself? Is it easy getting around from this location to the other towns or popular locations on the island?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Vedema is a lovely resort but it is somewhat isolated. It’s easy to get anywhere on Santorini if you have a rental car, but if you mean easy as in you walk out the door and walk along the caldera or go visit Fira then no. You’ll be doing a fair bit of driving (bus, taxi, or rental car) if you stay at Vedema. There are some good restaurants that are within walking distance.

  177. Tsitouras or Perivolas

    Between Tsitouris and Perivolas what would you choose? We will be there in July for 4 nights coming from Milos.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Perivolas is more luxurious and secluded. Tsitouras is in the center of Firostefani with staircases weaving around it down to other hotels. With Perivolas you get more of the feel of the island. With Tsitouras you sense more of the village around you. Tsitouras has some restaurants just out the door and all the restaurants, shops, and clubs of Fira about a 15 minute walk away. Perivolas does not have much immediately around it and central Oia is a 15 minute walk away – most of which is on a delightful foot path but there is a short portion (30 seconds to a minute) where the path is interrupted and you have to walk on a somewhat busy road to reconnect with the path (and then from there you’re in the more central, busier section of Oia). Tsitouras has sunset views. Perivolas does not.

  178. Which Hotel?

    Hi Dave,

    Love the site. Very useful. Probably one of the best I have come across.

    I’m going for my honeymoon in August and want amazing views, romance, tubs, scenery, service. I’m torn between the following…

    Kapari Natural
    Armeni Luxury
    Art Maisons Oia

    Which would you pick? or 2? We are going for 6 nights!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Esperas for sunset views (in Oia), Katikies for caldera views (in Oia), Kapari for both sunset and caldera views (in Imerovigli and walking distance to Fira). But all 8 hotels you mention are very nice. You really can’t go wrong with those choices.

  179. Nefeles in Fira

    Hello Dave,
    Great site. I’m traveling to Santorini in July for 4 nights. We’re booked at the Nefeles Luxury Suites. Your thoughts on this hotel?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Nice place. Good location in Fira – though lots of steps to get up to the main area with shops and restaurants. Great views of the caldera.

  180. Fanari Villas?

    Hi Dave and thanks for all your wonderful tips & suggestions!

    My partner and i are going to Santorini for the first time on a holiday for 3 nights.
    I was looking at booking the Fanari Villas in a honeymoon suite – Just figured it was good value for money for what you get.
    Do you know much about this hotel? Is it walking distance to shops etc?
    We want a hotel with a good pool, amazing views, and great food which is not too secluded so we can still walk around.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Fanari Villas is wonderful. Great view of sunset but not a complete caldera view (it looks more north not south into the caldera). Easy walk to shops and restaurants. Fanari does have a pool but like many Santorini hotels it’s not huge – good for a quick dip though.

  181. Hotel View with Postcard Sunset Views in Oia


    A quick question on my selection of hotels in Oia. Is there any hotel in Oia which we can get the famous postcard view of Santorini sunset with the three blue domes from the balcony of the room? We’d like to have some privacy and avoid the crowd if that’s possible. Currently I am booked in with Esperas but I can get such a view from my room.

    Many thanks for your help in advance.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Esperas does not have the view you’re referring to. There are only a few hotels with sunset views in Oia – Esperas being one of them – but they do not look onto the churches or even much of the town. The hotels with views of the town are on the caldera side of Oia and do not have sunset views.

  182. 2 Weeks in Oia?

    Hi Dave

    I wonder if you could help me out a little. My husband and I (both in our 30’s) are planning a trip to Santorini in September. Our intention was to stay in Oia for two weeks; however it seems most people don’t spend that length of time in Santorini from the comments above. Do you think two weeks is to long? Or do you have any other suggestions of how to fill our two weeks by visiting other nearby places/islands?.



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      With 2 weeks I would recommend seeing another island in addition to Santorini. Naxos if you’re interested in beaches and sightseeing. Mykonos if you’re interested in beaches, nightlife, and fine dining. That said, you could be quite happy with 2 weeks on Santorini but I would split time between Oia and 1 or 2 other villages (Fira, Firostefani, or Imerovigli).

  183. Hotel in Fira or Imerovigli

    Hi Dave. For starters great site, very informative. I am having a problem deciding on a hotel in Santorini in June. We already booked two nights at Perivolas Hotel, which looks amazing. The other two nights we were looking to stay in either Oia again, Fira or Imerovigli. We are trying to keep it at max $500 per night and narrowed down to these hotels that are available. In Fira, Panorama Boutique, Cosomopolitan or Petit Palace. Kapari Natural in Imerovigli or Stogili Traditional and 1864 Sea Captain in Oia. Which do you recommend as the views are top of the list but also trying to figure if we should stay in Oia in a lesser hotel since its beautiful or change it up to one of the other locations. Any help would be great. Thanks

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Since you’re already staying in Oia for 2 nights and are going to switch hotels you might as well move to a place not in Oia. Of the hotels you mentioned I choose between Kapari (in quieter Imerovigli) or Cosmopolitan (in livelier Fira). Just so you know, Perivolas is in a very quiet area of Oia so with that in mind perhaps staying in Fira might be what’s called for.

  184. San Antonio Hotel in Santorini

    Hi Dave,
    Very Helpful page! Towards end July we are going on our honeymoon for 5 days! So we thought of San Antonio Hotel in Santorini…
    What are the pros and cons?
    1- Do you recommend another location or hotel?
    2- Is the beach easily accessible?
    3- Would we need a car?
    4- Is it a good month to visit? Would it be too hot or humid?
    Thank you for all the advice

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      1. Great hotel but somewhat remote (not much else within walking distance).
      2. Like all towns and hotels along the caldera the beach is a 15 to 25 minute drive away.
      3. There’s a bus stop nearby with buses going to both Oia and Fira. So no, but having one is still nice if you want to explore the island.
      4. Great weather for going to the beach but yes it can be hot.

  185. Caldera View or Sea View?

    Hi Dave,

    Great website!

    My boyfriend and I are traveling to Santorini in June and would appreciate your help in choosing a hotel.
    One, is there a difference between sea view and caldera view? If so which one should we go with?
    We want a very nice hotel with exceptional views but also close to other towns to go out to and have some kind of a nightlife. We have narrowed down to 3 hotels and your input would be great. From San Antonio, Katikies and Andronis Luxury Suites which would you recommend?

    Thanks so much,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Caldera View means a location on the west side of the island looking into the caldera (volcano). It’s the view that makes Santorini a unique and incredible experience. Though technically a caldera view does have views of the sea, a Sea View usually means a view looking to the east and not of the caldera. These would be considered great views on most islands but on Santorini can feel a little disappointing. The 3 hotels you mention all have great views of the caldera. San Antonio is in a very quiet location and great if you’re looking for seclusion. Katikies are in great locations in Oia with restaurants just out the door. Katikies is the slightly more luxurious hotel.

  186. Which Hotel?

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for this great guide. It is amongst the best I’ve read!! I was wondering if you could help me out!

    Planning to go to Santorini early this June for my Honeymoon. We are a young couple 30 and 26; I am basically looking for a place that has beautiful sea views and caldera views, BUT also has a an private outdoor heated pool/hot tub. I’ve basically narrowed it down to these few that I know have availability at this time:

    1. Filotera Suites – Cave Grand Suite with Outdoor heated Hot Tub
    2. Aspaki by Art Maisons – Cave Pool Suite
    3. Aqua Luxury Suites – Honeymoon Private suite with Hot tub
    4. Senses Boutique – King Suite with Caldera View and Plunge Pool
    5. Dana Villas – Villa with Private Pool

    They all seem to be within my budget, so it is a matter of picking one and booking. Just wondering if you favour one of these over the other or which room has the best views, while still having great service!

    Your help is very much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!
    -Matthew Rabba

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are wonderful hotels but if forced I’d choose 1. Aqua Suites 2. Aspaki 3. Dana Villas. (FYI, Aspaki doesn’t have sunset views unlike Aqua and Dana Villas.)

  187. Sophia Suites in Imerovigli

    Hi Dave,

    Do you know anything about the Sophia Suites in Imerovigli as it looks to be in a good location, good views and the rooms look really nice. It isn’t open yet but I think it may be a risk worth taking. I would be interested to hear your thoughts?

    Great website.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, looking at the pictures it seems to be at the top of the cliff in central Imerovigli. Looks great but can’t say much else.

  188. Cheap Hotel with Caldera View

    Hi Dave,
    I am hoping to visit santorini for a couple of nights with friends at the beginning on July! We are on a budget – around 100-120 a night (Perhaps more) and are looking for a hotel with a view of caldera. I am a huge enthusast for a good view so was hoping you could help out with any suggestions!
    Catherine Farrar

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Villa Maria Damigou is one of the cheaper hotels that has a good caldera view.

  189. Rena's Rooms and Suites in Fira

    How about Rena’s Suites? I booked because I was scared that they were all booking up so fast! Getting in June 17.

    Thank you!
    Megan Daniels

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, hotels are booking very fast for the summer so getting something for certain is a good plan. Rena’s is a nice simple clean hotel about a 10 minute walk to central Fira (uphill).

  190. Absolute Bliss vs Enigma Suites

    Hi Dave,

    Great website! thanks for all the tips.

    My wife and I are planning to visit Santorini. Curently we’re considering Absolute Bliss (Imerovigli) and Enigma Suites (Fira). We’re hoping for a romantic getaway. We’re not big on parties but we like to be close enough to establishments (shops/restaurants). If you were in our place, which area/hotel would you choose? I’ve read from your reviews that Absolute Bliss is one of the best hotels in Santorini. Is it easy to go to Fira from Absolute Bliss?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are wonderful hotels. Enigma is right in the heart of Fira with one of the best locations if you want to be steps from the action. Absolute Bliss is a 20 minute walk to Fira (downhill, returning is largely uphill). Absolute Bliss would probably get my vote for the best view. Enigma (maybe) has a little more charm. Can’t go wrong with either though.

  191. Hotel for a Large Group on Santorini

    HI Dave,

    Hoping for your insight on the best large hotels on Santorini. I have a large group (100 people) visiting next year and I’m having a hard time identifying large luxury properties.

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      gVolcano View is the largest hotel on Santorini and has about 100 rooms – everything from rooms that sleep 2 to villas that sleep 6.

  192. Canaves, Andronis, Dana, or Absolute Bliss

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your time and this website! My future wife and I will be in Santorini for our honeymoon (part of our island hopping trip) from Sept 16-20th. We have narrowed our choices down to the follow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1). Canaves superior suite plunge pool
    2). Andronis premier suite
    3). Dana villas honeymoon villa with indoor outdoor pool
    4). Absolute Bliss honeymoon suite

    Our plan was to spend 2 nights at one hotel, and 2 nights at the other to explore different parts of Santorini (and save money). Currently I am leaning towards Canaves and Dana Villa combo. Would you recommend anything different? Pairing Absolute Bliss with Dana Villas would save us some money if you have high recommendations for it. Thank you soo much for your help!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Staying in 2 hotels to experience different parts of the island is a great idea. Canaves and Dana Villas is a good combo. Imerovigli (Absolute Bliss) and Firostefani (Dana Villas) are more alike than Oia and Imerovigli or Firostefani so I would stay in Oia and one of Imer/Firo. You’ve made a good choice – but with those hotels there are no bad choices 🙂

  193. Inexpensive Hotels in Fira Area

    Hi, Dave,

    Thanks for great info you provided in this website, can you give me your preferences from following hotels in Fira area?
    1. De Sol (can access its sister Volcano View hotel with reasonable price)
    2. Atlantis Hotel
    3. Evgenia Villas and Suites
    4. Philippion Boutique Hotel
    5. Splendour Resort
    6. Loizos Apartment

    Helen Mak

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      De Sol – a 25 minute walk outside of Fira (a long ways from restaurants and nightlife)
      Atlantis – about as central a location as you can get, no steps to access hotel, half the rooms have great views
      Evgenia – good value hotel, no views of caldera, the views you see are looking east towards the beaches
      Philippion – nice but doesn’t (really) have caldera views
      Splendour – nice pool and sundeck, no caldera views
      Loizos – small pool, nice location close to Fira but in a quiet area, no caldera views

  194. Athens to Santorini Airport Connection

    Hi Dave! I have found your website super helpful in planning my trip to Oia, however I wish I would have found it before I booked our flights. I see your suggestions about making sure to allow enough time for connecting flights. We fly in to Athens with a 55 min layover before we fly to Santorini. Do you think this is possible to make?

    Also, what is the best way to get from Oia to Ancient Thira? Do you recommend any casual restaurants in Oia? And lastly, is there some sort of grocery store in Oia where we could get a few things for our stay so we do not have to eat out every meal? (we are on a college student budget)

    Thank you in advance.
    Emily Wright

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      If it’s a flight from within the EU you’ll probably be fine. If it’s coming from outside the EU it’s going to be close connection.

      From Oia to Ancient Thira you take a bus to Fira then a different bus to Kamari then a shuttle bus up the mountain (but not all the way to the top). You can then walk down the opposite side of the hill to Perissa and bus back to Fira and Oia from there. There are several grocery stores in Oia, including one by the bus square. The secret to finding cheap food is to eat at restaurants without a caldera view.

  195. Avianto Suites in Imerovigli

    Traveling with my mom and thinking of staying at Avianto Suites in Imerovigli. Any thoughts on this place or if there are other places that might be better for a mother daughter trip? Thanks!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Avianto is very good value for the view you get (which is great). Good location in Imerovigli – near the top of the cliff, up by the road so you’re not descending as many steps as some hotels. Fira is a 20 minute walk away.

  196. Grace/Tsitouras

    Hi Dave, thank you for your invaluable guide. I have a (good) quandry and I was hoping you could help. I was lucky enough to get a room at Grace for my stay. Initially Tsitouras was sold out, but now have a room open. Seems foolish? to give up the Grace reservation altogether, but as much as people rave about Tsitouras would be a bit sad to miss it. Was considering splitting 2 nights/2 nights. Or is that not worthwhile? Thoughts? Thanks so much in advance.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      They are both wonderful hotels but have a very different feel, vibe, location, and view. So in this case, yes, I would do 2 nights at each. The setting of Grace is more awe-ispring and their pool larger. Tsitouras is more enchanting and friendly and it feels more a part of the village its in (Firostefani) surrounded my other small hotels.

  197. 8 Nights in Greece: Athens, Santorini, Mykonos

    Hi Dave,

    At the outset, let me congratulate you for this amazingly informative website. It truly is a boon to all us first time Greece visitors.
    I’m from India, and am visiting Greece in June 2015. I’ll be staying there for 8 nights. I have planned my trip as follows:

    8th June – Arrival in Athens from India
    8th & 9th June – Stay in Athens (at Hotel Electra – Syntagma Square)
    10th June – Fly to Santorini in the morning
    10th, 11th & 12th June – Stay in Santorini (Hotel Esperas – Junior Suite – Oia)
    13th June – Sail by High Speed Ferry to Mykonos
    13th & 14th June – Stay in Mykonos (Hotel Poseidon)
    15th June – Fly to Athens and stay that night (Hotel not decided yet)
    16th June – Depart back to India

    Now, since I’m visiting Greece for the first time, I had the following 4 questions:
    1.) Is the above itinerary appropriate – Is the “DAY ALLOCATION” between the three places and the “SEQUENCE” of visit correct, or do you suggest any change?
    2.) Is my choice of hotels correct – or do you suggest other hotels in the same price range at each place?
    3.) Is the mode of transport I’ve selected to move between these locations appropriate? And which ferry should I choose to move from Santorini to Mykonos? Do I need to book it in advance?
    4.) We are in our late 20’s, what activities you suggest we should opt for in these 3 locations during my stay?

    I have already booked my international flights. My remaining budget for the land package is about 3000 EUROS (including stay, sightseeing etc).
    I’ll be accompanied by my wife and it’s also my birthday on 10th June. So I want this to be a really memorable experience.

    I’m sorry I’ve loaded you with a lot of questions. Kindly help!
    Keenly awaiting your response.

    Aditya Grover

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      That all looks great. I wouldn’t change a thing. In Santorini be sure to do the walk along the caldera from Oia to Fira, visit ancient Akrotiri, and do a boat tour of the volcano. In Mykonos hit the beaches and walk around Mykonos Town in the evening. In Athens the Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, and the Plaka are the highlights.

      1. Aditya Grover

        Thanks a lot Dave for your reply and thoughtful suggestions. You missed out on one of my query regarding the Ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. Which Ferry should I opt for, and do I need to book it in advance?

        1. DaveDave The Guide to Greece

          Take the Hellenic Seaways ferry and book in advance. More info here.

          1. Aditya Grover

            Thanks a lot! 🙂

  198. Mystique or Katikies

    Hey Dave,

    Great site — very informative. Debating between Mystique and Katikies…Mystique seems to offer a better package and rate, while Katikies seems nicer — which way would you go?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece


      1. Kirini or Katikies

        Thanks Dave! Now I am actually considering Kirini Suites, the sister location of Katikies since they have a gym. I saw another poster ask your preference between the two and you mentioned Katikies is closer to town but Kirini is quieter — would you say one is more luxurious or has better views than the other?

        Appreciate your help again.

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          No difference in luxuriousness – both great. Katikies is closer to town and you don’t have to walk on the road to access the restaurants of central Oia (like with Kirini). The view from Kirini is oriented a more towards the sunset and town. The view from Katikies looks back in towards the caldera a little more. The pool at Kirini is a little bigger.

  199. Hotel in Oia near Beach

    Hey Dave – thanks so much for your info – it is invaluable. My friend and I will be in Santorini for 3 days in July. We thought to stay on a beach but after reading your comments we want to stay in Oia for the view. You recommend a hotel called Zoe Houses that is close to Amoudi beach. Do you recommend that beach? We want a gorgeous beach with tranquil water but we don’t want to be too far from great food and shopping and nightlife. Thoughts?
    Diane H

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      There are no beaches near Oia. Amoudi is sometimes described as a beach but it’s not. There is a great place to swim and jump from the rocks in Amoudi but no sand, no beach. Zoe does have wonderful views. Oia has many good restaurants but for nightlife you’ll need to go to Fira – about 20 minutes away by bus or taxi.

  200. Booking Ferry Tickets in Advance

    Hi Dave,

    I will be travelling with 2 other people (3 people in total) from Milan, Italy to Santorini by plane on July 27th. However, we will be going from Santorini to Mykonos on July 30th and then from Mykonos to Athens on August 2nd since we will by flying back to Canada from Athens on August 3rd. I always like to book things in advance and I really want to ensure we arrive in Athens on the 2nd. Do you recommend me booking ferry tickets in advance? If so, which website should I use because I want to ensure that I encounter no problems when I get there. Please let me know!

    Thanks so much for your guide and help!

    Alyssa Buzzelli

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      In your case (with your routes and dates) I would book in advance. Depending on which ferry you want book directly with the ferry companies: Blue Star or Hellenic.

  201. Manos Small World, Kalestesia Suites or Caldera Dolphin Suites

    Love this site and the feedback. My boyfriend and I are coming in July and we have no clue where to stay as this is our first vacation. I was looking at Manos Small World, Kalestesia Suites and the Caldera Dolphin Suites.

    We are looking for clean modern hotels, great service, view and pool area. Our budget would be $3-350 usd.

    Any other suggestions would be helpful as there are so many places to stay in Santorini.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Those hotels are in very different locations: Manos is in Firostefani with shops and restaurants within minutes walk from hotel. Kalestesia in in Akrotiri a long ways from all of the main towns in Santorini. Caldera Dolphin Suites is south of Fira but not within walking distance of Fira. A rental car would be highly recommended if you’re at either Kalestesia or Caldera Dophin.

  202. Remezzo, Kapari and Sophia Luxury Suites

    Hi Dave,

    This site is very helpful!

    I’ve just recently decided to book tickets to Santorini for 4 nights in June 2015 and most hotels seem to be booked out already. My partner and I have decided to stay in Imerovigli as we don’t mind a walk and plan to spend an afternoon/night down at Fira and another to Oia. Do you know how long a walk to Oia would take from Imerovigli?

    We have come across three hotels we’re interested in and wanted to get your views if you are familiar with them – Remezzo, Kapari and Sophia Luxury Suites (brand new and only opening in April 2015, so there are no reviews). Which do you think would be the best to stay in if we’re looking for the best views, easy walk/path to Fira & Oia and great service?

    Thank you

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Kapari is the better hotel. Both it and Remezzo have great views. Sophia Suites is in the same area of Imerovigli as Kapari. It too has 2 access points: from above off the street and below along the path that runs by Grace and Astra. The Sophia reception is on the lower path (101 steps down from below). It’s easy to access the path to Oia from all 3 hotels and the walk takes about 2 hours from Imerovigli to Oia.

  203. Santorini Princess Luxury Spa in Imerovigli

    Can you provide me with your opinion on Santorini Princess Luxury Spa hotel? How is the view and the pool?

    Thank you so much!!

    Toral Dhru

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The view and pool are great. The only caveat is that it’s a 20 minute walk to Imerovigli and there is very little around the hotel in terms of restaurants or shops. There is a bus stop a minute away from the hotel if you don’t feel like walking.

  204. Azzurro Suites vs On The Rocks

    Hi Dave! Wanted to get your opinion! My husband and I will be staying in Santorini for 5 days in mid June on our honeymoon, we have two hotels booked and are not sure which location is better. We have a reservation at On The Rocks in Imerovigli, and a new hotel Azzurro Suites which I learned from your site is actually a 10 minute walk from Fira. We want to stay in a hotel that has a beautiful pool and the best views. Also this is our first time to Santorini, so a convenient location for all there is to do in Santorini is a plus. Let us know what you would recommend! Thank you! Love this site!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Azzurro Suites hasn’t opened yet so can’t say much about it but as to location On The Rocks has a much better location. An easy and enjoyable walk on the path to the towns along the caldera.

  205. Weather in Early October on Santorini

    Hi Dave!

    Our honeymoon will be the first two weeks in October. Will this be beach/pool weather?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Probably, yes. There are no guarantees with the weather but most years it will be warm and sunny in early October. It likely won’t be hot. It’s a great time to do a mix of sunbathing and exploring as the day time temperatures are great for hikes and long walks.

  206. Affordable Hotel with Jacuzzi and Caldera Views

    Hi Dave,

    Me and my fiance are going to be in santorini for 3 nights in mid may. Were not too concerned with location, since the island is small. Can we get around easily on an ATV? We really want a room with nice views of caldera and a private balcony/terrace with jacuzzi and/or pool (too cold for pool at this time?.) Looking to spend 300-400 Euro/night. What do you recommend?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Have a look at Delfini Villas in Oia. I’m not a big fan of ATVs. They’re ok for short distances – getting around one of the beach towns or from Imerovigli down to Fira – but I wouldn’t want to use them to explore the island. (Though many people do.)

  207. Budget Hotel with Caldera View, Pool, and Patio

    Hi Dave,

    Great site and super helpful! I’m heading to Santorini in September with my sister and we are feeling very overwhelmed by all the hotel options! Any suggestions for a place to stay would be appreciated. 🙂

    -Looking for a relaxing low-key vacation
    -Our budget for 5 nights is $1000 give or take
    -Caldera view
    -Do not care about nightlife, but would be great if we were close walking distance to shops/restaurants
    -Restaurant/bar at the hotel
    -Nice pool at the hotel
    -Room with a patio/balcony or at least a hotel with a rooftop deck for drinks at night


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Sorry, at $200 a night you won’t find anything with the amenities you’re looking for. Decide what you want more – caldera view or pool – and focus on that. Even still you might have trouble finding it on that budget.

  208. Ikies Traditional Houses - Remodel

    Hi Dave –

    Thanks for all the great info. I’ve read on the Ikies website that they are in the process of a renovation. Have you seen any of the progress as of yet? Is it a big improvement?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      They’re redoing the suites with new furniture, in-room equipment, and brand new polished floors. It will be complete and Ikies will be open by April 20.

  209. Cosmopolitan, Homeric Poems, or Aigialos

    Hi Dave,

    Great name. Your site is awesome and has been a huge help! My fiance and I are going to be in Santorini for 4 nights in May for our honeymoon. We get in late and are staying near the beach/airport the first night at the Boathouse Hotel. We are looking to stay 3 more nights and are deciding between the Cosmopolitan Suites (double room), Homeric Poems (apartment room), and Aigialos Settlement.
    We are looking for a place with a great pool we can relax at, as well as walking distance into town for restaurants, shops, and nightlife. Would you recommend any of these hotels over the other? Thanks!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Homeric Poems is the most luxurious of those 3 hotels and has the best pool. Cosmopolitan is next. The Aigialos pool is more of a plunge pool. Homeric Poems is the farthest from the restaurants, nightlife, and shops of Fira but it’s still not very far (about a 10 minute walk).

  210. Budget Hotel for Honeymoon

    Hi Dave,

    We are coming to Santorini for our honeymoon this July and I am feeling a little daunted by what hotel to choose. We will be staying 7 nights from mid July on and only have a limited budget left after the wedding itself, so we have about £1000 and wondered what you could recommend good hotels for around this price. I would really love somewhere with Caldera views (as you said that why people go to Santorini), I’m not expecting luxury at this price but I would like it to be good/nice as you only Honeymoon once!
    From your advice and I have been looking these 10 places: Villa Maria Damigou, Villa Aethra, Manos Small World, Villa Ilias, Kavalari Hotel, Lava Oia’s, Efterpi Villas, Villa Lukas, Vinsanto Villas and Lava Suites & Lounge. All are still available and around our budget at the moment.
    Any help would be amazing!! If you could say which of these hotels (or any others) you think is better suited to a young couple on their Honeymoon wanting to relax after the wedding and enjoy the amazing views of the Caldera!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I would go with Villa Maria Damigou, Villa Ilias, or Kavalari Hotel. All are good clean hotels with nice locations.

  211. Chromata vs Grace

    Hi Dave,

    Fantastic website. I have a choice of a junior suite at the Chromata or a plunge pool deluxe at Grace. Which would you choose?


    Rachael Hunter

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Personally, I would go with Grace.

  212. Budget Hotel with View in Santorini

    Hello Dave,

    Site is well done! I have a question, my fiancee and I are planning our honeymoon for upcoming September, 2015 in Santorini; we are on a tight budget. Can you please recommend an affordable hotel that has great views, amenities, and close to all?

    Thank you,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Villa Maria Damigou is a very nice hotel with a good location. The Sea View rooms have very good views of the caldera. There’s a good free breakfast but otherwise few amenities (as you’d expect with a budget hotel). The owner/manager is very friendly.

  213. How Much Do the Best Hotels Cost in Santorini?

    Hi Dave,

    Great resource for the uninitiated! My wife and I are contemplating a trip in mid April. We are from Canada where the temperatures have consistently been -20C and lower for many weeks, and we are wondering if this vacation will provide some respite from the frost? What should we expect weather wise? I’ve reviewed your top 15 hotels list, and would be grateful to get some idea, even if vague, as to what the average cost for a week’s stay might be at one of the top 15?

    Finally, what is the most efficient way to get from Athen’s to Santorini? I am always willing to spend a bit extra for an easier transfer.

    I thank you in advance for your insight.

    Best regards,


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The best hotels (like the ones listed above) will run from $2000 to $5000 per week in April and more for the very select suites. The cheapest room at any of the best hotels is the budget double room at the Belvedere which costs about $1200 for a week’s stay. The weather in April will not be beach weather but it will seem wonderful compared to the Canadian winter. You likely would have warm clear days with the chance of rain here and there. Cool at night but never cold. The most efficient way from Athens to Santorini is to fly. It’s only 50 minutes.

  214. Astra, Kapari, or Mill Houses

    Hi Dave! My husband and I are visiting Santorini from 16 to 19 April 2015 to celebrate a milestone birthday. We’re trying to decide between a superior suite at Astra Suites, a vanilla room at Kapari Natural Resort, or a Traditional Suite at Mill Houses. Yes, all are available… for now. These are our first three nights in Greece (jet lag) and my husband is not the “loud party” sort. Any advice on where to stay? Your web site is great, so informative. Thank you for the tremendous public service.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All 3 are wonderful hotels. Kapari has the highest and clearest view. Astra is down below a bit (this awesome views) and has the biggest pool of the 3 by a fair bit. It’s also the most luxurious of the 3. Mill Houses are in Firostefani and 10 minutes closer to Fira (lots of nightlife and restaurants) than Astra and Kapari. It has the most steps to get down to (over 100) from the foot path above that runs from Imerovigli to Fira. Astra has many steps also but since the foot path runs right through the Astra you don’t get the sense of always up and down every time you want to go somewhere as you do with Mill Houses. From the Astra you will need to take the steps up to catch the bus or eat at an Imerovigli restaurant but you don’t if you’re walking towards Fira. The pools at Kapari and Mill Houses are quite small. The sunset view from Mill Houses will likely be partially obscured by Thirassia island in the caldera. Kapari and Astra have clear views of the sunset.

  215. Ikies and Sunset Views

    Hi Dave!! Thank you for all the information in your web and sorry about my english, I speak spanish!
    I read that the Ikies Hotel has sunset and caldera view, and I think I want both views. Do you know another hotel with both views? Do you recomend that? It;s very difficult for me to make a decision about the hotel.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Ikies does not have sunset views. The sun sets over Oia town and you do not have views of it setting into the sea. It does have wonderful caldera views. For both views of the caldera and the sunset look at hotels in Imerovigli.

      1. Aspaki vs Oia Castle

        Thank you!!
        One more question: What do you think about Aspaki? I read that you recomend Oia Castle, but Aspaki is good too?
        Thank you!

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Both are great. The big difference between Aspaki and Oia Castle is that Aspaki has a view of the caldera and Oia Castle has a view of the sunset. Both great views but in opposite directions.

  216. Perivolas or Canaves?

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for all the great information! We have it narrowed down to Superior Suite at Perivolas Oia Hotel or the Honeymoon Suite at Canaves Oia Hotel. As the island expert, which do you think we should go with? 🙂 THANK YOU!!!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Perivolas is definitely more luxurious. It has a larger pool and more refined and meticulous service. It’s location is more secluded – and with that it’s a 10 minute longer walk into central Oia than from Canaves Hotel.

  217. Fanari Villas vs Oia Mare

    Hi Dave!

    What an amazing guide. This will be so helpful for us! My husband and I are spending 4 nights in Oia (5/30/15 – 6/3/15) and I am having trouble deciding between Fanari Villas or Oia Mare Villas. Do you know these properties? Pros and cons for both would be a great help. Both of these seem to be the most luxury in Oia that fall within our budget (with Fanari being a little more expensive).

    Thank you!
    Jacqueline Albir

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      They are very close to each other just above Amoudi Bay (the stairs down to Amoudi are clearly in view from the pools of both hotels). The Fanari is the more luxurious property. The Oia Mare has a lot more steps down to its rooms (and up to Oia) – probably the most steps of any hotel in Oia. Both hotels have great sunset views (along with Esperas they have the best sunset views of any hotels in Oia) – but they do not have direct views of the caldera.

  218. Views from Oia and Imerovigli

    Hi Dave!

    May i know from which point/resort was the Imerovigli photo taken? The one with caption “The sleepy romantic town of Imerovigli.” under the Where To Stay portion of this page.

    From the same point, if you look right, is there still a picturesque village view or just rocks/cliff?

    Am torn between staying in Oia or Imerovigli. The fact that Imero is the ‘highest’ point and both volcano and caldera can be seen appeals to me. But most photos focus on just the view in front, i seldom see photos showing the view from side to side — we prefer to be nestled in an area wherein if you look left and right, you can see the white-house villages with blue domes, etc.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      To the right of that photo is the caldera, sea, and island of Thirassia. You’re right, the views from Imerovigli do tend offer a more straight-on perspective of the water and caldera. Oia’s views are more through the prism of the surrounding village and buildings.

  219. Family Suite in Santorini in May


    This is a wonderful guide. I’m just sad that I discovered it so late. I had no idea that the rooms sold out so quickly on Santorini! My family still has NOT booked a room yet, but will be in Santorini in mid-May (in 2.5 months!). Obviously, now a lot of your recommendations are all sold out. We are a group of 4 adults and 1 baby (less than 2 years old). We would like to either stay in 1 large suite (with at least 2 beds… not 1 bed + 1 sofa bed), or 2 completely separate rooms. We are also looking for a caldera view (a must) and hopefully a private pool/jacuzzi (not a must). Our budget is around $250-$300/night for separate rooms or ($500-$600/night for a large suite). What do you think about La Maltese? They have a Senior Suite and a Master Suite which seem nice but I didn’t see any review from you on them. Another available option is the Architect House at Astra Suites.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      La Maltese is nice with a good view and small pool but the Architect’s House at Astra Suites is far superior and one of the nicest villas on the island (though it is somewhat isolated and doesn’t have much around within walking distance). But the Architect’s House is 1600€/night in May so not sure how that would work with your stated budget.

      1. Pia Castle vs Cosmopolitan Suites


        Sorry, you are absolutely correct. We were mistaken about the architect house pricing. After doing alot more research (and increasing our budget), we have narrowed down our choices to the 2-bedroom Cosmo Villa at Cosmopolitan Suites, or the 2-bedroom Deluxe Pool Villa at the Oia Castle Hotel. We are having a hard time deciding, and wanted to get more of an expert opinion… What are the pros/cons of each? Which is more luxurious, which has better views? Also, it seems like the Oia Castle does not have a public infinity pool, only the indoor cave pool as part of the villa? And it seems like the Cosmo Villa does not have a private outdoor pool/jacuzzi, only the public infinity pool (which looks amazing)? Is that correct?

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          The biggest difference is location and view. Oia Castle is in Oia, of course. Cosmopolitan is in Fira – a short walk to lots nightlife. Both have many restaurants nearby. Oia Castle has great views of the sunset but no direct views of the caldera. Cosmopolitan has great views of the caldera but views of the sunset will likely be obstructed by Thirassia and Santorini itself. Cosmopolitan has one shared infinity pool. Oia Castle does not have a pool beyond the one in the villa.

  220. Cosmopolitan or Enigma

    Hi Dave,

    AWESOME review and need your help. Coming with a strictly friend group of 6 guys and girls in our late 20’s and trying to all stay together. Few hotels accommodate 6 but seems Cosmopolitan Suites and Enigma both have availability (Cosmo slightly more expensive). We are all single and looking to party and enjoy the beauty of the island before heading to Mykonos. Do you recommend either? The Enigma room has a private hot tub which is appealing but Cosmo has the pool. Anything else you recommend. Should we keep the search in Fira or look elsewhere? Seems like town would be our best bet for more of a scene and socializing. Finally any other property you think we should look at?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are good hotels. Enigma is down the cliff and has a lot more steps. Enigma doesn’t have a pool but I believe you can use the pool at the nearby Aressana for a charge (though that never feels quite the same as having one at your hotel). If you want nightlife you should stay in or near Fira.

  221. Wheelchair Accessible Hotel in Fira


    I will be travelling to Santorini in the beginning of April.
    We have a group of 9 and 1 of them is travelling on wheelchair.
    Can you please recommend a hotel near Fira or Firostefani?

    Thank you very much Dave


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The only wheelchair accessible hotel I know of in Fira or Firostefani is Panorama Boutique Hotel (not the suites). It’s in central Fira and has an elevator.

  222. La Perla in Oia

    Hi Dave

    I have been stressed for 2 weeks trying to figure out where to stay in Santorini! Your website and walking tour videos are just what I needed! Thank you for doing all this work.
    I am going in June for 2 to 3 nights as a surprise for my mom’s 70th birthday. Believe it or not, she wants to stay in a central area! So I’ve booked at the moment a suite at La Perla. What are your thoughts on this location? It was in your video but just for a second? My budget is under $1,000. Thanks!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Great location not far from Oia restaurants but it does have a lot of stairs to get to the rooms.

  223. Katikies, On the Rocks, or Tsitouras?

    Would you stay at Katikies, On the Rocks, Tsitouras?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Katikies if I wanted to stay in Oia, Tsitouras if I wanted to stay in Firostefani (walking distance to Fira’s nightlife and an easier commute to the beaches).

      1. Lane

        But in general would you choose the Oia section or Firostefani section? Is one town more beautiful than the other? This will be my 1st time in Greece and I don’t know how many times (if any) I’ll be back. If you were going once in a lifetime lets say… What area would you stay in?

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          If I only had one visit to Santorini then I’d stay in Oia.

  224. Azzurro Hotel in Fira

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for such an informative site. Would love to hear what you think about Azzurro hotel in Fira.

    Ourania Kontaxis

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      It’s about 2 or 3 km south of Fira and a 20 minute walk into Fira. It’s on the caldera side of the road and looks out into the caldera. It doesn’t have a website yet but should soon.

      1. Azzurro Suites Hotel in Santorini

        I was wondering the same thing. Would you recommend the Azzurro Suites? I can’t find any travelers pictures of Azzurro and a lot of times I find I get a better sense of what a place is like when I look at their photos.


        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          As I say Azzurro Suites is not in Fira (it’s south of town towards the ferry port and a good 20 minutes walk to Fira). It’s a new hotel and does not have any reviews on Booking or TripAdvisor. The Azzurro Suites website is still under construction but is supposed to be up soon.

          Here are the relevant websites for when more info is available:
          Azzurro Suites Website
          Azzurro Suites Booking Page (the most photos of Azzurro)
          Azzurros Suites TripAdvisor Page

          1. Azzurro Suites

            Okay thank you. I guess the website is saying it’s located in Fira. I ended up booking 4 nights at Azzurro Suites in June thinking it was in Fira. It will be my first time to Santorini. Any insight to what that place is like? Is it a decent location? I will be staying there for 5 days.

          2. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

            The location is ok – just know you won’t be walking out your door and taking a few steps to get to restaurants, clubs, and shops. It appears to have good views of the caldera as you will get from those hotels south of Fira. If I have the location right there will be sidewalks all the way into Fira. The bus goes by the hotel so it’s easy to get into town. Renting a car is a good idea if you want to explore the rest of the island.

  225. Travel Agent Recommendations


    Love the website. My wife and I are planning to travel to the island for 4 nights this July or August for our anniversary. My travel agent recomeneded Astro palace. What can you tell me about this resort? We are looking for great views with a nice pool and good breakfast without breaking the bank. We are both active people and plan to do a lot of walking through town and hiking around the island. We enjoy night life but would prefer low key relaxing atmosphere for our stay. Any recommendations or insight would be great.



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Don’t go through travel agents if you can help it. You’ll get a better rate booking directly with a budget airline (use to search for flights) and, Agoda, Hotelscombined, or Expeida to search for hotels. Travel agents recommend hotels that they have pre-arranged deals with – they’re not looking for the best hotel or the best rate.

      Astro Palace is a nice hotel with a great pool but it does not have caldera views. It’s a 5 to 10 minute walk to the caldera, the caldera path, and the views of the volcano. The breakfast is a buffet style which you tend not to find at the hotels along the caldera as people like to eat on their own patio and enjoy the view. The views you see of the sea at Astro Palace are to the east and not of the caldera.

  226. Cosmopolitan Suites in Fira/Private Pool

    Hi Dave,

    I am a little confused looking at the Cosmopolitan Suites. Is there a private pool for each suite or is that infinity pool the general pool for everybody’s use? That view does look amazing! I want something to book a hotel that has great views of the caldera and I was hoping for a jacuzzi and or small pool. I don’t necessarily need that. I was looking at the Iliovasilema with private pool and the Rocabella Suite (which I didn’t see you mention on your site). I then looked at Cosompolitan suite as well. I have seen so many pictures of people by infiniti pools and they look fabulous and so I wanted a hotel where I could get a similiar picture in a pool over looking the caldera. I am cost conscious to an extent (meaning I would like the cheapest option to satisfy my wants 🙂 ). I am only going to be traveling with my boyfriend and we don’t need much space from a room standpoint. I was more concerned with pools, patios, views, and relaxation outside of the room. Do you have any recommendations? I’m not too picky about what town either but I would prefer a town with a view of the caldera rather than a beach town.
    Kristy Shedlock

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Suites at the Cosmopolitan do not have private pools – there is one infinity pool and it is for everyone’s use.

  227. Honeymoon Petra Villas

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for all the hard work with the site. My fiancee and I just booked a stay in early June at Honeymoon Petra Villas in Imerovigli. I haven’t seen this hotel mentioned on your site yet (unless I missed it)–I was wondering if you are familiar with it at all?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Great location with one of the nicest pools on Santorini. Incredible views into the caldera. Suites in the Petra Wing are close to the pool, suites in the Traditional Wing are a short walk from the pool.

  228. Cruise vs Self-Planned Trip

    My wife and I are considering a trip to Greece in late August and we’re debating a cruise vs. doing 3 islands in hotels. The cruise we like is the Variety Cruises 7-day Classic Greek Islands on the Harmony V. If we do the land-based trip, we’re thinking about Santorini, Mykonos and Hydra over 10 days. Which would you recommend? Based on what I’ve researched, we can commute between the islands by air and ferry, stay in very nice hotels, cover ample sightseeing and eat/drink nicely for less than we’d spend on the cruise.

    We’ve already done Athens on another trip, so one night in the city on the way out will be fine.

    Your site is very well done. I’ve been in the airline industry for the last 25 years and have traveled extensively; your style and content is as good as I’ve ever seen. I wish more people knew about you!

    Your help with this decision is most appreciated.

    Martin White

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I would definitely recommend the self planned trip. On cruises you do not get to spend nights on the islands (when they really come alive and have an almost festive feel – even if you’re not enjoying the nightlife). It’s actually the one thing people enjoy the least about some of the islands is that they get overrun with visitors from the cruise ships through the day when cruisers disembark en masse. Since they only visit the towns closest to the port the crowds are easy to avoid if you’re staying on the island but when you’re in the group you’re getting a distorted sense of the feel and culture of the island. Booking the trip yourself does require a bit more effort but the rewards are always worth it.

      Your 3 islands are great choices. The one thing to know is that you can’t get directly from the Santorini or Mykonos (the Cyclades) to Hydra. You would need to go via Athens and take a 1 hour ferry to Hydra from there.

  229. Best Cheap Hotel with Sea View?

    My girlfriends and I will be in Athens and Santorini this May. What is the best inexpensive hotel with the sea view? and close to good food. Also, should we rent a car? and what is the ABSOLUTE must do thing to do in Santorini and Athens?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Villa Maria Damigou is the best cheap hotel with caldera views. It’s in Firostefani and an easy walk to Fira. There are also restaurants within a 5 minute walk. Renting a car is good (especially if you have only a few days). The must-do thing in Santorini is to do the walk along the caldera from Fira to Oia (or at least Fira to north of Imerovigli). In Athens, the must-do thing is the Acropolis (and nearby Acropolis Museum).

  230. Cheap Hotel with Caldera View

    Hi Dave,
    I know I am late and I see many good hotels are booked now. I shall be in Santorini around 7th May for two nights. What are my cheapest hotel options for a Caldera view? Please suggest. A lot of confusion. I see all expensive properties available.

    Ashwin Daga

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Villa Maria Damigou is one of the cheapest hotels with a caldera view. Nice staff, clean simple rooms.

  231. Marizan Caves Villas in Oia

    Hi Dave,

    I assumed it was impossible to plan our trip to Greece without a travel agent till I found your awesome site. Thank you so much!

    We are interested in booking Marizan Caves & Villas in early September. I noticed it in the video, but wanted to know what you think about it. Is it too far from the Oia action? How’s the view? Good sunset? Good choice for an Oia hotel?

    Thank you so much!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Marizan has great views and one of the few hotels in Oia with sunset views. It’s a very short walk to Oia’s shops and restaurants.

  232. Gold Suites or Petite Palace in Santorini

    Hi Dave

    What a great website! There’s anything and everything on here to know about Santorini.
    I’ll be in Santorini for 3 nights in early May2015 for my honeymoon. I can’t decide whether I should go for a suite in Andromeda Gold Suites or Petit Palace (both with caldera views). Both have very good reviews on Tripadvisor. Our time in Santorini will be during the final leg of our honeymoon trip (we will be going to Athens and Mykonos first),hence we would like a relaxed and romantic end to our holiday.

    What do you suggest?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      They have very different locations. Gold Suites is in Imerovigli and has a handful of restaurants within a short walk and access to the caldera path that runs from Oia to Fira and the towns of Firostefani and Fira are an easy pleasant walk away. Petit Palace is on a busy road south of Fira with little around it. It’s a 20 minute walk to Fira’s shops and restaurants. It’s also quieter and more secluded. So if you only planned on sitting by the pool and enjoying the view then Petit Palace would be fine. But if you want walk to shops, restaurants, and nightlife then Gold Suites is much better.

  233. Santorini and ... Mykonos or Another Island?

    Hi Dave! First of all, I LOVE this site. You’re wonderful!! My husband and I are planning a trip for June. I figured we would fly into Athens, spend like a day there, then head toward Santorini. We will have about 2 weeks. We don’t want to get ourselves into complicated travel plans (I have a tendency to do that). However, I’m thinking 2 weeks in Santorini will get to be a little much (and probably too expensive). Where else should we go that would be easy to add onto our trip? We could do Mykonos–though our days of nightlife are behind us. We will also most likely stay Oia. We could always move around Santorini during that time and get 2 different perspectives of the island. If you had that amount of time, would you definitely go to Mykonos, too, or are there some other places that we should consider that are nearby/easy to get to?

    Also, its a babymoon. So, keep in mind that we need something relaxing that doesn’t require tedious travel. My husband really gets on my case when I lock us into airplane + bus + ferry etc etc etc plans.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I would choose Mykonos or Naxos … considering your lack of interest in nightlife and having a baby with you I’d go with Naxos. Both have great beaches. Mykonos has more nightlife and trendy restaurants. Naxos has more families, traditional villages, and hiking.

  234. Honeymoon on Santorini – Where To Stay?

    Hi Dave, Congrats for creating such a awesome website. The site has been really useful for my planning. I am going for my honeymoon trip in May 2015. I am looking for a hotel with caldera view. We are looking for a place with a bit of nightlife and I would not prefer driving. Where do you think I should stay? Shekhar

  235. Azzurro Suites in Fira

    Hi, Dave! Just came across your website and it’s been so helpful! My husband and I are planning our honeymoon to Greece for this summer 2015. We came across a hotel with no website or reviews and aren’t sure whether or not it’s reputable. Have you heard of Azzurro Suites in Fira? Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to provide!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Azzurro Suites must be a new hotel. From the pictures of Azzurro and the views it has of the caldera it appears to be south of Fira – probably 2km to 3km from the shops and restaurants of Fira. I can’t find a website for Azzurro Suites either.

  236. Hotels in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos

    Hello Dave,
    Thank you so much for your informative page.
    We are planning for our honeymoon in greece as under:
    31 May – 2 June: Athens (N.J.V athens plaza)
    2 June – 4 June: Mykonos by plane (Royal myconian resort & Thalasso Spa)
    4 June – 8 June: Santorini by speed ferried (Andromeda villas or Volcano View need some advice)
    8 June – 10 June: Athens again by ferries (Athens Ledra Marriot)

    Can u tell me some advice about my plan, and if there is any better choices.

    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Looks like a great plan. I think you’ll enjoy Andromeda Villas much more than Volcano View because of its location in Imerovigli (a quiet town with several places to eat a short walk from the hotel). Volcano View is 2 km south of Fira without much around it. It’s a beautiful hotel but you’ll need a rental car to get around the island or be dependent on the hotel’s shuttle bus. Volcano View would be better if you have any mobility issues as Andromeda has lots of steps (though there is an elevator for portions of them).

      The Athens Ledra (it’s no longer a Marriott) is not in the best location (it’s a taxi ride or a 20 minute walk to the Plaka) and there are some adults clubs nearby. It’s not a terrible or dangerous neighborhood but nowhere near as central as the NJV.

  237. Elea Resort in Oia

    Hi Dave,

    Great info here. I am coming to Santorini for 3 days in mid-June with a guy friend. I want to stay in Oia, although I know we will be spending some time partying in Fira. I booked some new hotel that has no reviews. Can you provide some insight into Elea Resort in Oia?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Pretty sure this is north of Oia and outside the town. It won’t have views of the caldera. Looks nice though.

      1. Yelena

        Thanks for the info. Do you have a better suggestion for a place that is under $300 a night in Oia? This one is about $236/night.

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Captian John has great views, good location, and reasonable rates.

          1. Yelena

            Thanks so much

  238. Esperas or Mystique

    Hi Dave,

    Would be glad to get your recommendation between Esperas Superior studio suite and Mystique junior suite. Which would have better views and a better place?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Esperas has sunset views but not caldera views. Mystique has caldera views but not sunset views. Esperas is a bit more central to the shops and restaurants (but still in a quiet area without a lot of foot traffic).

  239. Pantheon Villas in Imerovigli

    Hi, Dave! I absolutely love your website!! I have booked 5 nights at the Pantheon Deluxe Villas outside of Imerovigli in June. Do you have any thoughts on this particular property? Thanks, Vivian

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Great place and great pool. It’s a good 15 minute walk into Imerovigli and not much around it – but if you’re fine with that then it’s great.

  240. Perivolas or Mystique in Oia

    Hi Dave,

    Sorry if this comes up twice, but I couldn’t tell whether the first one made it through.

    Great website. I’m planning a trip to Santorini for four nights as part of my honeymoon. We would like to stay in Oia, and had been leaning towards Perivolas. We are now looking at Mystique, which charges approximately $100 more per night. Which would you recommend? Or, would you recommend some other hotel?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are incredible hotels. Mystique is 5 minutes closer to town and sits in the midst of other hotels with the steps leading down and around the property. Perivolos is more secluded and spread out and “lacks” the busier feel of the steps and paths of Mystique. You will not be disappointed with either hotel so whatever you choose be happy and excited.

  241. sheila

    Hi Dave, Planning a trip with Hubby in late June. this will be our first time to Greece. We like a nice pool, a nice view, nightlife and shopping. Any suggestions for Santorini???


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      You’d want to be in Fira or Firostefani so the best choices would be the Cosmopolitan (in Fira) or Tsitouras Collection (in Firostefani).

  242. Tsitouras Collection Private Patio

    Hi Dave, I booked the House of Porcelain at The Tsitouras Collection. I noticed this room does not have a deck. is this going to be a problem in enjoying the hotel and the island? I don’t know if the hotel will give me an upgrade for the extra deck. I just read in your previous comments that a lot of people like to lounge on their own decks. I just want to make sure that we are not missing out on too much. Please advise. I noticed this hotel is highly recommended. Thanks!

    Susan Lee

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, Tsitouras is a wonderful hotel, small intimate (only 6 suites) and super friendly owners (George and Eleni). Nice pool too. You’re right, the House of Porcelain does not have its own patio. It is the only suite that has a view to the sea from its interior (the dining area) and guests in the summer are served their breakfast on the Maria Callas Terrace (by the pool) at a table specially set up for the House of Porcelain guests. They may use the chairs on the main veranda, but not the table (which is outside the House of Portraits), as shown in the picture below.

      Only the House of Nureyev has its own private veranda (the one on the top with the curtains).
      All the rest share the common veranda and of course the Maria Callas Terrace.

      Tsitouras Collection Patio

  243. Staying in Imerovigli

    Hi Dave,
    What a great website! The wealth of useful information and helpful tips that you provide to assist travelers with the always fun but sometimes tricky task of making their travel plans is just amazing (and so appreciated)!
    My wife and I are planning a trip for the summer which will (hopefully) include 8 nights in Greece. At this point we’re planning on spending 4 nights in Athens before moving on to Santorini for another 4 nights. We are not interested in clubs or nightlife and are also not intending on doing much sightseeing but just want a peaceful and beautiful location with great views of both the caldera and evening sunsets. We are also not planning on renting a car. Because we have several questions it’s best if I spread them out over a few posts so that fellow readers can skip past the ones that don’t interest them.

    1. Our choice of hotel, thus far, is the Kasimatis Studios in Imerovigli. Based on what you’ve written it seems that these are both good choices (of town as well as hotel) however would we be able to easily make our way to a good beach for the day and if so which one would you recommend if we were just going to visit one?

    2. Although we’re not intent on doing a lot of sightseeing what, in your opinion, would be the most worthwhile thing(s) to see and/or do for an afternoon or two?

    3. I see that the restaurant choices are very limited in Imerovigli but you mentioned that some of them are quite good. Which ones are the best, in your opinion? Also, can you get a good breakfast in town?

    4. About how long is the bus ride between Imerovigli & Oia? Would it be worth it to head into Oia for dinner one or more times and if so which restaurants would you give the highest rating to?

    5. How far ahead do you recommend booking our hotel for late July, let’s say? (PS. We like using as well – best site for a variety of reasons/purposes).

    6. Fly or Blue Star from mainland to Santorini?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      1) Kamari is the closest beach to Imerovigli and has shops and restaurants along the beach. It’s a fun place and has great swimming. The beach is pebbly which some like and others don’t. Perissa has nicer sand but takes an additional 20 minutes to get to from Imerovigli.
      2) Walk from Imerovigli to Oia, Ancient Thira, Akrotiri, boat tour of the caldera and volcano.
      3) Nice: La Maison (views of the caldera). Cheap: Estia Traditional Grill House (in main square). I think Estia serves breakfast in high season.
      4) Bus ride from Imerovigli to Oia is about 15/20 minutes. Ambrosia, 1800, and the restaurants down in Amoudi Bay are the best in Oia.
      5) For July book hotels in December or January – if you want your pick of the rooms. Even by February things can be filling up at some hotels.
      6) Flying is faster and easier. Blue Star is more unique (but does get a little boring as it is an 8 hour trip).

      1. Anastasis or Kasimatis in Imerovigli


        Thank you so much for your replies to each of our questions. The information you have provided is much appreciated.

        With respect to Q1, is the swimming just as good in Perissa and are there good shops & restaurants there as well? We wouldn’t mind the extra travel time if it’s worth it (all else aside, sand > pebbles).

        In addition, we are also considering the possibility of staying at Anastasis Apartments rather than Kasimatis Studios. Without getting too carried away, the budget is not too much of a consideration and Anastasis looks lovely from what we can tell based on our online searching. What can you tell us about these two properties from a comparison standpoint that would help us decide between them (location, views, amenities, on-site food service (if applicable), ownership/management, overall quality/reputation, etc., etc.).

        Thanks again so much for the help you’ve already provided and for taking the time to answer these additional questions. It is a tremendous help and we appreciate it immensely.

        All the best,

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Yes, Perissa also has nice swimming and plenty of restaurants – but more spread out, doesn’t feel as much like a town.

          Anastasis is a nicer hotel but is a 15 minute walk north of Imerovigli. It’s not a difficult walk but can be tricky in the dark. There isn’t much else around the hotel besides one restaurant (Tasos Taverna). Kasimatis is right in Imerovigli with a half-dozen restaurants within a 5 minute walk. Not as luxurious as Anastasis but still very nice.

  244. Hotels in Santorini and Mykonos

    What a wonderful website! My fiancé and I will be on our honeymoon this June. What are your thoughts on Petit Palace Hotel in Santorini and Kouros Hotel and Suites in Mykonos?
    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Petit Palace has great views but is not in Fira and is out on it’s own on a busy road without much around it. So it’s fine if you want to sit by the pool all day but if you want to be walking distance from shops and restaurants then not so good. You would probably want a rental car if you stayed there. Kouros is a 10 minute walk from Mykonos Town – some people enjoy being a bit outside of the party zone, others find it a bit removed from the action.

  245. Santorini with a Baby

    Hi Dave,

    Firstly, your website is fantastic – what a wonderful resource!
    My husband and I and our 4 month old baby hope to travel to Santorini for 7 days in June and were looking at staying in either Oia or Fira. We will be bringing a stroller but plan on mostly using a front-pack carrier.
    Which of these locations would you say would be best suited and do you have any accommodation recommendations? Is the walk from Fira – Oia stroller friendly??

    Many thanks,


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The streets of Oia are more stroller friendly and the pace is just a little slower than Fira so I would recommend it. On the down side it’s 20 minutes farther to get to most attractions/beaches/towns around the island. Pretty much everywhere you go you have to drive (or bus) to Oia first and then continue from there. The walk from Fira to Oia is not stroller friendly at all.

      Not all hotels along the caldera allow children (12 years is usually the cutoff). 2 hotels in Oia that do allow kids are Delfini Villas and Strogili – both very nice and have pools.

  246. Ikies vs Dreams


    I can’t thank you enough for your website. It has been an amazing resource. I have a quick question if you don’t mind. We are planning a 3-day stay in Santorini with 3 families (6 adults, 4 teenage girls 16 or older) this summer, following a 7-day gullet trip visiting Turkey and a few Greek Islands. We are very torn between staying at Ikies (recommended on your website) and Dreams Suites (located in Imerovigl). Do you have any opinions regarding this choice? We would be interested in comments on location, luxuriousness of rooms, service, views, amenities, etc… We can’t think of a better person to reach out to in order to get a knowledgeable opinion!!

    Charlotte Walsh

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The location is the biggest difference. Dreams is in a busy part of Imerovigli (the town is quiet but there’s still plenty of walk by traffic on the footpath). Ikies is at the farthest end of the Oia footpath (rather secluded) and thus gets very little traffic. Dreams is a short walk into Imerovigli or Firostefani. Fira is a 15 minute walk away. From Ikies you’re about 15 minutes into central Oia – a very pleasant walk but not many restaurants nearby. Ikies has a small communal pool, Dreams doesn’t – though there are rooms with private jacuzzis at both. Dreams has sunset views (though not as direct as the hotels on the north end of Imerovigli), Ikies does not have sunset views.

  247. Anwar

    This is very helpful thankyou so much for this informative blog and pictures.

  248. Grace, Chromata, Katikies

    Hi Dave,

    Great site! Love the suggestions for the top hotels in Santorini.

    We are planning our honeymoon in Santorini for this September, and recently made a reservation at the Grace for 5 nights (surprisingly, allowed us to reserve the Superior Suite at no charge until we check in!) We also have a reservation at the Chromata, and have considered the Katikies, too. We are looking for something more luxurious/pampering, and want a place with a spacious balcony/great views, ideally one with our own private pool (and the Grace seems to be the only one who has that in their Suites). We really don’t mind where it’s located (Oia or Imerovíglion), and are willing to splurge a bit for something that is “above and beyond” a typical hotel for our honeymoon.

    Out of the 3 that I mentioned, which one would you recommend for a honeymoon? Or is there another hotel we should also consider? Following our stay in Santorini, we will most likely head to either Crete or Myonos for a few days, and will probably choose a hotel that is more budget friendly for the last leg of our trip.

    It seems like Grace is THE ultimate luxury hotel in the area from what I’ve read, and I know it books up far in advance so we’re leaning towards that one, especially since we were able to book without putting down a hefty deposit up front. But I know Chromata is great too (my friend actually stayed there for her honeymoon).

    Appreciate your input! Any suggestions on Mykonos vs. Crete would also be great 🙂


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      They’re all wonderful hotels – the best of the best. Grace has the nicest pool, the view from the Katikies pool is the most jaw-dropping.

  249. Cheaper Hotel in Oia


    You had recommended Canaves Hotel, but they are now sold out for the dates I am going. What are your thoughts on Canavas Oia Suites vs. Santorini Secret? I’d prefer a cheaper hotel – if I could find a very clean hotel in Oia, not needing great views, I would take that one, as my wife and I are in Santorini just for 3-4 days to explore the island and site see – not too worried about the hotel view. Any suggestions or do I have to stick with hotels that are $600+ per night in order to get a clean room?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      If you don’t mind a 10 minute walk to Oia (20 minutes to central Oia) then Villa Agnadi is great. Inexpensive, clean, free breakfast, and nice pool. There’s a bus stop just out the door that goes to central Oia and Fira.

      For something in Oia proper Rimida Villas has budget studios for less than $200.

      1. Is Absolute Bliss a BnB?

        Hi Dave,
        Great site!! Loved reading all the reviews!

        Me and my husband we are travelling to Santorini island early May to celebrate our five year anniversary. We already have the elegant suite booked at Absolute bliss. But my husband was looking at the honeymoon suite. What I want is a private heated outdoor jacuzzi (it’s a must) great service from the hotel with a spacious beatific room. (I am very fussy… specially when i am spending that kind of money) problem is when I checked reviews for Absolute on tripadvisor, it is listed as an bnb as opposed to a hotel. We also looked at some other ones in our price range (Galaxy, Dreams, Pegasus or similar) which is around 500 CAD a night. Would you have any suggestions? Is Absolute a good choice for us.. or should we look at alternative?


        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Tripadvisor is unreliable in many ways as is the case here. Absolute Bliss is most definitely a hotel and not a BnB. Great views, nice pool, and very friendly manager.

  250. White deck or Annio Flats

    Hi Dave,

    We are 4 friends visiting Greece during last 2 weeks of May. We will be staying in Santorini for 5 nights and have blocked the cave house at the Whitedeck Santorini. Is it a good place and the view?

    We are also thinking on the Annio flats. Both are in Imerovigli. Please suggest.

    Kavya Reddy

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both have great views – Whitedeck maybe a little better as it’s higher up on the hill. If the room itself is more important Annio probably wins out. Both are nice but if you’re expecting luxury you’ll be disappointed.

  251. Walk to Central Oia


    Thanks for the helpful website! We’re having a difficult time choosing between Kirini Suites and Santorini Secret – any help you could give us in making a choice would be greatly appreciated! One thing about Kirini Suites we are concerned about is that part of the walk into central Oia is on a busy street – is this an issue to be concerned about? Is the walk safe at night? Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      No, I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the stretch road you need to walk along (even at night). It’s more of a subtle annoyance than a safety issue – traffic moves fairly slowly along that part of the road.

  252. Ambassador Hotel in Akrotiri

    Hi Dave

    So much information to take in! Thank you.

    We’re going on our honeymoon to santorini from the 9th until the 19th of August and have booked to stay at the Ambassador Hotel. Any thoughts on this hotel?

    Thank you

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Nice hotel with incredible views but it is very isolated. Good if you want seclusion and plan to rent a car but not so good if you’re wanting to walk to restaurants, nightlife, or shopping.

      1. Emma

        Brilliant. Thank you. Not planning on going far most days anyway. Any pointers on car or quad bike rental?

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Automatic cars are in short supply. If you need one reserve through Auto Europe.

          I personally would not use a quad. OK for very shot distances but if you’re driving up to Oia seems sort of miserable.

  253. Afroessa Hotel in Imerovigli

    Thank you so much Dave for this information – this has been so helpful to us picking out the right area in Santorini!
    We are traveling to Santorini early June and we are thinking of staying in the Afroessa hotel. Out top choice was Astra Suites but unfortunately it wasn’t available for our dates. We really liked the pictures and review of Afroessa was wondering if you have any opinion on it.

    Romy Misra

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Afroessa is very nice. It’s on the footpath leading out of Imerovigli to the north (towards Oia). This is a very quiet and secluded part of Imerovigli with little foot traffic going by. There are a handful of restaurants about 5 minutes walk away. Fira is a good 20 to 30 minutes walk but the bus stops nearby (just beyond the restaurants) for a quick ride to Fira.

      1. Romy Misra

        Thank you so much for this Dave, we are going ahead with the reservations.

  254. Hotel with Common Area/Bar

    Hi Dave,

    Any suggestions for hotels for a group of friends (girls) that might have less honeymooners and less (or no) young children? Maybe with a bar or restaurant or common area to hang out.



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Porto Carra in Fira has a nice balcony and their bar has great views of the caldera. Rooms are pretty simple. Prices very good for the location.

  255. Athens, Mykonos, Santorini in September

    Hi Dave…I’m not sure if this question was already submitted by me, apologies if that’s the case! My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon to Greece for early September. If you could help with the following I’d really appreciate it!!

    1. Visiting Athens (for only 1 day maybe 1 night as well), Mykonos and Santorini. We are planning on 9 nights in total.
    2. How many nights do you suggest each for Mykonos and Santorini?
    3. Which order do you think we should visit each destination?
    4. Is flying between islands the best option as far as saving time or do you think a ferry is worth it (meaning is it a nice ride and less $)?

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      1) Can see lots in one day in Athens – everything is very central. Just get going early and keep going until 8pm (when the museums close). Then a late night dinner in the Plaka/Monastiraki neighborhood.
      2) 4 and 4 would be good. 3 and 5 better.
      3) The order doesn’t matter. It is nice to enter the Santorini caldera aboard the Blue Star ferry (which means you have to go Athens to Santorini) but not a huge deal.
      4) Ferry is cheaper than flying. If you’re on the Blue Star it’s a nice ride (but slow). If you’re on a Hellenic Highspeed it’s painless and boring (but fast). If you’re on a SeaJet it’s unpleasant, cramped, boring (but fast). There are very few flights between Mykonos and Santorini. Many flights between Athens and the islands.

      1. Jessica

        Thank you! For the flights you suggest booking ASAP and for any of the ferries you suggest booking once in Greece?

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Book flights as far in advance as possible. I would be fine booking ferry tickets as soon as you can after arriving in Greece – but it’s not impossible that the high speed ferries could sell out before then (unlikely but not impossible, the Blue Star ferries will not sell out).

  256. Hotel for Family of 5

    Hi Dave, we are a family of 5 looking to spend 3 nights in Santorini at the beginning of August after spending 3 nights in Mykonos, before heading off to Turkey. Our “children” are 15, 18, and 21yrs, so more like young adults. Trying to figure out where to stay in Santorini. I want to stay somewhere with a great view of the Caldera, I want that picturesque balcony view that we are coming all this way for. But, we will want to see the sites and town,ect. We won’t be sitting around all day, so don’t want to be too isolated. Some possibilities I have looked at are:
    Avista Suites, Astra Suites, Oia Mare Villas, Absolute Bliss. Prices are really expensive, so I want to be sure we pick the right hotel. My husband and I will be celebrating our 25 yr anniversary so willing to splurge, but want to make sure it is the right fit, since we have the whole family with us. Thanks so much for any guidance, and wonder if there is anywhere else I should check out?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Astra is the best of those hotels. All have good locations a short walk to several restaurants. Oia is a little farther from the most popular Santorini sights – not a big deal but it does add 15 minutes to any trip to the beach, Fira, or southern Santorini.

      1. Suzanne

        What would be the next best option after Astra? Astra is, of course, the most expensive of the options. Thanks,

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Absolute Bliss is wonderful. The view might even be a little more wow than Astra – though (in a very subtle way) doesn’t have quite as much warmth as Astra.

  257. Hotels in Oia

    Hi Dave –
    Thank you for all of the info provided – it was a HUGE help in planning our honeymoon!! My fiance and I are planning 5-6 nights in Santorini in early September. We both like having activities, restaurants, and bars close by or convenient location. I originally booked us at Ikies Traditional Houses for 5 nights but after watching your video I’m worried about the location and that it may be too quiet for us. Is this property far from town? Are there other hotels that you would recommend? Preferably 4-5 stars with great location. Or would you recommend that we break up the trip and spend 3 nights in Fira and 3 in Oia? Thanks for your help in advance!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Ikies is at the very end of the Oia footpath (as far away from central Oia as you can get and still be in Oia). But the walk into town is a very pleasant 15 minutes with beautiful views. Some people love it. Some people want to be more central.

      4 and 5 star hotels that are closer to Oia’s restaurants are: Canaves Oia Hotel, Katikies, Atrina Traditional Houses, Andronis Boutique Hotel, Oia Castle Hotel, Fanari Villas,
      and Esperas Hotel. There’s a stretch of the Oia footpath that is broken up and you have to walk on a busy road for about 200 meters to get back on the pathway. All of the hotels above are on the closer side to Oia than that break and don’t require walking on the road to get to central Oia.

      Splitting your time between Oia and Fira would also be a fine idea and recommended if you were considering going out for some nightlife on 1 or 2 nights.

  258. Canaves, Delfini, or Kapari

    Dave – your site has been helpful. Quick question – my wife and I are looking at staying in Oia or Imeroviglion in August. After looking at some of your recommendations and then looking at booking .com I have narrowed it down to 3 places. – Canaves Oia Hotel in Oia, Delfini Villas in Oia or Kapari Natural Resort. We will be staying 4 nights. We can choose a nicer room at Delfini and Kapari or a basic room at Canaves. Which would you choose?

    Thanks for the feedback!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I’d say Canaves as long as you’re ok with not having direct sunset views. You’ll need to walk into Oia (the funnest) or out of Oia (the most solitude) to see it directly. For the best sunset views you’ll want Kapari (which has just about the best sunset view on the island owing to its elevation).

      1. Chris

        Thank you. Thank you. If Canavaes doesn’t have direct sunset view, do you recommend any other hotels with the direct sunset views in Oia – budget of $500-600 per night. Whatever hotel you recommend, would you pick that one or Canaves? I have read that not having sunset views isn’t all that bad since you can go sit on the walls or watch the sunset with everyone else. Look forward to your great advice.

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          I would still stick with Canaves. And you still see some of the sunset, just not the portion when it dips into the sea which is blocked by land. And yes, going out to watch the sunset is lots of fun too.

  259. Flights from Mykonos/Santorini to Istanbul

    Hi Dave,

    Great website! Thanks for the tips.

    Do you know if there is a direct flight from Santorini to Istanbul or Mykonos to Istanbul that can be booked as a one way ticket?



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      There is one flight per week (Wednesday) from Mykonos to Istanbul on Atlasjet. There are 6 flights per week from Istanbul to Mykonos (not Saturday) – if that’s any help. There are no direct flights between Santorini and Istanbul.

  260. Which Hotel?

    Hi Dave,

    Great website with so much information! We are visiting Santorini for 4 nights in September for a friend’s wedding. For two of the nights we are staying in Perissa with the rest of the guests from the wedding and then the final two days, we are looking to move to Oia or Imerovigli.

    Torn between hotels because so many of them look amazing. Which would you recommend? We are looking at a budget of approx £250 – £300 per night.

    So far I have been looking at Canaves Oia Hotel, Kapari Natural Resorts, Avaton, Grace or San Antonio.

    Please could you advise which you would go for or if there is one that I am missing or have not considered, please let me know!

    Thanks so much in advance.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Grace would be my top pick. A note on the San Antonio: it is a wonderful hotel but out in the middle of nowhere between Oia and Imerovigli so a rental car (or a lot of patience waiting for buses and taxis) is a must.

  261. Hotel in Oía under €200

    Hi, Dave.

    The site is very usefull. 🙂

    We’ll be spending our honeymoon in Greece in May and we are looking for a hotel in Oía, Santorini. Would you have any indications below or around 200 euros/day?



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Rimida Villas and Strogili are both good hotels with good prices. They share the same pool – which is nice and has good views.

  262. Atrina Traditional Houses/Speaking English/Hikes/Water Activities

    Hi Dave!

    Great work with the blog, very informative. I’ve been researching honeymoon locations for weeks and am thankful I’ve come to a spot with so much useful info.

    We will be honeymooning in late August and are heavily leaning towards visiting Santorini. That being said, I’ve taken a look at your list of top hotels and didn’t see one that is rated very highly on Tripadvisor – Atrina Traditional Houses. Do you have any thoughts on this hotel relative to your choices? Furthermore, we are planning on a 7-10 day trip. Do you think that spending all of our time in Santorini would be less than ideal? i.e. would there be enough to do on Santorini or should we visit another island such as Mykonos or spend time in Athens? and is language an issue in any of these areas? (we only speak English)

    Also, in Santorini, besides the walk from Oia to Fira, are there additional hiking trails that are fun/challenging with great views? And are there plenty of fun activities such as cycling around the island, paddleboarding, snorkling, scenic boat tours or things of that nature?

    Look forward to your response!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      You can see Atrina in this video of Oia hotels (at 12:30). It’s a beautiful hotel with a small pool that looks into the caldera. It does not have complete sunset views however. For sunsets you’ll need to walk either into Oia or out of Oia (either left or right as you leave Atrina).

      You can easily fill 10 days on Santorini, but yes, I would probably recommend a few days on a different island (Naxos or Mykonos) or exploring Athens. English is widely spoken and you don’t need to speak Greek to get by. Though it’s fun to learn a handful of words before your trip. The hike up to Ancient Thira (at the opposite end of the island from Oia) has stunning views and is good walk. Watersports, jet skis, kayaks, and rentals are not that common on Santorini though you will find them in limited forms at Kamari and Perissa beaches. Snorkeling can be done in a couple spots but the sea is generally too deep to make it popular activity. The boat tour out to the volcano and Therassia (buy tickets after you arrive) is very good and worth the day.

  263. Rafina to Mykonos to Santorini to Athens


    Your sight is so helpful and I love that you are so positive with responses! My fiance and I are traveling to Greece (Athens, Mykonos and Santorini) this August. We are arriving at the airport at 9:20am on August 3 and planning to depart August 15th. So 11 full days.

    Our plan is to get off the plane and catch a ferry at the Rafina Port to go straight to Mykonos. Is this a horrible idea? The ferry times show we have 7 hour window to land and to travel to the ferry port.

    A.) We are planning on spending August 3rd to August 7th in Mykonos so 4 nights? Is this sufficient time to stay here? Also, I absoultely love your recommendation on the Hotel Belevdere, however this is over our budget. The price is coming out to $2,453.80 and I was hoping for something around $1,800 for the 4 nights. I thought of staying a shorter number of nights but it requires a minimum of a 4 night stay. Do you have any other recommendations for a great honeymoon hotel for Myknonos? I really like your idea of being in the town for the evenings and somewhere easily commutable to beaches! Also, to cut cost… how many nights would you recommend someone stay in Mykonos to get the “full experience” of what it offers? I don’t want to decide to stay too few nights and regret that decision

    B.) We are then planning on taking a ferry from Mykonos to Santorini where we will stay August 7th to August 12th so 5 nights. Is this enough time, how many nights would you suggest someone stay in Santorini? Again, I loved your suggestion for the Tsitouras Collection hotel the views at that resort are incredible, however; that is really above our budget, again I was hoping for something at $1,800 to $2,200. In Santorini I would like to stay somewhere that has amazing veiws, an awesome pool (infinity preferably), clean, and would make us feel like we were on a honeymoon. It would be nice to be in a location that is close to restaurants, bars, activities while feeling some romance.

    C.) Finally, we are planning on taking a Ferry from Santorini to Athens August 12 to August 15 so 3 nights. We are planning on staying at the Hotel Grande Brentage (not sure I spelled that correctly). We are obessed with the rooftop bar and the view it offers. This will give us two full days in Athens.. would it be a bad idea to cut this to one day?

    So when pricing the trip out with the Belvedere, Tsitouras Collect and Hotel Grande for the 4, 5 and 3 nights we are close to 3k above the budget we hoped for 7k minus activites/food/ferries/taxis etc and we came to 10k! Yikes…LOL! Is this something to just expect with traveling in August? Should we cut down the number of days to help get the cost down, if so where would you cut days at? Also, this is our honeymoon so I don’t want to go completely cheap (I do like the luxury/clean feel), so if there are options to cut cost I would greatly appreciate it but I you think there is not much we can do and need to suck up the cost I will appreciate that information as well.

    I am really sorry for the thousand questions, but it seems like you really know what you are doing and hope you can help me out!

    Thank you so much in advance.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      A) You could get away with 2 nights on Mykonos and still feel like you saw the island. That would give you a full day to hit some beaches and 2 nights walking and dining in Mykonos Town (the highlight). Check out the Poseidon for a cheaper place that’s still very nice and has a pool.

      B) 5 to 7 nights on Santorini is what I recommend. With that budget you’ll have to compromise a little on something: the pool, the location, the level of luxury. 2 hotels that have what you’re looking for but are located outside of Fira (40 minute walk, cheap taxi ride, or free shuttle bus into Fira) are Caldera Butterfly Suites and Volcano View Hotel. In Fira there’s Hotel Keti that has wonderful views, a small pool, and good rates.

      C) 1 Full day in Athens is fine. Most of the sights are central and an easy walk from The Grande Bretagne. If you have a plan and start early it’s amazing how much you can see in one day.

  264. Villa for 6 Adults

    Wonderful website thanks so much. Dave are you able to help us in advising about accomodation in Santorini. We are 3 fit couples in our late 50s and are planning to spend 5 to 6 nights in Santorini in late August to relax after a 2 week tour of Italy. We had thought we would like to rent a 3 bedroom villa with kitchenette and perhaps a pool in Firia with sea views. We were thinking that this might be more economical than a hotel room. We would really appreciate your advice and any recommendations you may have.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Check out Kastro Suites between Fira and Firostefani. No pool but big jacuzzi and great views. Large suites.

  265. Fira to Firostefani Walk – Safe?

    Hi Dave, Ill be in Santorini in May solo backpacking. I’m really liking the look of Firostefani but I’m wondering if i did decide to go into Fira at night if its save to walk back by myself? I will have just turn 21 when I’m there.



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I am speaking from the perspective of a forty year old male but yes, I think it would be safe. Fira stays busy until late into the night and there’s always traffic on that walk. Now, whether you’d want to make the walk alone at 4am, I don’t know. But certainly anytime until midnight there should be plenty of people still milling about.

  266. Nightlife and Clubs in Fira/ Fira to Oia Transport at Night

    Best website I have ever seen in regards to information about a trip you have never taken before. Thanks for this. Wife and I are staying in Oia for 5 nights in July. What are the good nightlife spots in Fira to get drinks/dance? Most of our dinners are on Oia, so how long is it from Oia to Fira? Are taxi’s easily available at all hours? Thanks again.

    Brandon Lipari

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Around the area of Murphy’s Pub is where you’ll find most of the nightlife and clubs. Enigma and Koo Bar are probably the most popular. Kira Fira if you’re looking for jazz.

      From Oia to Fira is about a 20 minute drive. Taxis can be hard to find at night but if you’re persistent you’ll get one. Buses run late in July but still wouldn’t expect them to run past midnight.

  267. Finding Hotels/Directions

    Hey Dave! Awesome site!
    First time going to Greece and hitting Athens, Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini. My questions may be kind of dumb, but practical none-the-less… How do you actually find your hotel through the cluster of all the nook & crannie maze towns? Also, is there decent cell phone service for using GPS to find places?

    Nick Papadimoulis

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      It can be tricky to find certain hotels – especially in Mykonos Town, Naxos Town, and pretty much every town on Santorini. But it always works out. Your taxi driver will get you to the closest drop off spot, then you just have to keep asking every few minutes until you find your hotel. GPS works as long as you have cell phone service (you might need to buy a sim card when in Greece).

  268. Youth Hostel in Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    Wonderful information by you.
    I am 24 years female would be solo back packing to Athens and then to Santorini – May 13-14.
    Which hotels/dormitories would you recommend for solo travelers? I do not mind Oia, Fira or anywhere.
    What do you think would be the best option?
    Looking for super inexpensive stay.
    Thanks for your help

    Palak Shetty

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Santorini Youth Hostel in Fira is very cheap, clean, fun bar, and good pool. Walking distance from the bus station. And they have free shuttle to the port.

  269. Katikies, Petra Villas, Astra Suites

    Hi Dave,

    I am so glad I found this website. So many helpful information! My fiancé and I were just starting to look into booking a honeymoon in Greece in the late summer and didn’t realize all the best hotels were already filling up. I’m trying to do my research and we want to get the most out of Greece with 9 nights. We wanted to visit: Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Do you think 1 full day (1 night) in Athens and (3) nights in Mykonos is sufficient time? We wanted to spend the bulk of our time in Santorini and was thinking of splitting our time there. Maybe (2) nights in Imerovigli and 3 nights in Oia? Would you recommend that? We love to travel and would like to see as much as possible especially the great views of Caldera. I’ve been reading all the posts and it seems like: Katikies Hotel is Oia is the way to go. What about in Imerovigli? Would you recommend Honeymoon Petra Villa? I saw that Astra Suites was very nice but children friendly. We love kids however, since we’ll be on our honeymoon – we wanted maybe a quieter place, which one of the best hotels you would recommend for the best views, pools, romantic setting maybe with an outdoor Jacuzzi…if money wasn’t an issue?

    Thanks again for all the helpful information, this site is amazing!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Considering that you have 9 nights in Greece that is exactly how I would split your days. 1 day in Athens is not a lot, of course, but amazing how much you can see in one day as the sights in Athens are all very central. 3 nights in Mykonos and 5 nights in Santorini is also good. Katikies is wonderful so can’t go wrong there. The Petra view looks back into the caldera and towards Fira. The Astra view looks more towards Oia and the sunset. One is not better than the other, both great, but subtly different.

    2. Fira Hotel without Climbing Lots of Steps

      Hi Dave
      Thanks for all the useful information you have given on this site – it’s been very helpful particularly the video.
      We’re looking for somewhere luxurious in Fira which doesn’t involve climbing lots of steep steps and is very central.
      I particularly like the look of Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites but didn’t see it recommended by you. Is it good? Do you have any comments?
      We want somewhere that is easily accessible by taxi with luggage.
      Thanks in advance

      1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

        Aressana is beautiful and is one of the few hotels at which a taxi can pull right up to the door. The hotel does not have a caldera view though you’re only 20 seconds walk from seeing it. The views you see online are to the east.

  270. Renting Home in Santorini Online

    What are your thoughts about booking homes thru vrbo in santorini? I’ve had mixed results and trying to find best options for 5 nights (july 23 – july 28) for family of 5. Do you have any recommendations? We’re open to a few days caldera side and a few days beach side.
    jay dawar

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I prefer Flipkey (division of Tripadvisor) and AirBnB (not as many listings) but VRBO is fine too.

      I think villas are great for long stays or large groups but for 5 days I’d go with one of Santorini’s superb luxury hotels.

  271. Hotel on Caldera that Allows Children

    Hello Dave!
    Thank you so much for taking the time and creating this blog! Its very informative! My DH and 2 children ( 6&8) will be in Santorini on July27-29 and are looking for a hotel on the Caldera site with great views! Our budget is $ 600 per night and we are looking for a kid friendly hotel with the WOW factor.

    I tried to book the Aria suites but they are sold out on those dates 🙁 Do you have any other recommendations? Thank you so much

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Astra Suites has a very nice Family Suite that has great views. It’s in Imerovigli and there are a lot more steps up and down than Aria but with kids age 6 and 8 you should be fine.

  272. Pegasus or Altana Suites?


    Great website, made my planning super easy.

    I am debating between the honeymoon suites at the Pegasus Spa and Altana Spa hotel. Which do you recommend?



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I like the views from Altana better. It’s out on the point of Imerovigli just a bit more and looks back into the caldera towards Fira while still providing sunset views.

  273. Beaches on Santorini/Naxos and Paros

    Hi, Dave!
    What an outstanding job you’ve done with this website! I’ve got tons of useful information from just this one source that you created! Thank you for that.

    I’d love to know you opinion, if you would. I’m planning on spending maybe a couple of days on Naxos, 2 days on Paros and 4 days on Santorini. I’m going with my sister, we both are young but don’t need any clubs, just good restaurants, great views and a nice beaches. I was thinking of staying at Fira or Oia, but you mentioned neither Oia nor Fira has a beach. So what would you say is the right place to stay? And would you say Naxos and Paros are worth seeing too?

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      If you want to spend time at the beach (especially if you’ll be taking the bus) but still want to stay along the caldera then Fira is where you want to be. It’s much closer to the beaches from Fira (1 bus, 10 to 15 minutes) than from Oia (2 buses, 30 to 40 minutes). It’s fun to be at the beach through the day, take the bus back to Fira, shower up and then head out for dinner and drinks.

      Both Naxos and Paros are worth a visit. I prefer Naxos but not by much. Both are great. If you don’t get enough beach time on Santorini then Naxos and Paros will give you plenty of opportunity to hit the beach.

  274. May or August in Greece

    Hey Dave!
    My boyfriend and I have vacation days in May and August. Which month do you think would be better for traveling to Santorini, but also offer good beach weather?



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      For beaches August is better. For sightseeing (and good deals) May is better.

  275. Caldera View, Private Balcony, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Infinity Pool

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you so much for your website, it’s definitely by far the best & most informative site I have seen for Santorini!
    My partner and I are going to Greece for our honeymoon, however I am so confused about which area & where to stay! We are staying in Santorini for 4 nights (23rd – 27th June) and then Athens for 2 nights (27th & 28th June) and wondering where you would suggest. I have no idea about Athens, we will most likely be seeing the sites during the day but would still like to stay somewhere nice. I’m thinking Fira or Firostefani in Santorini as my partner is never good at sitting in the one spot! As it’s for our honeymoon I would love a beautiful view of caldera and an outdoor jacuzzi on our own private balcony (not sure if anywhere has private jacuzzis and a main infinity pool?) do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks so much Dave, your advice is greatly appreciated!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Honeymoon Jacuzzi Suite at Astra Suites has everything you’re looking for though the pool isn’t truly an infinity pool. But honestly, it’s likely sold out for June.

      For hotels in Athens near the tourist attractions read The Best Hotels in Central Athens.

  276. Lilium Santorini Villas/ Oia Hotels with Caldera View

    Hi Dave, I’m going to visit Santorini end of march. I have booked 2 days at Lilium Santorini Villa, is this place with nice view? I’m looking for a 2 days stay at Oia as well. There are a lot of rooms not available on the date I selected. Can you advise a list of place to stay in Oia with caldera view? Thanks.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Lilium has great caldera views – but it is a 20 to 30 minute walk outside of Fira (without much around it). Taxis and free shuttle do the trip in 5 minutes. It’s not a big deal if you only want to hang out at your hotel by the pool and enjoy the views. But if you’re wanting to be someplace central Lilium isn’t it. You can see the location here and a map of Lilium here.

      For Oia hotels with caldera view look at this video of hotels in Oia. Almost all of the hotels shown have caldera views. You can fallow along and see which locations you like.

  277. Hotel for Young Children

    Hi Dave, wow this blog is amazing and so helpful! Thank you for all of the advice. We are planning a trip to either Santorini or Crete with our siblings. We will be 4 adults and 2 children (2 years and 1 year). Do you think any hotels are suitable for kids this young? Where would you recommend? I read that you suggested the Astra for a few others with older children. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are open to location and hotels.
    thank you so much,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, Astra Suites would be great for those ages too. It’s not right on the cliff (set back just a bit) and thus has good views but is not right on the edge. Also has a nice pool.

      A less expensive option is Villa Agnadi just outside of Oia. It does not have caldera views and is a 20 minute walk into town (the bus stops right at the hotel’s driveway if that’s too far) but has a good pool and large suites.

  278. Hotel for 5 Families

    Hi Dave
    We are looking for a place to stay with 5 families with children ages 12-16. We would like the kids to be ble to have a little freedom to walk around town, and definitely want caldera view. Pool preferred..we will be going first week of June. It’s been 20 years since we last visited and also wondering how the cruise ships have changed the experience and if any places to avoid that are packed with day tourists. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated…your site is a great resource!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      You have 2 challenges: finding hotels with caldera view that accept children and finding a caldera view hotel that has 5 large rooms. Spiliotica on the Cliff in Imerovigli has great views and enough rooms to accommodate your group but it’s nothing luxurious. You’ll likely need to find separate hotels for the group. Or since your kids are so old they could have rooms of their own so you’d only need to find double rooms. (My kids are 8 and 11 and just recently got a room of their own and loved it.)

  279. Oia Hotels with View for About $500

    Hi Dave

    Great site! You’re so helpful, thanks in advance!! We are travelling to Santorini in August and have been told that Oia is the place to be. We’re in our fab 50’s and pretty fit and would like a great view and a great pool if possible at about $500 or less a night. Any suggestions?? Love the white, white, white cave rooms…..and a bit of luxury and a VIEW!!!!



  280. Hotel for Family of 4

    Hi Dave,
    I’m dizzy with all the hotel selections. I’ve been researching this for 2 months and still have’t decided on a place to stay and worried that I better book something fast. I am traveling with my husband and 2 kids (ages 11 &12). I was told to go to the Oia side of the island. I like good food but not a crazy nightlife and we are going towards the end of June. I would like 2 separate rooms…not all in the same room and it would be great if my kids could walk to town. I also like it to be fairly quiet especially when sleeping!! Can you just recommend a couple places. Budget is $500 a night or preferably less but on the high end $500. THANK YOU!!

    Also, how many days in Santorini vs Naxos? Which one would you spend more in (with children)? We have about 7-8 days.

    Nancy Gentry

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Esperas in Oia has 2 room suites with marvelous views. It’s one of the few hotels that has views of the sunset in Oia. It’s a marvelous location. Your kids could easily head off and explore Oia on their own with no worries (my kids are 8 and 11 so totally no what that’s like). Below is Amoudi Bay with some great traditional seafood restaurants.

      With kids, I’d split my time evenly between Naxos and Santorini – with a slight preference for Naxos. (The beaches are better on Naxos, the swimming is better on Santorini.)

      Hope that helps.

    2. Nancy Gentry

      I would also consider an apartment if you know of any! I am getting kind of worried that things are really booked up!

        1. Nancy Gentry

          Thanks so much for all your help Dave! One last and simple question…I looked at all the pictures of your kids and where you have traveled (We have traveled to most of those places too either with our kids or before we had kids) my question is this…since are kids are roughly the same age, and we seem to have similar traveling styles, where would you choose to stay on Santorini (i just mean what part of the island) with your boys/wife? I have decided that a house/apartment is the way to go since I’ve gotten discouraged with the hotels and they are mostly booked up! Thank you!!

          1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

            I might have a slight preference for Fira but not by much. And when you stay in Firostefani or Imerovigli it gives you a walk every day to get to Fira, shop, get ice cream, eat lunch. Some people might not like the trek but having a destination for a walk works well for us. Oia is great too but I probably wouldn’t spend more than 3 or 4 days there with kids.

  281. Villa Maria Damigou or Villa Ilias

    Which is better… Side Sea View at Villa Maria Damigou or Caldera View at Villa Ilias?

    I’m traveling with a friend, our first time in Greece. Advice on which hotel/view would be better?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Caldera View will be better than the Side Sea View. There’s a small pool at Villa Ilias but not at Maria Damigou.

  282. Hotel for Family of 5 in Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    Great work on this website, we have found it to be a great help.

    We are a family of 5 including 3 kids aged between 5-8 and where thinking of coming to Santorini in July. What is your opinion on the Anteliz Suites and if not what else do you feel would be suitable??

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Anteliz is wonderful (the senior suite would be perfect for a family of 5). Anteliz is similar in layout and style to Aria Suites in Fira. Anteliz is on a busier stretch of path than Aria. You can see the locations of both hotels on these videos: Fira Hotel, Firostefani Hotels.

  283. Hotel Keti or Villa Maria Damigou

    Thank you so much for your advise. You recommended Hotel Keti and Villa Maria Damigou above, both are within my budget. Which one do you think is better? Does Keti has a nicer view?

    Thank you!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, I would give a slight nod to the views at Hotel Keti. But the biggest difference is the location: Hotel Keti is in Fira and down the cliff from the town center. Maria Damigou is on a quiet section of the foot path that runs past Firostefani on its way to Imerovigli. Hotel Keti has many steps to get into and out of the hotel, Maria Damigou has very few (maybe none depending on where you’re counting from).

  284. Canaves vs Andronis


    I am going to Oia for my honeymoon in May. I am considering the honeymooon suite at Canaves Hotel or the Executive Suite at Andronis Boutique Hotel. I am particularly interested in a place with cool caves and a good outdoor jacuzzi. What would your recommend?

    Also, when the websites says that it is an outdoor jacuzzi, does that normally mean that the jacuzzi is heated?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great. Andronis is more central and has more foot traffic on the path above. Jacuzzis should always be heated.

  285. Hotel in September

    Hi Dave, my husband and i are thinking of booking out first holiday to Santorini , i have been reading lots of reviews and have been been recommended Anthinos Apartments. We both like views but also enjoy some night life so don’t really want to be any where too quiet, but we don’t mind walking, we are looking to book for the end of September early October and am not sure to book 10 or 14 nights. Any feedback would be most welcome.

    Thank You

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Did you mean Anthonas Apartments in Imerovigli? They’re nice but not in Imerovigli (which itself is quiet) – so you’re not going to be within walking distance of any night clubs or bars. Views are the east not the caldera.

  286. Hotel with 2 Teenage Boys/ Rental Car Info

    Hi Dave:
    Brilliant information, really helpful. Thank you for this website. I have been to Santorini a number of years ago and stayed in Esperas in Oia which we loved. This time we are going with our two adult sons and need a room for them that has 2 beds. I am having trouble figuring out which hotels would have that. We are looking to be in or walking distance to Fira (they would like some nightlife) or in Oia. The place should have a nice pool with some sunbeds (which rules out Aigalos as I think there pool is interior without sunbeds), sunset views preferably from a private terrace and under $500 per night per room this June. Steps are fine. Cave rooms would be a nice plus, but not needed. Appreciate any recommendations you may have. It already seems there may be limited availability for this June.
    We also plan on renting a car to go the beaches a few days, so parking nearby would be important. Any info on car rental agencies? Last time the agency we used brought us a car that had the “need gas light” on and we had no idea where to get gas before we ran out. They said its typical to get a car without gas in Santorini.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Have a look at Aria Suites in Fira (the Norma Suite is the largest). In Oia you’re a little more limited. There’s the Cave Family Suite at the Museum Spa Wellness Hotel in central Oia. Agnadi Villas is a short walk outside of Oia (in Finikas) but has large apartment suites, a nice pool, lots of parking, and free breakfasts. It’s not a luxury hotel but clean and well run.

      1. FDL

        Hi Dave:
        As a follow up to my looking for accommodations for our family of 4, where our 2 adult children needed two twin beds and we preferred two bathrooms, I found it in Oia at Esperas. They have a 2 BR, 2 Bath suite (and one of the bedrooms can have twin beds) with amazing sunset views and its in our budget. Your videos of Fira and Oia were very helpful. In fact your whole site is extremely useful and has helped me tremendously with lodging in Mykonos, ferry info, boat cruises in Santorini, Santorini beach info, well I could go on and on.
        Thank you for all you do.

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Great! For some reason I thought you knew about Esperas’ large suites but wanted to stay somewhere different this time. Glad you figured it out.

  287. Santorini Secret in Oia

    By far the best site for Santorini. You have done a lot work to get this site where it is today. Nice job. Coming to Santorini in the first part of July and looking at Santorini Secret to stay for five days . Would like a place with a pool and something around $800 per day or less in Oia. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you for you help in this matter and again for your website. Rick

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Santorini Secret is great. You can see it’s location at 13:55 of this video:

  288. Pegasus Suites and Nearby Hotels

    Hi Dave
    Firstly may I say what a fantastic informative website this is, I have learnt a lot!!
    We are heading to Santorini in August for 2 weeks and getting married at Pegasus Suites. I have noted your comments that it is a great hotel which is very reassuring. We have about 25 members of our family and friends coming from England and they are yet to book accommodation. I know some of them will be staying in Perissa or Kamari. I was a bit worried that we would all be split up but then i’ve been told that the Island is only small so it shouldn’t be a problem. However, are there any villas or other hotels nearby that you would recommend. We don’t want anything too expensive. We, as a couple, have splashed out a bit on our hotel but we don’t expect our friends and family to spend that amount. There will also be children so we need places that are suitable for them.

    After our ceremony (which is going to be very simple) we would like to head to a really nice taverna to let our hair down. What would you recommend? We are a lively little bunch!!!

    Many thanks for your help. I will possibly be in touch again asking about boat trips. I’m a bit worried that 2 weeks might be too long on Santorini so any suggestions for things to do would be much appreciated. We are having a week on the island before the wedding and a week after.

    Many thanks

    Cherilyn King

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Pegasus Suites is located on the south edge of Imerovigli so if your friends wanted to have views of the caldera (recommended) and be within walking distance then hotels in both Imerovigli and Firostefani would suffice. Villa Maria Damigou is a good inexpensive hotel with views of the caldera (though not all rooms have views) and a 10 minute walk from Pegasus.

      Finding hotels can be tricky when you have kids. Most hotels along the caldera do not allow children. 2 hotels within walking distance of the Pegasus that are good for kids are the Aelia by Eltheon in Imerovigli and Hotel Sofia in Firostefani. Both have pools (but not direct views of the caldera).

      Kamari and Perissa are both great beach towns but I would recommend your friends stay in Kamari (if they did want to stay at the beach) as it’s much easier to get from there to Fira than from Perissa which requires a bit more time and has fewer buses.

      1. Cherilyn

        Thanks very much for your reply. This is most helpful. What about a good taverna for us to go to after the ceremony? Do you recommend anywhere in the area of Pegasus Suites or should we be looking elsewhere?

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Skaros and La Maison are nearby and have great views. In Imerovigli town Estia Grill House is good.

  289. Costa Marina Villas or Reverie Traditional Apartments

    We would like to choose a not-so-expensive hotel at Fira. I have read a lot of reviews…and I found these 2 seem okay: Costa marina villas and Reverie Traditional Apartments. Have you heard about them? Which one do you think is better (on the location / view)? Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Costa Marina has views that look east. They’re sea views but not of the caldera. Reverie has views of both the west (caldera) and east. Though I don’t think many rooms have caldera views – for that you have to go up to the 3rd floor communal patio which does have lovely sunset views. Both are an easy walk to central Fira.

  290. Avaton vs Astra Suites

    Dave… everythings booked except the room in Santorini… Between Avaton or Astra Suites…. is one an easier walk or shorter ride to restaurants/bars? Thanks again in advance for all the information.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Astra Suites is in the center of Imerovigli but is down the cliff a bit and so requires a good number of steps to get up to the main square, the bus stop, a handful of restaurants, and the taxi or car park. Avaton is on the path north of Imerovigli so feels more isolated and quiet – but is just a short walk along a path with few steps into the town square. They’re probably both about the same amount of time from the center of town (say, 3 to 5 minutes) but with Astra you’re climbing and with Avaton you’re walking along a foot path.

  291. Hotel with View and Close to Beach

    Great site! We are planning a family vacation in May. We are looking for accommodations for 5 adults and 2 children (ages 2 and 4). Our granddaughters only request is a beach with sand, while grandma’s is a room with a view and good restaurants near by. Do you have any suggestions for a hotel/apartment that might make us both happy? Thanks 🙂


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Honestly, not really. On Santorini you have to choose between views of the caldera (volcano) or proximity to the beach. Most people choose the view as that’s what makes Santorini unique then commute to the beach which is only 15 to 30 minutes away from the caldera towns. But you can’t really have both the view and the beach.

  292. Kid-Friendly Hotel with Views in Fira

    Hi David, Hope you can help us in making this trip memorable…We will be travelling to Santorini for 4 days in April 1st week with 2 children aged 6 and 2. I think we should stay in Fira as it is centrally located. Which hotel would you recommend which is safe for children as well as, has good views from the room? Also, how difficult is it to take the walk from Fira to Oia with a stroller? Is there a way where we can travel the roughest part of the trek by bus or taxi?
    Thanks and regards!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The best hotel with a view in Fira for families is Aria Suites. Both the Carmen and Norma Suites are good for families (the Norma has better views). Many hotels in Fira with views do not allow children. The Aria is set slightly back from the caldera cliff (though still with views) so allows kids. There is no way to take a stroller on the walk from Fira to Oia. Even the stretch from Fira to Imerovigli – where the path is part of the town – the walk is not stroller friendly. North of Imerovigli it becomes more rural and the path is more of a hike. Though never technically difficult it’s not stroller-friendly.

  293. Mykonos and Santorini with 2 Children

    Good day and thank you for a fantastic web-site, so much information on both Mykonos and Santorini.
    We’re a family of 4 (the children are 14 and 9) and we would like to have your opinion on some options for our stay in late July on both islands.
    Mykonos :
    We hesitate between Manoulas in Agios Ioannis or Casa Bianca in Ornos, which one is the best beach for our children who are avid swimmers ?
    In Santorini
    We hesitate between Caldera Butterfly Villas and Pantheon Villas – here the choice is reallly about the view on the caldera.. Are they both well located.. and what would be the most convenient to visit the island ?
    Thanks in advance and Best Regards

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      On Mykonos Ornos has more restaurants and a grocery store so I would recommend it. Great beach too.

      On Santorini, Pantheon Villas is a 20 minute walk north of Imerovigli. Caldera Butterfly Villas is a 30 minute walk south of Fira. So neither are very close to shops or restaurants. The walk from Pantheon is on the caldera path and is more enjoyable than the walk from Caldera Butterfly which runs along a busy road (though there is a sidewalk the entire distance to Fira). In both places a rental car would be recommended.

  294. Best Hotel (with Children)

    Great site Dave! Were finally taking my dream trip come true in late March! Can you recommend the best hotel with young children? Best views all around. Private jacuzzi and balcony are a must 😉 just how I imagine this trip. Thank you, Kathy.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Many of the best hotels with good caldera views do not allow children. 2 very good hotels with good views that do allow children are Astra Suites in Imerovigli (they have large family suites) and Aria Suites in Fira (the Norma suite is the largest and has the best views). If money is not an issue then Santorini Grace has Villa with Private Pool that is stunning and does allow children (even though the rest of the hotel does not). Hope that helps.

  295. Rocabella Hotel in Santorini

    Hi Dave.. Brilliant site!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping us plan our vacations.. We are planning our honeymoon in March. Sadly.. most of the hotels you mentioned have rooms available during that time.. (5th March to 9th March) We are thinking of Rocabella Hotel Santorini.. What is your opinion? Any other suggestion.. Thanks again for your help!!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Very nice hotel but isolated. If you want quiet and solitude (and great views) then it’s a good choice. But you’re a 20 minute walk to Imerovigli and 1 hour walk to Oia. There is a bus that stops opposite the hotel too. The pools will be too cold to enjoy in March but the jacuzzis will be nice.

  296. Outdoor Jacuzzi at Andirons Suites

    Hi Dave,

    love you website! I am heading to Santorini in early June and deciding between the double room at the Katikies and the premiere suite at Andronis luxury Suites. I was always leaning towards the Katikies but it looks like the Andronis has an outdoor jacuzzi. Do you know if the premiere suite has that oudoor jacuzzi and do you think it is worth it to stay there just for that reason and to have a little bigger room. We always wanted the cave like setting. Do you know which property has more of a social scene?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I’m pretty sure the Premeire Suite has an outdoor hot tub. If you book through then it’s easy to add a note confirming that you’ll get the hot tub. If it doesn’t then it’s easy to cancel. Can’t comment on the social scene.

  297. Package Deal for Hotels

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the great wealth of information above. We’ll be there for our honeymoon at the end of May. I was wondering your opinion of On the Rocks hotel in Imerovigli. That was one of the hotels in a package deal from one of the travel agencies here in the US. I hadn’t seen a mention of that hotel above but they didn’t have any of the hotels you listed in their deal. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      You’re always better booking hotels separately from package deals. Better choices of hotels. Better rates. Hotels sell large blocks of rooms to these travel agents and then feel little devotion to creating a memorable experience for their guests (who aren’t really their customers any more – the travel agents are their customers).

  298. Lava Suites vs El Greco Resort

    Hi Dave,

    Simply awesome website, so much help!!

    I needed help with selection of hotels for my upcoming honeymoon trip in the month of June. Can you please suggest some budget hotels with serene location, pool, nice hospitality and good food (Only Veg). Also if you could suggest some must see places around Santorini.
    Below is the list of hotels provided by my tour operator:







    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      You will get better hotels and better deals by booking on your own through

      Lava Suites has more central location (in Fira) and caldera views. El Greco is a nicer resort with larger pool but is slightly outside of Fira (5 minute walk) and has no caldera views.

      1. KD

        Thanks Dave for your prompt revert.

        I have checked but could not figure out the best hotel amongst the few you have mentioned on your website.

        It would be a great help if you could help with the names of few hotels with good ameneties which you think could be best suitable for my 3 nights honeymoon trip in Santorini and 3 nights in Mykonos. Based on your previous posts I think a hotel near Oia would be more suitable as it is more romantic.

        Thanks in advance:)

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          Hi KD. Not sure what you’re looking for. I have recommended 20+ hotels on the page above.

          In Oia, 2 great hotels are Katikies and Canaves. If you’re unsure where to stay these are both great choices.

          In Mykonos, the Mykonos Grand and the Santa Marina Resort are 2 wonderful hotels that you won’t be disappointed with.

          Hope that helps.

  299. Motorbike Rental on Santorini

    Hi Dave, great website. Fantastic information. I am off to Santorini (Firostefani) in May. I would like to hire a motor bike with my husband. Can you suggest a good rental place as I have heard some bad reports on hiring bikes and how long do you think it would take us to explore Santorini on bike? thanks Paula

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I’ve rented from Spiridakos Rentals and they were fine. There’s an office north of Fira on the main road to Firostefani.

  300. Apartment with Views and Kitchen

    Hey Dave,

    First up thanks a lot for putting together the website, its a treasure trove of information.

    Can you please suggest a good hotel/villa/apartment for 3 (a couple and a 6 year old) – which has good views of the caldera, has a kitchen to allow us cooking and doesn’t cost more than 130 Euros or so a night – this is for May last week by the way. Oia/Fira or Imerovigli would be preferable if we can find something there.

    I believe renting a car is recommended, if so would you suggest any good rental companies?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Hotels with caldera view and kitchenettes are Nefeli Homes (Imerovigli) and Strogili (Oia) – but they might be both a little over your budget. (If you didn’t want a view such a place is easy to find.)

      Spiridakos is a good local car rental with offices in Oia and Fira. For cheaper rates or to reserve an automatic (which are rare) then book in advance through Auto Europe.

  301. Panorama Studios and Suites

    Hi Dave, what’s your thoughts about Panorama Studios & Suites? View and location being in center of Fira?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Great views and location (though be prepared for a lot of steps to get up to the town). You can see the location here: video of Fira Hotels (at 14:20).

  302. Hotels with Few or No Steps

    Hi dave I am glad I found your website my husband and I with our 3 kids will be traveling to Santorini. Can you recommend hotels or apartments on caldera with no steps or a few steps. Effie Pitsikas

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Many hotels on the caldera do not allow children. Most have a lot of steps. Few have large rooms for 5 people. So … your choices are limited.

      For large rooms on the caldera that will fit a family take a look at Aria Suites. Both the Carmen and Norma Suites can sleep a family of 5. (You need to enter your dates to see the individual rooms available.) They each have two queen size beds located in separate bedrooms, and a sofa bed. The Norma has the better sea view as it’s closer to the caldera. Hope that helps.

  303. Volcano View Hotel

    Hey Dave, what’s your feeback on Volcano View Hotel & Villas? I didn’t see you recommending it anywhere on your site. Looking to book my trip for end of Aug/sept. Looking for a good view of caldera and pictures and budget of this hotel matched what I was looking for. Want to spend around 1K for three days.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Volcano View is a very nice 4 star hotel with caldera views. But you need to know you’re a good distance from Fira. If you are only interested in sitting by the pool and looking at the views then it’s a great value for what you get. If you’d like to explore Fira you’ll need to rent a car, take the bus, use the free shuttle, or walk (there are sidewalks almost the entire route but it is pretty far). All of these are fine options but for some it’s a big drawback not being within walking distance of shops and restaurants. I mapped it for you here so you can see the area: Street View Map of Volcano View Hotel. (Fira is straight ahead down the road.)

  304. Hotel with Private Plunge Pool

    Hi Dave, What would you recommend as some great accommodation options that include private plunge pools? I really liked Anastasis but its booked out in early July next year.. Have also checked out Canaves suites which look good but ive read that the location isnt ideal due to traffic noise.
    Would love to hear your thoughts? For 5 nights in early July.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Try Kirini Suites & Spa – they have spa baths and private hot tubs on the patio. It’s also in a quieter section of Oia.

  305. Grace Santorini or Astra Suites

    hi dave, I am planning a trip to greece and i have some questions on what hotels to stay.
    I saw your page and it is pretty good and friendly.

    I am deciding between staying at the Grace hotel or Astra Villas.
    Everybody tells me that Astra Suites is better but on the internet i like Grace better. What do you recommend me to do?

    i will appreciate your help

    thank you
    benjamin garza

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both Astra and Grace are wonderful. I toured both hotels in October and they were looking in wonderful shape. They’re located just a few hundred feet from each other so the views are very similar. Grace looks straight out on Skaros Rock. Astra looks slightly north and towards Oia. The suites at Astra are larger and have kitchenettes. The pool at Grace is bigger and has a larger deck. Those are the big differences. Book as early as possible for both as they are 2 of the most popular hotels on Santorini. Hope that helps.

  306. Santorini Hotel for Large Group

    I am so happy that I found your site! We are planning our 25th Anniversary trip to Greece in June
    (which was our goal when we got married). We want To share it with our children 20 &15 yrs old. We also have cousins that want to join. In all 4 adults, 6 kids, older kids can get their own room, possibly. I know hotels are smaller. We’re thinking Fira to be by the action and closer to beach. Any hotel suggestion that could accommodate? We definitely want views. I was there as a child and can’t wait to share it with my family, long time dream! Any first hand help is appreciated, I hate to leave it to recommendations from people who have never been there.
    Much appreciated!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Archipel Mansion in Fira can sleep 10 people. It has 5 bedrooms, 5 queen beds, a full kitchen, and great views. It’s a 5 minute walk to central Fira (downhill going, uphill getting back). It’s not cheap of course, but compared to 2 or 3 view hotel rooms and what you’ll likely save by being able to cook meals and snacks in the kitchen it’s a reasonable rate. There’s free parking too. Hope that helps.

  307. Oia Hotel with Privacy

    Dave – your website has been a tremendous help planning my honeymoon (even with Mykonos) for May-June. I am planning to stay in Santorini for five nights at the turn of the month and am having a tough time deciding where to stay – the options are plentiful! We’re into good food & wine and would prefer a nice pool and private balcony. One place I came across is Charisma but didn’t see your take on it. Any opinions?

    Also, I’m having trouble getting a gauge on which hotels have more privacy than others. Given the expected foot traffic, this seems important. Any suggestions?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The hotels within Oia have the most foot traffic. As you move away from the center (and walk the footpath out of town) the traffic decreases. Watch this video of Oia hotels. The ones at the start of the video (Ikes and Perivolos) have the least foot traffic. From there up to Canaves and Katikies (which are both pretty far down the cliff and thus insulated from the crowds) you have little trouble with privacy. I’m not very familiar with Charisma Suites.

  308. Tom

    Hi Dave,

    Me and my partner are looking to come out to Santorini for our honeymoon.

    we would like a suite with;

    outdoor balcony/hot tub/pool in a nice hotel.

    Which would you recommend?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Absolute Bliss in Imerovigli has a nice pool, incredible views, private balcony, and outdoor jacuzzi.

  309. Hotel in Oia

    Hi Dave,

    Absolutely fantastic website – all your advice is really helpful!!

    I am planning a short honeymoon (4 nights) in May but I’m still struggling to decide where to stay :/

    My wife and I have decided that Oia sounds ideal and our main requirements would be:
    1) Privacy
    2) Views
    3) Budget £1500

    Can you recommend anything?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      A lot of places – even the really nice hotels – do not have a lot of privacy. You get lots of foot traffic around the Oia cliffside so people are looking over, around, and about all the time. Two that I think have a bit more privacy are Perivolos (this might be over your stated budget but not by much). It’s at the end of the cliff path that runs through Oia and thus gets fewer tourists walking around. And Esperas, near the central part of town but tucked away around a corner and thus gets fewer people poking about.

      1. Dev

        Thanks for the speedy response!!

        I think I have finally managed to create a short-list of hotels:

        1) Katikies
        2) Canaves Oia Hotel
        3) Mystique
        4) Oia Castle Hotel
        5) Ikies Traditional Houses
        6) Perivolas Hotel
        7) Esperas Traditional Houses

        If we disregard my previous budget, which one would you recommend?

        Also, is it advisable to get a cheaper room at an expensive hotel or get an expensive room at a cheaper hotel? For example, getting a double room at the Katikies or a honeymoon suite at Ikies Traditional Houses?

        Thank you so much!!

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          If I had to pick one it would be Perivolos followed by Katikies – but they’re all wonderful and I’d be shocked if you picked any of those hotels and got there and said, “Oh no, this just won’t do.” Really, they’re all stunning in their own right.

          I’d probably lean towards a cheaper room at a nicer place but once again there’s no right answer here.

  310. Family Hotel in Santorini

    Hi Dave
    We were thinking of visiting Santorini next year with two children aged 11 and 6. Can you recommend a hotel/apartment that you think would be suitable for us? Do you have any advice of places of interest that would suit the children?
    Christine Taylor

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      You don’t mention what your budget is but one place I love that is very affordable for what you get is Villa Agnadi near Oia. Great pool and large suites with a kitchenette. The catch is that it’s not in Oia but it’s a very easy walk. You walk along a road with a sidewalk for about 3 minutes then cut across and hook up with the caldera path (where Perivolos hotel is located). From there it’s a very enjoyable 15 minute walk into Oia.

      We stayed at Villa Agnadi a few weeks back and took these pics:

      Villa Agnadi Large Pool
      Villa Agnadi Large Family Suites in Oia

  311. Katikies vs Andronis


    Would Andronis Suites be as good as Katakies Hotel?

    Many thanks for your help!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great. Katikies have more traditional cave suites. Andronis Suites are above ground.

  312. Katikies Hotel / Plunge Pool


    What a fantastic site.

    In your opinion, if money was no object, where is the best place to stay for a week to ten days? We were recommended Katikies Hotel – Oia. I have noticed that they don’t have private plunge pools (if I’m correct), which is kind of important for us.

    Where would you stay?

    Many thanks,


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Katikies, Canaves, and Perivolos would be at the top of my list.

      For Katikies, Senior and Superior Suites have a jacuzzi bathtub and Honeymoon Suites have an outdoor jacuzzi and bathtub. The Katikies Suite is the only one with an outdoor private plunge pool and bathroom features a jacuzzi bathtub.

  313. Katikies vs Kirini

    Dear Dave,

    Thank you so much for your amazing website! We are so blessed to chance upon it. Your description of the 4 towns in the caldera makes it so much easier for us to understand santorini.

    We are a group of 3 couples (30+) planning a trip for June. We have booked 3 nights at Grace Hotel in Imerovigli. After Imerovigli, we would like to spend 2 nights at Oia. I have looked through your hotel recommendations in Oia.

    At issue, we cannot decide between Katikies Hotel or their sister property Kirini suites and spa. We prefer luxury, spacious and good service hotels. Please kindly let us know your thoughts. We appreciate any other oia hotel that you may recommend.

    Thank you so much!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The big difference between Katikies and Kirini is their location. The foot path that stretches along the caldera runs from central Oia along the cliff for about a 10 minute walk. It’s then interrupted for about a 2 minute walk. During this stretch you need to walk along a busy road that can have many buses on it. The foot path then continues on from there. It’s not terribly problematic but it can feel like a nuisance if you’re going in and out of town or are walking back late at night. Katikies is located on the main foot path closer to town. Kirini is located on the more distant foot path. While I prefer being in the more central location the more-distant foot path is a much quieter area with less foot traffic and fewer tourists milling about.

      1. Nat

        Hi Dave!

        Thank you for your prompt reply!
        Your information is very helpful. But I have one other question. In your earlier thread, you mentioned Andronis is amazing too. There are two Andronis. One is the Andronis Boutique Hotel which was built in 2012 and the other is Andronis Luxury Suites.

        The photo you took of Andronis off the Main Street and posted on October 7 thread – which Andronis is that?

        And would you choose Andronis Boutique Hotel or Katikies? Thank you so much in advance.

        All the best,

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          The Andronis Boutique Hotel and Andronis Luxury Suites are right beside each other and share the same view. They are located closer to central Oia than Katikies and get more overhead foot traffic. The suites at Katikies and Andronis Hotel are cave suites and thus built into the ground. The suites at Andronis Luxury Suites are above ground. The Suites has 2 pools, the Hotel just 1. The suites have a bit more privacy and better angle of view of the caldera. Hope that helps you decide.

        2. Nat

          Hi Dave,

          Awesome! Thanks again! I have a rough idea now. Basically, if I understand you correctly, if we like to be nearer to restaurants and shops, Andronis Boutique Hotel is closer than Katikies right?

          But for a better caldera view, probably Katikies is nicer. Would you know approximately to travel from Katikies hotel to the middle or central oia, how long will it take by foot?

          Thanks again for your patience! 🙂


          1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

            Both have really good caldera views. Katikies is 10 minutes from central Oia – if that, restaurants all around.

            Just finished editing this video (rushed it so I could show you the hotel locations): Oia Hotel Tour.

            Katikies appears at 10:10 and Andronis at 18:00. Hope that helps.

          2. Nat

            Dear Dave,

            Oh my god, thank you so so much for the Oia hotels video! It’s priceless. Now I fully understand when you said that the magic is in Oia, busy but never overwhelmingly crowded. Your video make us cry in joy at the beauty of Oia. Totally sold! It certainly help us to decide between Katikies and Andronis Boutique Hotel and Andronis is the answer for us! In fact we are going to extend nights in Oia after looking at the video. Thank you so much for walking the distance and filming this for full 33.56 minutes. Really appreciate it! God bless you! 🙂


  314. Getting Married on Santorini

    Hi Dave,
    Would like to get married in Santorini, what months do you recommend. Thanks

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      May, June, September, and October. June and September if you wanted your guests to have a guaranteed beach vacation.

  315. Cave Pool at Katikies

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for all the great info here – highly appreciated. Do you happen to know if the white cave pool in the Katikies Hotel is still available/active? I was watching a video on it on YouTube and a commenter mentioned that the “white cave pool” (the famous one which it’s picture is plastered all over Pinterest and blogs) is no longer there for some reason, and replaced with an infinity pool. Can you confirm that?

    Also – You mentioned that there’s a big difference in the weather between early May and late May – what about the difference in the size of tourist crowds?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Yes, the cave pool was replaced by a new infinity pool, now on the exact place where the Cave Pool was there is now a lounge of the Pool Bar & Restaurant.

      Pictures of the new pool:

      Infinity pool at Katikies in Oia.
      Pool bar at Katikies Hotel in Oia.

      As for tourist crowds in May, the numbers slowly increase throughout the month but it’s not a huge change.

  316. Fira in November – Budget Hotel

    Hi Dave,
    Great website with awesome information! I am travelling alone to Santorini for 2 full days in the second week of November. This is my first time. Please recommend which village to stay.Since I am going to be by myself and visiting in low season, I want to stay in a busy area where there are people and also cheap options for dining. Also, have you heard of this hotel : Antonia Apartments, Santorini? I saw some good reviews on Trip Advisor. Thanks in advance for all your help!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Antonia is a good budget hotel. No view, of course, but a short walk from the center of Fira. Lucky’s Souvlaki on the main street in Fira is delicious, very cheap, and open all year long (except during the Christmas week when he visits family in Athens).

    2. MJ

      Thanks! I looked at your hotel recommendations with Caldera views and found Dana Villas in Firostefani (Studio) and Theoxenia Boutique Hotel in Fira (Double Superior Room) at a comparable price and in my budget. Which hotel would be a better choice location wise and generally (service, rooms, etc) when the price is similar for my dates of stay?

      1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

        Dana Villas is the better hotel (and better views). Theoxenia is more central to the Fira shops, restaurants, museum, bus station – it’s right in the center of the town. Hope that helps.

  317. Dreams Hotel in Imerovigli

    Do you know anything about the Dreams Hotel?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Dreams is wonderful. It’s on the south side of Imerovigli and looks back into the caldera and not north towards Oia. Depending on the time of year the view of the sunset might be partly obscured by Thirassia and Skaros Rock (the tip of Imerovigli) – but definitely a great view.

  318. Tzekos Villas

    Hi Dave, thanks for this fantastic site and info!

    What do you think of the Tzekos Villas Hotel? Does it have the caldera view? Sunrise/sunset?

    thanks in advance!

    tracy =)

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Very nice hotel in a quiet section of Fira. Great views of caldera and sunset though the sun’s final dip into the sea will be blocked by nearby islands (as like all Fira hotels). No sunrise view.

      Took this photo of Tzekos today about 30 minutes before sunset.

      Tzekos Villas in Fira, Santorini

      1. tracy

        THANK YOU SO MUCH! =)

  319. Which Town Should We Stay In?

    Hi Dave
    We are traveling to Santorini on 29th to 31st October from India. Would like your suggestion on town and perhaps a suitable place/hotel/villa to stay. We are a couple in our late forties and would like to be able to see the sunset, go to the beach (but not swim), laze and walk in the streets and eat at simple restaurants that serve vegetarian food. We are not overly party people but enjoy other people dancing and having fun.
    Two days and two nights are less but that is what we have and want to make the most of it. Love your blog and have noted lot of useful information.



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I would recommend Fira or Firostefani as they have great views, many shops and restaurants within an easy walk, and are 20 minutes by taxi from Kamari beach.

  320. Andronis Boutique Hotel in Oia?

    Hi David,

    Katikies just emailed me advising that they had to cancel our room reservations for the 1st week of November. Irritating. They moved us to Andronis. Any thoughts on Andronis? I didn’t see it on your list of bests.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Andronis is amazing too.

      I was just walking by there a few hours ago and took these pictures of the caldera literally leaning on their walls.

      Andronis Boutique Hotel

      Andronis Boutique Hotel

      It’s located in a very central (and busy) spot on the main Oia path.

      Andronis Boutique Hotel

      Hope that helps.

  321. Megalochori

    Hi Dave. We are staying at the Calderas Dolphin in Megalochori. Any thoughts on the hotel and area? Can we easily get to the main towns further north without having to hire a car, or is public transport available? Also do you know whether there are any sailing lessons available on the island?
    Many thanks, Gill

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Megalochori is a nice little town with a handful of restaurants about 10 minutes from the Calderas Dolphin. Bus is easy to use to get around the island – but it can get tiring after a few trips. And most places besides Fira will require changing buses in Fira. So getting to and from Oia will take 4 buses (2 there and 2 back). Renting a car would be recommended if you’re going to spend your days exploring the island. The pool, views, and sunset are great at the Calderas Dolphin. I’ve never heard of sailing lessons on Santorini.

      1. Ferry Across Caldera

        Thank you. One last question, where is the nearest port from the hotel where we could get a boat trip across to the caldera? How long do you get to explore the place, once there?

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

          I assume you mean across the caldera to Thirassia. There are boats that leave the Athinios ferry port (close to Megalochori) to Thirassia in the morning (around 9:10am). There are 2 different return boats: one at 17:00 and one at 19:00. There are more sailings between Thirassia and Amoudi Bay (below Oia) so though that port is not as handy you could use it if the schedule worked better for you.

  322. Staying in Akrotiri

    Hi Dave. My fiance and I are looking at staying at the Astarte Suites in Akrotiri for about 7 nights while on our honeymoon in mid-late May. What are your thoughts on the hotel and the town of Akrotiri? We’re mainly planning on relaxing, but will also visit the other towns, beaches, night life, etc. Would you recommend an alternate location? Thanks, Talia.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I think it’s a great spot and hotel but it is far removed from the main towns. Renting a car would be recommended if staying in Akrotiri. There are buses though so it’s not a necessity. Nightlife does become a bit of a hassle as it’s all in Fira and finding taxis to get you back to Akrotiri can be tricky if you’ve stayed late into the night/morning. The buses won’t be on their summer schedule yet so will likely shut down before you’ll be looking to head home (and they’re not as frequent to Akrotiri as they are to Kamari, Perissa, or Oia).

  323. Hotels with Private Pools

    Hi Dave
    This is a fantastic post !
    Leaves me thinking I have too many options to pick from now.
    Me and my husband are planning to visit Santorini in Oct 2014 and like an accomodation with fantastic views (caldrea / sunset), easy access to good hill walks and access to private pool and spa. Any suggestions?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      For private pools, in Oia try Perivolas and Aspaki. In Firostefani there Agali Houses. (Very few hotels in Santorini have a spa on their premises but there are private spas you can visit.)

      A little cheaper is Delfini Villas in Oia which has caves suites with views and hot tubs.

  324. Louise

    Hi Dave, wish I had found this website earlier. When starting to consider Santorini I came across the Anastasis Apartments in Imerovigli and from that moment I was hooked and just set my sights on staying there. I haven’t until now started researching what there is to do round about. This is a special holiday for our 25th wedding anniversary (both in our early 50’s). The owner of the hotel has agreed to provisionally reserve us a room until 12th October, when hopefully by then Easy Jet will release their flights for July, flying directly from Manchester. My husband is not one for lazing by a pool, he likes to be out and about exploring and I am now wondering if this destination is going to be too quiet. We don’t like loud music and night clubs but enjoy eating out and having a lovely stroll out on an evening, finding places with a nice atmosphere and not totally secluded. Would oia and Fira be in walking distance of an evening? Apparently having read reviews the owners taxi you to various places, which is lovely, but you cannot beat a lovely evening stroll. We are paying a lot of money for a hotel we will not be in most of the day but it will be lovely to return to and see the sunsets. I have fallen in love with Santorini and the Anastasis more than my husband and I don’t want him to be disappointed, after all it is his silver wedding too? Thank you :))

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Imerovigli has a handful of restaurants (some very nice). Oia is not within walking distance for an evening meal. Fira is a 20 minute walk away – more coming back as it’s uphill. Buses run regularly and taxis are easy to get through the evening (they get harder after midnight).

  325. Hotels in Oia and Imerovigli

    Hi- we are visiting santorini for our honeymoon in October for 8 days. I was thinking about splitting half the time in Imerovigli and Oia. We are interested in quiet places but also within reasonable distance to good restaurants. In Imerovigli we were debating the San Antonio or Altana Hotel and in Oia either Perivolas or Katikies. Any thoughts on where you would recommend? Open to any other hotel suggestion you may have too! Thanks!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      All are great choices. Oia has many more restaurants than Imerovigli but if you’re after nightlife you’ll need to go to Fira in which case Imerovigli is much closer.

  326. Splurge?

    Hi Dave,
    Congratulations on your website, by far the best guide about Santorini and I have checked many. We (my girlfriend and I) are on the early 30’s.

    We’ll be in Europe for 3 weeks next Oct and decided to stay 3 nights in Santorini. My trip is almost fully booked but choosing a place to stay in Santorini turned the most difficult part. Too many good options. 🙂

    I decided to stay in Oya as it is the most romantic place. My budget is flexible but I’d like to spend EUR 250-300/night. Any good choices? In Oia do you think it’s worth to spend a little bit more and get a fancy place as Katikies or Mystique?

    Many thanks and greetings from Brazil.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      If there is one place that it’s worth splurging in Europe it’s Santorini. When you stay at a great hotel in Paris or Rome or Barcelona you still spend most of the day out exploring the city. But in Santorini it’s easy to spend a good part of the day sitting by the pool or on your balcony staring out into the caldera. So you really get your money’s worth. There’s also a sense (and maybe this is just me) that when you stay in a luxurious hotel in say, Rome, that you’ve somewhat insulated yourself from local life as you walk in the doors of the hotel. But in Santorini the view and the surroundings are really why you’re there so you can feel a little left out of the party when you’re not staying at the very best places, with the best views. Hope that helps.

  327. Oia or Imerovigli

    Hi Dave: you have an incredible website! The information is very, very helpful.

    We are a couple in our late 30’s staying on Santorini in early October 2014. We’re trying to decide between two hotels/reservations: Absolute Bliss (Elegant Room) versus Ikies Traditional House (1 night Boatman, 2 nights in Carpenters House). We are interested in having a great hotel with excellent/luxury service, great views and access to shops, restaurants & bars (not necessarily “clubbing,” though). Based on your input, I’m a little torn. It seems as though Imerovigli (Absolute Bliss) may have a better view, but Oia (Ikies) may have better access to nightlife. At the same time, though, it seems as though cabs are easy to come by and if we stayed in Imerovigli, we could just cab to Fira. Sorry for my ramblings … do you have any advice or input, or other considerations that I have not mentioned?

    Thanks again,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Hi Mike. You have it exactly right. Oia has more shops and restaurants (though I wouldn’t say much nightlife). Imerovigli is much quieter but still very easy to get to Oia and Fira. For a short stay like yours I doubt you’d regret staying in Imerovigli. If someone is staying there for a week or 10 days I think the back and forth to other towns every time you want a change of scene can get a little tiring (emphasis on “a little” – it’s never a big deal).

  328. Where To Stay

    Hi Dave,

    You have an amazing blog and my husband and I found lots of useful information for planning our trip to Santorini this September! Thank you!
    I have some questions, it would be amazing if you could offer your advise

    1. This is a romantic trip for us, we are in our late 20’s and want to stay in and relax in a luxury resort with amazing views all day. We are not much concerned with clubbing and dancing, but do want to eat at some of the best trendy restaurants at night….where do you suggest we stay? Oia, Fira, Firostefani or Immerovigli? Ideally our budget is about $700 per night.

    2. Overall would you say the views are better from Oia than Fira because in Fira the views are impeded by the island in the middle?

    3. What is your opinion on these 2 resorts since there are so few choice left for us booking? Mystique in Oia and Aigialos Traditional settlement in Fira?

    Thank you so much for your help Dave,
    much appreciated!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      1. I would recommend Oia or Firostefani. Imerovigli is for those who want quiet and seclusion. Fira is for the nightlife. Oia is much more romantic than Firostefani but Firostefani is just a short walk from the nightlife of Fira (without being right in the thick of things). That said, all 4 towns are a short bus ride or taxi from each other so it’s not a make or break decision for your trip.
      2. Many find the views from Oia more interesting than the views from Fira – they tend to have different angles, and backgrounds, with views of Santorini itself part of the view instead of looking straight out into the caldera. But the views from Oia are also more variable so you need to know what you want (caldera or sunset view) and decide from there. Some hotels, for example, will have partial caldera views and full sunset views, others will have full caldera views and partial sunset views. In Fira, the views are more consistent from one hotel to the next.
      3. Both are great. Decide on the town first, then the hotel.

      Good luck.

      1. Esra

        Very helpful, Thank you so much!

  329. Hotel for Large Group in Kamari

    Hey great info!!
    We are marrying in Santorini in July. We are currently looking for group accommodation in Kamari as we feel Kamari would suit/cater for majority of the group. We roughly have 25 people including children so will be needing maybe a good small family run hotel/apartments or a very large villa..
    We hope to have some space so we could BBQ maybe one night or have family entertainment.. There is lots of good reviews but want to get it right.. Can you help?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Try Hotel Matina. Very nice – but there are many that would be great. Good luck.

  330. How Long in Santorini and Athens


    Great post!:)

    We are closing our honeymoon in Santorini. How many nights would you recommend we spend in Santorini and Athens?

    Thank you

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I would stay 3 days in Athens and 5 to 7 days on Santorini. If you have longer then visit Naxos too.

  331. Hotels with Few Steps

    We are traveling in a group of six, including my 83-year-old parents who can’t walk for long or climb too many steps. Should we be going to Santorini? Which town would you recommend? Thanks

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Fira would probably be best. Here are some hotels with not-many steps:

      Atlantis Hotel (taxis can pull right up to hotel and there are few steps to rooms.)
      Panorama Boutique Hotel (has an elevator and easy access.)
      Villa Ilias (in Firostefani but still easy access.)

      1. ameet

        Thanks, that was very helpful.


  332. Oia Hotels Open in March

    Hi there!
    I’m trying to put together a trip to the Greek islands in early March for my boyfriend and myself. Can you recommend some nice places that are up and running in Oia?
    Thank you!

  333. Fira or Oia?

    Hi Dave,

    We are a couple in our early 30’s, no kids from New York City. We like good amenities and luxury, but with convenience. Do you recommend Fira or Oia? Definitely want to have good local food and a place to walk around. Also which is closer to the beach? Are both of their beaches the same or do you prefer one over the other? Thank you! Also which view is better than the other?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      There are many good restaurants in both Fira and Oia so I wouldn’t let that be the decider. Neither Oia nor Fira has a beach. The beaches are on the opposite side of the island. Fira is closer to the beaches by about 15 minutes. Oia does have a swimming spot below it near Amoudi (but it’s not a beach).

  334. More Hotel Recommendations

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for this incredibly helpful website! My husband and I are planning to travel to Santorini for our anniversary the second week of September (stay 4-5 nights) and I was hoping you could help recommend an amazing 5 star hotel (that would hopefully be available) with one of a kind views, romantic vibe and a budget of up to $950.00 per night. The most important thing to us is really just to have the best sunset and caldera views! However it would also be nice if we could have a private pool (with a view) and not be too far from great local restaurants. Looked at a few of the hotels you recommend on your site but some are over our budget for our selected dates or don’t have availability. Any other recommendations?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Hi Stef. This has been an incredibly busy year on Santorini and many hotels are either fully booked, have increased their rates, or both.

      Here are a few ideas for you. Both Grace Santorini and San Antonio in Imerovigli are wonderful. In Oia almost everything is booked for early September but look at Esperas and Fanari Villas.

      Good luck.

  335. Akrotiri Hotel

    I am thinking of staying at ambassordor hotel in Akiritiri . YOUR opinion on the town and what we can do there

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Ambassador is great with wonderful views (but it’s a new hotel and still sorting out a few kinks). Akrotiri is a long way from Fira (and longer still from Oia) so if your plans involve spending most of your time there then you’ll be taking taxis often (15€) or will need to rent a car. There are a couple beaches and a handful of restaurants and bars in the general area. Ancient Akrotiri is definitely worth a visit.

  336. Trip to Athens and Santorini

    I want to visit Athens before spending time on Santorini. How much time should I allow in Athens to see a few sites?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      2 full days would give you a chance to see the most popular sites in Athens. But you could easily fill 5 days if you wanted to wander off the beaten path – and maybe do a day trip or two.

  337. Which hotel should we book?

    Our travel agent had given us a list of 5 hotels that were purported to be the best on Santorini and they were all on your list which made us feel we were heading in the right direction. We’ve narrowed it down to Absolute Bliss or Tsitouras Collection. We want a caldera view, nice restaurants, and good nightlife. Which hotel would you recommend?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Absolute Bliss is in Imerovigli – a great town but no nightlife so you’d be taking a taxi or bus or doing an hours walk into Fira for any nightlife. Tsitouras is in Firostefani which is only a 10 minute walk from the restaurants and clubs of Fira but is removed from the busyness and noise of the town. Both hotels have great views.

  338. Oia or Imerovigli?

    We will be spending 6 nights on Santorini and want to choose one town without switching hotels. We are a couple in our 60s, enjoy fine food, walks (nothing too taxing), and towns with a friendly atmosphere. Does it sound like we’d enjoy Oia or Imerovigli more? Thanks.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Both are great little towns with lots of character but Imerovigli gets very quiet at night and only has a handful of restaurants and no nightlife to speak of. Oia has a nice collection of shops and restaurants and is a wonderful place to wander about and shop and sight see. Go with Oia.

  339. Choosing A Hotel

    Trying to decide between Aria Suites and Mystique. Both recommended by friends. Would like to be close to shopping, restaurants, and the beach. Does one fit that bill more than the other? Great site. Thanks.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Aria Suites, being in Fira, will have more shopping and restaurants nearby than Mystique, which is in Oia (much quieter but still a good number of shops and restaurants). Fira is also much closer to the beach than Oia. If you’re taking a taxi from Oia to the beach it’s another 10 to 15 minutes and 10 to 15 euros. If you’re taking the bus it requires switching buses in Fira – which has a direct bus to most beaches. So by the sounds of it I would go with Aria Suites but both are wonderful hotels. Good luck.

  340. Small private wedding reception on Santorini

    We are looking for a luxury villa to host a wedding reception for 15 to 20 guests. A view of the caldera and sunset is a must. A pool would be nice. Kitchen and hosting accessories are also required. We (the couple getting married) would also like to stay at the villa for 3 additional nights. One set of parents might be with us for one night. So we’re hoping for something that has room to host but not a lot of bedrooms which we wouldn’t use. What would you recommend?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The Villa at Grace in Imerovigli would probably be perfect.

  341. Luxury Villa on Private Island

    I’ve heard about a private villa on an island near to Santorini. Not sure of the name. I thought it was run by the owner of a hotel (but it’s not a hotel) and that you access it by boat. Not much to go on I know. Any ideas what and where it is?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I’m pretty sure you’re referring to the Perivolas Hideaway on the island of Thirassia. It has the same owner as the Perivolas Hotel in Oia.

  342. Best Destination on Santorini?

    If you could only stay in one town (we have 3 nights) what town would you choose to see the “real Santorini”?

    We’re a couple in their late 50s. Like good food, a little nightlife, and would love a great view. Thanks.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      For your interests I’d choose Oia – quieter than Fira but still many places to eat and enjoy a few drinks. Imerovigli can be great for those looking to really relax but can also be too quiet for others who appreciate walking out to a club or wine bar every evening. That said, all the main towns (Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia) are very close to each other and it’s an easy bus or taxi ride to the next town.

  343. Fira Sunsets

    You’ve said the sunset views are best from Imerovigli. What are they like from Fira? Not as good I assume but why?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      They both have great views of the falling sun and the caldera. But just as the sun sets (from Fira) it can be obstructed by Thirassia – a small island to Santorini’s west that forms the other side of the caldera. Since Imerovigli has a higher elevation and is a little to the north its view of the sunset is never impeded. I think it’s easy to overestimate this difference however. What makes Santorini so unique is the views of the caldera and volcano (and both Fira and Imerovigli have great caldera views). It’s easy (and lots of fun) to take a bus to Oia or an evening stroll to Imerovigli to witness the full sunset so I don’t think sunset views should be a deal-breaker for hotels. But that’s up to you of course. Hope that helps.

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